Kim Possible and the Centurion Legacy


An alternate universe where Dr. Drakken succeeded in conquering the world at the end of So the Drama. Armed with GJ technology and new Centurion Battle Armor, Kim fights to finally defeat Drakken.

Scifi / Adventure
Stacey McDonald
Age Rating:

A Twist In Fate

June, 2005; Known as Diablo Night

"Wade, I really don't have time for this right now." Kim Possible said in irritation. She was sitting in front of the mirror in her room, applying her makeup in preparation for the Prom tonight. She felt elated, knowing Erik would be here any moment.

"Kim, this is important." came Wade's somewhat tinny sounding voice from the Kimmunicator that was lying on her bed. "The battle suit is a powerful piece of state of the art equipment. It'll definitely give you an edge against Shego."

"Fine." she sighed, smearing lipstick across her lips before giving them a smack. "Give me the downlow." Tonight was going to be the night Erik would kiss her. She knew it.

"The battlesuit is based on the scans I took of the Centurion Project." Wade began to explain.

"You mean the wrist band thingy that grew whenever I lied?" she recalled, annoyed at the memory and subsequent month long grounding.

"The very one. I removed the biometric trigger that caused it to engage when the wearer becomes stressed." Wade continued, and Kim gave a sigh of relief. If she had been wearing the Centurion Project now, she would look like a battle tank. "It's also now a lot more discreet!"

Kim turned when she heard the chime of a hologram being projected from the Kimmunicator. She frowned, getting up from her chair to take a closer look. "Doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it?" The suit was nothing more than a body glove, with a single hip pouch attached to a belt being the only accessories. "So what does it do besides hug my curves?"

Wade crossed his arms in the tiny screen. "It's meant to hide under clothing." he said, as though it should be obvious. "Unfortunately, I haven't quite gotten the forceshield technology perfected yet. When activated, it'll repel anything not directly connected to the suit, such as the aforementioned clothing."

"Wonderful... Wait, forceshield?" she asked, suddenly intrigued.

"Yep!" Wade replied proudly. "This technology will stand up to anything. But it drains the suit's power very quickly, so it should only be used sparingly."

"Forceshield tough. Don't leave it on. Gotchya." Kim replied, returning to her vanity to continue putting her makeup on for her date.

"The suit itself can also regenerate, something I managed to incorporate from the Centurion Project. I've built an energy absorption cup into the right forearm, and myonetic systems run throughout the material."

Kim raised her eyebrows for a moment, looking at the Kimmunicator through her mirror. "Once more, in English please and thank you."

"The energy absorption cup is a cybertronic gauntlet that can catch, then either absorb or release raw energy."

"You mean like Shego's glow."

"Or lasers, or even electrical energy."

"Spankin'." Kim said, a faint piece of her mind that wasn't focused on the approaching evening coming up with ways to use the gadget. "And the myo thingies?"

"Myonetics." Wade corrected.

"You just made that up." Kim said, pulling the light blue dress she had bought for the prom over her head.

"Yes I did." Wade grinned. "It'll enhance your speed and strength by enhancing your natural musculature, like the Centurion Project did when Shego collapsed the building on you."

"Can we leave that Halloween in the past for..."

"Kimmie!" her mother called from downstairs. "There's a very handsome young man here for you!"

"I've also got some ideas for energy to matter transformation..."

But Kim had stopped paying attention. She stood and performed a flip onto her bed to scoop the Kimmunicator into her purse before sliding her feet into her high heeled sandals. "Here's hoping that Drakken's not going to ruin my night." she said, taking a breath and smoothing her dress. 'Tonight is going to be perfect' she told herself before walking to the top of the stairs.

At the bottom of the steps, her mother, father, and Erik were looking up at her. She couldn't help but smile at Erik's grin as she began descending the stairs, her dress sparkling and reflecting the colors that were shining through the chandelier hanging in the foyer.

Suddenly, the loud crack of a rocket launch caused Kim to instinctively duck as her twin brothers, Jim and Tim, flew by with rocket packs strapped to their backs, leaving a trail of exhaust in their wake. "Tweebs!" Kim cried, glaring at the pair as they soared down the stairs uncontrollably. Her parents stepped to the side, and Erik flung the door open behind him with inhuman reflexes, ducking under one of the boys, and leaping over the other.

"Whoa, good reflexes!" Mr. Dr. Possible said, climbing to his feet.

Erik nodded with a smile. "Thank you, sir."

"Is he perfect?" Kim whispered to her mother when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"He seems very nice." Mrs. Dr. Possible replied, assuring her daughter with a smile. As Kim took a few steps to join Erik at the front door, her mother cast a sidelong glance at a picture of Kim and her best friend Ron Stoppable that hung on the wall. They had just become teenagers then, with Kim still wearing braces on her teeth and Ron flashing a goofy smile. They both looked happy then, but since Erik had come into Kim's life, things simply didn't seem the same.

Kim's father pushed the young couple together and backed away with his digital camera. "Aren't your folks gonna stop by? Get a few shots?"

"It's just my Dad." Erik replied. "And he's always at work. Like right now he's in the middle of some big time project!"

"Oh, I know that story!" Mr. Dr. Possible chuckled. "I know, I'll get double prints!" he said excitedly, aiming his camera at the pair.

Ron Stoppable trudged his way into Buenos Nachos, his hands nearly dragging along the shiny floor of the Mexican Fast Food restaurant. It was the home of the Naco, Ron's claim to riches and glory for a whole two days, as well as his first place of employment. It was his haven; or had been until someone wound up buying the franchise and turning it into a playplace for ankle biting toddlers.

He ignored the little Diablo shaped balloons, and the toys that stood on the counter. His mind was elsewhere, and he wanted nothing more than to drown his sorrow in soda and melted cheese.

While getting ready for his prom, he had had a man to rodent talk with Rufus, his pet Naked Mole Rat, about his feelings for Kim. Once he realized how futile it would be to reveal those feelings at the prom while Kim was with Erik, he had stripped off his light blue tuxedo and instead decided to return here to Buenos Nachos. It was late now and the restaurant was an hour away from closing, so he hoped that the new influx of snivelling minors would be at home.

"Welcome to Buenos Nacho. May I take your order?" Ned, the employee at the counter asked in a feigned cheery voice. When the physically robust manager behind him turned away, he held up a food tray to whisper to Ron. "Ron, something's very wrong!"

When Ron turned to him, Ned was standing normally again, and he paid the warning no mind. He sighed. "Got that right." he said, looking up at the menu. "Let's see... Two chimberitos, grande size; three orders of Nacos, and a grande sized soda to go." Rufus poked his bucked toothed and whiskered pink face out of Ron's pants pocket and chittered in protest. "Okay, make it for here. Rufus can't wait."

"Si!" Ned replied cheerfully as Lars, the manager walked by behind him, busily preparing Ron's order. When the large man was out of earshot, Ned whispered. "Ron, snap out of it! Somethin' weird is goin' on here!"

"Ned, you worthless slug!" Lars shouted from behind him with all the energy of a marine corp drill sergeant, using his managerial clipboard to force Ned's chin up in order to glare at him in the eye. "Did you ask our favorite customer if he'd like a Diablo sauce with that?!"

"I did not, sir!" Ned said. "Diablo?" he asked, holding up a yellow condiment packet to Ron.

Ron wasn't paying attention, instead looking down at the floor and staring at his pitiful reflection. "Huh? Yeah, sure. Whatever."

As Lars walked away to gather Ron's order, Ned quickly opened the packet of hot sauce and drew a word on the food tray, hoping that his boss wouldn't notice. "Here it is!" Lars announced. "Nice and hot." He set the fast food down on the tray, with a formal "Gracious." and elbowed Ned to do the same.

"And have a muay bueno day!" Ned waved.

Ron grudgingly took his food tray to an empty booth and set it down, slouching sadly on the padded bench. As he did, Rufus leaped from his pocket and dived into the Nacos, swallowing chips nearly whole with his skinny bald tail wagging in delight. Then the tiny rodent chewed through half of a chimberito and only took a moment to swallow when he noticed the Diablo hot sauce on the food tray.

Moving the various cartons of Mexican food out of the way, he saw the message that was written in smeared sauce.


Rufus screeched, then turned in an effort to get Ron's attention as he pulled his soda drink straw from it's paper wrapper. "No..." he said, narrowing his eyes. "It can't be... Noooooooooo!" he shouted, slamming his fist on the table, causing everyone to look in his direction. He slid out of his booth with a mission on his mind, glaring at Lars as he approached the ordering counter. "This is the last straw!"

"I beg your pardon?!" Lars said, confused.

Ron held up his straw in anger. "This is the last straw!"

"No!" Lars replied, holding up a full carton of straws. "We've got more in the back!"

Ron climbed up onto the counter to look Lars in the eyes. "You took away the bendy straws!"

Lars returned the glare, finally understanding. He slapped away the straw that was being held in his face and set Ron back on the floor on the other side of the counter. "You sir, have lost it."

"Why?! Just because I care?!" Ron shouted, pushing the straw back into Lars' face.

"About bendy straws." the much larger man said with a laugh, flicking the straw so that it bounced off of Ron's forehead.

"I'm telling on you!" Ron whined.

"Telling who?"

"Your boss." Ron grinned, turning to run out the door to the payphone outside. "Wade?!" he asked when the ten year old computer genius picked up the phone on the other end. "I'm at Buenos Nachos, and I've got comments and concerns!"

Wade put the soda cup down that he had been slurping and moved the Diablo toy out of his way to type. "Okay... Want me to patch you through to their eight hundred number?"

"No way." Ron replied. "I wanna go right to the top. Gonna have words with the head honcho!"

"I don't know, Ron. Getting through to a CEO is not easy." Wade told him, beginning to type at his computer system. "This guy's private line is probably super top secret... Got it, you're in!"

Ron waited a moment as the phone rang twice, then held his breath in anticipation, his mind working through dozens of frustrations he'd felt over the last few months since Buenos Nachos had changed. "Hola!" said a familiar voice. "Buenos Nachos. El Presidente speaking!"

"Dr. Drakken?" Ron asked in disbelief, all of his rants coming to a sudden end.

"If this is about switching my long dista..." continued the voice on the phone as the receiver was taken out of Ron's hand.

"Dr. Drakken is a very busy man, Ron Stoppable." Lars said from behind Ron as he hung up the phone. "There is no need to bother him.

A high pitched scream caught Ron's attention and he looked back at the restaurant to see Ned and Rufus running from something inside the eatery. A few moments later, they charged out through the front door, screaming. The large double doors swung closed, then slowly opened as dozens of the tiny red, yellow and black Diablo toys marched through them.

They walked in perfect formation, turning to face Ron as a single unit as Ned ran past him and Rufus dived into his pocket, snapping the cover shut. The four inch tall robotic toys surrounded Ron, and Lars backed away from him, pointing a finger. "Diablos, attack!"

The Diablo toys began to move again, closing in around Ron as he tried to find a clear path out of the encircling robots. They began climbing up his shoes and pant legs, their tiny hands easily finding purchase on his cargo pants. Soon, they reached his knees and Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket, batting them away.

Ron shook his head, climbing up onto the payphone. "Hey!" he said, finally realizing that they may be evil, but they were still toy sized. He brushed them off, and leaped as far as he could for his scooter that was parked nearby. As he landed, several of the toys clung to his legs and he managed to kick them off as he crawled toward his scooter.

Scooping his helmet onto his head, Ron kicked at the electric starter, his heart falling when it only sputtered. "Come on, come on!" he cried, trying desperately to start the vehicle. The Diablos he had kicked away climbed to their feet, and the soldier-like toys spun around in unison, marching after him. The scooter sputtered again and again as they climbed onto the rear tire and the sides of the bike. Suddenly, the engine revved to life and the rear tire spun, tossing a few of the Diablos into the air.

Ron looked down at the slowing passing concrete below him and groaned. "This thing is junk! Am I the only one to notice this?!" he said aloud. Rufus clambered out of his pocket, climbing down along the side of the scooter where several of the toys were continuing to climb up in order to get to Ron. He slapped two of the machines off and tossed another, and the scooter suddenly lifted up, accelerating greatly as Lars leaped at Ron. But the scooter whipped around the drive through menu, causing Lars to crash into it as Ron made his escape.

Kim was spinning and shaking around Erik in a graceful dance that had nearly every eye in the gymnasium on her. Without warning, she stopped as her distinctive four tone Kimmunicator cellphone ring caught her attention. Leaving the dance floor, she made her way to where she left her purse on a table that Monique was sitting at. She was about to answer it when her friend looked up at her in disappointment. "What?" Kim asked, her thumb poised to answer the mobile phone.

"Shouldn't you let that go to voicemail?" Monique asked.

"What if it's important?" Kim replied defensively.

"More important than..." Monique began, then turned her attention to Kim's boyfriend as he approached. "Erik! Hi!"

"Hey Monique." Erik said in greeting. He looked down at Kim's Kimmunicator with a frown. "I think Wade would understand."

Kim looked at the device, then at Erik and smiled. The world owed her this night. She had saved it so many times, it could survive this one night without her. Reluctantly, she stuffed the gadget back into her purse and dropped it on the table, taking Erik's waiting hand. "Yeah..."

Ron let out a sigh of relief as he sped toward the Middleton High School to warn Kim about Drakken's Diablo plot. He had managed to get away from the robotic toys on his scooter, at least for the moment... Movement in his side mirrors caught his attention, and he looked behind him at a wave of black and red covering the street. The horde of Diablo toys were running in an attempt to catch him, and were moving fast enough to do it.

"Aw man!"

Ron forced his scooter into a power slide, riding down the sidewalk to the front door of the gymnasium. Breathing heavily, he dumped his helmet onto the seat of the scooter and charged into the loud gymnasium. "The Diablo toys are evil!" he screamed, becoming tangled in the arch of balloons surrounding the door.

The music went silent and the lights came on as everyone turned to look at him. He noticed Kim first, whose look of surprise quickly changed to one of disappointment. Still hearing the sound of tiny metal feet moving at a full run, he turned and pointed. "See?!" he shouted. But there was nothing but his scooter on the sidewalk. He stepped out, searching around his electric bike for the menacing little toys. "Wha... Where are they?"

"You okay, dude?" Erik asked, putting a comforting hand on Ron's shoulder.

"Okay, I know that tone!" Ron bit back angrily. "That's the 'Ron's making up the whole thing' tone! Well it doesn't matter what you think, or what anybody else thinks, because my friend Kim will believe me! Right Kim?" he asked, turning to face her.

"Oh, I... Uh, totally believe you." she said hesitantly, still uncertain herself. "The toys were here..."

"And they were evil!" Ron shouted, clenching his fists for emphasis.

"Right. Sure..." she added.

"Buckle up Kim, because it gets weirder."

"Oh, I'll bet." Kim said, beginning to get annoyed at her best friend for spoiling her prom night.

"Drakken is behind the whole thing!" Ron exclaimed.

Erik couldn't help but laugh. "The take over the world, mad scientist guy?!"

"Yes! It's all so obvious!" he said, batting a nearby balloon with his hand. "He's using the more than thirty thousand Buenos Nachos locations worldwide to hand out his evil prizes!"

Kim looked at Ron with wide eyes, curious how he always managed to jump to such conclusions. Then she realized his conclusion jumps were usually correct, and she narrowed her eyes. "I'm going to check this out."

"What?!" Erik said in disbelief.

"Ron might be on to something..."

"His whole story is ridiculous!" Erik insisted.

"Erik..." Kim whispered, suddenly uncomfortable in having to choose between her best friend and her boyfriend.

Ron suddenly barged in between them, getting into Erik's face. "Hey, back off pretty boy!"

Kim sat at a nearby table with Ron and Erik to either side and pulled her Kimmunicator from her purse. "Kim! I've been trying to reach you!" Wade said the moment the connection was made. "Drakken's been discovered."

"You're sure it was Drakken?" Kim asked, a tinge of regret suddenly gnawing at her for not answering when he'd called.

"Voice print match confirms it."

"Got anything on Ron's evil toy theory?"

"Yeah." Wade frowned. "It looks bad."

"How bad?" Kim asked, raising a skeptical eyebrow.

"All bad." he replied. "I scanned the one I got in my Lil Nino's meal. The circuitry is way beyond anything I've ever seen! It's like a real robot, only tiny."

"Better show it to an expert." Kim nodded

"Who?" Ron asked from beside her.

"My dad." she said with a smile, feeling as though she was in her element. "I'll be back as soon as I can."

"But..." Erik said, standing as Kim got up to leave.

She put a finger to his lips and smiled. "It's a save the world thing." she said, moving out the door and climbing onto Ron's scooter. Ron followed after her, putting his own finger against Erik's lips with a mocking grin.

Within a few minutes of traveling on Ron's scooter; Kim, Ron, and Rufus found themselves in the Possible family garage with Kim's father, James, looking over one of the tiny Diablo toys. "I do not believe it!" James shouted, pulling away from the microscope on the desk.

"What?" Kim asked, curious.

"They're totally evil, right?" Ron asked, looking over the man's shoulder.

"The cybertronic technology. It's the Hephaestus Project!" James exclaimed, recognizing the nanocircuitry that could only have been created using the unique forge that his scientific team had been experimenting with. "He used MY technology to build these things!"

"Y'know, Drakken's pretty stupid." Ron commented, earning him confused looks from both Kim and her father. "Oh, come on! He steals a three billion dollar technology and just gives it away with a burrito, and yet he ditches the bendy straws?! This man does not know how to run a fast food business!"

"Dad, I think I need to know what this Hephaestus Project is." Kim said, grabbing her purse as they began moving up to the living room where Kim's mother and brothers were watching television.

Dr. Possible hesitated for a moment, but knew that despite the highest levels of security required to know about the project, it was already in the wrong hands. "It's a biomechanical alloy that can react and evolve like organic tissue, except on a transfinite scale. The applications are literally limitless!"

"Great..." Kim said, suddenly unenthused.

"How's it going down there?" Anne asked, looking up from the television. Jim and Tim were playing with their own mini Diablo toys at the coffee table, and only half paying attention to the program playing on the TV.

"That Drakken fellow stole my technology to build those little..." James began, then realized he was in the company of his children. "Diablos."

"We're playing with stolen technology!" Jim said with a mischievous grin.

Tim looked down at the pair of red, black, and yellow devilish looking toys with a satisfied smile. "Cool!"

"The craze is off the chain." Kim stated, recalling the rapid expansion of popularity that had surrounded the little toys over the past few months.

Ron had come to the same conclusion. "Every kid in the world must have one!"

"Dad, you said the Hephaestus Project was some kind of... living metal?" Kim asked.

James turned back to his daughter with a smile. "That's how we sold it to the board of directors. The cybertronic circuitry can repair itself, modify itself. It can actually grow!" The rest of the family were suddenly silent, watching the pair of toys on the coffee table with unease. "Don't worry." James said with a chuckle. "It can't to anything without a command signal."

Ron was about to comment when high pitched pulsing sound echoed through the house, originating from the pair of toys, as though they were suddenly communicating with some external signal. "Move!" Kim shouted, pulling Tim away from the Diablo toys as James picked up Jim.

Arcs of electricity began to cover the tiny robots, and their legs elongated rapidly, breaking the coffee table they had been standing on. Their hip piece grew, then their torso lengthened into a flexible set of shiny scales as their chests widened. The arms grew out with the same flexible material, and their tiny clasp like hands converted into wicked looking pincers. They were nearly ten feet tall now, and the capital D on their foreheads swung down over their yellow glowing eyes into a set of horns that matched the intimidating grill they now wore on their faces.

"Move it!" Kim ordered her Dad. "Get Mom and the boys out of here! We'll distract the Diablos." James ushered his wife and twin boys out of the living room.

Ron narrowed his eyes, pointing to his pocket as the Diablos glared down at their targets. "Rufus, we're on!" The tiny mole rat poked his head out of the pocket, still half asleep, and screamed at the sight of the fifteen foot tall mechanical monster.

Kim performed a number of flips and handsprings away from the Diablos as her family ran toward the garage for safety. Grabbing the doorframe, she lifted herself out of the way of a plasma blast that was fired from a cannon in the robot's arm before spinning and landing, looking down at the bottom of her smoldering dress. She narrowed her eyes at the Diablo in anger, preparing to charge back into the house to rescue Ron. "Do you know how much baby sitting I had to do to pay for this dress?!"

She leaped forward, rolling between the Diablo's legs before back flipping off of the couch. The Diablo spun it's torso around, converting it's plasma cannons into spinning, gold circular saws that converged on Kim's position. Feeling the wind blow off the saws as they passed dangerously close, Kim leaped up onto the Diablo's arm and sprinted up to it's shoulder, diving back down to the floor in Ron's direction.

Streams of plasma followed her movements as she handsprung toward Ron, who was cowering at the feet of the second Diablo and seemingly waiting for the giant robot to squish him. "That would be so cool if it wasn't the last thing we were ever gonna see!" he whimpered, a moment before Kim pulled him out of the way of the Diablo's descending claw that crashed into the floor.

The other Diablo converted it's dual saws back into plasma cannons, firing at Kim and Ron through it's partner and blowing a neat hole through it's chest before pushing it out of the way. It continued to follow Kim and Ron, crumbling the front wall of the Possible house as it did and shaking the ground with it's waddling gait.

The two teens split up and the Diablo looked to either one before settling on Kim as a target, firing it's plasma cannons as she dived and rolled out of the way.

Noticing that Ron was only standing in one place and shaking, the Diablo changed targets and aimed. "Ron!" Kim shouted in irritation, running forward and pushing him out of the way. She caught sight of her father roll out from under the garage door and grab Ron's scooter, sneaking it past the Diablo and back in.

"How are we gonna beat this thing?!" Ron shouted as he and Kim shielded themselves from spraying concrete as a plasma burst tore up the driveway.

"We need to get it away from the house!" Kim replied, giving Ron a shove and back flipping away as the Diablo tried to crush them with a claw. "We need some time to contact Wade!"

"Got it covered, KP!" Ron shouted back, pulling Rufus from his pocket. "Okay buddy, you know what to do." he whispered. The naked mole rat gave a crisp salute and grinned, straightening his body for a throw. "Hey, Diablo!" he shouted, readying Rufus. "Say 'ello to my little friend!"

The Diablo glared down at Ron, charging both of it's plasma cannons as Ron tossed Rufus directly at the menacing cybertronic robot's face, then ran to the side. Rufus scurried over the Diablo's eyes and around it's head, causing the robot to convert it's cannons into large claws again. With the Diablo distracted and stumbling around in an attempt to grab the rodent, Kim and Ron dived behind a hedge that lined the driveway.

"Where's our help?!" Ron shouted as Kim pulled the Kimmunicator from her purse.

Immediately, the grisly sight of Wade's room being destroyed by a giant Diablo arm appeared on the screen, bashing against the desk and equipment until the webcam shifting, showing Wade hiding under the desk. "Wade, we've got a problem."

"If it has anything to do with a giant robot, I think I can relate." he replied calmly.

"My Dad says they need a command signal."

"Makes sense. You take out the signal, you shut down the robots." Wade said, then shook his head. "But I'm not really in a position to track the signal for you."

"It must be coming from the source of all things evil!" Ron exclaimed.

"Pardon?" Kim asked, not entirely certain that Ron hadn't suddenly lost his mind.

"Buenos Nachos." he answered dramatically. Suddenly, Rufus came scurrying through the hedge and dived into Ron's pocket, shivering. Within moment, the hedge vanished in a blaze of fire that streamed out of an arm mounted flamethrower on the Diablo.

"Kimmie!" James shouted from the garage door. "Think fast!" He flung two bike helmets toward the teens, and Ron's scooter came zipping out of the garage with twin rockets welded to its sides.

The scooter passed between the teens and the Diablo, and Ron grabbed the handlebars as they flew by, pulling himself onto the seat with Kim pulling herself onto the scooter behind him.

The Diablo glared after them with glowing yellow eyes. Within seconds, it's large cylindrical feet had large treads that protruded out of them and rockets engines formed on its heels, projecting the deadly machine forward at tremendous speed.

Kim and Ron were riding away on the rocket propelled scooter as trees and houses flew by in a blur. Diablos could be seen all over the city, causing random scenes of destruction and smoke plumes wherever their weaponry found a target. Despite the noise coming from the thrusters mounted on the sides of the scooter, Kim could hear the distinctive sound of steel treads on pavement and looked over her shoulder. The Diablo bot was chasing them now, tearing up asphalt as it skated along on it's treads. It was still growing now that it had space to maneuver, reaching at least twenty five feet tall by now, and it began firing it's cannons again.

"Bank left!" she shouted into Ron's ear, and he leaned without question, narrowly dodging a plasma burst that caused a crater in the road.

"How do we get the rockets to go faster?!" he shouted back.

Rufus struggled out of his pocket, crawling along the side of the scooter to where the twin rockets were mounted and positioned himself between the thrusters, grimacing against the blazing exhaust. On the underside of each rocket was an afterburner trigger, and Rufus reached out with his hind legs while hanging onto the bike's license plate with his forepaws. With the flick of the trigger, both rockets turned from yellow-orange to bright blue flame that reached out several feet as the scooter pulled away rapidly from the pursuing Diablo.

The trio neared the Middleton Buenos Nachos, and the pulsing sound of the Diablo's command signal continued getting louder. Ron gestured up at the restaurants Taco shaped sign, which was now flattened with the giant plastic tomato laying down and a long pole sticking out of the middle and pointing into the sky. "He even changed the giant taco sign!" Ron shouted.

"That's where the command signal's coming from." Kim realized, noticing the distinct satellite dish shape of the transformed sign.

Ron frowned. "How are we going to take that out?"

"Maybe we won't have to." Kim grinned.

As they neared the restaurant, Ron throttled up the bikes own electric motor, causing the front end to rise off of the street. The rockets launched the scooter and its occupants into the sky and he pulled on the brakes, hoping that Kim's family had wired the rockets into them.

Lars ducked as the scooter sailed over his scarred, bald head, and he looked up angrily as it screeched to a stop on the rim of the giant sombrero that made up the roof of the restaurant. "Hey!"

"Lookin' the wrong way, Dude!" Ron shouted down at him. Lars turned and let out a high pitched scream as the Diablo sped toward him. He dived out of the way as the Diablo bot continued to charge toward Kim and Ron, knocking satellite dish off of it's tall mount with a shoulder. Both gold claws were extended and ready to sever both teens in two as the Diablo reached out to them, only inches away.

Then it paused, it's glowing yellow eyes staring blankly at them until it dropped out of sight, shrinking and returning to its normal, harmless toy form in a flurry of arching electricity until it's eyes dimmed and it fell over onto its side.

Kim could feel intense static slowly dissipating as her hair stood on end and her burned dress stuck to her legs despite the wind. As the Kimmunicator rang out in its four note tone, Kim reached into her purse with a tiny spark arching from her fingertips. "Wade!" she said, activating the device and seeing the twelve year old, African American boy appear on screen. "You're okay!"

"Yeah. The Diablo has shutdown and shrunk down." he said, adjusting his webcam. "Thanks to you I'm guessing."

"I think we took out the command signal." Kim said, looking out over the city. There were no more towering behemoths wrecking havoc, and all was eerily silent.

"Which sounds alot like a good thing... Right?" Ron asked, hoping that the excitement for the night was over.

"That's weird." Wade added, tapping some keys. "Just got a hit on your site."

Wade's image was instantly replaced by Dr. Drakken's, and he was wearing a far too confident grin to have just had his world domination plot foiled. "Congratulations Miss Possible. You've already discovered how to foil my evil scheme. In record time, I might add." he said sarcastically. She had been trying to discover what he had been up to for the better part of a few months, with nothing to show for it. "It is most unfortunate, however, that this time you will not stop me." he grinned, clenching a fist for a menacing and dramatic effect "You will surrender."

"As if." Kim smiled, clearly unfazed.

"As if, if!" Ron chimed in.

Drakken pressed on. "Shego popped by your school dance and met the nicest boy. Well, I don't have to tell you how nice he is! And cute." he said in a sing song voice. The camera panned aside to another part of the room where Shego was holding Erik in place with one hand wrapped in green energy.

"Kim? What... what's going on?" Erik asked, his voice wavering in fear.

"Erik!" Kim gasped.

"The choice is yours, Kimberley Ann! If you care about your dear Erik's safety, surrender is your only option." he grinned. The image of her arch foe reverted back to Wade, and the boy cringed at the look of anger on Kim's face.

"What are you gonna do, Kim?"

"Where's that battle suit, Wade?" Kim asked.

"I had a vault installed in the back of your closet, sealed with a biometric hand print and reinforced with double strength titanium. Only an extremely large blaster device could break through..." Wade explained.

"I'm going to need..." Kim began as she and Ron climbed back onto the scooter. "Wait... you had a vault installed in my closet? When? How?"

Wade shrugged, looking away from the webcam innocently.

"Whatever." Kim growled. "Go over the specs again for me."

"Kim, wait up!" Ron shouted as he raced up to Kim. He was still trying to pull on his black shirt that he always wore for going on missions. Kim was dressed in some kind of skin tight, blue and white suit and climbing onto his rocket modified scooter. "What's with the new threads, KP?" he asked, moving to climb onto the scooter behind Kim.

"Not this time." Kim said, looking Ron in the eye. In her heart, Kim knew she should let him come. Ron had always been there with her, for her, doing his best. Once in awhile getting lucky in the battles against villainy. But this time, Drakken had made it personal. If she was going to save Erik, she couldn't have him getting in the way. Kim looked into Ron's confused brown eyes with her own angry, green eyes. "I'm sorry, Ron. It's too dangerous."

Ron folded his arms and returned Kim's look. "Too dangerous? Kim, it's Drakken and Shego. We've faced them, like sixty times or so and always made it out. Together."

"Ron, I don't have time for this, alright? This isn't like other times. Drakken's made it personal." Kim insisted before revving the throttle on the scooter. She rode about twenty feet, Ron chasing after her, before igniting the rockets that had been mounted on the sides by her parents and she bolted away.

"Ronald?" Mr. Possible asked as he, his wife, and their twin boys came out to find him standing in the street in front of their house, shoulders slumped and looking dejected. "Why aren't you with Kim?"

"She said it was too dangerous for me." Ron said absently. "She's never left me behind before..."

"Ron..." Mrs. Possible said, holding the boy's shoulders. "Kim is just hurt and confused. She wanted someone to step up and be someone she could lean on when things got to be too much. Erik did that."

Ron's lip quivered. "I did that. I thought I had done that, anyway..."

"Ronald." Mr. Possible said in his no nonsense, authoritative voice. "My Kimmie-cub chose Erik because he's tall, dark, intelligent, and handsome..." he explained, looking down into Ron's steadily diminishing confidence. "... but primarily because he chose to share what he felt for her."

"It's true!" Jim chimed in.

"We read her diary!" Tim exclaimed.

"We've seen you two together for a long time, Ron." Mrs. Possible said, wrapping an arm around her husband's waist. "Go tell her." she said with a smile and a tear in her eyes.

Ron's face became set with determination and he nodded. He looked to the naked mole rat on his shoulder. "Time to save the world and the girl of my dreams, little buddy?"

"Uh-huh!" Rufus grinned.

"Okay, let's... aw man..." Ron whined. "I don't have my rocket scooter! How am I supposed to get there?"

Mr. Possible looked his wife in the eye and smiled. She smiled back and gave him a nod. "I'll give you a ride, Ronald."

"Are you sure you should be doing this alone, Kim?" Wade asked through the Kimmunicator's vidscreen when she had reached a balcony on the edge of Buenos Nachos Headquarters. It had been a fast one hundred miles from Middleton to her destination on the rocket propelled scooter, and Kim was eager to get the job done and get back to the prom with Erik.

"I can't keep baby sitting Ron, Wade." she grumbled, still feeling guilty about leaving her best friend of twelve years behind. But she needed more that 'just a friend' could provide now, and Drakken had taken that away. "Besides, from what you've told me about this suit, it should be all the back up I need."

Wade let out a sigh. "Okay. You're in charge." he said. "Better check your pack."

Kim knealt down and placed her backpack on the floor to open it. "History homework, knockout gas lip gloss..." she said, sorting through the items. She paused, pulling out a plastic pistol. "A uhm, toy?" she asked, wondering if perhaps one of her little brothers had stashed it there for some reason.

"That's no toy." Wade said proudly, then corrected himself. "Well, not since I modified it. It's now an Electro-Magnetic Scrambler. It's point and shoot, just like your grapple gun."

"EMP. Gotchya." Kim nodded, putting the weapon back into her pack. She entered a large hall with several items of Buenos Nachos memorabilia hung on the walls and sitting on tables, and Kim couldn't help but know that Ron would have loved to be here. "Which is why he isn't." she whispered to herself. "No distractions, no delays." she added, creeping like a cat. She moved through the hall, leaping into the shadows as a sumo wrestler sized, ninja clad henchman walked by, surveying the hall.

She crept closer to where the presidential boardroom, and probably where Drakken would be hiding, staying in the shadows as best as the stark white and bright blue suit would allow her. Suddenly, the shadow she had hidden in glowed bright green, and she looked up to see a burst of green energy strike the floor where she'd been standing.

"Y'know what I really hate?" Shego asked, standing casually on a narrow ledge half way up the three storey wall. She was wearing her usual form fitting green and black jumpsuit, and her gloved hands were shrouded in deadly energy.

Kim activated the battle suit's myonetic enhancements, performing a hand spring that brought her up to Shego's level in the hall. "When someone kidnaps your boyfriend?" she asked angrily, waiting for Shego's next attack.

"When someone doesn't know when to give up!" Shego shouted, launching a barrage of energy at Kim through her hands. Kim began a routine of flips and handsprings, quickly moving from ledge to ledge before landing on a catwalk high above the ledge that Shego remained perched on. The blasts of energy continued and Kim crouched, holding out an open hand and activating the battle suit's forceshield with a thought.

Wade had been right. Three blasts of Shego's glowing streams of energy struck the shield fully and stopped on the blue, translucent bubble while a fourth deflect. As Shego clasped her hands together, charging a much larger ball of energy, and Kim dropped the shield, holding out a hand toward her. A cup shaped gauntlet materialized around her hand, catching the ball of energy in her now heavily armored hand. The green glow held stationary and Kim drew back her arm, throwing the surge of energy back at Shego.

Shego ducked to the side as the thick window exploded outward with the impact. "Ooo!" Shego said with a grin. "Kimmie got an upgrade."

"Not bad, huh?" Kim retorted, the gauntlet on her hand reverting back to normal.

"Yeah." Shego commented, as though bored. "Still not in my league though." she continued, leaping up to the catwalk and slashing her glowing fingers across Kim's arm, knocking her off of the catwalk. Kim gasped, twisting her body and launching a wrist mounted grapple up at the catwalk and swinging around the platform to land on top of it again, holding her arm and gritting her teeth. "Like I said... wha?"

Kim looked down at the deep, cauterized claw marks on her upper arm and the battlesuit regenerated over the bare skin, covering it completely and sealing the wound. "You were saying?" Kim asked, standing. She could feel the suit cooling the area off and a tingling sensation covered the area, deadening the pain.

Kim widened her stance and raised her arms, ready to attack or defend as necessary. Shego splayed her hands open, holding them out to either side in an obviously offensive posture and she growled, running forward. Kim tightened her hands into fists and charged forward as well, leaping and meeting Shego in the air. There were flashes of green and blue energy as Shego lashed out and Kim blocked with her forearms, thin armored gauntlets forming as needed and deflecting the energy.

Kim lashed out with several high powered kicks that Shego managed to block before they both landed back on the catwalk several feet apart. Wasting no time, Shego spun, throwing a volley of energy at Kim's feet to keep the teen hero off balance and at a distance.

Ron sat in the Possible family car nearly vibrating, waiting impatiently for a stoplight to turn green while Nickleback's 'Photograph' played on the radio, causing his frown to deepen as words of events gone by soaked into his mind.

The light turned green and Dr. Possible turned the corner onto the Highway that would lead them to Buenos Nachos Headquarters, slowly accelerating to the speed limit. "Can't we go any faster?!" Ron suddenly exclaimed.

"Ronald, we will be of no help to Kim if we are stopped by the police or get into an accident." James said sternly.

"I realize that sir, but super suit or not, Kim could be in real danger!" Ron argued out of frustration. He should be there, if not fighting then at least cheering her on or something. While James kept his eyes on the road, Ron faced him with his hands raised and his fingers curled in an attempt to emphasize his point. His look of frustration suddenly sank though as a blue haze began to surround his hands and he clenched them shut, stuffing them into his pockets.

James said nothing, obviously feeling the argument with Ron was done. Ron looked sideways at the digital clock on the car's dash and sighed. Eleven o'clock. At this rate it would take another hour to reach Buenos Nachos Headquarters and Ron couldn't help but worry for his friend.

Shego was throwing bursts of glowing green energy without stopping, and Kim continued her routine of flips and handsprings, doing her best to find cover and catch her breath. She tumbled toward an upward escalator, leaping from rail to rail, then hand springing up the moving steps as the machinery below her exploded, sending metal shrapnel tearing through her battlesuit.

The pulses of energy continued, and Kim was thrown back from an explosion where she landed, causing her to hit the catwalk and slide to a stop. She shook her head to clear it, then rolled to the side as Shego descended. The woman's knee struck the floor where Kim's head had been a moment before, carving out a chip from the brick surface.

Kim spun to strike with a series of kicks and punches, and Shego blocked each one, taunting Kim with a mocking grin. "Hey, Erik's cute." she said, looking Kim in the eye once they were locked in a hold. "Once you're out of the way, maybe I'll date him." she laughed.

But Kim's mind suddenly became a hazy fog. Shego had taunted her many times throughout the three years they've battled, but never this personally. Kim was already angry, and the faintest hint of jealousy was all it took to push her over the edge. The sudden flare of intense emotion caused the blue stripes on the battlesuit to suddenly glow brightly, signally the myonetic components were fully charged and activated.

The hold was broken by an enhanced kick to the side of Shego's head, and Kim became a white blur, her fists lashing out in a blur that Shego barely managed to avoid until finally one strike connected.

A loud, wet crunch reverberated in Kim's ears and she opened her eyes, breathing heavily. Shego was lying on her back at Kim's feet and the teen nearly fell to her knees, trying to sort through the events of the last few seconds. Was that it? All she had left to do was find Erik and...

"Wow." Erik said as he descended the untouched, downward moving escalator. "Didn't know you cared that much."

"Erik!" Kim shouted, regaining her senses. "You're okay!" She ran from Shego's unconscious form and through her arms around his neck, nuzzling her face into his chest.

Erik held her close, stroking her hair. "Kim..." he said softly.

"Erik..." Kim whispered back, her body relaxing in his embrace. She had done it. She had defeated Shego and brought Erik back from Drakken's clutches. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to put Drakken away for good.

"Actually here..." Erik said, stroking Kim's hair again and smiling at the feeling of Kim relaxing as he held her. "I'm known as Synthodrone number Nine Oh One."

Kim's eyes went wide with the dark realization of who, or rather what she was holding in her arms lovingly and a surge of electricity shot through her body. Her pupils were reduced to tiny black specs and she convulsed in Erik's hands before going limp. The last image she saw was the face she loved looking down at her with arrogant malice.

Kim regained consciousness in what appeared to be a Buenos Nacho storage warehouse. And she was alone. Thick steel cables bound her to a fiberglass cactus and her backpack with her hand held Kimmunicator, grapple gun and Electro magnetic scrambler sat on the floor only ten feet away. One thing she instantly noticed about the new battlesuit was its severe lack of storage space for just such a situation as this.

It had no pockets or compartments, other than a single hip pocket. No space for secret lasers or circular saws or other convenient gadgets. And as powerful as the suit was, it had no bumbling, loyal sidekick and his naked mole rat.

Kim mentally and emotionally kicked herself for leaving Ron behind. For believing in Erik more than her best friend, and for crushing on a synthodrone.

In one final hope, Kim attempted to activate the battlesuit's force field. "Power level critical." came a digitized female voice. "Force field activation aborted."

"That figures." Kim said to herself. Between the battle with Shego and whatever Erik had zapped her with, her suit was drained. With a lump in her throat and tears threatening to spill out, Kim relaxed her shoulders. "I got nothin'"

"Hey, that's my line, and what's worse, that's quitter talk!" Ron said, stepping out in front of her.

"Ron?" Kim asked, her frown turning into a straight thin line. "What are you doing here?"

Ron winked and smiled. "I have a problem with taking directions. Where's Erik?" he asked, looking around.

"He's a synthodrone..." Kim closed her eyes, recalling the boy's words before she had blacked out. "Why couldn't I see that he was a fake?"

"Wow, you don't get much more fake than a synthodrone." Ron said. His eyes widened as he thought about the implications. "Ew! You kissed a synthodrone!"

"I never kissed him!" Kim retorted in annoyance before looking away. "But I wanted to..." she whispered.

"Too much info." Ron said, tugging on the cables and avoiding Kim's eyes. "Y'know, there are guys that are better for you than Erik. Guys that are real for one."

Kim sighed again. "You really think there's a guy out there for me?" she asked hopefully.

Ron smiled shyly and swallowed hard. "Out there... " he began.

But before he could continue, the building began to shake and rumble and an enormous red and black Diablo bot pushed its way through the wall of the warehouse, dropping debris in its path. "Target: Kim Possible." it said in a deep, yet elegant voice. "Objective: Obliteration."

"Do they have to use such a fancy term?" Ron asked. "Whatever happened to plain old destruction?"

"Ron!" Kim shouted, worry and fear creeping into her voice. "Get these cables off of me!"

"Rufus, go for the lipstick!" Ron ordered and the mole rat jumped from his pocket, racing for Kim's backpack.

Ron narrowed his eyes at the offending machine. It symbolized everything that had gone wrong in the last few months. A part of Drakken's plan to distract Kim with Erik. A plot to overthrow Buenos Nacho with kiddie toys. And now it was here to destroy his best friend... no, his greatest friend. "Hey, Diablo!" he shouted.

"Ron, what are you doing?" Kim asked, not believing what she was seeing. Ron had settled into what seemed to be a martial arts form that she didn't recognize. As the Diablos arm cannon charged, Ron raced forward and leaped impossibly high. A shockwave erupted from the robot's chest where Ron struck with both feet. He back flipped away as the Diablo stumbled back.

"New target acquisition: Unknown." the machine said. Ron gritted his teeth even more. Even Drakken's robots didn't know his name?! "Objective: Annihilate."

"Rufus!" Kim shouted. Rufus had grabbed hold of the laser lipstick, but had been watching as Ron charged the machine. He shook his head, racing toward Kim amidst falling debris and plasma blasts. He rapidly climbed the cables, slicing them as he did with the short range laser that he held in his mouth.

Kim snatched the rodent in both hands and rolled forward, narrowly escaping being crushed by the Diablo bot. She came up on her feet and placed Rufus into her hip pocket without looking. Taking aim with her battle suit's wrist grapple at the monster's legs, she fired, the small magnetic pad attaching itself to its thigh.

Ron was dodging plasma blasts and a saw attachment while continuing to get hits on the Diablo that sent crawling cracks spreading out in all directions from the points of impact. After only a moment though, each injury on the robot glowed white, then regenerated as though no damage was done.

Kim swung around the Diablo's legs once, twice, then was flung to the side as the circular saw on the robot's arm severed her tether, while still firing its plasma cannon at Ron. "Rufus, we'll have to use the EMS. It's our only chance!" Kim said, standing and spotting her back pack.

The master Sensei of the Yamanouchi Ninja clan in Japan stood atop one of the highest peaks in the school, above a cloud layer that surrounded the mountain that the tranquil village was built on. His hands were tucked into either sleeve of his red and gold robe, and his long white beard flowed in the wind.

Yori, his lead student, stepped up beside him and bowed, her hands pressed together as a sign of respect. "Master Sensei..." she said, looking up at the cloudy sky above them. "What is happening?"

Large black shadows showed through the canopy of mists surrounding Mount Yamanouchi, silhouetted by lightning strikes. The figures resembled giant Oni; Japanese demons, and there were literally thousands of them blocking out the sun. "These times have been foreseen, but I fear that our friends in America are not yet ready for the battle that is to come." he said.

Without warning, Sensei faltered and stumbled, reaching for Yori's arm out of reflex. The young Japanese woman caught him despite her surprise, and looked into her master's face in horror. His eyes were glowing a bright blue and his mouth was open, as though he was speaking but no sound came. "Sensei! What is wrong?!"

"Stoppable-San..." he rasped, clutching at Yori's ninja uniform in an attempt to remain standing. "You are not yet ready..." he whispered as the blue light seemed to be forcibly torn from him.

Lord Montgomery Fiske watched with a scowl at the blanket of demonic looking machines that covered the sky over Britain. He was standing in his robe atop his manor in the British country side. He held his chin with his modified hand that had been changed genetically to resemble that of a monkey's paw, while he held a small cup with a prehensile foot and poured tea into it from a pot held with his other hand.

"Well played, Drakken. It would appear that you've finally discovered your potential." he said with disappointment. "Bravo."

He set the tea pot down on a table next to him, and took the now full tea cup from his foot, sipping it gingerly. "Of course, he'll soon learn that mere machines are no match for Mystical Monkey Power." he said to himself with a faint chuckle. Raising an eyebrow, he looked down at the contents of his tea cup. "That's odd..."

The faint tinkle of shattering glass caught his attention as he dropped his cup at his hand-like feet, then quickly followed suit as he collapsed in a heap.

His entire body was burning, yet feeling ice cold. "Monkey Ninjas!" he called, and was suddenly surrounded by an entire clan of simians in ninja uniforms. But all they could do was watch as the once notable archaeologist that now called himself Monkey Fist writhed in agony. His eyes glowed bright blue and wisps of blue smoke came from his mouth as he shouted.

Ron had paused for a moment and a wind had begun to pick up and whip debris around the room. Kim pushed her blowing hair out of her eyes and watched as the walls of the warehouse, its contents, and even the Diablo itself turned a swirling miasma of deep red, as though a glowing tornado had just touched down in the center of the building. Ron took a deep breath and closed his eyes, extending his arms.

Kim slowed her run to watch as Ron began to float. "Ron?" she whispered. A blue, electrified halo in the shape of a monkey's shadow formed around him as he let out a battle cry, and most of the contents in the warehouse began to float up with him.

Rufus stopped short of the back pack as the Diablo began to step forward, crushing Kim's backpack under foot. Two massive hands grew from the ends of the robot's arms and slammed together with Ron in between them, knocking Kim and Rufus off of their feet.

"Ron!" Kim shouted, scrambling instantly to her feet once again. The Diablo stood motionless for a moment. "Ron..." Kim whispered to herself, feeling her heart drop.

The Diablo slowly began to shake and multiple cracks developed in its armor plating, a glowing blue light piercing the machine's shell in a cacophony of screaming monkeys. Kim shielded herself from the explosion as the Diablo tore into a million pieces.

As Kim opened her eyes, Ron slowly descended toward her, his aura and the sound of screaming monkeys fading. With a focused, calm demeanor, Ron reached out his hand to Kim, helping her to her feet. "Ron, how did you...?"

"Get here? Your dad brought me." Ron said, catching Rufus as the rodent leaped into his hands.

"Uhm, okay... So not what I was going to ask, but... wait, my dad? Where is he?" Kim asked, suddenly frantic.

"He said he was going to stop Drakken and then sent me to come rescue you." Ron explained.

Kim shook her head in frustration. "Ron, both Shego and Erik are with Drakken. Dad doesn't stand a chance!"

"And the slumber parties?" Shego asked incredulously.

Dr. Drakken held up a finger. "Ah! But I learned Kim Possible's weakness!" he shouted, dancing around the room. "Boys, boys, boys! Who should I go to the dance with? Who's the perfect boy?" he said in a feminine voice before stopping at the feet of... James Possible. "What are you doing here?"

"You've gone too far this time, Drew." Mr. Possible said, standing tall in his slacks, button up shirt, and tie. "You can kidnap me, steal my research, and erase my memory. But you broke my Kimmie-cub's heart."

Drakken laughed. "You can't be serious!"

Mr. Possible pointed at Erik and glared. "And you, young man, should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Er, Possible... he's not real. Your daughter fell for a synthodrone." Drakken grinned. "And so did you." he continued as Erik, Shego, and the dozens of henchmen surrounded Mr. Possible.

Mr. Dr. Possible continued to stand tall with his hands on his hips, staring into Dr. Drakken's blue, scarred face. His peripheral vision caught sight of both Erik and Shego with confident grins as they readied themselves for an easy battle. Moving suddenly, Dr. Possible reached into his pocket and pulled out a long, narrow device that he crouched with and struck to the floor.

Drakken flinched, falling back as a tiny orb flew from the device and exploded in a horizontal shockwave at head level. Shego, Erik, and the crowd of henchmen were caught in the blast and collapsed to the floor where they had stood.

Dr. Possible stood with a smile, surveying the mess of unconscious bodies. From his other pocket, he pulled out a Kimmunicator and activated it. "The Neural Destabilizer worked like a charm, Wade. Well done!" he exclaimed.

"Thanks, Dr. Possible. Glad I could help." Wade replied from the device. "Now all you've got to do is set the self destruct and you're done!"

Dr. Possible looked at the numerous controls and video screens in the room before him. "Uh, where would a fast food franchise head quarters keep their self destruct mechanism?"

Wade shrugged. "It's a villains lair. It should be there somewhere."

Dr. Possible took another look around the room. "I'm just not seeing one."

"That's because it's internal!" Dr. Drakken said as he climbed to his feet. Dr. Possible turned as Drakken pushed him over the main console. "There is, however, a rocket propelled satellite that houses my primary control system!" Drakken laughed, slamming his fist down on a large, red LAUNCH button.

"Okay, this is bad." Wade exclaimed from the Kimmunicator.

Dr. Possible looked over from his place on the floor and grasped a familiar looking cable that was plugged into the console. He pulled on it and the console and video screens all went dead.

"Wha?!" Drakken asked, confused.

Dr. Possible plugged the Kimmunicator into the console. "Wade, see what you can do!" he said, and climbed to his feet. "Drew! One way or another, your scheme ends. Here and now!"

"You madman!" Drakken shouted, suddenly worried. "The rocket is already launching! With no power, the locking clamps won't release! You'll kill us all!" he finished as Dr. Possible tackled him.

"Dr. Possible!" Wade shouted from the Kimmunicator. "What's going on?"

Dr. Possible tightened his grip on the headlock that he had on Drakken. The two combatants stumbled amongst the unconscious crowd that remained on the floor and Drakken wrapped his arms around his old friend's waist, pushing him forward and onto the floor. "Oof! All under control here, Wade!"

"I'm setting the self destruct! Kim's on her wโ€“" Wade shouted, then fizzled out by the Kimmunicator being crushed by a black boot.

Dr. Possible opened one eye while Drakken poked a finger into the other to see Erik standing where the Kimmunicator had been with an evil grin on his face. As the synthodrone reached down, the power all came back online. "Three..." a computerized voice counted down. The locking clamps could be heard retracting from the bottom of the rocket.

"So sorry..." Erik grinned and Dr. Possible narrowed his eyes at him.

"I am very disappointed in you, young man." James Possible said, throwing Drakken to the side.

"One..." came the computerized voice.

Drakken stood and cheered as the plume of exhaust surrounded the building and the rocket rose into the sky. Then his face fell as the computer voice returned. "Self Destruct in Five..."

"Wha?" Drakken asked, lowering his arms. "This just isn't fair!"

Erik shoved Dr. Possible to the side and grabbed Drakken's arm, leading him to the door. But it didn't open. "Self Destruct mechanisms. They have a tendency to lock down all exits." Dr. Possible smiled, folding his arms over his chest.

Kim and Ron came to a stop on the rocket propelled scooter to see the command tower blast into the sky. There were Diablo bots blocking out the moon as they flew overhead and rain spattered on the two teen's faces. "We're too late!" Ron shouted, watching the trail of smoke.

Kim glared at the ascending rocket. "We're not too late. We've just got to get to dad. He's a rocket scientist, maybe he can..." but she was cut off as they were both blown off of their feet with the explosion of the top of Buenos Nacho headquarters. A chain reaction tore through it and several Diablos dropped from the sky and landed, as though standing guard.

Kim crawled to her feet and reached for Ron's cell phone, dialing a phone number out of reflex. "Wade, where's my dad?!" she shouted, pain, fear and worry breaking to the surface of her normally calm exterior.

"Inside..." came Wade's tear filled voice. Kim shook her head and dropped her arms, burying her face in Ron's chest. "He was inside..."

It was hours later and the Diablo bots were still putting out fires with cybertronically created extinguishers mounted in their arms. A figure stepped out of the flames and wreckage, carrying another form. Laying the broken and burned body of Dr. Drakken on the ground, the figure looked down at the blue face, and with the sound of a battered electronic vocalizer, Erik said, "We will rebuild you, Father. Your empire will be realized."

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