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The Love of Black Veil Brides

Chapter 1

*Heavy breathing*

"Just a little bit closer.."

"Maybe if I call Jinxx- NO I refuse to be a burden on him, besides, he has other matters to attend to.."

Ashley scraped the ground every time he'd run leaving vicious claw marks within the dirt. "Evidence" thought the former member of Black Veil Brides "Oh well I'll cover it up later I need to catch this grizzly if I'm gonna survive the winter."

Ashley ran and ran until the grizzly came to the edge of a cliff.

"Hehe I got you now Griz."

The grizzly looked back at the cliff he was backed against and growled back in response.

"I know, I know, but I'm sorry it's just what I have to do, I promise I'll make it quick"

The grizzly looked at him then realized it wouldn't be no use to fight back so he stretched his neck out in defeat.

Ashley murmured "I'm sorry buddy" then reached for the grizzly's neck.

"Ashley Purdy!! What do you think you are doing??"

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