Run With You

Smiths and Jones pt 2

“So what’s the deal with you and Rose?” Martha asked not long after the blonde left. It was a question that had, despite everything going on, been nagging in the back of her mind. Not married, that’s what Rose said, but there was a hint of something else going on there she thought. Just in they way they spoke, though that didn’t mean anything other than they knew each other very well.

“Humans,” He mused, shaking his head. “Stuck on a moon running out of air with a bloodsucking criminal, and you’re asking about the status of a relationship.”

“Well forgive me for wanting to distract my mind a moment, what with nearly being discovered by another one of those leather drones, and the possibility of my dying on the moon.” Martha said with a grin. “And I’m still not convinced you aren’t human.” She added as they rounded a corner to come face to face with one of the Judoon.

A blue light immediately hit the Doctor’s face. “Non-human,” The Judoon said, putting the scanner in its holster as it reached for the gun in the other.

“Oh my god, you’re not.” Martha said with utter disbelief.

The Doctor snatched her hand, “And again,” He said, pulling her along.

It was not the best time to really take in how his hand felt around hers, but it was pleasant. Cooler than her own, she supposed that it was because he was alien and not poor circulation like she considered earlier.

The Doctor turned and pulled them through a door and up a set of stairs, pulling her through the next door and locking it behind her.

Martha threw her back against the wall, willing her breath to ease and her heart rate to slow. Her eyes scanned the room, realizing she was on the same floor as Mister Stoker’s office. She also noted how most everyone on the floor looked to be in terrible shape. Some had oxygen masks, but most didn’t.

“How much oxygen is there?” She asked one of her colleagues as she got down on her knees beside her.

“Not enough for all these people,” She said, the look of defeat in her eyes saying what Martha already knew: they were running out.

“How are you holding up?” The Doctor asked.

“I’m running on adrenaline,” Martha smiled.

“Welcome to my world,” He said with a smirk, and she smiled wider.

“What about you?” She asked, “Or the Judoon?”

“Great big lung reserves, them. And me, my respiratory bypass will kick in, buy me a little longer though ….” He trailed off. “Where’s mister Stoker’s office?” He asked, getting them back on track.

“It’s this way,” She pointed to the corridor to the right. “Just around the corner.”

“Allons-y.” He said, taking her hand as she lead them around the corner.

He must do that with everyone, has to. It certainly can’t be a sign of anything.

She sobered her silly way of thinking when the entered Mister Stoker’s office and the only thing inside was the cold, grey body of her attending.

“She’s gone.” Martha said, kneeling down by poor Mister Stoker. He may have been a cranky old man, but he didn’t deserve this.

“Drained him dry. I was right, she’s a plasmavore.”

“What was she doing on Earth?” Martha asked as she slid the lids of Mister Stoker’s eyes shut.

“Hiding. But the question now is, what to do? I had a plan, maybe not a brilliant plan, but a plan nonetheless. If she’s assimilated as human than she likely would have already come across the Judoon, got scanned, has been marked. She’s got to know that if they don’t find her, or me as it stands now, than they’re going to execute the entire hospital.”

“Execute?” Martha asked with disbelief, but the Doctor kept plowing on.

“So what happens now? Can’t go anywhere, the only way off the moon is this hospital or on a Judoon ship. Can’t stay in the hospital, the Judoon’s going to kill everyone. The Judoon ship would mean arrest unless…” He smacked himself on the forehead, stepping out into the hall. He looked around, spotting something. “Oh she’s clever, almost as clever as me.” He said with a manic grin.

A murmur of fear echoed down the hall behind them, and the Doctor whipped around as the Judoon could be heard.

“Stay here,” He said to Martha, gripping her arms. “You’re going to have to hold them up.”

“How do I do that?” She asked.

His hands gripped on her arms, and he looked around with a touch of panic in his eyes, or maybe something else. He groaned. “Why did Rose have to take off?” He cursed.

“Why? What do I need to do?” She asked, wondering what Rose could do that she couldn’t.

He huffed. “This means nothing,” he said firmly. “Honestly, nothing.”

Before she could ask what he meant, the Doctor pulled her toward him and pressed his lips roughly to hers, his mouth open ever so slightly.

An alien was kissing her, quite passionately she might add. More passionately than any man had as of late, and she was partly ashamed at how it made her knees weak. Or by how badly she kind of wanted to grab his head and pull him closer.

But it was over before it really began, and he took off down the hall in the opposite direction of the Judoon.

“That was nothing?” Martha asked, breathless in the best way as she still felt the thrum of excitement tingle through her.

She still wasn’t entirely certain she understood how that was going to buy him more time, but she would certainly do it again if he needed it. Anytime.

The heavy footsteps of the Judoon came around the corner, and she snapped out of her revere to turn and face them head on. It lifted its scanner, shining the blue light over her face, mostly around her mouth.

“Human. With non-human traits suspected.” He scanned her further. “Non-human element confirmed, authorize full scan.” It looked he r dead in the eye. “What are you, what are you?”

“I’m human, but I know who you’re looking for.” Martha said as another Judoon came up to her, scanning her as well. “A woman who calls herself Florence.”

Something in the Judoon’s placid expression shifted slightly, barely noticeable but it happened, she was sure.

“Scan complete. Confirmed: human. Traces of facial contact with non-human. Continue the search.” It instructed before handing Martha a slip of paper. “You will need this.”

“What’s that for? She asked.

“Compensation.” It replied.

“You don’t have to compensate me, just listen to me. She’s an old woman, and she is on this floor somewhere.” She firmly told the Judoon. “The man you scanned earlier, the one that came up as non-human, he went after her. Please you have to listen.”

But it didn’t seem as though it did, simply moving on from Martha and continuing its scan with the other Judoon, going room by room.

With a huff, Martha followed them.

Rose made her way back down a flight of stairs after leaving the Doctor and Martha, moving as fast as she dared. Determined to be ready to save the alien git’s ass when he’d inevitably put his life in danger, she scored the floor to try and find the one thing that could buy her a little extra time to do just that: oxygen. There had to be portable tanks around the hospital, and while going all the way down to emergency would be too risky searching the floors nearest to where the Doctor wasn’t. Of course, she also had no idea what she would do if she couldn’t find any.

Forcing herself to relax, she moved room to room, station to station, peeking inside but only investigating if she thought it could be an option. There was at least hope when she noted some of the more feeble patients with portable tanks, though it also caused a ripple of guilt. Who would she end up taking the valuable oxygen from in the end?

“Ah!” She startled as she left the room and nearly ran into a Jadoon. He stopped, unphased by her or her yelp, and scanned her. He stared at the results for much longer than they usually did, scrutinizing it.

“Human.” It said, taking her hand and putting a black mark on it before stepping past her.

“It’s been spotted.” Rose said to it over her shoulder, and it stopped. “Someone saw it drinking blood upstairs on another level.” She continued when it seemed to be listening. “You’re looking for a woman.”

It never said anything, but there was understanding in it’s eyes before it stepped away.

Rose took a second, breathing as deeply as she dared, calming her nerves before she continued. But as she took that moment of respite she watched something a little … odd. An older woman wasn’t reacting quite the same way as the other patients were. She looked scared, but only that: looked. As if it were an act. And as she scanned human and marked with an ‘X’ her eyes smiled before it reached her lips. She studied that mark on her hand like one would admire a diamond ring, and then continued toward the stairs. She walked past Rose as if she weren’t there, and as much as she wanted to grab the woman and force her back toward the Judoon she knew in her gut she couldn’t. Not yet. Not until the Doctor did his part, as foolish and mad as she knew it was.

She did, however, let the woman slip into the stairwell before she followed after her. Opening the door, she peeked up, seeing if she could spot which level the suspicious lady went to. Two floors up.

Shortly after the door above her closed, one below her opened. Peering down over the rail, she spotted one of the med students from Martha’s group cowering in the corner while pressing an oxygen mask to his face. The tank itself was small, hand held, and likely swiped from the hospital pharmacy.

She bolted down the stairs.

“’Scuse me,” Rose said, putting on as much panic as she could. “Please, my husband. He’s upstairs and he’s having such a hard time breathing.” She said, pointing upward.

“We all are,” He said, his voice muffled with the mask. “We’re loosing air.”

“But he’s a patient, and a good man. He’s very old, and really needs it.”

The med student snorted. “Well if he’s that old I’m sure you won’t be too heartbroken if he passes on. Likely leave you something nice to live off of.”

Rose narrowed her gaze, tightened her jaw. “You’re a Doctor,” She reminded him. “You took an oath to save lives. Right now, you aren’t doing that.”

“Listen, Lady, I’m sure your husband is-”


Normally Tyler women slapped, not punched, but this arrogant bastard was asking for it. Shaking off the incredible pain in her fist, Rose hopped around for a few seconds as she restrained herself from yelling profanity and calling attention to herself and the med student she just knocked out.

Taking the mask off his face and grabbing the tank, she checked the gage as she headed up to the floor where the woman went. There wasn’t all that much in the tank according to what she was reading. Better save it for now. Making sure the valve as closed tight, she gripped the mask and tank as tight as she could pushed through the door.

The hum of electricity drew her attention, and she weaved her way down the hall, reading the signs above and cringing more and more as it got louder the closer she got. She spotted some Judoon coming from the opposite end of the hall, Martha following behind.

And no Doctor.

“Guess that means he’s bloody gone and done it,” She mumbled, opening the valve of oxygen just a bit, getting the smallest amount flowing. She put the mask over her mouth as she dashed down the hall.

Rose came up behind the Judoon, lowering the oxygen as she peeked around them.

“No, he can’t be. Let me through.” Martha said as she was pushing her way through them at the same time Rose spotted the Doctor laying on the floor, unconscious.

Rose pushed through them as well as one of the Judoon said the case was closed.

“But it was her, she killed him, she did it.” Martha pleaded, and it was then that Rose noticed the woman standing by the sparking machine. The same woman she had saw earlier look all too pleased with her black mark.

“The Judoon have no authority of human crime,” One said.

“She’s not human.” Rose said, shifting the mask into the same hand as the tank and grabbing the Judoon scanner, pointing it at the woman.

“Scan all you like,” She taunted.

The scanner beeped, and the Judoon peeked at the results over Rose’s shoulder. It’s hot breath caressed her skin in a way that made her want to shudder but she held firm. “Non-human.” He stated.

“What?” The old woman gasped.

“Confirm analysis,” The Judoon commanded as the woman stood stunned.

“You drank his blood, the Doctor’s blood.” Martha said, beaming.

Rose gave the scanner back to the Judoon and pressed the oxygen mask to her mouth, opening the valve a little more and moving swiftly to the Doctor, kneeling down beside him.

“Confirmed: Plasmavore.” The Judoon said as Rose checked the Doctor’s pulse and found none.

She inhaled sharply, drowning out all that was going on around her as she closed her eyes and concentrated. Henricks offered a paid first aid course shortly after she started working there. The training wasn’t mandatory but at the time Rose had really wanted something, an ipod, or new phone, she couldn’t remember what. All that mattered to her was that it would give her a few extra quid to spend and she didn’t have to waste valuable time with Mickey to do it as it took place at the same time he was at work.

Taking a deep breath of oxygen, she pulled the mask aside before plugging the Doctor’s nose while tilting his head back. She pushed her breath into his lungs, then proceeded to do compressions to the best of her memory, five on each side.

“What are you doing?” Martha demanded.

“Trying to save his life.” Rose growled back.

“You’re doing it wrong.” Martha snapped. “You don’t push both sides.”

“He’s got two hearts.” Rose yelled back as a wave of dizziness came over her.

Martha took over, hesitating before starting the compressions on his right side. As she did her second round of compressions, Rose stumbled over to her, pressing the mask to her face to give the Martha the extra push. She glanced at Rose thankfully before moving her head away to give the Doctor another breath.

He took in a deep breath, started to cough, and Martha collapsed to the ground as Rose put the mask over the Doctor’s mouth. He looked at her with a smile in his eyes before rolling his head toward Martha.

“She did something to the scanner,” Martha said, coughing.

The Doctor got up, crawling at first before stumbling to the machine. It was the last thing Rose saw before her eyes fluttered shut.

“Rose,” The Doctor’s voice stirred her as she became aware of his thumbs brushing her cheeks. “Rose, wake up.”

“Idiot,” She mumbled as her eyes opened. His face came into focus first, the underside of the stairs over head easier to see after a moment.

“Sorry?” He said after a breath, the caressing of her cheeks ceasing.

“Idiot,” She repeated, her head pounding for a moment before slowly easing up. “Lettin’ her drink your blood like that.”

He blinked at her, taken aback. “How… how did you?”

“Bloodsucking alien and you feel the need to show the Judoon what she is? Not hard to figure out with you.” She said, sitting up, only now realizing she had been laying with her head in his lap. He gave her a nudge up. “And you call me jeopardy friendly.”

“So you knew … and you didn’t try to stop me?” He asked, getting to his feet before helping her up, confusion marring his features.

“Knew it’d be pointless.” She admitted. “What with your trying to be so impressive, and all.” She teased with a smile, though not quite the one he loved so much.

He grinned, “I am so impressive.” He said. “And it worked, didn’t it?”

“Almost got ya killed,” She reminded him as he lead her by the hand down the stairs.

“Yeah, but you were there to save me.” He smiled a little wider, stopping as they hit the lobby level.

Rose shrugged. “Martha did that, really. I was probably buggering up the CPR, even with your two hearts. Probably would have been smarter to just, I dunno, have told her that to do ‘stead of trying to be the hero.”

The Doctor put a hand on her waist, bringing her a little closer. “What were you doing when you took off?” He asked.

Rose shrugged, looking at the floor between them. “Runnin’ outta air, figured even with your superior physiology you’d do something that would require Martha to swoop in. I knew one or both of ya would need oxygen, and since we were running out.”

“You got the tank.” He said with understanding. Rose shrugged again, brushing her hair behind her ear, fiddling with her earlobe in the absence of her hoop earing. “Rose,” he said, tilting her head up so she could see the pride in his eyes. “You gave Martha a means to save me. A way to jump start me so I could stop the MRI machine. You’re brilliant.” She snorted. “No, really, you are. We could have gotten by with out it, but it would have been close and Martha … Martha wouldn’t have been up as quick as she was when we got air again. She was one of the first to wake up, and she was able to spring up and help where she could because of you.”

Rose could only nod.

“Come on,” he said, taking her hand again, “Let’s head to the TARDIS.”

He lead her out of the hospital, smiling and waving at someone as they moved through the crowd. Rose turned to see Martha smiling, biting her lip, looking after him.

Inside the TARDIS the buzz of people and emergency vehicles were blissfully drowned out. The ship felt cooler, and Rose figured that not only was the Old Girl pumping more oxygen into the air, but made it refreshing enough to encourage deep breaths. Rose stroked a coral strut as the Doctor disappeared down the corridor. Rose leaned against the rail, closing her eyes and taking in deep breaths. The headache she woke with was completely gone when she heard the Doctor’s footsteps enter the room.

He grinned at her when she opened her eyes, and she noticed he had new trainers and was back in his pin-stripped suit. He moved to the control panel, dematerilzing the TARDIS.

“You know,” He said slowly, drawing out the words. “Martha was pretty brilliant in there too,” He said, sitting down in the jump seat, putting his feet on the edge of the control panel. “Maybe we can give her a trip.”

Rose’s eyes fell on his for a second before she had to look away, the hope and anticipation he had making it difficult to really look at him. “I suppose.” She said.

“Well, I mean, she did save my life, and in turn your life, and the lives of billions. I think that deserves a quick trip.”

“Yeah,” Rose said, petting the coral. The TARDIS hummed comfortingly in the back of her mind. She could feel the Doctor’s eyes on her, watching her.

“Alright then.” He said, standing and heading to the console. He leaned over the keyboard, typing. “She said she was going to a party. A quick search and… this is where she’ll be.” He said, putting in coordinates, hitting a button before looking over at Rose and holding her eye as the TARDIS rocked gently before landing with a light shudder.

He strolled toward her, hands in his pockets until he was close enough to take her in his arms. He studied her face intently while she tried to keep it as neutral as possible. The Doctor leaned in, hesitantly, then placed a kiss on her lips. Light at first, he deepened it a little more as the seconds past, never letting it get to be too intense as he kept them just over the line of chaste. He pulled back. “I had to kiss Martha earlier.” He admitted.

Rose’s heart dropped. “Had to?”

“Well, had to make the Judoon question her humanity. You weren’t there, so.”

“So because I wasn’t there you had to kiss Martha?”

“Yes,” he said, though it looked like he was questioning why he brought it up in the first place.

“So you’re saying?” Rose asked, leaning back in his arms.

“It meant nothing.” He said quickly. “I just wanted to tell you. Be honest with you. It seemed like something I should tell you.”

“Yeah.” Rose replied, not so sure if it was.

“Was it?” He asked.

“I dunno.” Rose admitted.

“Oh,” He said, a frown forming. “Because I don’t want you to think that … well I mean, if you were to find out some other way.”


“Well it would … I mean to say that if I found out you kissed someone else for any reason, well I would be.”

“You would?” She asked, her pulse increasing and her breathing growing shallower as she forced her self not to smile.

“Terribly.” The Doctor said as if it should have all been obvious. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah,” She replied with an eager nod.

“Oh good,” He beamed. “I mean, not good that you’re upset,” He said with a shake of his head, creasing his brow. “Good that you would be, are. Because if you weren’t.”

Rose laughed, stopping his ramblings. She pulled his head down to press her forehead against his and even though she shut her eyes she just knew he was smiling again.

“One trip,” She said. “As a thank you. But no more kissing the new companions, got that?” She said, pulling back and giving him her sternest face.

He grinned cheekily, “Yes ma’am.” He said, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “Now, let’s go outside and get one Miss Martha Jones.”

He snatched up his long coat, shrugging it on before taking Rose by the hand and leaving the TARDIS together.

Rose didn’t recognize where they were any more than it was an alley, and likely in the posh end of town judging by how clean it was. She glimpsed high end restaurants and boutique shops on the opposite corner. A neighborhood like this, a certain level of behavior would be expected, which is why the arguing coming from around the corner took her aback. It was the kind of scene someone would make on the estate during a nasty break-up or a Friday night bender. One that Rose knew from experience with her Mom may cause Martha some embarrassment, and upon hearing her voice among one of the more calm ones, Rose decided to hang back.

It took the Doctor by surprise when she let go of his hand once they got to the end of the alley. Rose gestured for him to go, and he looked back speculatively before going to the edge of the alley.

She turned, heading back to the TARDIS, leaning against the door, crossing her arms. She watched the Doctor gesture toward her with his head before coming to join her. He leaned against the TARDIS beside her, hands in his pockets, flashing a smile down at her before looking back the entrance of the alley.

A beat later, Martha rounded the corner.

“I went to the moon today.” She said with a grin.

“A bit more peaceful down here.” The Doctor replied with a smile.

Martha took a couple steps closer. “You never told me who you were.”

“The Doctor.” He said with a shrug.

“What sort of species? Not every day I get to ask that.” She said, taking another step closer.

“I’m a Time Lord.” He replied smugly.

“Right, not pompous at all,” She said with an eye roll. “And you, Rose? Are you a Time Lord? Er, Lady?”

“No, I’m human.” She replied.

“And you just, what?”

“We travel together,” Rose said. “And that’s actually why we came to find you.”

“I thought since you saved my life, well, our lives, maybe you might fancy a trip?” The Doctor said, trying to be nonchalant about it, but Rose could sense how badly he wanted Martha to come with them.

“Into space?” Martha asked in disbelief. “I can’t. I’ve got exams, and things to do. I have to go into town first thing and pay the rent. My family’s going mad.”

“If it helps,” The Doctor interrupted. “I can travel in time as well.”

Martha’s jaw dropped. “Oh come on, now, that’s going too far.”

A light came on in the Doctor’s eyes, and he looked down at Rose with a smile as he pushed himself off the TARDIS. “I’ll prove it.” He said, putting a hand on Rose’s shoulders. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” He said, giving her a gentle nudge away from the ship as he opened his doors.

“Better be.” Rose said, stepping backward until she was by Martha.

They watched together as the TARDIS disappeared, Rose’s heart aching at the sound of the dematerializing and not being on the other side of the doors. As Martha stepped forward, moving her hand around in the spot where the ship had been, Rose held her breath. She counted the seconds until the TARDIS sound returned, the ship re-materializing in front of her.

The second it was fully formed, the doors opened and the Doctor stepped out with a white rose in each hand.

“Oh my God,” Martha said as he handed them each one. “But that, I saw you do that this morning. Why didn’t you warn me not to go in?”

“Big ol’ paradox, that. I go back in time, tell you not to go in, I die in the hospital, can’t exactly go back in time and tell you not to go in.” He explained as he put his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels. “Can’t cross established events. Bad things happen. Ask Rose, she has … experience.” He said, turning to her with a grin which only grew as she glared at him.

“And that’s your spaceship?” Martha asked.

“She’s called the TARDIS,” Rose said, lightly stroking the petals of her flower.

“She?” Martha asked.

“Time and Relative Dimension in Space.” The Doctor said in way of explanation.

“She? Like blokes call their cars?” Martha said as she stepped up to it, running her hand along the exterior.

“She as in she’s sentient, and she is a she.” Rose retorted, keeping the annoyance out of her voice as best she could.

“It’s made of wood.” Martha said, turning to the Doctor. “There’s not much room. Be a bit,” She stopped, looking over at Rose as if she wasn’t sure she should keep talking.

The Doctor pushed open the doors. “Take a look.” He said with a nod toward it.

Martha stepped in, and the Doctor followed. A second later, he popped his head back out. “Are you coming?”

“Do you want me to?” Rose asked, only partly joking.

He arched a brow, waving her over with his fingers and a grin pulling devilishly at the corner of his mouth. She bit her bottom lip as she jogged toward him, taking his offered hand as he led her inside.

“Where is the crew?” Martha asked as she circled the console.

“Just us.” He said, walking Rose up the ramp, dropping her hand to shrug off his long coat before tossing it over the rail. “Well, I say us but I’m the driver.”

“So she’s your …?”

“She’s right here.” Rose reminded her, pleased that Martha looked chastised. “And if you want to know my place on this ship you can ask me directly.”

“Oi, rude.” The Doctor said, flashing her a frown.

“No, she’s right,” Martha waved it off. “Sorry,” She said to Rose, looking her in the eye. “Truly. I guess, out of the two of you, I spoke to him more. Just a habit from the day I guess.”

Rose nodded once, accepting the apology, offering a bit of a grin.

“Okay,” The Doctor said, a hint of nervousness in his tone. “Well then. We’ll close down the gravitic anomalizer, fire up the helmic regulator,” He said as he went around flipping switched and pumping handles. “And finally, the hand brake.” He said with a flick of the wrist. He looked between the two women. “Ready?”

“No,” Martha admitted, and he smiled.

“Better grab hold of something,” Rose warned with a grin as she moved to the console panel and held on to the edge.

“Off we go,” The Doctor said, a manic grin forming as he hit a button and sent the TARDIS into the vortex.

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