Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 11

Just for the record, any negative opinions expressed of other character are the opinions of the characters expressing them, and not me.

Chapter 11:

Sam and Kurt ended up having their "officially official first date" (as Sam dubbed it) the very next day (also Sam's idea, but it received no protests from Kurt). After much deliberation they decided to go to Breadstix because...well, there really was nothing else. One horse towns like theirs basically came with a matching number of nice restaurants.

The date had gone wonderfully, conversation was easy and fun. They talked about movies ("No way Riff-Raff could take Rocky in a fight! Without that laser, Riff-Raff's shit is weak..."), glee club ("Sure she's with Puck now, but I would bet my pair of Gucci shoes that secretly she's pining for some Brittany love") and the phone conversation Sam had with Quinn that morning.

Sam had called around 10:00 am, knowing Quinn to be an early riser. Of course, she wasn't that morning though, because it has been previously established that God very much hates Sam Evans. When she picked up she sounded groggy and very displeased to have been awoken.

The conversation could have gone better.

Quinn: Hullo? Whoisthis? (Sam had blocked his number from appearing on the caller ID figuring that was the only he could get her to pick up...he was probably right).

Sam: Its Sam but PLEASE DON'T HANG UP.

Quinn: [low grumbling noise] You woke me up. And yesterday you BROKE me up. Broke up with me, I mean. I'm tired...so gimme one reason I shouldn't hang up?

Sam: Because I am calling to beg pathetically for your forgiveness?

Quinn: [sigh] You have 30 seconds. Go.

Sam: Ok, thank you. I wanted to say I am very sorry for upsetting you so much yesterday. Your a great person, and you were a perfect girlfriend. I never meant to hurt you.

Quinn: [pause] Go on.

Sam: But I think our break up was for the best because

At this point in the conversation Quinn made a loud sound into the phone, like a buzzer on a game show, and screamed "WRONG ANSWER" before hanging up.

"Don't worry about it" Kurt advised wisely at dinner. "She'll forgive you eventually."

"I don't think so..." Sam worried.

"Why wouldn't she? Her last two boyfriends, and I use the term 'boyfriend' loosely when referring to Puck, were much worse." Kurt poured dressing on his salad as he spoke. "I mean, Finn cheated on her, and with Rachel Berry of all people" he continued "then left her alone and several months preggo. And Puck is well...Puck."

"I cheated on her too..." Sam said sadly, his head lowered into his burger.

"Ok thats true. But I'm much more understandable than Rachel." He joked. "And besides, she doesn't that know that. That you cheated, I mean". He said, taking a bite out of a tomato.

"Right that makes it all better. Thank god that instead of just cheating on her, I lied to her about it, too" Sam retorted.

Kurt gave him a raised-eyebrow look. "Hey, that was your idea, remember?"

"I know, I know..." he mumbled.

"Listen, your doing your best to make things right. Maybe you should sing a song to her on Monday or something. But theres nothing you can do about it right now, so just eat your fatty dead cow on a bun and stop moping." Kurt said gently.

Sam sighed and picked up the burger. "Ok, moping done. I just feel bad about being another notch on her 'no luck with men' belt."

"You can't blame yourself for that, the other two notches are in no way your fault. Maybe she should consider switching teams. Get a new belt, with no notches."

"That makes no sense. Why would someone get a belt with no notches? It would defeat the purpose of the belt, you wouldn't be able to tighten it or anything..."

"Maybe its just for display purposes or something. They make very cute belts now..."

The conversation went on from there moving from notchless belts to whether or not potato skins were disgusting and so on. Nothing of particular consequence came up until the food was done, and the cheque arrived.

Sam immediately reached forward to pay it, and Kurt raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He said, confused.

"Why do you assume you're paying?" Kurt answered.

"Am I...not supposed to?"

"When your on a date with a girl then social norm dictates that the guy is supposed to pay, yes. But as you may have noticed, we're both guys" Kurt said edgily.

"Well yeah, but you're" Kurt shot Sam a look and he stopped speaking. "Nevermind..."

Kurt nodded, approving Sam's decision to stop talking. "So...what" Sam continued "Do you wanna like, arm wrestle for it or something?"

Kurt laughed, and Sam was relieved. "No, I'm not going to arm wrestle for it. But lets make a deal. From now on, whoever does the 'asking out' for the date will also do the paying. 'Kay?"

Sam nodded. "So...what your saying is, since I asked you out on this date, I pay, right?"


"So you got mad at me for no reason!"

"I did not get mad, I got..." Kurt searched for the right word while Sam waited with his eyebrows raised "I got...shut up." Kurt finished lamely. Sam laughed.

"So," Sam said, changing the subject "what did you have in mind for our next date?"

Kurt grinned. "Well, how do you feel about karaoke?"

School that week had been a mixed experience for Sam. Half the time he was in such a good mood, he had to physically restrain himself from putting "is now officially dating Kurt Hummel" as his facebook status on at least three separate occasions. The other half of the time, reminders of Quinn made him wish he was dead.

She wasn't in glee on Monday or Wednesday, and Sam had a sick feeling in the pitt of his stomach, sure it was because of him. When she finally showed up on Friday, she ignored him. He had never met someone so proficient at say nothing at such a deafening volume. She didn't sit near him in any of the classes they had together, and when he tried speaking to her in the halls, she pretended she didn't see him. He was upset, but decided that it would just take some time for her to cool off, and he would resume apologizing then.

In the mean time, he would focus most of his energies on his new relationship with Kurt, something he couldn't ever get enough of saying, even if he was only saying it in his head.

He would have gladly focused everything he had on his relationship, but something else needed his attention to. How he was going to tell people about his relationship.

That is what he was going over in his mind at the beginning of glee on Friday, when Mr. Schuester came into the classroom with his very special "I've got a brilliant new idea that will ultimately force you to embarrass yourselves further by singing publicly in some new and awkward way" smile. It was such a dangerous smile, Sam was a little afraid.

"OK, I have had a brilliant new idea for next weeks theme." He said enthusiastically, clapping his hands together to emphasize his excitement. He was more jazzed than usual about whatever this theme was. Sam wondered if Mr. Schue had gotten this idea from the guidance counselor, convinced it would win her over. Maybe they were going to perform a musical about STD's or something.

Right, like anyone could think that was a good idea.

"So, all of you have your niche genres in which you excel" he continued "Rachel and Kurt, you two are superb at broadway numbers, Finn you have classic rock, Mercedes your songs are strong and powerful, and the way you hold those notes..." This was going to be bad, Sam could tell. He glanced at Kurt, and saw he looked just as worried.

"But when your performing professionally, it won't always be what your most comfortable with, or what you can do best. You have to take yourself out of your comfort zones, and try something new." He smiled broadly, and Sam was sure he heard Britney whimper behind him. He felt like whimpering a little, too.

"For next week, I want you to pick a song like no song you have ever sung. It needs to be new and different, and completely unlike you. But you'll make it fit. As performers, you will mold yourself to it." He glanced around the room, oblivious to the glares he was receiving.

"So, you have the rest of the period to start figuring things out. Talk to a member of the club that has a completely different style from you, and maybe use their influence for your performance."

Sam looked back again at Kurt, who was smiling at him. Maybe this assignment wouldn't be so bad.

Sam and Kurt spent the rest of the period in the corner of the classroom, apart from everyone else.

Sam looked around to see how was talking to who.

Rachel was speaking rapidly to a very confused looking Artie, Quinn and Mercedes were chatting happily in the back row of chairs, Tina seemed to be arguing with Puck, Brittany was speaking to Brad the piano player, Finn and Mike were listening to something on Finn's iPod and Santana was filing her nails, while half-heartedly conversing with Mr. Schuester.

After surveying the rest of the club, Sam turned back to Kurt, who had been doing the same.

"I am very curious to see what Brittany is planning" Kurt said, gesturing to the blond girl who was now seated next to Brad at the piano, randomly pecking at different keys with her fingers.

"It will be a brilliant performance, I'm sure." Sam said laughing. They began talking about their respective assignments, both secretly trying to think of a way to send a secret message to the other through their choice of song. However, their conversation quickly turned towards their date that night, at the karaoke place Kurt said was called Chant.

"Its great, you'll love it. Mercedes and I went a few times a couple of months ago, but its like 30 minutes from here so its annoying to get to." Kurt was very excited, and Sam was skeptical but willing to give it a chance. "But its so worth it, I swear."

"If you say so" Sam said, smiling. "Just don't expect me to sing anything."

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