Chapter 10

"How are you still alive?!" Diana yelped as the man smashed his way out of the window.

"I could ask you brats the same thing," he snarled, standing up.

"We are Navy brats," she said proudly.

"Is your name really Carroll?" Tim said, trying to distract him.

The man shrugged, affirmative answer enough. He reached for his gun, but it was gone. In fact, he forgot it in the front seat!

Diana made eye contact with Tim. Tim made eye contact with Carroll.

A silent pause was burst when the criminal turned for his car. In a flash, Diana jumped on his back.

"Go, Tim!" Kristen screeched from her place on the ground. It was agony to move, so she was resigned to watch the fight.

Carroll reacted typically: flailing, moving and jumping to get the girl off of him. Di's dad, (afraid that her size would make her a target for attacks) taught his daughter pressure points along the neck and back, and also how to choke someone into unconsciousness. However, as she was trying to do these things, Carroll slammed her into the underside of their flipped car. It hurt beyond comprehension, and she let go, dropping to the ground. The large man moved to hit her.


All aware persons turned to see Tim, fumbling with the gun. He aimed at Carroll.

"Don't move..."

"Or what?" the creep sneered.

"Or I will shoot. Think a navy brat doesn't know how to handle a gun?!"

Tim's voice shook. He could shoot at targets when his dad was around, but there was no way he could take a person's life. But he also knew that if Carroll attacked them again, he would kill them. He just prayed that his bluff wouldn't be called.

Carroll turned and stalked towards Tim slowly.

"I said don't move!" the boy shouted. He was vaguely reminded of The Sound of Music, when Liesl's boyfriend (he couldn't recall the name) couldn't shoot Captain von Trapp.

But the man kept walking. Diana and Kristen were both frozen in horror. Di had a pretty bad gash along her shoulder.

One more step...

Tim realized he had no choice. He was too weak to fight this guy. He pulled the trigger.


Nothing happened. McGee looked at the gun and frowned in shock. It was empty. By this time, Carroll was close enough to touch. In fact, he punched Tim, who fell to the ground. The gun clattered away.

Carroll reached into the car and opened the glove compartment, where he kept an extra clip in case of...emergency.

He dove for the weapon, but Diana was up again, and grabbed it. Unsure of what to do with it, she slid it to Kristen. Tim took this advantage and kicked his attacker in the face. He stumbled up and Diana grabbed his arm.

"Run, Tim." she said. "Go!" he stumbled forward. "Go get help, bring them back. We've got this."

He resisted, but Carroll was getting up. Tim sprinted, a new burst of adrenaline shooting through him. He ran...

Diana watched him go for a second, then went to pull Kristen out of the line of fire. Bleeding and concussed, the taller girl was fading. That made it easy for Carroll to step on her wrist.

"OW!" she screamed. Di tried to fend him off, but the man was strong. He shoved her down and grabbed the gun from Kristen's pinned hand. He smiled sickly and ripped the old clip out of the gun, replacing it in seconds. Of course, he aimed at Diana and Kristen.

But these girls were smart. Both kicked at his ankles, and he growled and stepped back. Knowing that he had to stop the boy from running away, he aimed at Tim, who was already far away- he was always a fast runner.

Kristen and Di both got up, but Kristen fell down again. She used the opportunity to grab his waist, and Di knocked his hand. Unfortunately, she couldn't stop him from firing in time, and the gun went off- in Timothy McGee's direction.

Tim stumbled again at the sound, and turned. Vaguely he could make out three figures struggling. He couldn't see who had the upper hand.

The three fighters fell in a heap, and Kristen moaned at the impact with the ground. Her collarbone was probably broken, but she couldn't care right then. She saw Tim standing there, and murmured.

"He's ok."

Diana looked up and screamed. "KEEP GOING TIM! WE'RE ALRIGHT!"

Tim heard this and kept going. He was confused and disoriented. The lightning bugs were back... But they gradually turned into strobe lights, which -oddly enough- had a voice.


McGee looked up to see a police car pull up next to him. The strobe lights were red and blue...imagine that...

"Tim!" The officer said again. He looked at the poor kid, who was bloody all over, and who definitely had a concussion. The 16 year old meekly grabbed the handle of the door and pulled himself inside. He pointed forward without a word, and Jake Hughes covered the distance to the wreck as fast as he could...

When Tim kept running, Carroll grabbed Diana's neck and lifted her to the point that she was standing on her tiptoes. He dropped her; she sputtered and gasped. He placed his foot on Kristen's wound, and she screamed again. He lifted the gun and fired two shots...

Kristen was able to trip him and he fell, losing his grip on the gun. Diana grabbed it, and just as he lunged at her, she closed her eyes, and pulled the trigger...

Jake and Tim drove up to the fight, and saw the man lunging for Di. Officer Hughes jumped out of the car, grabbing his gun, but wasn't faster than Diana, whose eyes were suddenly wide open. She was shaking and pointing the gun at the criminal, who was standing there in disbelief. He looked at himself, where a bullet was laced through his heart.

He fell over, dead.

Tim had exited the police cruiser sometime during this. His vision was like a kaleidoscope. He saw Alex lying there, pale and unmoving. He saw Kristen down near the car, passed out from the bleeding. Worse than all of that, he saw Diana, still frozen, with red splattered across her chest.

As Officer Hughes gently pried the gun from the small girl's hands and put it down, he saw Tim McGee fall...

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