Evening's Light

17. Vienna

After some intense deliberations over our plan to go up against the Volturi, Esme noticed it was almost three o'clock in the afternoon—which meant we needed to be on our way to Vienna to meet up with the other vampires who were coming to join with us.

We decided to leave our belongings at Marek and Adriana's, since we were 'planning' on coming back, then said our good byes to Ian and his pack, while they wished us well on our journey. It was easy to read the pain in Ian's eyes at the fact they were staying behind, and that their two closest friends were heading off to fight in what was probably going to be a heady battle—where only one side would have any survivors this time.

Aro had pushed too far.

"Marek…" Ian called to him one last time.

"What is it, Ian?" he asked impatiently, going back to stand face to face with his comrade. This vampire was ready to go. Like the rest of us.

"Be…careful, my friend…"

Marek softened and put a hand on his shoulder. "We'll be back, Ian." He smiled. "Do not fear."

Ian nodded a few times, fear lancing his features regardless, yet he smiled with as much hopefulness as possible. "Just come home…please. And bring him with you. Dead or alive." He held his chin high, his watering eyes tempted to overflow. "We will need reason to celebrate his return. Or, at least, be able to bury him alongside his cousin."

I closed my eyes in sadness and heartbreak, not meaning to overhear. None of us did, I knew, as we stood waiting a ways down the mountain for Marek. But our senses were too fine-tuned not to hear each word, even though we'd turned our backs then to give them their privacy. We'd risk our lives for Alice and Charlie…and Ahren. I hope Ian honestly knew we'd do everything in our power for that 'celebration' he so badly wanted.

When I glanced over my shoulder at the paused silence that followed, Marek had pulled Ian into a tight hug. "There will be no talk of funerals, Ian," he'd whispered in the wolf's ear. "Not while I exist and have any say in it." He pulled back to stare into the man's eyes…that had allowed one tear escape. "You prepare a large feast while we are gone. I will bring your son home…breathing, and very much alive." He then clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder before turning away, adding, "And tell your wife to bring home AB+. Adriana and I will be hungry, as well."

Ian laughed, it was unavoidable. "I will see that she does…"

When Marek met up with us, we all gave one last wave to the five Dejanovic werewolves, more than ready to make our through the mountainous woods towards Vienna…without looking back.

We ran at vampire speed west through the Carpathian Mountains to their base, then around the northern outskirts of Bratislava. Once we arrived alongside the northern border of the Danube River that was free of humans, we made a quick swim across it. Our next direction, was to head south through the European countryside and around the southern outskirts of Vienna.

We reached at the base of the Alps easily within an hour of leaving Slovakia and found ourselves a good spot to gather to wait.

There was a nice-sized clearing up the mountain a ways surrounded by lots of tall, thick trees, out of the way of any human hiking trails, camping spots or hunting areas. Our vampire friends would meet us here anywhere between now and six this evening.

A slow hour passed before Carlisle's phone vibrated.

"Charles," he greeted him. "Yes, we're here," he then answered. "We followed around the south side of the city to the nearest even base. You should catch—" Carlisle stopped. "You found it? Good. Follow the scent up, we'll be waiting."

Carlisle closed his cell phone. "Charles, Makenna, Vladimir and Stefan are on their way up," he informed us.

In our previous hour's wait, we'd finished filling Marek and Adriana in on all the vampires we were expecting by name and country, so they would know them all very well by the time they arrived.

All that was left in the next few minutes…was putting a face to the name.

They knew the Romanians had been overthrown by the Volturi over fifteen hundred years ago, waiting their chance at revenge all this time. They would be the most anxious to help.

We also informed them Charles and Makenna had stood to witness for Aro in our last 'meeting'. And that they left after they saw Renesmee was not an immortal child, and when Garrett revealed Aro's true intensions. We'd held no ill will against them for Aro's trickery.

"Who is Renesmee?" Adriana shrugged, looking around to anyone who would answer. "And what is an 'immortal child' that would cause such a commotion?"

Those of us who knew stared at each other, waiting, wondering who would be the one to lead this story…again. My mind thought quickly and I glanced at Esme, allowing her to see my expression of 'would you tell them?'

Esme graciously nodded.

"Bella and Edward have a child, Adriana," she replied softly with a smile. "The Volturi were mistakenly told that Renesmee, their daughter, was an immortal child. And since immortal children could not be controlled—any that were created, were destroyed. It is strictly forbidden to attempt such a creature as a vampire child, as the Denali's mother found out the hard way. The Volturi were coming to destroy us when they heard the false news. But when they realized she was half human, and not like the children they sought before, they paused. Unfortunately, they had back up plans for destroying us regardless. Our family, our gifts, and our way of life, threatens them. And before leaving, Aro dared to ask if us or any witnesses in our group would like to join with them."

Adriana stared in amazement then at me and Edward while Marek asked a question. "Did any join?"

"No one did," Carlisle replied proudly, hiding his resentment that Aro would be so audacious to ask in the first place.

"This Volturi you speak of, appears to have a constant, hidden agenda." Marek picked up on.

"They always have…" Carlisle held off the need to spit as his normally calm face tightened in anger.

"His attempt to gather gifts is a greedy one." Marek looked at his wife warily. He was wise to do so. Aro would love to have Adriana if given the chance to take her.

"We'll keep her gift hidden, Marek." Carlisle noticed his worry. "I'm sure all Aro knows is that he wants Bella. And Eleazar is on our side, so Aro will have no idea what additional gifts are coming…unless, Alice sees it first," Carlisle said slowly, realizing what that could mean, then shot a somewhat nervous glace at Edward.

Edward nodded his head after Carlisle thought about that to him. 'Keep an eye on Aro knowing about Adriana', I was positive that's what Carlisle was thinking, only because that's what I was thinking, as well. We had planned to use Adriana, so that left Alice fully open to seeing it…and Aro.

Marek said nothing at the silent interaction between the two. He only dipped his head in trust.

Adriana continued a stare at Edward and me, making me quite uncomfortable. Our current conversation of her possibly being taken hadn't seemed to affect her at all. I was sure now her thoughts were focused on trying to put the pieces together in her head once Esme told her we had a child. A half-human child.

"Bella, was not a vampire when she gave birth to our daughter," Edward answered her thoughts and I felt a sigh of relief, sort of.

"A half-human child? But…how?" Her eyebrows pulled together in wonder.

"Believe me, no one was more surprised than us," Edward said as I remembered the stoned- shock he was in on the floor of the bathroom at Isle Esme. "We didn't know at the time it was possible to conceive a child together."

"You were truly human?" Her eyes widened at me along with Marek's.

I felt like a traveling freak show every time we told this story, always with the same reactions.

"When we were married, yes." Per some crazy requirements. "And when we conceived," Edward said proudly as he put his arm around me.

"Fascinating." Adriana beamed at us. "Your willpower must be very strong, young Edward, that she survived all her human time before turning with you."

"The only thing I was more interested in than killing her back then," he paused and stroked his hand gently down my hair, "was making sure she stayed alive."

I smiled.

"She gave me quite a run for my money, though, I must say, keeping her alive." He laughed gently through his nose.

I glowered at his attempted humor.

Both of us would be out of money by now if we took into consideration how much running we did in saving each other back then.

He read my expression.

"But love over powered all." He smiled. "She was worth it."

I smiled back, that was better.

"I love it," Adriana whispered as she gazed adoringly at us. "Marek, isn't that one of the sweetest things you've ever heard?" she asked him.

"I must say, my dear, next to you, it most certainly is." He pulled up her hand and kissed it.

My eyes softened on them. After twenty-two hundred years together, if not more, he still thought the world of her.

I opened up my mind. Twenty-two hundred years together and look at them, Edward. I want to be just like that.

"I was just thinking the same thing." He beamed as he kissed my cheek.

I leaned into his shoulder and placed a hand on his arm that was wrapped around my shoulders, wanting to stay like this forever.

We were suddenly distracted by quick footsteps approaching through the trees. Carlisle ran down to meet up with the four vampires running our way.

"Charles, Makenna, Vladimir, Stefan, thank you for coming." He shook each of their hands.

"We wouldn't miss this for anything." Stefan's Romanian accent was thick as he smirked, his eyes burning with pleasure.

"Come and meet Marek and Adriana from Slovakia." Carlisle gestured back our way. "They're going to help us tonight."

Introductions were made and more conversations continued as the four new vampires got to know the Slovakians. And as each minute passed, Carlisle's phone continued to vibrate as the others were now arriving.

Siobhan, Liam and Maggie were the next to meet up with us, followed a few minutes later by Zafrina.

Marek and Adriana were interested in everyone's gifts. They'd curiously asked Zafrina to show them what she could do as their eyes glazed over in awe when she showed them a variety of pictures, blinding them temporarily in them.

"Amazing," Marek stated after blinking a few time to refocusing his vision.

"Two more have arrived, Carlisle," Adriana informed him before his phone had a chance to ring.

"That's true," Maggie replied, sounding surprised while looking at Adriana in wonder. She hadn't been informed of her gift yet.

"Adriana has the gift to sense other mythical creatures within a mile around her." Carlisle raised and eyebrow in admiration to Maggie at what Adriana could do.

"Perfect," Vladimir rejoiced in his whispery frail voice. "We'll have an exact count then, to take out each and every Volturi, not missing any."

As much as the Romanians still intimidated me, I found I still always hung on their every word, agreeing with them much of the time. I, too, wanted to make sure not one Volturi or guard member got past us…or got away.

Just then, Benjamin and Tia came running up through the trees. I was thrilled to see them again, and I found my fears lessening each time a new friend showed.

Everyone's spirits were different from the last time we gathered, because last time, we waited in terror for the Volturi to come to us. This time, though, we would not fear the Volturi. For we, were going to them.

Benjamin was beyond exstatic to show Marek and Adriana his control of the elements when they'd asked.

Moving to the central area of the clearing, held one hand out in front of him, and concentrated.

The ground beneath our feet began to rumble and shake as Benjamin opened up the earth with loud, splitting cracks, ripping dirt and grass nearly twenty-eight feet long, and several yards deep only a few paces from us. It felt like a scene from a science fiction movie every time I witnessed what he could do, leaving me always wanting more of a show.

The ground then rumbled again in obedience when he sealed it back up, leaving no trace of any of it ever happening.

Marek was mesmerized. And I think like me, he could have watched him do that all day.

"Brace yourselves now," Benjamin called as he raised his face and hands to the sky, motioning to the air as if he was pulling something slowly in.

A gentle breeze began, licking slightly at our flesh, before picking up and swirling around us. Then, just as quickly, huge drafts came in, wild wind-gusts blowing at the tree tops, bending some of the smaller ones in our direction, as if they were bowing to Benjamin in respect. My hair blew up and circled all around my face in a crazed, twirling frenzy, but I was too enthralled in what he was doing to try to chase at it.

I steadied my body forward to keep from being blown down by the force the wind pushing against at me. Edward came to stand at my back, his arms bracing around my waist until the wind slowed itself to a quiet calm. With Edward's help, I gathered my hair, smoothed it back to normal, then turned to fix his, smiling when a few of his strands left themselves standing straight up.

"Very impressive, my young friend." Marek clapped his hands together when Benjamin was done.

"And water and fire?" Adriana asked.

"I need to have those near me to use them," he replied, wishing he had some around.

Benjamin had become quite skilled with his gift. He had only been practicing with it the last time we met.

Carlisle's phone vibrated again. It was almost six o'clock and the Denali's were the only ones we were waiting on. They had to travel the farthest from home. Carlisle had given them instructions from Vienna International Airport about the southern outskirt of the city as he had Charles. "Go to the base of the mountain, find our scent and follow it in." They, too, would be here soon.

Carlisle and Edward began discussing which route we should take to Volterra. Carlisle pulled out his map of Europe he brought from home, tracing the best way to travel with his finger. We would follow along the Alps' passes and over the tunnels that weaved their way throughout the lower base of the mountains, stopping just outside of Verona. Then we would run straight south, till we hit Modena, making our way around it, and across the Apennine Mountains of central Italy. These mountains would be lower and less rugged Carlisle stated, taking us straight to the city of Pistoia, then south on to Volterra. He guessed it would take us five hours overall to reach our destination once we left Vienna.

We decided night time would be better to arrive, making it harder to see us coming from a distance. And even though Aro would already see all our planning, it was still better he wouldn't know our 'exact' positioning until we decided it once we reached Volterra. That final approach we made sure we didn't discuss or make a decision on.

"They're here, Carlisle." Adriana nodded towards the trees heading down the mountain.

"Thank you." He patted her back when he walked past her to go down and wait for the Denali's.

Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett walked down to stand with him when they arrived only a few minutes later.

"Tanya." Carlisle grinned when she ran up and hugged him. "So good to see you all," he said, hugging Kate and Carmen next, following to Eleazar and Garrett, shaking their hands and slapping at each of their arms.

"We're happy to be here," Garrett reassured him. He knew Carlisle hated to bring in others unless he felt it absolutely necessary.

The Denali's each gave their condolences to Jasper as he stood in a mix of emotions before them. Carmen and Eleazar walked back up with comforting arms around him to join us.

"Edward, Bella!" Kate yelled as her and Garrett ran up to us with open arms.

"Thank you for coming, Kate…Garrett." I was relieved our closest friends had finally arrived.

"I can't say I'm surprised this day has come," Garrett growled to Edward. "I knew Aro would try something again, but to take Alice, and your father, Bella…" He looked at me. "Well, they have made their final mistake in my book." He crossed his arms in front of him and tightened his lips.

Edward and I nodded in agreement. 'Their final mistake' hung anxiously in my mind and my eyes turned cold as I thought upon the anger clawing up inside me, and the growing desire to destroy the Volturi and their guard now that we were this many strong.

Carlisle introduced the Denali clan to Marek and Adriana, reacquainting everyone, while I went and stared off into the distance we were going to be heading, breathing in the mountain air. My mind was preparing itself for battle.

Edward came over and stood behind me, staring out as well with his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me close.

The sun behind us was beginning to set, turning the clouds above us to many gorgeous shades of orange and yellow.

I glanced out at the long shadow of Edward and me from the rolling hill we stood on, watching my arms move as I placed my hands over his, enjoying the combined shape the two of us made.

"I wish we were there right now," I growled, continuing to stare off in the distance. But Edward didn't have time to answer.

"Carlisle!" Adriana yelled anxiously in concern, catching everyone's attention.

"What is it?" He turned to her.

"Are you sure everyone is here?"

"Yes, why?"

"I'm picking up on five more…" she trailed off as she looked around then moved closer to Marek.

Edward and I headed back to the group. He handed me to Emmett while he made his way down a little, listening, searching.

"Is anyone expecting anyone else?" Carlisle asked around.

Everyone shook their head 'no' as they spread out, preparing themselves to take on anything bad that might be coming our way.

The sun was setting into our eyes as we watched Edward, waiting for any type of warning.

After a few minutes, he crossed his arms angrily and turned to me, his eyes dark. "Did you call them?" he hollered.

Why was he asking me? I didn't know what he was talking about. "Call who?" I shouted back. "I didn't call anyone…"

"We're over here!" Edward cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted into the sunset, then turned around to the group. "Marek, Adriana, please stay where you are, do not attack…we'll explain in a minute."

I watched as Edward started walking further down the clearing, heading for the nearest group of trees. And about sixty feet out in front of him, a large muscular man's shadow slowly appeared, heading right for us.

I couldn't tell who he was with the sunlight beating in behind him, that was…until four large, familiar shadowy wolf figures appeared, two flanked on each side, walking in a perfect v pattern.

Jacob? I stared in disbelief, taking a few steps in their direction.

I wanted to rub at my eyes, wondering if I was seeing things.

I stopped walking as soon as Edward approached him, shook his hand, patted him on the shoulder, then turned to bring them up.

"What wolves are these?" Marek grumbled in confusion to anyone who would answer.

"These wolves are friends of ours," Carlisle answered.

"What? But…how?" he barked, not liking being taken off guard, yet somewhat intrigued.

"They're not like the werewolves you know, Marek, they're shape-shifters. And wolf is the animal form that they have taken on. They live on the reservation close to us back home. We live in peace with them," Carlisle finished with a hint of warning in his voice that they came in friendship.

I turned and looked at Carlisle. He had confirmed the vision I was seeing, acknowledging that Jacob and his pack really were here.

"They stood with us against the Volturi last time," Carlisle continued, glaring at me as he spoke.

It was apparent he thought this was somehow my fault and I could tell he wasn't happy.

"I swear, Carlisle, I didn't call them in," I defended myself from his accusing glare. Did I?

I quickly replayed my last conversation with Jacob, and at no time did I ask him to come here. I only told him our meeting plans…

Shoot! I yelled at myself as I hung my face regretfully in my hands.

This was my fault.

I had innocently given too much away over the phone, and it was obvious Jacob had taken it upon himself, and his pack, to come and stand against the Volturi once again.

"I did tell him we were meeting with others here, Carlisle," I confessed, lifting my guilty face from my hands. "I had no idea he would attempt to show, and he made no comments to me about it, either. I'm so sorry," I apologized that I gave away that bit of information.

"It's alright, Bella." Carlisle nodded, his face softening. "You didn't do anything wrong, but they shouldn't be here." He frowned towards Jacob, appearing to be upset with him now.

I felt bad for a second, and then I was suddenly angry. If Jacob was here, that means he left Renesmee by herself back on the Reservation. He better not have brought her here! I thought. But part of me wondered if he had.

Carlisle was right, though, he shouldn't be here. If anything happened to us, Renesmee would need him. But now he'd left her. Left her with just one pack of wolves to raise her if her family, grandfather and Jacob were destroyed tonight. I had to find out what on earth he was thinking.

Jacob could tell by the look on my face when I approached how upset I was.

"Hey, Bells," he greeted me, trying to be cheerful.

"What…? What are you doing here?" I yelled.

He grimaced from my high-leveled screech. "Well, you needed the numbers, and I…uh, we…" he corrected himself when he turned to give a displeased glare back to his pack, "wanted to be there to help you take the evil bloodsuckers down."

"And Renesmee?" I hissed.

"She's fine, Bella. She understood us leaving, and knew there was a better chance for all of you coming home if she let me go."

"And if none of us come home, Jacob? What then?" I was furious.

"She's strong, Bells, come on, give her more credit than that. She's got Sue, Emily and Sam's pack looking after her. She was okay with this."

"But I'm not okay with this!" I hollered even louder.

"I didn't think you would be. But we're here now, and we aren't going anywhere, except to Volterra, with you. You're stuck with us." He smiled, not playing into my anger.

Edward didn't say anything, so I glared at him before turning and fuming my way back up the hill to the rest of the group. He was right, they were here now, and we were 'stuck with them'.

"Why are you so angry?" Adriana asked me gently, seeing the fury on my face and hearing me yelling at him.

"Because he's stupid!" I barked in Jacob's direction so he could hear me.

And I knew he had when he sighed heavily without looking in my direction while continuing to talk to Edward, who ignored me as well after a quick glance my way.

"Are you sure you're all friends?" I overheard Adriana ask warily towards Carlisle.

"Yes." He laughed slightly. "Bella and Jacob have a 'special' relationship," he explained to her.

"Oh, I see," she said with as much understanding as she could. "We have one of those in our group, too." She half chuckled. I could only think she was referring to Ethan.

Lucky her, I thought sarcastically.

Jacob and the pack finished walking up with Edward, and were introduced to Marek and Adriana and everyone again.

"Leah?" Marek wondered at the female name he'd heard.

"Yes," Carlisle confirmed. "She is a direct descendant in the tribe. It does not skip over all the females in the bloodline like Ian's."

"That's very interesting…" Marek raised his eyebrows, fascinated with the pack standing before him.

Jacob set his backpack down, stretched his back and shoulders up and around, looked at Carlisle and said, "So, fill us in."

Leah, Seth, Quil and Embry sat down in wolf form, listening while Carlisle told them everything we had discovered, learned and decided—minus the werewolves and Ahren—since leaving home, and the game plan for tonight.

I was still angry, not making eye contact with Jacob, except to give-in and shoot him dirty looks every now and then.

He blew me off, though, paying close attention to what Carlisle was saying.

"That's enough, Bella." Rosalie nudged my arm with her elbow when she moved in beside me.

"What?" I looked crossly at her. "Why aren't you giving him dirty looks, as well?" It was her favorite thing to do.

"Well," she began, whispering as low as possible, "the werewolves aren't with us tonight, and Caius is scared of our wolves." She eyed me. "They made Aro pause last time, remember? I can't say having them here is a bad thing, Bella. You know Alice can't see them, so, they won't be expected. And, Aro won't be seeing anything we do from here on out." She winked. "We've just been completely hidden."

My mood lightened immediately, she was right. Aro wouldn't see it, and Caius will freak over it. With that in mind, a teeny, tiny smile formed on my face as I pictured the looks on the Volturi faces when we showed up with them…again.

Jacob looked in my direction and I flashed him a beaming, devious grin this time.

He did a double take, wondering I'm sure, what had changed my attitude so quickly. Then he looked concerned. Probably assuming I was coming up with someway to get them back home, instead of coming with us.

Edward made his way over to me from standing beside Jacob. "You're making it difficult for him to focus, Bella," he said, confused at my facial expressions. as well.

"Yeah? I figured as much," I murmured.

"What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking how nice it will be, now that Aro won't be able to see anything from here on out."

"And you just realized that, so your anger towards Jacob has changed?"

"Well, Rosalie reminded me, but yes, my outlook towards him has calmed some."

"Let him know soon, love, so he doesn't have to worry about Aro, and you." He kissed my forehead.

"Fine," I growled before Edward made his way back over to Jacob's side. I was hoping to let the mutt suffer a little more, personally.

Jacob picked his backpack up off the ground when they were done with Carlisle, put it on, and then made his way over to me with the other four wolves following behind him.

I held my arms crossed defensively, waiting to hear what he was going to say after being caught up on all the plans.

He stopped short in front of me, sighed, then stared at my eyes, no smile, looking like he wanted to say something, but didn't.

"What?" I questioned in frustration, finally breaking the silence.

"You know we're still going with you," he said in all seriousness.

"I do." I glared back at him.

"Okay then." He nodded after a long stare, looking straight ahead as he walked past me with the four wolves still following.

"Jacob," I turned and called to him, before he got too far.

"Yeah?" He turned back around.

"Aro doesn't know you're coming. If it gets too hairy (no pun intended), get your pack and get out of there. Go home and keep her safe. Do you understand?" I commanded behind gritted teeth.

I felt like his mother for a moment, but by the look on his face, he didn't feel like a child…he understood what I meant.

He nodded once then turned away, his back facing me, and glancing in the direction we were going to be heading. Looking me directly in the eyes was not a wise choice at this moment, and he appeared to want to avoid it at all costs.

I glared fiercely at the four wolves who still stared back at me. "Do you understand?" I looked each one sternly in the eyes.

Three of them nodded their heads, while Seth bared his shiny white teeth, grinning.

I rolled my eyes.

"Alright then, I suppose we should get moving," I suggested to Carlisle.

"I agree. Is everyone ready?" He took a quick census from the group.

Everyone nodded.

"And please, stick close to the wolves," Carlisle requested. "Alice won't be able to see us with them around...which is exactly what we want."

Marek walked over to him. "I do not understand, Carlisle?"

"Run with me and I'll explain on the way," Carlisle offered as he raised his hand and motioned for us to start heading west. And we all began the long journey that would take us to victory…or death.

I ran ahead by myself for a little bit, just behind Seth, putting my thoughts into place, getting myself mentally ready for as much as I could possibly imagine.

Edward caught up to me after a few paces, putting his arm around my waist when everyone stopped a second before.

Jacob handed Carlisle his backpack so he could head off into the forest, to phase no doubt.

"You know, I find it very sexy when you're forceful, Bella," Edward whispered with his lips next to my ear, sending chills down my spine, then kissed me at the base of my neck.

"Mmm," I replied, trying to maintain my composure. "You must be rubbing off on me…" I teased sarcastically, trying to remember for the moment how to breathe.

"No, you've always had that in you, love," he corrected, causing me to spin to face him.

"You're always to kind, Edward…" I gazed up into his eyes, feeling a little self-conscious from his quirky 'forceful' compliment. But the more I thought about it, maybe he was right?

"And you're always too…" he didn't finish. Instead he looked me up and down, smiled, grabbed under my jaw gently and leaned into me with a long, dedicated kiss. I threw my arms around his neck, pulling myself in as close as possible while running my fingers down the back of his hair. His arms wrapped around my waist as he lifted me more into him. I drew in the sweet taste of his breath mixed with the fresh smells of the scenery, and before long, I was completely lost in him. Nothing else existed, in this moment, but us.

"Ugh!" I heard Rosalie hiss, causing my eyes to pop open. "You two, again? I'm getting real tired of this!" she barked.

Edward and I looked to see everyone waiting on us. "Oops," I mouthed.

He grinned, looking just as woozy as I did.

Jacob had returned from the trees in his gigantic, coppery, wolf form and was waiting along with everyone else.

I gazed in admiration before I took a step, looking out upon our entire group. It was an amazing site. Five very large wolves, standing among the twenty four vampires, in perfect harmony, prepared to go.

"Ready?" Edward asked.

"Yes," I replied confidently.

"Then let's go." He grabbed my hand, and we ran up to others, all us taking off in a fast pace into the night…

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