Slow Burn

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The Cybertronians refer to a day as a cycle. Ten cycles is a decacycle instead of seven days in week. It had been a full decacycle since our punishment ended and I had not seen any sign of Frenzy, whether he was avoiding me, which was unlikely, or just out on a mission, I didn’t know. Starscream and Skyfire had been in a bit of a tiff during that time, so when they finally made up, I found myself locked out again. Not that I wanted to be anywhere near that red and blue firecracker! So I did what every other Decepticon does at night when they weren’t recharging in their quarters, I ambled down to the Pit to watch the fights.

When I arrived, I could see there was a good match going down and being as small as I am in a world full of relative giants, I opted to find a seat high and out of the way. I climbed up to the bar and sat facing the sparring mat watching Soundwave and his minions lay a serious hurting on Barricade, Blackout, and Scorponok. The fight ended with Barricade dragging his companions down to the infirmary. I wasn’t a big fan of Soundwave’s, he was one creepy mech, but tonight I cheered for him, if for no other reason than watching Blackout get stomped. I could never forgive him for shooting down the chopper I was in back on Earth. He killed some really good soldiers that night. I hoped he wouldn’t wake up. Ever.

A pair of Seekers lined up on the mat for the next round, and I shifted closer to the edge of the bar I was sitting on, excited by the violent activities. The stools were made for bigger bodies than mine, so I stretched out on the counter instead, my feet dangling well above the seat, leaning back against my hands. My eyes were glued to the next match when I was startled by the purple tape jumping onto the stool, placing his hands to either side of my legs on the counter and leaning forward, head down, panting from the exertion and exhilaration of his recent match. He was a very pleasant sight to see, all worked up like that, I felt a definite flush of warm feelings course through me at the sight of him. He had fought hard and lived up to his name, executing impossible feats and taking on far more than anyone in their right mind would have. I grinned at him, I couldn’t help it, he was turning me on the way he stood over me catching his breath.

“You’re a maniac,” I purred.

“Yes,” he panted, “I am.” Red optics peered up at me with a heavy dose of that devilish mischief he was known for, and a big grin on his face.

“You know,” I ventured, “you are one hot mech when you’re all a hot mess like this.”

His head snapped up and his grin widened, “Yeah. I am.”

I could feel the heat flushing into my face, hoping that he was still interested, that maybe this time I could actually get what I wanted from him. He reached for my hips pulling me closer to the edge of the counter, closer to him, and whispered, “Let’s go.”

Playing coy, I asked, “Got yourself all worked up, huh?” He nodded and pulled my hips hard against his, so that he was now standing between my legs. I tilted my head back to look up at him, wanting him, needing him. “I got pretty worked up myself just watching you!” I leaned my head to one side, I had to be clear on this point, “No head games.”

He grunted at me, “Hm.”

“Frenzy, I’m serious.” But he just stared back at me blankly.

“I just… want…” I sighed. This was getting no where.

Shifting his weight, his impatience rising, “Do you want me or not?”

“Yes, I do,” I held up a finger between us, “No head games!”

“No promises. Take me as I am or not at all,” he frowned at me.

I closed my eyes and drew a deep breath, certain I would regret what I was about to say, “Okay. Let’s go.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me off the counter, dragging me along behind him as he raced through the halls to his quarters. When the door slid open to the darkened room, he turned around walking backwards and pulling me by both of my wrists. “Trust me,” he said simply.

I huffed, eyes wide and brows arched high. “This coming from the most guarded mech on the base.”

He cocked his head to one side and squinted at me looking almost hurt that I had said that. I brushed it off with, “I’m here aren’t I? Doesn’t that count?”

“Just trust me. It will make sense later.”

Okay, I thought, that was weird.

Standing next to his recharge bed, he pulled me close, one arm across my back so that I couldn’t escape and the other gripping my jaw as he kissed me. His mouth met mine with an uncharacteristic gentleness, it felt mildly awkward and forced, but I welcomed the gesture. The effort he was putting forth gave me a thrill of excited mystery, what was he up to now? We’d just walked in the door and he was already playing a game, and if I expected anything else, then I was a fool. There was no biting in the kiss, just a gentle, sweet passion that awakened heated feelings in me I never meant to bring to life, tugging at heartstrings I would rather have left alone. I only wanted to fill a loneliness, not start something with him. This mech was far too wild to try to contain, I certainly didn’t want to. He was more beautiful the way he was… as a frenzy.

He broke the kiss and tugged at my shirt, whispering, “Take it off. If I do it…” his optics flashed wickedly. I obeyed, shivering at the feeling of being so naked and vulnerable before him, to be honest he scared me as much as he thrilled me. As I dropped the garment to the floor, he embraced me again, lowering me onto the bed with slow, intentional movements that heightened my anxiety and sent excitement coursing through my systems. His hands gripped my trousers and before I could protest, he yanked them off completely. I lay there gaping at him, eyes wide with alarm. I had a sinking feeling that this could turn into one very humiliating experience very quickly.

Lowering himself over me, the corner of his mouth quirked upward again when I shivered once more. Nervous energy poured into my energon pumps and thickened my blood. His eyes flicked over my body, taking it all in, enjoying watching me squirm under the scrutiny, the fingers of one hand lacing their way through my hair. The other hand he sent from my neck down to massage my breasts and then further down my torso off to one side. Catching my metal right wrist, he placed my hand at his own all purpose connector.

A giddy feeling washed over me, lighting my face with a big smile, at the prospect of pleasuring him back this time. “Okay, who are you, and what did you do with the real Frenzy,” I teased.

He kissed me sweetly, and whispered against my mouth, “Shh. Trust me.” In that moment he was the most frightening mech I had ever met.

My fingers twitched with a nervous excitement while I touched lightly at the edges of his port, watching his optics close, savoring the feeling. His internal systems revved up a notch and his breathing became ragged and rapid with each teasing pass of my fingertips.

I hadn’t noticed his hand moving down to rest between my legs, but with the sudden rush of tingles and sparks that exploded through me, I knew he was reciprocating what I was doing for him. Images of wild, carnal human sex racked my mind and I began acting out what I wanted for myself as my fingers slipped inside of him. He gasped, leaving a trail of little kisses down my neck. His thick fingers became adventurous, plunging into my access port. My back arched, my human nature took over, thighs pressed against him, hips rising to meet his thrusts. Ecstatic moans escaped my throat, I clutched at his armor, the fingers of my other hand still tangled inside his port. He pushed in slow and deep, and my mind blended the sensations with memories of hot sultry nights, soft membranes parted by a hardened cock, deliciously ravaging my body. I ached for more, burned for this to last—once again I would have given him anything he wanted right there in that moment!

He caught my mouth with his for a kiss, but I jerked aside, panting, “Harder, Frenzy! Faster!” My pleas were answered, an immediate euphoria drowning me in the heady race to orgasm. “Yes!” I screamed, ignoring the hand that clamped over my mouth. Body, mind, soul collided with existence on a torrid plain of ecstasy, and without realizing it, I bit into his hand. He shoved my fingers away from his side, a second later slamming the connector into my access port. My consciousness faltered, I lost all connection with reality, there was only me, and Frenzy, and the intoxicating rapture he had plunged us both into. Body wrapped around body, soul melted into soul, sparks burning singularly, mind caressing mind. Tangled, unified, bonded together. Catapulted into a blessed madness and I never wanted to be sane again. A pure unadulterated frenzy.

Once again he had lived up to his name.

Finally, I had what I’d come for.

The release was so pure, so sacred, so intense. It was like waking from the deepest sleep on your day off exponentially. I sighed against his neck, smiling as I felt his body relax with mine. He rolled onto his side pulling me tightly to him, up on one elbow, head resting on his hand, the other arm draped across my torso. I reached up and daringly intertwined my fingers with his, grateful when he allowed the touch. I couldn’t stop smiling. One corner of his mouth quirked upward as he gazed down at me.

“Wow,” I breathed. “I’m—I’m… I don’t even know what! Thank you, for that!”

“I told you to trust me,” he said. “You should not have fought me over that memory.”

“Wait, are you telling me you were after that information so that you could… could… rock my world like you just did?”

“If I say yes, will you trust me from now on?” he teased.

I laughed. “Maybe.”

“Then yes. And I expect you to trust me,” he was still teasing, but there was a stern note of seriousness threaded into his tone.


His face hardened, optics narrowing at me, all humor gone from his mouth. Before he could angrily snap at me, I elaborated, “Why did you do that for me? I get the feeling it’s not some ego thing where you hope I’ll spread it around about your prowess.”

The corner of his mouth quirked upward again, but he said nothing, leaning down to kiss me, in his characteristically hard manner. My mind raced. I didn’t want any emotional entanglements, but it seemed it was already too late to protest that. He had me addicted to his drug, and, apparently, he intended to be my sole supplier. Well, would it really hurt anything to have a little fling? It would definitely be a wild ride with this mech.

“I wonder if Screamer’s gone yet, “ I mumbled idly.

“It doesn’t matter. You’ll stay here tonight.”

“Um. Soundwave gonna be okay with that?”

Frenzy chuckled, “He likes to watch.”

“Okay, that’s just wrong,” I snapped.

“He won’t care,” he tilted his head toward his chest, “Trust me.”

“Okay,” I whispered snuggling closer to the purple mech.

At some point in the night, I awakened. Glancing around, I could see that all the recharge beds in the room were occupied, they must have crept in while I was asleep. The small movement awakened Frenzy, his optics slitting open, gazing sleepily at me. My body was still throbbing in the aftereffect of our earlier activities. Thrilling like a teenager with a first crush, I smiled shyly at him. He drew a deep breath and then pulled me into his rough kiss, biting at my lip and making me yip. I could hear a stirring in one of the beds nearby.

“Slag, Zee! If you two are farking again, keep it down. No one else is gettin’ any, ya know,” Rumble mumbled. Frenzy snickered, reaching across the space between the beds to share a fist bump with his brother.

I giggled, “You are so bad.”

Turning his attention back to me, “Flattery might get you somewhere.”

“Really? Where?”

“Flatter me and we’ll find out,” the corner of his mouth quirked upward, optics glinting daringly in the dark.

“Blow my mind again, Frenzy. I swear, you are my drug and I never want to be sober!”

“Shoot me now…” Rumble groused. “Enough with the sweet nothings, just get it on so I can get back to recharging.”

I laughed out loud, warmed by Frenzy’s chuckle and wide grin. He pulled me underneath his larger frame, connecting us with a hard shove of the connector. All the gentleness of earlier was gone, the flood of fast, harsh ecstasy racked my body, his presence in the connection, taking control.

You are mine, Livewire. I startled both at the declaration and the use of my Decepticon moniker. He’d never said my name before, but it felt weird, plastic and fake. I didn’t completely identify with that name. I wanted this to be real. I wanted to hear him say my real name.

Natty. Please, call me Natty, I sent back to him.

Livewire is your Decepticon name. I could feel his ire rising at my protest. How could I explain this to him?

Yes, it is my designated name. Frenzy, anyone can call me Livewire. Natty is who I am. It’s more personal, it holds more meaning for me.

To my surprise, he softened, relenting, Then you are mine, Natty.

Yes, I am, Frenzy. Yes, I am.

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