Secret Love Letters


Arianna Cliffe is the new girl in town. After meeting her idols, she finds strange letters appearing at her door. Can she find out who they're from? I read the paper. A love letter. I think of all the people I know. This was slowly becoming a mystery. A love letter that showed up on my doorstep, that had no signature. I'd have to find out more. Surely someone sent it. But who?

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Chapter 1

The rays of the morning sun shine bright as I sit at my wooden desk. However, I don't dare close the blinds. I look through the glass window panes, into a world of light and color.

Mist coats the ground like a blanket, shielding the ground from my view. But when I look up into the sky, I see a marvelous pink and orange glow illuminating the skies around my new town. I can see the silhouettes of trees become full of life and color.

Although I've only been here since last night, I can't get over how pretty my new home is.

I've lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for nearly my whole life. I always lived in a cramped apartment with my mom, dad, and two younger siblings. There were only two bedrooms, to conserve money, so I always shared a room with at least one person.

I enjoyed a lot of things, like taking the subway to school and riding an elevator to get to my house, but it just wasn't where I wanted to be.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to travel the world--to see other countries, and explore what life has to offer. If somebody asked me the question, "What do you want to be even you grow up?", I'd respond with being a travel agent. I couldn't wait to grow up and see the world. You just didn't get that in a cramped apartment in a big city.

But now that I'm nineteen, I've moved out I live in Canada, in a small town on the west coast. I'm not a travel agent yet. I don't plan on going to college anytime soon, either, so I'm just settling here for now. My job, for now, is being a YouTuber. Yeah, big downgrade, but still pretty fun.

I've had a channel for almost six months now. I'm not super famous or anything like that, but it keeps me going. I mainly do vlogs, so that's where I get my channel name, AriVlogz. It's a mixture of my nickname, too. But, like I said, I'm not as well known as some of my favorite YouTubers.

For example, my favorite YouTubers are a group of friends called The Pals. They're super well known, and pretty much my idols. But I mainly need to focus on my career, not theirs.

Right now I'm actually getting ready to record. I still have loads of unpacking to do, but right now I just wanted to establish a little setup area.

My vlogs are usually recorded in my phone or handheld camera, but I have a regular camera and microphone for my videos where I'm doing art or something like that.

I'm currently getting ready to record a video in which I take several writing prompts and attempt to create a short story with them.

I have a notebook in front of me on my desk, and just have my window open for some natural lighting. The sun is finally up, so it's nice and bright. I get off my chair to make the background look a bit nicer.

My old background (for my sit-down videos) was just my wall and a pink curtain on it, which had a cool effect. Right now I'm in the very back of my room. I have my unmade bed behind me, as well as some boxes of clothes I have yet to unpack.

I pull my phone out of my pocket to check the time. 6:02 A.M. It was still pretty early. If I unpacked some stuff I could get that out of the way and still film before 7:30.

First, I fasten my sheets over my mattress and make it look nice. Then I open some cardboard boxes. I put my everyday clothing, like my shirts and pants, in my dresser, and my jackets and dresses in my closet. I glance at my clock and saw that I had gotten those out of the way in... Fifteen minutes. Go me.

After that I walk downstairs and put away all my dishes, pots and pans. That takes a while, because in my head everything needs to perfect (shout out to my flipping OCD). But I had to admit it looked great.

By now it was 7:26. I run back up to my messy bedroom to go record my video. I usually get up early so I can leave my day open after filming and sending it to my editor (though sometimes I'll edit videos on my own). I brush my choppy blonde hair out of my eyes, check in my phone camera to make sure I look good, and press the record button on my Webcam.

"Hey, everyone! Arianna here, back with another video!" I carried out my intro and began to explain what I was doing.

I look over at my computer, where I have my saved writing prompts. I read them aloud. "To start, I'll be combining just three of them. I'm not gonna read them, but I'll read the finished piece."

I glance at the prompt and began writing. I looked down to the page I was working with and pressed my pen to the page. I began.

I didn't mean to kill her, I swear. I don't even know if I did. But that's what everyone else assumes.

Now, I'm at the scene of the crime. My vision is going black. I feel a cold, icy hand on my wrist. It was him.

I pass out.

I'm not going to lie, I kind of want more. Then I realize I'll have to write more. No, not doing it.

I continue on for about half an hour and stopped filming. I send it to my editor.

I'm about to go downstairs when I hear some people laughing. I look out my windows.

There was a group of guys across the street laughing and messing around in their driveway. They looked quite familiar... There was something about that purple haired boy with glasses...

Then it hits me.

Right across the street are the people who I literally idolize. I watch their videos everyday and even made some fan-art to someday hang on my wall. They mae me happy even in my darkest days, and I couldn't even contain my excitement. The Pals were across the street.

I quickly ran out to my porch to get a better look. As a observed, I realized it It was true.

But then they saw me.

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