Bring Back My Yeontan


What if one day you woke up and you're laying beside Kim Taehyung? Wouldn't that be great? Well that's what you thought. an au where you exchanged bodies with kim yeontan. this is going to be a very messy and crack-ish type of story, remember that I warned you! ;)

Humor / Romance
Age Rating:


Have you ever been in a conversation that makes you wonder, 'how did we even get to this part?'.

Oh, yeah right, Min Yoongi caused this.

"If Yoongles wants to be a rock in his next life, I want to be Odengie. And that's final" Naeun started, as we all looked at her.

"Why not Jjanggu?" I asked and she glared at me

"Bitch, you want me dead?" I laughed at her face "That's not what I meant but, go ahead"

"I want to be Mickey or Holly in my next life! As long as I'm taken care by Sope" Hyerin daydreamed. She's staring at the distance, as if she really is Mickey or Holly.

What would I want to be?

"Girl, I'd wish upon the star that I'm Yeontan. That dog is so damn spoiled. I wanna be dressed with Gucci and get all these treatment because Kim fucking Taehyung is my owner and that man is Gucci himself" I hoped. Damn, Yeontan be living my life! "Plus Taehyung is my bias so.."

The other two nodded as if I made a point "That's a smart choice"

"When a dog is richer than you'll ever be" I said and looked at the distance

I saw an old woman staring at me, and it is really creepy.

"That woman is so creepy" I whispered "And why are we in this place too"

It was an old supermarket somewhere near our city, Naeun brought us here because she thought that this could be our new hangout place since someone trashed our old one. But this place is so quiet and kinda scary but we no Hobi here so we good. Kind of.

"What woman" Hyerin looked around "I see no one"

"Bitch where's your fucking car. Get me away from this place, I feel weird" I started running back to where Naeun parked her car as they ran behind me, scared.

"Don't scare us like that, Choi Y/N!" Hyerin panted as we got seated inside the car. Naeun started driving back to our city.

"I am not! I swear I saw an old woman staring at me" Did I just saw a ghost?

"Well I guess we just have to hang around the park then" Hyerin mumbled. Naeun agreed as she took the path to the park.

"I wanna get home I feel really weird. I wanna sleep"

As soon as Naeun dropped me off, I went to bed and slept. I suddenly felt tired, must have been the running.

I hugged my Tata plushie and fell asleep immediately. Not knowing that this would be the last time I'm gonna be hugging this toy in this bed.

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