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By girlathome13

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1: Pilot & Coming Home

I am beyond thrilled to be posting this first chapter! I am a diehard Gossip Girl fan. Loved it from the beginning and I hope you enjoy my story. My OC Lux is seventeen years old, living with the Waldorf's. I'm starting all the way back at season 1 episode 1 and going from there! Please drop a review and let me know what you think! Good or Bad! :-)

Lux is portrayed by Troian Bellisario

Chapter 1

Lux's Point of View

It's been a year since my world completely changed. Sometimes I wonder how I even get out of bed some days, and then I remember it's what my parents would have wanted me to do. Continue living life to its fullest. My parents died in a car accident in Rome a little over a year ago, but it feels like it just happened yesterday.

They had gone to Rome for their fifteenth wedding anniversary. It was always a dream of my mother's to see the Coliseum and throw a quarter into the Trevi Fountain. Daddy always tried to make all of mommy's dreams come true.

Who knew her dream would turn into my worst nightmare. Who knew my first trip to Rome would entail identifying my dead parents as my dead parents. I shuddered at the memory flashing in my mind. I still had nightmares about it, not that I'd tell anyone about it.

"Lux, can you hand me my phone?" Blair said snapping me back into reality, holding her hand in the air, while she continued to apply mascara with the other hand. Her phone has been vibrating on the counter for the last five minutes.

Blair Waldorf has been like a sister to me since birth, our mothers worked together at Waldorf Designs, resulting in Eleanor becoming my god mother. After the accident Eleanor had flown with me to ID my parents and has graciously taken me into her home. "Here," I said, shooting Blair a tight smile, and placing the phone in her hand.

I finished pulling my hair into a high pony tail and tucked the loose pieces of auburn hair behind my ears while Blair gawked at her phone. Blair rolled her eyes at me through the mirror and shoved her phone inches away from my face,

"What is it? Another blast?" I asked, taking the phone and looking at the text. Blair had an e-alert from the ominous Gossip Girl blogger; this bitch chronicled the lives of the Upper East Sides elite. "Serena is back?" I whispered, glancing up at Blair, who looked less than pleased.

Serena Vander Woodsen was mine and Blair's best friend who mysteriously moved to Connecticut a few months ago without so much as a goodbye call or text. We didn't even know she left until calling her mother Lily's house one day and having the news broke to us over the phone.

"She's really back?" I asked, handing Blair her phone back. "So it seems." Blair said shortly, turning and heading out of the bathroom. I followed behind her, running into her back as she stopped to talk to her mother. Blair turned and laughed at me, while I regained my footing.

"Oh darlings, if you're going to wear my designs at least get them fitted properly." Eleanor cooed at us, taking a sip of her champagne, talking to one of her business associates.

"Thanks mom, we'll keep that in mind." Blair said, before turning on her heels to search for Nate, her boyfriend. Eleanor always had to pick at every little detail of Blair's life. Blair looked extraordinary no matter what she wore. For today's party she had on a cute little silky black dress. I was wearing a black spider webbed lace covered dress Dorota; the house keeper had lied out for me. The dress ended just above my knees and hung a little loosely around my tiny waist. My family had money, but not nearly as much as the Waldorf's.

Blair strode of in search of Nate while I walked into one of the sitting rooms. Eleanor was throwing another party for a reason I didn't know. Probably just for the sake of having a party. I sat down on the edge of a chair and crossed my legs next to Koti, Is, and Chuck. The party was in full swing, it was fully catered and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I sat and watched as everyone indulged in the party before them and wondered if any of these people were really happy?

I caught Chuck staring at my legs and noticed him sit forward on the couch and place his elbows on his knees, "Nice legs." He said coolly. I rolled my eyes, and shifted away from him. Chuck Bass was a total ass, he banged anything in his field of vision and smoked and drank every illegal substance known to mankind.

"Why don't you glue your eyes back into your head, Chuck?" I said, leaning in so he could hear me. Chuck stifled a laugh and relaxed back into the couch next to Koti and Is. I glanced up to see Blair and Nate heading for one of the bedrooms.

"Nathaniel… Interested in getting a little fresh air?" Chuck asked, faux smoking a joint. "When I get back?" Nate smirked, glancing at Blair. "If he gets back." Blair teased, laughing pulling Nate down the hall.

"I'll go." I told Chuck, my nerves were shot and I needed something to calm me down. Chuck raised his eyebrows and took a sip of the scotch he was nursing in his hand.

"Oh you were serious." He said, after a moment. "Let's go." Chuck ordered, standing up and lending his hand out to help me stand up. I refused to take it and got up on my own. We walked quietly to the elevator and headed outside to take a walk in the park across the street from the Waldorf's apartment building.

I walked along side Chuck until we were far enough into the park away from prying eyes. He pulled a joint out of his jacket pocket and lit up, puffing smoke into the unusually warm fall air. After he exhaled the smoke from his lungs he hand the joint to me, and I stared at it. I've never smoked pot a day in my life, why I wanted to do it now I had no idea.

"Are you going to take a hit or not?" Chuck asked impatiently waiting for me to make a decision. "I knew you wouldn't do it." He laughed smirking and taking the joint back as we continued to walk along the path.

"Sorry if I don't want to destroy my lungs." I laughed back at him. Chuck was cute; don't get me wrong, he really was. With his baby face and shaggy brown hair who could refuse him, I know who, me.

"It helps, you know?" He said, taking another hit and looking around at the trees as we walked. "Helps what?" I asked, looking down at my black suede heels and the stone pavement.

"It helps you forget about reality for a while." He said quietly, why he would want to escape his reality is beyond me; his life is perfect from where I stand. I reached over and took the joint from Chuck and took a hit, letting the smoke fill my lungs, immediately coughing afterwards.

"Wow. You really have never done this before have you?" He laughed stopping so I could catch my breath, it didn't take long for my head to begin to spin and my heart to start beating rapidly.

We started to make our way back towards the apartment building, the entire time I tried to keep from falling down, eventually Chuck ever so generously wrapped his arm around my waist holding me up right more. He was enjoying this a little too much if you asked me.

"So when are you going to tell Nate you're in love with him?" Chuck asked as we approached the elevator in the lobby, as I wretched his arm off of my waist.

"I am not in love with Nate Archibald." I told him sternly, trying to keep a straight face as the elevator hurled upward.

"Please, I saw the way you looked at him when Blair took off with him." He pressed, leaning into the wall of the elevator.

"Nate is practically my brother, Chuck. The Captain is my god father so that pretty much makes Nate my brother by default." I said, as we walked out of the elevator. Chuck was about to make a snide remark when I shot him a look. Nate was handsome, but he was also Blair's boyfriend, since like kindergarten. He'd always look at me as his little sister, or his girlfriend's best friend. I'm not saying that I like him because I don't by any means.

Chuck and I walked back into the party to see a particularly familiar tall blonde staring at Nate and Blair in the hallway. This can't be good I thought as I stepped closer.

"Serena?" I asked, watching as the blonde whipped her head around to face me. She smiled, and I walked into her for a hug. Serena may have left without saying goodbye, but she was still my friend. "You're really here." I laughed as Blair strode up beside me and hugged Serena as well; you could cut the tension between them with a knife.

"Serena!" Blair squealed, as they hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. "I'm so glad you're here. Come have dinner with us!" Blair said, forcing a small smile.

"No, I can't stay. I just wanted to say hello to you guys. But, I'll see you at school tomorrow." Serena said, turning and heading for the stairs back down to the elevator, the stairs Chuck had to help me climb a moment ago. Everything in the room was hazy and the music playing sounded diluted in my ears. Whatever Chuck gave me was some good stuff, that's for damn sure. I just hope it wears off soon. I stepped back beside Chuck, who was leaning in the door way drinking another scotch and watched Blair try to make sense of Serena's return.

"Well, this should be interesting." I whispered. Chuck straightened up brushing his shoulder into mine while doing so,

"Good, things were getting a little dull around here anyway." He said, glancing at me and smirking. He has an interest in other peoples suffering. I grabbed the glass of scotch out of his hand and downed it, handing it back to him with a tight smile. I'm going to need it if I'm going to survive the return of Serena with Blair.

"I didn't know she was coming back to school." Is said, looking at Blair and Koti. She was standing there frozen, the little wheels in her head spinning a mile a minute.

"Of course I knew." She spat out, as I walked up beside her. "She wanted it to be a surprise, right B?" I chimed in, trying to help her out. Blair smiled thankfully and looped her arm through mine.

There's always been something off kilter between Serena and Blair, but I could never quite figure out what it was. Serena was smart, wealthy, and drop dead gorgeous, just like Blair. But, they always seemed to be in a competition with one another over who had more, who dated who and what not.

I never felt the need to jump into the competition between them, because let's face it I'd never win. Sure, my family had some money, enough to be considered one of the elite, but my father lost his job before the accident and we were hardly getting by. They left me and my brother what was left of our estate. I'll be lucky if I have any money left for college after I pay tuition for three more years at Constance.

I guess I'm not your typical Upper East Side seventeen year old rich kid. I actually have a job at the Bendal's clothing store; I work there three times a week as a cashier. I'm not ashamed of that, but I'm also not ashamed that I have friends that have more money then what they know to do with it either, just because they're rich doesn't mean they're problems are any less important.

"Why the hell is she back?" Blair whispered as we walked down the hallway towards her room with Koti and Is following behind us.

"I guess we're going to find out." I replied, wondering why the hell she left in the first place. Everything seemed fine with Serena before she left, then poof she was gone. I glanced back to see Chuck staring at me while he was talking to some flirty black haired girl. When I caught him staring he looked away…. Weird I thought.

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1. Chapter 1: Pilot & Coming Home
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