Slow Burn

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I hadn’t really intended to go through with it, but after my shift, I found myself, strictly out of morbid curiosity, wandering the corridors of the base, headed toward the quarters that housed Soundwave and his various tape minions. When I came to their door, I hesitated, shook my head, and continued on. Or at least I meant to. Behind me I heard the whoosh of a door and a couple quick steps running up on me. A dark purple arm wrapped around my neck pulling me into a head lock. I flailed, dragged backwards toward the door. I gasped, but the grip was loose enough that breathing was actually easy. As I watched, freedom receded just the other side of the closing door and I grabbed at the arm around my neck, trying to pull it off, and bristling at the laughter coming from behind my shoulder. This was a bad idea, I thought to myself. I didn’t want to be here after all. I had to escape! Bending at the waist, I swung my metal elbow as hard as I could into Frenzy’s torso. He grunted and wrapped his free arm around my waist, tightening his grip on my throat, and lifting me off my feet effectively ending my struggle. My hands went back to his arm around my neck trying to pull enough slack to breath again. He held me there for a moment before releasing me with a shove.

The light was dimmed in his expansive quarters. From what I could make out, we were the only ones there. Frenzy squared off with me. Taken aback, I slowly moved into a defensive posture, knees bent and hands raised. The purple mech’s eyes were slitted and wild with lust, the corner of his mouth quirked upward. I felt the fluids in my body rush through me with a dizzying thrill, all these sensations were new and heady. Alarmed and almost fearful I watched his every move, tensing for the tackle I knew was coming. Did he just bring me here to finish the sparring match from the night before? He faked left and I slid right, but he lunged left so that I ran right into him. Grabbing me around the waist, he slammed me onto a recharge bed on my back. Stunned, I lay there in the nanoclicks it took me to catch my breath. That was just long enough for him to pounce, straddling my hips, he pinned my shoulders to the bed. I twisted underneath, trying to free myself, but he just laughed. He was too heavy to throw off that way. He grabbed my face in one hand, leaning over and gazing into my eyes for a long, exhilarating nanoclick. My breath caught, tingly sparks fluttered in my chest. I stared wide-eyed back at him.

With a lightening quick strike, he bit my lower lip, making me yip. I swatted at him with both hands and he caught my wrists, tucking them under his knee joints. I glowered, narrow eyed, and frowning. “Get off me, you glitch!” I hissed at him.

“Settle down, Half Aft,” he purred. “I’m just having some fun with ya, first.”

First? Oh bloody hell, what had I gotten myself into? The idea of getting laid had been one very appealing thing, but the reality was proving quite another. Terror and excitement tangled in my chest, clutching at the place where my heart used to beat, now replaced by a borrowed spark. I could feel myself beginning to tremble nervously. One of the first things Skyfire had done upon our initial arrival at the base was to install certain upgrades. The infamous “all purpose” port was his first priority, since it was needed to rapidly push fluids and/or meds in emergencies. This port was the one that doubled as the connection for bonding, or mech sex. Sky mistook certain parts of my previously human anatomy as being similar in design with Cybertronian anatomy. In short, he turned what was once my vagina into the “all purpose” port, which was normally located in the side under the chest armor. Gazing up at Frenzy, I involuntarily cringed, realizing the confusion this was about to cause. Patience never was his strong suit.

The purple mech leaned back a bit, “What’s wrong with you? Your shaking like an Autobot coward about to get slagged.”

I closed my eyes. Dread washed over me in a drowning tidal wave. I wriggled under him again, my voice quavering, “Let me up. I don’t want to do this.”

He jumped off me, furious, “What? You farkin’ tease!” I sprang off the bed and made for the door, ignoring his slight. But he grabbed at my arm, “You owe me for this!”

I yanked my arm away, “I don’t owe you for shit! You dragged me in here—I was just walking down the corridors!”

Scrap!” He corrected, “Have the fortitude to talk like a Con, Half Aft!”

I stepped up to him, snarling, “Fuck you! You whiny… little… bitch! I’ll talk however the hell I want to! I’m still human!

He shoved me backwards, “Yeah, it shows, fleshy. I’d take some reject, half functioning femme over the likes of you anytime! Half Aft!”

For some reason that sneer just really got to me this time. It wasn’t the first time he’d ever said any of that mess. Not by a long shot, but this time it really got to me. I drew back and laid my metal fist across his cheek, hard. Hydraulic fluid spurted from his mouth and he took the time to wipe it off with the back of his hand before glaring maliciously at me. Drawing himself up to his full height, a foot and a half above me, he stepped so close that his chest armor was against me, separated only by my thin t-shirt. I glared defiantly back at him, holding my ground and hissing, “Fuck you!

He said nothing, the air between us crackling with an erotic charge. Grabbing my jaw in one hand, he forced a kiss on me. I jerked back, but he held me firmly so that I couldn’t break the angry, sexually enraged embrace. I snapped at him, trying to catch his mouth in my metal teeth, but he shoved me back a few inches, still gripping my jaw. His hooded optics focused on mine.

“Let me go.” I whispered.

“No,” he said evenly, “I’m gonna give you what you came here for.”

I drew in a sharp breath, exhilaration coursing through my circuits and veins. He pushed me back against the wall next to the door. Trapped against him once more, I struggled to free myself, but he countered all my attempts, one corner of his mouth quirking up in amusement, his hand slipping down to my neck, thumb resting under my jaw. Energon pulsed through my pumps in cold jets, and I trembled with the anticipation of what pleasures may come and the fear of rejection I felt more certain of. In a moment of panic, I punched him in the side, wrenching myself free of him again. He lunged and tackled me to the ground, lifting my shoulders up and slamming me onto the floor, stealing my breath.

He grinned at me, “The more you fight me, the more I will fark you up! I like it rough!”

I twisted under him, trying in vain to gain leverage to throw him off, but he grabbed my wrists pinning them under his knee joints again. Then I felt him searching along my side for something I knew he wouldn’t find. I gave him a narrow eyed smile. “It’s not there.”

He hesitated, stopping his search, puzzlement filling his optics. “Where is it?”

Fear froze me in place, staring up into his hungry face. “Where is it?” he repeated. I swallowed hard and pushed him back from my hips. He moved, guided by my shaking hands, watching as I unzipped the ABU trousers I was wearing.

He glanced up at me, his face looking very demonic in the low light, and giving his head a little shake. “What is it doing all the way down there?” he asked, frowning.

Here it comes, I thought, that humiliating rejection. “How should I know? It’s not like I gave Sky the blueprint to follow when he upgraded me!”

Frenzy blinked at me. I trembled even more, certain the rejection was just a breath away. “Why do you have all this stuff on your exterior?” he asked tugging at the top of my trousers. “What purpose does it serve? You don’t really need it anymore. You’re not—“

“I need it!” I said with more force than I meant to.

“You don’t need it right now.” The corner of his mouth quirked upward. Grabbing the end of my t-shirt, he tugged on it experimentally, testing its strength, and then ripped it open with a flourish of both hands. His optics flared with intrigue at what he found there. My body was split down the middle, right side Cybertronian, left side still human flesh. He quickly ran a hand over my right side and hesitated. Fear of rejection shivered through me. His hand slid slowly over to the left, carefully cupping my very human breast. His metal hand clutched the soft roundedness, squeezing enough to make me squirm and tug at my arms pinned under his knee joints. Encouraged by my struggle, he massaged and then roughly gripped it. I moaned through gritted teeth. My nipple slipped between metal fingers, getting pinched in the process, and I twisted away, crying out at the sharp pain that sent slivers of electricity through me, priming all my nerves and neural circuits.

His digits drifted down my skin to my waist and slipped beneath my ABU bottoms, searching for that access point. Upon finding it, his fingers tickled a circle around the edge before plunging inside. My back arched, eyes squeezed shut, and loud moans escaping through my clenched teeth. He played with the wires inside, tangling them with his metal fingers before slipping them out and back in again. Each thrust of his hand was hard and relentless, fraught with excited heat and scintillating ripples of pleasure. He kissed me while working his hand at my connector, nipping my tongue sharply and drawing blood. I cried out with the rise of sensual ecstasy he was creating.

Taking a handful of my trousers, he yanked them down, holding a connector I hadn’t seen him pull out and jamming it between my legs. The sensation was instantaneous. I was gloriously electrocuted, flashes of Frenzy searing through my neural circuits, intertwining with my own consciousness. Everything was set ablaze. Even my flesh was on fire. My back arched reflexively with the strength of the connection, flushing fluids through me and shaking me to my very soul. My vision faded away, replaced by nothing but sensual touching, it was as though I was in the pure and sacred presence of the human nirvana and the Cybertronian All Spark at the same time. And he was there in the middle of it all. I could feel every sensation he was feeling simultaneously with my own. I could feel Frenzy’s consciousness, his very soul. He was not the narrow-minded, order following mech I took him for. His experiences were wide and varied. His life at once full and free, and constrained and painful. His mind touched at my own and I shrank away, fearful of the openness of the connection. He didn’t pursue, he just let it be.

My body was racked with shockwaves of ecstasy while my mind and soul drifted in the expanse laid out before me. I could feel myself quaking in the torrid headiness of it all, but I wasn’t sure what part of me was shaking. I became vaguely aware that he was biting on the flesh of my neck. My mind snapped back to my body. The throbbing ache between my legs was being answered by the tantalizing pulses of the connector. Each push sent a fresh round of tingling, giddy electricity through me, wrapping me internally with Frenzy’s presence. I turned my head, catching his mouth in a rough kiss. He bit my tongue again and I yelped, more so at the realization that he felt it too, with me and through me. My eyes were wide in wonder. He laughed, gazing down at me. Grabbing a handful of my hair, he tipped my head back and clamped down on the soft spot where my neck met my shoulder. I jerked away, stunned by his echoing laughter unable to distinguish whether I’d heard it internally or externally. He had felt the excited pain ripple through me and he enjoyed it. He ripped the shreds of my t-shirt completely off my body, disregarding my rising anger, and began exploring the rest of my body. Touching, massaging, grabbing. There was no gentleness to his hands, his touch was rough and hard. He could feel it echo through me and it spurred him on. And still the connection pumped tantalizing bubbles of addicting pleasure through me.

How long would this go on? I wondered, not really wanting it to end.

As long as you want it to, he whispered through the connection. Startled, I gazed at him still wide-eyed and star struck.

He suddenly paused, meeting my gaze with his hooded optics. This is your first time, isn’t it?

Of course it was, I thought, more to myself than to him. I had only had this body for a short time.

His curiosity ignited, he began riffling through my mind, searching. For what, I wondered.

Experiences. He was searching for what sexual experience I’d had before, as a human. What was it like and how did it work? I recoiled. That was private! I didn’t want to share that, I pulled back from him sharply. I could feel the joy of the connection fading as I did so. That’s okay, it was enough. I’d had enough. This was too open. Fear began gushing through me, adrenaline and cold energon. He reeled back from it. His strong presence in my mind evaporated, the connection’s pleasures dropping away.

I wasn’t done with you, echoed through me quietly and then the connection broke. With a snap, he yanked the connector out. Fear crept into my mind. He had a mildly disappointed glint in his optics—or was I imagining it? My mind and body were still vibrating with the effects of the connection. He grabbed my jaw for another rough kiss, digging deep into my mouth, pressing hard against me. I moaned, already wanting to recapture the feel of the connection, distressed over the almost satisfaction of release. Overwhelming. It was all overwhelming. Nothing like what I’d glimpsed distantly through Skyfire. Now that the connection was broken, I felt myself yearning for it again. Craving it. Needing it. His hands were still exploring my body, grabbing my breasts, one metal, one flesh, twisting at my nipple, and gripping tightly at my waist, but it all felt hollow now that I could only feel it through my own skin.

I pulled my hands free and pushed him back enough to break the kiss he’d claimed me with. “Again,” I whispered. The corner of his mouth quirked upward. He reached down with his fingers, pressing them into the opening and sending shuddering bolts of tantalizing ecstasy through me. My body convulsed and twisted, and he laughed. “Again!” I begged. “Please!”

“No,” he whispered, his fingers teasing at my connection opening.

“Frenzy!” I gushed becoming desperate for his drug, “Please!” Realizing his game, conveyed in the dominating smirk painted across his face, I asked, “What do you want?”

“What I always want. Information. I want to know what you hid. What was it like… as a human?”

Of course. The mech was designed to capture hidden information, when I had withdrawn from him it snared his attention, and he was obsessively determined to uncover what I didn’t want to share. It was in his nature, his programming. He was less interested in the actual information he sought than he was the acquisition of it. But I shuddered at the prospect of giving up something so personal to this Decepticon I had, until now, always been at odds with. The cryptic and sadistic Soundwave’s little minion. “No,” I breathed.

“Then get out. I’m done with you.” His tone was cold and he shoved me aside as he stood up, walking away as if I wasn’t even there. I sat up, my head spinning in the lingering rush of it all. Cast out abruptly and uncertain of what exactly had just taken place, I snatched up the pieces of my shirt, grasping my trousers as I stood. I projected a protective shield over myself, cloaking my form and effectively rendering myself invisible to all but certain specialized optics. It was a trick I inherited from Skyfire. I dashed out the door, brushing past Rumble and Ravage as they turned into the door way, puzzled at the premature opening of their door. Sensing my presence, Ravage stared after me down the corridor, listening to my hurried footsteps rushing back to my own quarters.

Since I was considered Skyfire’s minion the way the tapes belonged to Soundwave, I was quartered with him, and I was grateful for it. Starscream would have stuck me in the smallest most obscure closet of the Autobot base, if he’d had his way. Despite his Decepticon allegiance, Sky was a noble creature. All he really wanted to do was study the universe. That was his spark’s desire, and, so he claimed, it had once been Screamer’s too. I found it hard to believe that the twisted freak show, Starscream, had ever been a lover of the sciences for the sake of learning instead of dominating, but I guess stranger things have happened.

When I entered the expansive room, I found the massive mech stretched out on his recharge bed, one arm across his face. I grabbed a spare shirt and climbed up onto the bed. Shame and embarrassment burned in my fleshy left cheek and made my still human left eye tear up. I sat down, leaning my back against him. He gently lifted me off the bed, placing me on his chest armor, where I curled up into a tight ball, listening to the echoes of our shared spark. He left his fingers covering me like a comforting blanket.

How was it? He asked silently.

I sighed. My body still ached to be back in that sensual suspension, but my mind was desparately trying to erase the remaining tendrils of Frenzy’s presence. His absence in my headspace created a longing emptiness. How had he done that to me? I had merely intended to have some physical fun, a little bit of stress release, but that mech had turned me inside out instead. Is it like that every time?

No. Connecting is not intrusive. You should not have chosen Frenzy. He is capable of hacking into any CPU and that is likely what he did to you.

That made sense. It also explained a lot. Frenzy’s specialty was cyber warfare. His words ghosted through me, I want to know what you hid.

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