Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 10

So obviously this story is not canon with whats happening on the show, and after much deliberation I decided that Finchel is still together in this story, because its my story and I'm gonna do what I want. Take that Ryan Murphy!

I just thought I'd mention that, for the record.

Chapter 10:

Sam ended up staying over at the Hummel/Hudson house for dinner that night. He and Finn ordered a pizza, and despite protests from both boys ("But there are veggies on the pizza!" Finn insisted) Kurt had a salad. Kurt and Sam decided to keep their PDA to a minimum, for Finn's sake. They could tell he was trying and wanted to cut the guy some slack. For now.

After dinner, the phone rang once more. This time it was Rachel calling for Finn (duh) and asking him over. Finn jumped at the opportunity for possible boob-fondling, and was out of the house before Sam could finish the joke he was making about how they must remember to practice safe sex.

Now that Finn was gone, Sam and Kurt commenced with their original plan for the evening. Sam was surprised to find he had actually remembered to put Blade Runner in his car before driving to Quinn's house. Kurt popped popcorn ("Sodium and fat-free" Kurt informed Sam. Sam popped some in his mouth and notified Kurt that it was also "taste free") and the two sat down on the couch together.

As they watched the movie, Sam had his arm around Kurt, who rested his head against his chest. About 30 minutes into the film, it occurred to Sam that this was probably a waste of a perfectly good empty house. They could watch a movie together anytime, but they wouldn't be alone like this often.

He looked down at Kurt, who at the moment was nuzzling his head directly into Sam's chest to avoid the violence currently on screen. Sam moved his arm more protectively around Kurt, who smiled back thankfully.

On second thought, this was a great way to spend the evening.

After Blade Runner, they watched Singin' in the Rain and Kurt was delighted to see how much Sam obviously enjoyed it. He got very involved with the characters and even after the movie was over, he wouldn't stop talking about how awesome Donald O'Connor was.

"Seriously, did you see him run up those walls? He was like 'yeah, I'm just gonna defy all the rules of gravity for a moment, 'scuse me' and gravity was all 'oh no I have been defied!' It was awesome. And speaking of awesome" Sam continued, abruptly changing the subject "What did you think of Blade Runner?"

Kurt thought for a moment. "I liked it. I mean, it was weird but it was very interesting. Honestly, I was expecting a flashy technobabble extravaganza that was all back-up dancers and no main act, but I was wrong. It had a really interesting and introspective undertone to it. It was sort of beautiful at times."

Sam stared at Kurt in disbelief.


"What?" Kurt asked, looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Nothing, it just I can't believe you understood it so well...I had been thinking that I should have started you off on something lighter but hell, maybe next we'll just skip right to 12 monkeys" Sam grinned.

"Um, ok. I don't know what thats supposed to mean but sure. I was never really into sci-fi before but its has a certain something to it. Not to mention, I love those future -outfits."

Sam laughed. "Maybe we can make a thing out of this. We watch one musical or movie of your choosing, and one of mine. Sort of a double-feature."

Kurt grinned. "Yes, almost a science-fiction double feature." With that, Kurt burst into song. Sam joined in at the first chorus, and was surprised to realize he remembered all (ok, most) of the lyrics.

Kurt had grabbed a remote control to use a substitute-mic and Sam had to pause in his singing for a moment to laugh as he watched Kurt pretend to put all his effort into the song.

As Kurt wrapped up the final lyrics (which he did know off by heart and word for word) Sam grabbed him and pulled him back onto the couch. He kissed him tenderly on the mouth, and Kurt wrapped his arms around his neck, lying half-under him on the couch. Sam brushed his lips along Kurt's jaw-line over to his ear. He sucked on Kurt's ear lobe and then moved his mouth up. "I have something very important to ask you" he whispered. Kurt offered a small "mmm-hmm" by way of reply.

Sam kissed Kurt once more on the mouth before looking him in the eye and saying, very slowly: "Do you know what a flux capacitor is?"

Kurt groaned and closed his eyes. "Please tell me you are not still talking about science-fiction movies?" he said in a exasperated tone of voice.

Sam grinned sheepishly. "Just answer the question, and I swear I'll shut up."

Kurt rolled his eye. "I know its something from a movie about time-travel."

Sam got a pained expression on his face and opend his mouth to respond, but Kurt put his finger up to Sam's lips to silence him. "Oh no you don't. You said that all I had to do was answer your question. Well, question answered. Now come here" Kurt said, pulling Sam back towards him.

Sam resumed what he had been doing before, but Kurt could tell he wasn't completely focused. A moment later, Kurt sighed defeatedly and broke their kiss apart.

"Ok fine, whats a flux compactor? Tell me."

A huge smile spread across Sam's face, and Kurt rolled his eyes while trying to surpress a smile. "Ok, well first of all its flux capacitor not compactor. And second of all its not just 'something from a movie about time-travel' its what makes time travel possible!"

Kurt stared at him, not really seeing a huge difference. "But it is from a movie?"

"Yes, its from Back to the Future."

"Right...ok. I still don't understand why you had to bring this up now."

"Because I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE'T SEEN BACK TO THE FUTURE!" Sam shouted, throwing his arms up in exasperation.

Kurt laughed and covered his face with his hand. "OK, ok. Next time we...hang out? Go on a date? What would you call this?"

"A date." Sam responded instantly. Kurt smiled.

"Ok, on our next...date, I promise we will watch Back to the Future. And I'll get back to you on what musical we'll be watching. There are so many you need to see, I cannot decide."

Sam blushed. "Oh...well...actually, on our next date I sort of wanted...to do something a bit more special than eating pizza and salad and watching movies- not that I don't love doing that, but I sort of wanted to you know, take you out. On an official date and stuff..." Sam finished quietly, his eyes downcast.

"Sam Evans, are you asking me out?" Kurt asked, pretending to be shocked.

Sam looked up, still blushing intenstly. He was relieved to see that Kurt had a huge smile on his face, and relaxed a little. "Yes, Kurt Hummel. I am. Will you go out with me?"

Instead of answering, Kurt made a high-pitched squealing noise and jumped forward, kissing Sam on the mouth happily. Sam took that as a "yes" and kissed him back.

"BUT" Sam continued, breaking up the kiss. "After we go out, we're coming back here or to my house and watching those movies."

"Yes, yes, yes" Kurt said hastily "Can we please kiss now?"

Sam answered by leaning Kurt back on the couch and kissing his neck softly. As he moved his mouth over his neck and down onto his collar-bone, he smiled as he heard Kurt mumble "Finally."

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