Gleeful Dead

Shower Time

So, in order to warn people who may not be very gore tolerant, I will put a rating before each chapter.

1 bucket of blood- 4 buckets of blood: very light on gore. The first chapter would be 1.

5 buckets of blood- 7 buckets of blood: moderate gore, if you can't take any blood or guts, you may want to read cautiously.

8 buckets of blood- 10 buckets of blood: very gore heavy. you may want to skip this chapter.

This chapter is rated 4 buckets of blood out of 10.


At McKinley High, the students and faculty were noticing the doom-soaked morning about as quickly as Rachel. That is to say, they weren't.

The sky was dark and rippling with lightening above their heads, but no one paid it any attention.

The cheerios practiced their routines on the football field, the cafeteria ladies re-heated the breakfast from the week before, and in the locker rooms the football team dressed for practice.

As the rest of the team finished dressing and left the locker room, Dave Karofsky just arrived, late for school and in a very bad mood. He had slept in and by the time he got to school the cafeteria was out of pancakes. While it was not unusual for Karofsky to get to school late, Azimio was usually there early enough to save him some pancakes. This morning, Azimio was no where to be found.

Needless to say, Karofsky was not pleased on this particular pancakeless morning.

He rushed around the locker room, getting his gear on and thinking about all the different ways he was going to pummel Azimio's face in when saw him.

Just as he was getting ready to go out onto the field, Dave heard a strange sound, like deep laughter, coming from the shower area.

He froze, and a prickle of fear ran down his spine. He thought about running away, and was about to when the laughter sounded again, low and long like a fog horn.

Karofsky turned to leave, then paused. What the fuck was he afraid of? It was probably just some little shit using a voice modifier or something, trying to scare him. Well, he would make him regret it.

Determined, Dave made his way over to the shower, still fighting the urge to get the fuck out of there. Quit being such a pussy, he told himself, and walked over to the source of the laughter.

Suddenly something jumped out from behind the shower stalls, knocking him to the ground. He looked up, and saw Azimio standing above him, laughing darkly.

"What the fuck man?! Where were you this morning?" Karofsky demanded, getting to his feet. Azimio just laughed again.

"I missed out on the fucking pancakes because of yo—" Karofsky started to say, but was cut off, as Azimio reached out and grabbed him by the neck. Now Karofsky could see that there was something wrong with his friend. Azimio's eyes were white and milky, with no discernible iris or pupil. His lips were black and decayed and his skin seemed strangely purple and rotted.

"Uh, listen man" Karofsky squeaked, his words choked by Azimio's hand "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to s-shout. I'm not mad about the pancakes, I swear—" Karofsky's eyes grew wide with terror and pain, as Azimio tightened his grip and flung him back into the showers. Dave smashed his head on the shower wall, and fell hard and bleeding onto the tile floor.

Azimio came towards him, smiling insanely. His teeth were as black as his lips, and slimy looking. Karofsky stared at him, and suddenly he knew he was going to die. He lifted his hand up and touched the back of his head, then looked at his hand; it was covered in blood. Azimio kicked him in the stomach and Karofsky let out a stunted scream before vomiting. Azimio cackled and Karofsky quickly dipped his hand into his own blood and scrawled a quick message on the shower wall. If he was going to die, he wanted people to know. He didn't want to die as a coward, the way he'd lived.

A moment later, Azimio kicked him in the head, sending him smashing against the floor.

Before he blacked out, the last thing he heard was that awful laughter coming from somewhere above him, thick with disease and horribly inhuman.


Once he had realized something very bad was going on, Ash had gotten in his broken and beat up Oldsmobile and gotten the hell away from the cabin. In his hurry, he forgot something very important, the reason he was stranded in that godforsaken cabin in the first place; the bridge was destroyed, and the path leading around the ravine was hidden.

Ash slammed his hand down on the tattered steering wheel, cursing loudly. Just as he was getting ready to turn around and hunt for some other route, the ravine came into view. He pulled up to it, and turned his car off, gaping.

The bridge was back, fully intact and exactly how it had been before. He rubbed his eyes. It was definitely there, old and rickety just like before.

He hesitated for a moment, wondering if maybe it was a trap. Fuck it, he thought, driving forwards. Worse case scenario, he died. After some of the shit he'd seen, hell, death would be a fucking vacation.

He drove slowly across the bridge, not sure it would hold the cars weight. It creaked and moaned beneath him, but he got across.

He laughed as he drove away, finally free of that hellhole. He thought of where he would go, and what he would do.

"The world is my oyster," he said aloud, laughing louder. Suddenly, the dark sky rumbled with thunder above him and he stopped laughing. He looked up at the sky. It was dark and purple, and the clouds where swirling upwards as though they were being drawn into something. Like a vortex.

Ash swore, and smacked the steering wheel. He wasn't free. Something was going on, and he had to do something about it because if he didn't... who the fuck would? He couldn't very well let the world get sucked into hell, now could he? That had to be some bad fucking karma.

A little while after Ash had discovered the reappearance of the bridge, the McKinely High football team was making its way back into the locker room after practice.

Sam Evans walked into the shower area, and screamed loudly.

Dave Karofsky was lying dead on the shower floor, his head and face covered with blood. The back of his head looked like it had been smashed open, and he was lying in a mixture of blood and vomit.

As Sam noticed the words written next to Karofsky's smashed head, Finn Hudson came around the corner to see what was wrong. At the sight of Karofsky's bloodied corpse, Finn retched up his own breakfast, adding to the mix already on the floor.

"What the fuck happened?" Finn asked, wiping his mouth with his towel.

"How the fuck should I know?" Sam said, feeling like he was about to pass out. "I just—I just found him like this."

Slowly, the rest of the team was coming over to see what was happening. Each of them reacted to it in their own way, some screaming like Sam, two vomiting like Finn, and several passing out on the floor.

"Who could have done this?" Mike Chang asked, leaning against the wall for support.

Sam shook his head.

"No clue. Karofsky's a big guy..." Noah Puckerman said solemnly. He was looking intently at his feet, obviously disturbed by the sight in front of him.

"We need to tell someone, Principal Figgins or something," Mike said, standing up straight. "Whoever did this is still around somewhere and... we need the police." Sam, Finn and the rest of the team nodded.

They got dressed quietly and quickly, and decided that Finn, Sam, Puck and Mike would go tell the Principal. The rest of the team was headed to the guidance councilor's office.

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