Obsidian Eyes

Some Nights

Mitsuki slowly made her way out of the hospital and into the gardens, stopping when the tips of her toes met marble where the fountain was. She slowly lowered herself to her knees, her hands scrambling to find the edge of the fountain as she sat, swung around, and with a sigh of relief, sank her feet into the water. It had been a hot day. Maybe that was what drew her here.

Then again, she wondered. She had this nagging in the back of her mind that she'd seriously regret not being here. She had a special feeling tonight, as if something exciting or strange was about to happen. The last time she'd felt special, she'd come home and found her parents had made plans for them all to go on a cruise. The time before, she'd found a stray kitten in the garden, which she'd been allowed to keep.

Idly swishing her feet in the cool water, Mitsuki wondered what surprise would greet her this time.

All the beautiful mixture of lights were starting to get to Yue as he soared across the moonless sky. This world...was too different from the world he used to know. And yet...something about it was calling to him, as if he belonged here. Or, belonged somewhere on this planet; be it in one certain area or at the side of one of these humans...

But no one could ever replace Clow, Yue decided, scowling at the town below him. No one.

Suddenly, Yue's deep train of thought was broken when gravity made its presence known, pulling him down from his earlier harmless flying as his wings disappeared. Hs silver eyes widened; it was a new moon tonight. That meant...his powers were useless! And before the pale angel knew it, he landed with a loud crash in a tree!

The soothing stillness was ripped away by the sound of something falling through a tree, branches cracking and leaves violently fluttering, before it ended with a dull thud on the ground just behind her.

What in the-?

Mitsuki nearly jumped a mile in the air, before scooting around until her damp feet were on dry land again, and as fast as she was able, she made her way to the sound of fluttering leaves. Crouching by the sound of a groaning person - What, did one of the gardeners fall asleep in the tree or something? - Mitsuki reached out to where she guessed was the arm of whoever it was, registering how her hands found how a richly clothed arm (maybe silk?) and found the wrist, slowly working her way up to work out if there were any serious injuries.

Yue couldn't feel his toes. Or legs. Or his arms...namely, he couldn't feel anything but a dull ache. He felt the hand on his wrist being moved to his back, running up and down it soothingly, almost lulling Yue to a peaceful state before remembering just who he was and knocking the warm hand away.

"Don't touch me!" he snapped icily.

"Y-you're conscious?" a voice full of relieved innocence was his reply.

Turning icy blue eyes to meet polished onyx ones, and even though he tried not to, Yue's breath was taken away by the sight of this girl. Her heart-shaped face, gentle expression, and the kind aura that seemed to be shooting at the Moon Guardian unmercifully reminded him greatly of Clow.

But, that's impossible... Locking eyes again, he couldn't shake off the resemblance the two had on each other. Pushing his thoughts away, Yue settled for an icy glare. Blinking a bit, the girl timidly tilted her head to the side.

"Are you all right?" she asked, her gaze slipping past his face again and again, "Should I bring you inside to a nurse?"

The expression on the angel's face didn't change, but a flicker did seem to flash as soon as he had spoken.

"Do I look all right to you, girl?" he said icily, silkily, as he pushed himself into a sitting position. She seemed to wilt at that, her shoulders slumping slightly as she bit her lip and her head drooped. Bringing her head up again, a tiny smile forced itself onto her lips.

"I wouldn't know," she said softly, that Yue had to strain himself to hear it, "I'm blind, you see."

Yue nearly groaned in exasperation. Of course she was - that was why her gaze never fully met his. His gut was writhing in embarrassment. He should've noticed sooner.

"My condition is none of your concern," he replied eventually, "As for your offer...I might steal something or kill you and this nurse, so why offer such a thing to a complete stranger?"

"I guess...I just wanted to help," the girl answered shyly, a bit taken aback by his words, "You can't not trust everyone you meet, you know..."

Yue's eyes shot back at her soft onyx ones, looking as if searching for something in them. Slowly as if time itself was slowing down, he was leaning in closer to her, their breathes gently mixing. Just as the unthinkable was about to occur, he snapped himself out of it and pulled away. The girl blinked, baffled.

"Was there something on my face?" she asked worriedly, her hand touching her cheek. A slender silver brow rose questioningly. "It's just you came so close," she continued, her hand rubbing her cheek as if she was wiping away some dirt, "And then pulled away. I wondered."

"It was nothing," Yue said dismissively, then added quickly at her crestfallen face, "It was your eyes."

"My eyes?" she repeated, her hand falling to rest beside its twin in her lap. Yue nodded, then tsked silently as he realised she couldn't see - again. He really need to remember things more efficiently.

"The colour is...curious," he admitted, "I thought I was seeing things."

"Oh." Her cheeks tinted scarlet. "What colour are they?"

A second brow rose to join its brother.

"You do not know?"

"Well..." her fingers started twisting together. "I think they were brown before...well, before I was like this anyway."

"I see." Yue was silent for a long while, studying the girl before him. So, she had not always been blind? He filed the information away as he catalogued her. Black eyes. Pale skin. Slender. Black hair. Shoulder-length, with a slight wave. All in all, he concluded, a completely unremarkable girl. So why was he fascinated by her? It must be a passing curiosity of his, he decided, standing slowly as his muscles protested; he'd had them before.

"Come," he said suddenly, making her jump slightly. "I'll see you back to your chambers."

"My room?" she said hesitantly, standing cautiously. "All right. But the nurse-"

"Won't even know I am here," he countered smoothly. And indeed she would not. Even without his powers, he moved stealthily, like a cat.

"Um, alright," she mumbled, her head turning to the left, "The fountain was over here, so the hospital is just beyond it."


It took a while, and some serious explaining as to why she was wandering the hospital, but the girl was at last back in her room, in fresh pjs and tucked up under the covers. Yue was perched silently on the window sill, his long ivory hair trailing outside the window. She asked him lots of questions, to which he mostly ignored.

In the end, though, she got the hint and shut up. With a yawn, her sightless eyes fluttered shut, and she enjoyed the warmth her blankets gave her. Yue was almost certain that she was asleep, and was about to slip out, when her voice stopped him.

"Ano..." she sounded hesitant, "You aren't a dream, are you?"

Yue very nearly snorted.

"No, girl."

Smiling softly, she replied, "That's just what a dream would say."

Again, as Yue turned to leave, her voice cut in with one simple word; "Mitsuki."

"Hm?" Yue grunted, unimpressed.

"My name," she spoke again, muffled a bit by her exhaustion, "It's Mitsuki." Another yawn. "'Night..."

"...Good night," Yue replied softly, his eyes flicking towards her face as she drifted to sleep.

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