Gleeful Dead

A Matter of Principal

4 buckets of blood out of 10


Ash followed the trail the clouds seemed to be making. He was sure he was on the right track, because as he drove the thunder and lightening increased in proximity and volume. After a few hours on the road, he began to notice what looked like an opening in the sky. All the clouds seemed to be getting sucked into it, and the thunder and lightening appeared to originate from inside.


Sam, Mike, Puck and Finn made their way to Principal Figgin's office. Mike was leading, with the rest following behind him.

As they walked, they ran into Kurt in the hallway. His eyes were red and puffy and he seemed to be trying not to puke.

They stopped.

"Kurt, what's wrong?" Mike asked.

Kurt wiped his eyes with his hand, sniffed and shook his head.

"Come on Kurt, we can help..." Finn urged.

Kurt sighed. "I-I was practicing in the choir room with Brad when h-he...I don't even know. I don't know what happened!" he said, breaking down and crying. Sam went over to him and put his arm around him. Finn patted him on the shoulder.

"It's gonna OK dude," he said, and then looked down and noticed the blood on Kurt's left hand. "Kurt..." he said slowly. "What happened?"

Kurt sniffed again, and unbuttoned the jacket he was wearing, revealing the blood soaked shirt beneath. Sam's eyes grew wide and he tightened his grip on Kurt. Puck looked away and Mike sighed.

"I had to, ok?" Kurt pleaded, looking at each of them frantically. "Brad... I don't know. He freaked out. His... eyes. They rolled back in his head or something and he started screaming. He just...lunged!" He began crying again, burying his face in Sam's chest. Sam patted him awkwardly on the back.

Mike stepped forward again, trying to stay calm. "And then what happened?"

"Come on, dude, he's upset..." Sam said, but Kurt shook his head.

"I'm ok," he said, sounding far from it. "After he came at me, I screamed and told him to stay away from me, I was scared... terrified. He... you didn't see him. It was awful. I grabbed the microphone stand and told him to stay away but he kept coming. And he started... s-saying things." Kurt started sobbing again, and the rest was difficult to understand. "He...jumped and, the stand—his chest... oh god... I didn't mean to!"

Sam was now clutching Kurt desperately to him, using Kurt's body to keep himself standing. He was pretty sure he was going to faint. Finn and Puck looked the same way.

"Come on, we need to get to Principal Figgins," Mike said slowly, looking at Kurt, whose eyes widened.

"What? No... I can't, I-I—he... no." He sputtered, pushing himself away from Sam, who did then proceed to faint. He was only out for a moment, and he sat up against the lockers, seeing black stars in front of his eyes.

"It's ok Kurt, you won't get in trouble. It was self defense." Mike said. Puck nodded silently. Finn added a vague noise in agreement.

Sam was busy lifting himself up off the floor, not really hearing anything around him.

"We'll tell him about Karofsky and Brad, and hopefully the police will know what to do." Mike said, leading Kurt down the hall as the rest trailed behind.

Kurt stopped. "What happened to Karofsky?" He asked, shocked. Mike glanced at Finn, Puck and Sam, unsure if he should tell Kurt. He'd been through a lot…

Puck obviously thought he could handle it, and began explaining how they found Karofsky in the showers, dead. Kurt's eyes grew wide and his mouth round.

"And, something was written above his body, in blood. His last words, I guess." Puck finished. Kurt continued to stare in horror, temporarily forgetting how to speak. He swallowed.

"W-what was written?" he stammered out, a moment later.

"'I'm gay,'" Sam answered, leaning against the wall for support. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" he asked unassumingly. Kurt swallowed again. He glanced around nervously and pulled at his jacket collar. Sam stood upright and Finn gaped at him. Mike crinkled his nose, and Puck looked unaffected.

"You and Karofsky?" Finn shouted, mirroring Mike's look of disgust. "Kurt, how could you? After everythi-"

Kurt raised his hand up, cutting Finn off. "I knew ok. Thats it. We weren't together," he sneered.

"How'd you know?" Sam asked, once again leaning against the wall.

Kurt looked nervous again. "I, oh, well... he... it's not important really, he... um. Told me."

Finn nodded, and Mike and Sam raised their eyebrows, but decided not to push it. They had more important things to deal with at the moment.


A school. It was all happening at some fucking school. He'd followed the swirling storm into some ass-backwards town in Ohio and he finally found the centre of it; directly above some school called "William McKinley."

Lightening crackled, and struck out at the top of the school, which glowed purple for a moment and seemed to cackle with energy. Ash shook his head and made his way inside. What the Deadites wanted with a bunch of brain-dead cheerleaders and steroid munching jocks was beyond him, but this was where they had come, and he would be right there behind him, ready to shove his double-barrel so far up their asses they'd shit gunpowder out their bellybuttons.

If they had bellybuttons... or asses for that matter.

Whatever, he thought, making his way through the front doors. The school was quiet, but he could hear crying off in the distance and a low, dark cackling from somewhere above him. He loaded his gun and held it ready, making his way through the empty halls.

As Ash walked around the halls, telling any kids he ran into to get the fuck out, Puck, Mike, Finn, Sam and Kurt were entering Principal Figgins office and receiving an unpleasant surprise.

Principal Figgins was at his desk. Or part of him was... his upper half had been devoured by Lauren, and she was in the middle of sucking the marrow out of a bone that Mike figured had probably been in his arm. She hadn't noticed them enter the room, but when Kurt saw what was happening he screamed loudly and collapsed backwards on Sam, who caught him and lay him on the ground.

At the sound of Kurt's scream she turned her head sharply towards them and smiled horribly. Her skin looked rotted and cracked and her mouth was filled with the pulp remains of their Principal . She spat what was in her mouth out on the table and Puck vomited in his mouth, but choked it back.

"Want some?" she said in a distorted voice, smiling so wide her decayed lips split and began to ooze. Not bleed, ooze. "Taste's like squuiiiirrrrellll!" she cackled, leaping off the table towards them. She was surprisingly nimble and she lunged towards Mike, who stuck his leg out sharply, catching her in middle of her torso.

"Oof!" she said stupidly, as she fell backwards.

"Come on," Mike said as Lauren jumped back up to her feet. He grabbed Kurt off the floor as he woke up, and motioned for the rest of them to run. Lauren lumbered towards them, and Puck reached back and punched her. "I'm sorry Lauren, you were a kick-ass kisser," he said as his fist collided with her cheek. It was soft and mushy, and when he pulled his arm back, there was a slimy fist shaped indent in her face. Puck reeled backwards and ran.

He ran around the corner and into Rachel, who was running in the opposite direction. They smacked into each other and fell down.

"Ow, Puck. Why did you run into me?" She asked, as if he had planned it.

He grabbed her hand and pulled. "We gotta go," he said, ignoring her whine as he yanked her up.

She grabbed her arm back. "I was running in this direction for a reason. It's a matter of great importance," she said and he rolled his eyes.

"More important than getting the fuck away from that" he said, pointing around the corner where he could hear Lauren lurching after him. Rachel looked around the corner and then back at Puck her eyes wide with fear, but her mouth set determinedly.

"Quinn, Santana and Brittany are hiding in the janitors closet at the end of the hall." She said quietly. "They sent me a text asking for help. Me." She looked up at him defiantly. "I'm going." she said, heading around the corner. Before Puck could follow her, she dashed back and threw herself against the wall in a melodramatic display of fear.

"Please help me." she said desperately, and he rolled his eyes again, grabbing her hand.

"Come on," he said, and they went around the corner again where they greeted almost immediately by a smiling Lauren. The indent in her cheek was dripping with red and brown sludge, and black liquid was spilling from her mouth.

"Oh, ew!" Rachel screamed, pushing Lauren away from her. Lauren fell backwards and smashed against the tile floor, her skull cracking open and a gelatinous liquid spilling out.

Puck grabbed Rachel's hand again and they ran past Lauren who was trying to get back up, but slipping on the substance leaking from her head.

They ran to the janitors closet and Puck tried to pull it open, but it was locked.

"No ones in here. Just some brooms. And a Mop." a voice from inside the closet said. Rachel recognized it as Brittany's and knocked rapidly on the door.

"Guys? It's me and Puck. Open up." A second later, the door opened and Quinn peaked her head out and looked them over. Apparently her inspection of them held up, and she stepped out of the closet and motioned for the other girls to follow.

Brittany and Santana stepped out, clutching each other tightly. Brittany looked like she'd been crying and there was fear behind Santana's dark eyes.

Puck looked at her, and she dropped her arms from around Brittany, who whimpered.

Quinn looked at him. "What's happening?" she demanded. "We were chased in there by 3 other cheerios wearing a cage on top of them."

Puck shook his head. "No idea, everyone's messed up. We found Karofsky dead in the shower room this morning, and totally gay by the way. And then we went to go tell Figgins but Lauren got to him first, and I guess she was hungry."

They stared at him, and spoke at the same time.

"Karofsky's dead?" Rachel asked, shocked.

"Karofsky's gay?" said Santana, disbelievingly.

"Who's 'we?' You were with others?" Quinn inquired.

"...who's Lauren?" Brittany asked cluelessly.

Puck nodded, and decided to answer Quinn, the only one who had asked a relevant question, in his opinion.

"Yeah, I was with Mike, Kurt, Sam and Finn. We all ran when we saw Lauren having her mid-morning snack, but I got separated," he said, eyeing Rachel, who was staring at the wall, oblivious to Pucks glare. "I dunno where they are, but I'm glad I found you, and that you're ok."

Quinn blushed and Santana glared at him. He cleared his throat.

"All of you, I mean," he added lamely. "Come on, let's go find the others and then get the fuck out of here."

"I'm hungry, lets get food first." Brittany said, her stomach growling. "All I had for dinner last night was cat food."

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