Slow Burn

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“Ante up, bitches!” I called, shuffling my cards in my hand as I perched on the side of the recharge bed we were using as a makeshift table. In the far corner of the expansive room, Soundwave watched the tapes and I playing a Cybertronian card game similar to poker, blaring a fast pace Earth song through his speakers. Straddling the bed behind me, Frenzy slammed his fist on the bed, aggravated at my use of human slang, but I cut him off, “I don’t give a slag,” putting a special sarcastic emphasis on the word, “what you think till you start carrying your own weight in this game!”

“Give it up, Zee,” Laserbeak said, peering at me from the other side of the berth next to where Rumble straddled the bed, facing me, “She can’t even do it right.”

I shrugged, “That was on purpose, but okay.”


I threw a chip at the metal bird.

“Natty! That’s my money you’re tossing around!” Frenzy spat.

I picked up a handful of chips, “What does it matter, we’re losing our asses to these two anyway!” and I showered him with the chips. He growled, tackling me and throwing my giggling self to the floor.

Rumble tossed his cards into the air, “And that’s the game. You need the room, Zee?” He stood up and grinned widely as Soundwave played a new song with a throbbing base line. “Yeah! Alright!”

I lay on the floor, giggling like a fool, squirming under the purple mech. Frenzy gripped my shoulders slamming me against the ground again, not at all pleased with my disregard of his chips. Laserbeak gathered up all the chips, whether they were rightfully his or not.

“You suck at this game!” I laughed into the purple mech’s angry face.

“I’m good at this game. You need to pick up on my cues!”

“You need to send cues!” I countered.

“Hey, Zee!” Rumble called. “You can fark up your femme later, come on. This is our jam!”

Frenzy glanced over his shoulder at Rumble who had lined himself up in the middle of the room, beckoning his brother with a wave of his hand. He turned back to me, shoving my face to one side roughly in a faux slap, and jumped up, running to his twin. Checking their positions relative to each other, they began a synchronized street dance to the song Soundwave was playing, executing difficult maneuvers with artful perfection. Amazed at the talent on display, I whooped, startling Ravage, who had been napping near the recharge beds, and received a short growl in return. Halfway through the song, the singing gave way to a rap. Frenzy stepped aside gesturing to his brother, and Rumble took over. Translating the English words into Cybertronian and making it relative to the war, he spontaneously rapped about Autobot body counts and made fun of certain higher ranking Decepticons, all while dancing like a true Earth gangster rapper. Laserbeak and I cheered and laughed at Rumble’s comical descriptions. As the song’s singer began vocalizing again, the brothers returned to their dance, finishing the song with a high five pulled into a chest bump. I stood, cheering and clapping, the brothers beamed proudly at each other, Frenzy’s fury forgotten for the moment. Rumble turned back toward the mess of cards across his bed, giving me a secretive wink.

I smiled a thank you at him, before reaching for my returning mech who sauntered conceitedly up, placing each hand at my buttocks and yanking me against his metal body. His optics narrowed hungrily at me, one corner of his mouth quirked upward. The closeness of the embrace gave me a giddy rush of excitement, intoxicating me like a drunken bar bitch. This wild and dangerous mech had me wrapped around his every whim, and he knew it—I was so addicted to him.

“You’re a mech of many talents,” I purred.

“Yes, I am,” he said.

“Hey! I did the rap!” Rumble protested.

“Yeah,” I called back offhandedly, not taking my eyes off of Frenzy, “Nice job, Rumble.”

“What! I dance, I rap, I got MAD skills, and he gets the femme! What the fark!” Behind me, I could hear a recharge bed being overturned, Ravage scrambling out of the way, yipping and growling, Laserbeak snickering in his chittering way, but all I cared about was being lost in Frenzy’s embrace.

“Rumble,” Soundwave’s voice carried through the room, drawing everyone’s absolute attention to the cryptic Con.

“What?” Rumble sulked.

Soundwave silently pointed at the scattered cards and chips spread around the upended bed. Grousing under his breath, Rumble set about righting the bed and cleaning up after his tantrum, casting sullen glares at Frenzy and I still standing oh, so close to each other.

Soundwave played another song, this one sultry and smooth with a seductive female singer. Rumble began gyrating to the rhythm. “Check this!” he said.

I glanced around Frenzy to his brother. “Huh uh,” shaking my head, “No way. Not like that.”

“What?” he cried. “You think you can step to this?”

“Ima step all over that! Watch and learn, Rumble.” I moved to the center, swinging my hips and turning seductive circles, dropping to the floor, flipping my hair and winding sultry moves in time to the song, acting out the lusty words as they were sung.

“Whoa,” Rumble muttered, moving to join me. I leaned my back against him, arching slightly and dropping to a crouch, my hands running along his sides as I did so. I could feel the gray mech shiver at the touch. “Slag...” he breathed. I raised myself back up against him, swinging my hips as I did so. Turning, I shoved him back, he stumbled staring dumbly at me. Raising my hands above my head, I walked a twisty, hip gyrating dance to where Frenzy stood glaring angry jealousy at his brother. I dropped before Frenzy, my face at his hips, and licked a thin path up his armor meeting his gaze with a come hither look when I stretched to my tiptoes.

His optics narrowed in a deadly hunger, he grabbed a handful of my hair and kissed me hard and devouring,. “You are walking a dangerous line.” I could feel the tensing of his body, coiled to strike, the sensual heat radiating off him.

“Whatever gets you charged up, you delicious thang, you.”

“I’m out!” I heard Rumble shout seemingly miles away, in a vague awareness of the others leaving the room, speaking something about heading for the Pit.

I found myself slammed up against the nearest wall, Frenzy moaning in anticipation of ravaging my body.

“Zee,” I breathed against his kiss. He drew back giving me an impatient look. “Am I enough for you?”

He squeezed his optics closed, shaking his head violently, “Natty—what the fark?” Squinting at me for a second, he hissed, “Shutup and take this!” He slammed the connector in its place. My immediate disappointment at the unanswered question was quickly abated by the burst of addicting exhilaration, surging into my circuits and coloring my blood. In the midst of the thrill of his invasion of my body and soul, I balled up the insecurity that had prompted the question and tucked it into the back of my mind. Sensing I had hidden something from him, he began searching my consciousness, always drawn to finding what I didn’t want him to see. Mentally I protested, guarding the feeling, but he shoved me aside, spinning the thoughts open. I could feel the smirk as much as I could see it on his face, when he witnessed what I had sought to hide.

I was so in awe of this crazy, dangerous mech, I had begun to wonder what kept him coming back to me. What could I possibly have to offer him? Further, I had never managed to take over and pleasure him the way he did me. It left me with feelings of a one-sidedness I was certain he would tire of eventually. My need for him pressed me to frantically search for some way that I could return this world-quaking addiction he had gripped me with.

Let me dominate you, he whispered into the connection, revealing to me the thrilling rush that pervaded him when he was able to subjugate me. My protests where enrapturing so long as he could win in the end, and when I melted into submission, allowing him his way, it became a euphoric intoxication that he endlessly craved. I breathed relief into the connection, my anxieties assuaged, and lost myself in his will, riding the ravaging he delivered to the orgasmic end, crying out as he brought us both to climax.

His powerful body relaxing against mine in the giddy release, he whispered to me, You are mine. I will not let you go. Stay with me, obey me, and I will keep you safe.

My right leg curled over his left leg, cradling my left leg, resting against his right leg. His left arm draped over my side, bent at the elbow, hand tangled in my hair, thumb caressing my cheek, his right arm tucked under his own head. My left arm cradled my head, fingers curled around to brush against his hand, my right hand rested against his chest armor. Our bodies thus entangled, I lay there planting little adoring kisses on his mouth, content and happy for a change. His mouth was quirked upward on one side, but his half open optics were brooding. He was contemplating something in that vast intelligence of his, turning it over and over, I was simply waiting to see if he would bother to reveal it to me. Prying only made him withdraw even more. I would have to be patient.

Feeling a spontaneous rush of affection for the purple mech, I said, “You know I need you, right, Zee?”

“Mm.” He was not a romantic, but I was feeling like I needed to get something out in the open at the moment.

“No, I…” I just couldn’t get the word out. Not that I didn’t want to tell him, I really did, but affection is considered a weakness among most Decepticons. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to verbalize the feeling. However, I needed to be certain that he knew. He was going out on another dangerous mission soon, and for the first time, so was I. It had to be said beforehand.

“I—I…” I looked away, stuttering. He lifted my head, recapturing my gaze, his optics quizzically concerned, searching my face, his attention caught. Patience was far from one of his strengths, and if I didn’t make my confession soon, he would get irritated. That rarely ended in my favor. Taking a deep breath and swallowing hard against my anxieties, “I l… I love you.” I let my breath out explosively squeezing my eyes closed and scrunching my face. There. It was done.

He blinked at me, “I know of your sentiments. I feel the same.” It was the most I would get, I knew. Love is a four letter word around here unless it refers to death or destruction. I grinned at him feeling rather giddy over the exchange. But his mood seemed to darken in contrast, his brow furrowing, the one sided curl of his mouth faded away.


He sighed heavily. “Natty…” he hesitated. This was very out of character for the purple mech well known for speaking his mind with complete disregard for the consequences. My grin dropped from my face as I braced for bad news. “We will all be going to Earth soon.” Blood and energon seized within me, the room temperature suddenly seemed to drop to absolute zero.

“Why?” my voice was tight and high, trembling.

“Megatron has been located there. There will be two waves. The first wave is a mission to seek out and recover Megatron’s body. Reactivate him if possible. I will be in the first wave. The second wave will be a mission of infiltration and domination. You will be in the second wave. We will meet again when the dust settles.”

Slowly, cautiously, aware that my line of questioning was beyond dangerous and the wrong wording could label me as a traitor, punishable by termination, I asked, my voice measured, “If Megatron is there, why can’t we just retrieve his body and be done with it? What is the purpose of taking over Earth? Humans are completely insignificant in this war. Their technology is miniscule at best—Frenzy they can’t even travel beyond their own moon! What good would it do the Decepticon cause to babysit such a fragile and under accomplished species?”

“Your ‘under accomplished species’ has taken Megatron hostage. They are currently hiding his body, dismembering him and studying him like—“

“Like Skyfire was supposed to do with me?” I shot back.

“Preparation for this mission. This was always the goal. We knew he was on Earth, but now we know who has him. It’s just a matter of locating his body. He is well hidden, his signature has been intentionally obscured from us.”

“Why the domination? I don’t understand. Revenge for taking him, I get, but domination requires a certain amount of resource allocation. It implies that there’s more to this.”

The corner of his mouth quirked upward as he stroked my cheek with his thumb. “What do you think we will do with them. Billions of them.”



“What does that make me, Zee?”

His optics narrowed, “A Decepticon.”

I pushed away from him, but he held me tight, silently refusing to let me up. “I’m human, Frenzy! No amount of Cybertronian metal is going to change that! I came from Earth. It’s who I am! So again, if all humans are to become slaves, what does that make me?”

His hand gripped the side of my head painfully, making me wince. “You are a Decepticon, regardless of where you came from.”

I dropped my gaze. The turmoil I felt inside was dangerous. Deadly. I had been forced into this life, and I was making the best of it, but now—all those people would suffer. Many years ago I had sworn an oath to defend a nation that would no longer accept me in this form I now possessed. If I returned to Earth, I would be treated with exactly the same graces as Megatron. But I was still human. They were still my people. I had to do something.

“What about the rest of the Cons, Zee? Are they gonna see me as a Decepticon and no longer human? I have no alt mode, I’m half organic.” It was a deflection, but my fears were real.

“Natty, you are mine. I will not give you up to anyone.”

I pulled close to him, burying my face in his neck, whispering, “I need you. Right now.” Fear is considered weakness amongst Decepticons. Fortunately for me, the purple mech was aroused when I brought my fears to him. The connection was filled with his dominance. Thrilling at my fears, he reminded me just how very dangerous he could be. I surrendered to him, letting him pull all my terrors out into the open, examining them, basking in them. It was a strange kind of therapy, but it worked. In return, he flooded me with an undeniable ecstasy, deliciously stimulating my body with his rough touch, gripping my breasts, biting my neck, shocking my systems with a frenzy of sensual sensations. He took his time, teasing out every bit of my desire for him, consuming me with my addiction to him, building to an explosive climax. I lost myself in the torrid culmination, bodies, minds, souls, sparks entwined, meshed together, burning singularly, before unraveling in the release.

As he relaxed against me, I felt very small in his embrace, my tenuous existence subjective to his purpose. He gathered me in an internal reassurance that I belonged to him, that he was my security, so long as I was subjugated to him. When he broke the connection, I kissed him with the force of passion borne from the pain, the torment of what I knew I would end up doing. Agonizing over the betrayal that must come, I pressed tightly against his body, entangled with him once more, my face buried in his neck, but I reached out to Skyfire through our shared spark. The tall black Seeker agreed, it was time to make our break. He would put a plan in motion and we would escape, Decepticons, Autbots, and humans alike. We would take to the stars, find other worlds, new lives, remake our identities into whatever we wanted to be. We would be free. But first, we would be traitors.

Shifting my weight from one leg to the other and back again, curling my fingers into loose balls and straightening them over and over. I could already feel my eyelids getting heavy and my head dropping forward. The only thing keeping me awake at this point was the high pitched screechy sound of Starscream’s voice as it carried across the meeting hall to where I stood near the back wall. Back on Earth, I always pushed to the front of a briefing room, eager to hear every word, but in this world of giant robotic creatures of destruction, being small and in the front of the room was deadly. So I always hid in the back.

Soundwave was a ways off to my left, and it stood to reason the tapes must be nearby, although I hadn’t seen them yet. I found myself wondering what capers they were about to pull during the briefing when a purple arm wrapped tightly around my neck, jerking my head up and backward.

“What are you up to, Zee?” I hissed through clenched teeth, my hands grasping at his arm, pulling it loose enough to allow better breathing.

“I’m bored. You bored?” There was such mischief in his voice, that I immediately began to panic as his free arm slid across my torso, pulling me close to him. Whatever plan he had concocted to alleviate his boredom would obviously involve me directly. Was he planning to start a brawl right here and now?

“Actually, I was trying not to fall asleep. What are you up to, Zee?”

“Yeah, Screamer has that affect, doesn’t he?”

“Zee! What are you about to do?”

“Me? Hmm…” His hand slid down my torso, over my hip, around to the small of my back and then under my trousers.

I gasped, and he tightened the grip on my neck, whispering fiercely in my ear, “Keep it down.”

“Zee don’t!”

“You want to deny me?”

“No! This is a bad idea! Not here! Not here!”


“Zee! Soundwave is right over—“

“I know. He’s watching.”

Oh gods! I squeezed my eyes shut to the world, shuddering. This could not be happening, but the more I protested the more riled up he became. He placed one foot between mine, kicking them apart. I shook my head, but he just chuckled. Keeping my voice as calm and even as I could against the rising panic within me I said, “If we get caught…” I could feel his hand sliding back into my trousers holding something.

“Then let’s not get caught.”

I began another protest, but he slammed the connector in place and my voice simply came out as a squeak. My back arched against him as he quickly pulled his hand from behind me and slapped it over my mouth while flooding my body with a riot of surging pleasure. The danger in being discovered was making him drunk with excitement, his presence in my mind full of wicked mischief and unbending dominance. My protest of this is not right faded away with most of my vision as the drug of my addiction took over. Reaching behind me, I grabbed his thighs in each of my hands to steady myself. He removed his arm from my neck and ran that hand up under my t-shirt, bracing me against his body as he played with mine, the other hand remaining over my mouth.

Swimming in the pulses of ecstasy that he sent racing through my systems, my eyes slitted open and caught sight of Rumble turning around as my small moan slipped past Frenzy’s hand. The purple mech hissed a “Shhh…” in my ear, before biting my neck making me shudder.

Rumble gazed at me in puzzlement for a second before understanding widened his optics in alarm. He backed up a step, shaking his head, whispering, “Primus! Zee, really?” Throwing his hands up between us, palms facing out and taking another step backwards, he turned around, making his way over to where Soundwave stood in stoic observance.

I scream when I cum, Zee… I pressed.

I’ll disable your vocalizer, he sent back.

I don’t have a vocalizer. I have vocal chords and you can’t “disable” that!

That gave him pause, but not for long. Don’t scream this time.

I railed against the idea, but there was no other option, really. He worked us both into an exquisite climax heightened by the danger of getting caught connecting during Starscream’s mission briefing, and as the moment of truth came, I caught his hand in my teeth, biting down with all the fury of a pent up scream. I heard him gasp even as I felt the pain I caused him through the connection. He yanked at his hand a few times, trying to free it, but my adrenalized grip was too strong. His body jerked behind me, pleasure and pain uniting in a blinding rage. I never heard his EMP cannon charge up, but I knew it was there at my back when everything suddenly went black, all sensations dropping away into nothingness.

One arm holding my limp body, the other disconnecting himself from me, he dragged me over to the wall and dropped me there in a heap. When I was finally powered back up, Frenzy was crouching over me, the meeting hall empty, Rumble standing behind him.

Narrowed optics and a tight frown colored the purple mech’s face. I knew I’d done something wrong, but my clouded head couldn’t put it together just yet. I raised a hand to my face, rubbing at my eyes with my fingertips. “What…?”

“Look what you did!” he snapped shoving his hand sideways into my view. My eyes struggled to focus, after effects of the EMP cannon. Staring hard, I could see a strangely curved, crimped mark across his digits. I glanced up at him and back to the hand, unsure of what I was looking at. “You bit me,” he affirmed. Slowly the memories crept back into my mind. Connecting, during Starscream’s briefing, climax, can’t scream, taking the next best thing, sinking my Cybertronian teeth into metal that gave way freely, pain and pleasure swirling around each other through the connection. The jolting shutdown of an EMP cannon.

I glared up at him, “You shot me!”

“I had to,” he growled back, “You wouldn’t let go!”

I grinned at him, “I couldn’t scream.” I took his hand in mine and gingerly ran my fingers over the bite, making him wince and pull his hand away. “Don’t go to Hook. Skyfire can fix this.”

Glancing back at Rumble, he shook his head, “I’d rather do it myself. Rumble can help me.”

“Let Sky do it, Zee. He’s good, it won’t hurt.”

Rumble piped up with a shrug, “I’d take Skyfire over Hook any day.”

Frenzy sighed staring at the floor. “Alright.”

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