Obsidian Eyes


Mitsuki shifted her bag on her shoulder as she shuffled amongst the traffic of people crowding the pavement. As cars on the road honked their horns, Mitsuki carefully tried to avoid running into anyone. A few times someone would put on the breaks in front of her, and she'd crash right into them. Always she would hear them turn and snap, "Hey, what are you, blind?" Each time she would feel her cheeks heat up, her eyes prickle with shame, and she'd mumble an unheard apology before manoeuvring around them.

I tried to walk together

But the night was growing dark

Sometimes she wondered if they felt bad about saying that when they turned to see her sunglasses and cane-clutching hand, but more than that likely, they probably didn't care. Unfortunately, it was around lunchtime, so the crowd was twice as rowdy and twice as uncaring if they knocked into a blind girl as they usually were. She shifted her bag again when suddenly a barrage of noise erupted in her ears, making her flinch; she had reached the crossing. Instead of worrying about the cars, she waited until she heard others beginning to cross the road and followed them.

Thought you were beside me

But I reached and you were gone

By some miracle, she made it across the road and was greeted with a small chirping of birds. There was probably a park near her. Mitsuki felt a small smile grace her face when she heard a voice call out.

Yukito was sitting in the grass outside, his face turned up to the sky while his eyes were closed, letting the sun warm his face. He had an hour free until work started, and he had gotten his new pair of glasses, so he had headed to the park, eaten his lunch, and sat under the welcome shade of a large tree, alone. Alone, that is, until he heard a tapping noise coming along the path.

Sometimes I hear you calling

From some lost and distant shore

His eyes landed on the girl from before, Mitsuki. She stood on the small path a slight distance away from him, as the park gate closed behind her. Yukito watched as a smile appeared on her lips.

"Hello Mitsuki-chan," he called. Mitsuki jumped and turned towards the source of the voice, her eyes flickering, unseeing behind her sunglasses.

"Is that you, Tsukishiro-san?" she called, her face turned towards him. Yukito stood and strode towards her, placing a hand carefully on her shoulder. She jumped again, and with her spare hand, smacked her forehead in exasperation. Yukito's eyes softened and a small corner of his mind balked at the thought of any girl having to think any sort of touch would be to hurt her. He had to smile though, at her self-correction.

I hear you crying softly for the way it was before

"Yes, Mitsuki-chan." Mitsuki's face brightened as she realized why she recognized his voice. With a smile, Yukito tugged lightly on her shirt sleeve. "Why don't you sit with me? If that's alright, I mean."

Where are you now?

Are you lost?

After a moment of hesitation, Mitsuki nodded, saying, "If you don't mind the intrusion, Tsukishiro-san."

"Of course not," Yukito smiled, leading her over to his previous spot, where he waited for her to sit down before taking a seat next to her.

"Did you get your new glasses, Tsukishiro-san?" Mitsuki asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes, it only took a few minutes," he replied cheerfully, reaching into his rucksack and pulling out a bottle of water, "If you don't mind my asking, why were you going to the hospital earlier?"

Will I find you again?

Are you alone?

Mitsuki pressed her finger tips together, chewing on her bottom lip slightly. She shrugged, and after a moment of silence, Yukito determined that she wasn't going to say anything else on the subject. It was silent as Mitsuki continued to press her finger tips together, and Yukito leaned back against the bark of the tree. The silence wasn't an uncomfortable one; it was companionable, almost natural. They sat in the comfortable silence, the sound of the birds and the distant cooing of loving couples as they strolled. Eventually, Yukito glanced at his watch, and sighed when he took note of the time.

"What's wrong Tsukishiro-san?" Mitsuki asked, her head snapping in his direction.

Are you afraid?

Are you searching for me?

"I've got to get to work," he explained, standing, "I didn't realise we'd been here so long."

"Oh," Mitsuki exclaimed as she stood, her cane in hand already, "I'd better get back then."

She waited patiently as Yukito gathered his things and they both walked back to the entrance of the park.

Why did you go? I had to stay

Now I'm reaching for you

"Well, see you later, Mitsuki-chan!" he said, patting her shoulder lightly.

Will you wait? Will you wait?

"You too, Tsukishiro-san," she replied, heading back across the road. Yukito hesitated a moment, watching her as she walked down the street. He didn't want to just leave her, but he was late as it is, so she had to go alone. Yukito shook his head. Mistuki didn't need to be babied; that was probably the last thing she wanted. With one last glance at her, he turned and began to jog briskly, trying to get to work before his boss found out he was late.

Will I see you again?

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