Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 12

Chapter 12:

"But you have to sing something" Kurt said, picking up their conversation from glee like it hadn't happened 4 hours ago "Its a karaoke club. Thats the whole point!"

They were on their way to Chant, and Kurt hadn't stopped pouting since Sam had picked him up. "Actually, the whole point is to have a good time, and I don't think I'll feel comfortable singing in front of so many strangers, by myself."

"You sang at Sectionals" Kurt pointed out.

"Yeah, with Quinn and the rest of the club. And besides, those people don't count. They were like our parents and teachers and shit. These are real people. Who judge. Harshly."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "This is exactly what Mr. Schuester was saying today, we need to get out of our comfort zones! Try new things...new things, like karaoke."

Sam turned a corner, and stopped at a red light. He turned to face Kurt. "Kurt, I don't know if you've noticed but I have been trying a lot of new things lately, things that have taken me far away from my comfort zone." The light turned green and he moved the car forward. "I would appreciate it if you took that into consideration."

Kurt was silent, and so Sam continued. "Besides, I don't see you taking any steps out of your comfort zone. Karaoke is right up your alley. What are you planning on singing? Probably Lady Gaga or something..."

Kurt scoffed. "Of course I'm not planning on singing Lady Gaga. Why would I ever want to be so predictable." He looked away from Sam, leaning his face against the window. He had totally been planning on singing Lady Gaga…

The rest of the drive was done in silence. They pulled up to the club about 15 minutes later and got out of the car.

Kurt was about to walk in, when Sam gabbed his hand and pulled him towards him. Sam leaned down and kissed him, placing his hand on the back of Kurt's neck. He pulled away, and took both of Kurt's hands in his, looking him straight in the eye.

"Hey, I love it when you sing Lady Gaga." he smiled "I'm sorry, 'Kay?" Kurt smiled, relieved. Every time they argued, he was sure Sam was going to leave him.

"I'm sorry I got mad, you don't have to sing karaoke if you don't want to. I just, thought it would be fun" he said, pressing himself against Sam's chest. Sam smiled and kissed Kurt's forehead.

"You're forgiven. And maybe you were right. I mean, I have taken a lot of steps out of comfort zone lately, and its worked out pretty well" Kurt beamed up at Sam. "So maybe, I'll...give karaoke a shot" Sam said, feeling apprehensive but determined. He would karaoke, and it would be great.


Sam sighed. One day he was going to have to learn to say "no" and mean it to Kurt.

Kurt clapped his hands together excitedly. "It's so fun Sam, I promise. Cross my heart" he said, making an "X" over his chest, and dragging Sam by the hand into the club. Sam looked around, not particularly impressed by what he was seeing. It was a standard club, with a bar, tables and a dance floor. The only thing that identified it as a karaoke bar was the stage at the front, the musical notes painted on the wall...and of course, the tall red haired girl belting out some love song.

"'Alone Again' by Alyssa Reid" Kurt informed Sam, who nodded. They made there way to the back of the club, where the bar was. "There are no waiters, you get your food here and then go to a table." Sam could see a door opening behind the bar, that must lead to a kitchen. A grumpy looking tattooed man stood behind the bar, staring at Kurt and Sam, who asked for a menu.

The bartender gave them one to share, and each boy placed his order. Sam took an immediate dislike to the bartender, who called Kurt "Doll face" at least three times while taking their orders.

They got their food, and went to a table far from the stage, so they could hear each other speak over the music. Sam had ordered a salad too for once. He had decided that he still wanted to maintain his physique, for Kurt's sake. But he was not giving up on the foods he liked this time, not completely. He had put down Monday's as his official "eat what I want" day. He would be healthy the rest of the week. Kurt grinned, obviously approving of this decision.

As they ate their salads, Kurt pointed to a man standing near the front of the club, who was dressed all in black except for his shoes, which were bright green and supremely awesome. "Thats Dan, he owns and runs the club" Kurt explained. "On his name tag it says 'HDIC'. Last time we were here, Mercedes asked him what it stood for. He said 'Head Dick in Charge'. I thought it was pretty funny." Sam snorted.

Aside from the bartender, this place seemed ok. And there was a dude on stage currently performing an awful cover of a Katy Perry song, but people were cheering anyhow. Sam felt a little better.

Kurt was watching the guy on stage with a look of disgust on his face. "He was here last time, too. He destroyed poor Katy Perry then as well." He shook his head sadly.

"So" Kurt said, turning away from the Katy Perry massacre happening on stage "What type of song do you think you'll sing for the glee assignment?"

Sam thought for a minute, refraining from asking Kurt what type song would impress him most. "Truly, I have no idea."

Kurt laughed, and placed a hand on Sam's knee to comfort him. "Don't worry, neither do I. We'll figure something out."

Sam covered Kurt's hand with his own. "Yeah I guess. I just, I mean how am I supposed to do something different from my 'usual style' when I don't even know what my usual style is."

"Well, your style is...hmm" Kurt scratched his chin and bit his lip as he considered "Well, you sang 'Billionare' and 'Time of your life'..."

"Mr. Schue picked that song and told us to sing it."

"Ok, well...so your style is...its very..." Kurt gave Sam an apologetic look "Yes, I see your point."

"Exactly. I have no style."

"Oh thats not true. You have style, we just don't know what it is yet. But we're in the perfect place for you to find your style." Kurt said, gesturing around him. "So, what do you feel like singing? What kind of music do you like? Goodness, I can't believe we haven't had this conversation sooner..."

"Well...I like...umm...songs...with...music..." Sam said lamely.

"Brilliant answer, I know exactly what your style is now. Excellent Job." Kurt said sarcastically. "Really Sam your going to have to try a bit harder."

Sam stuck his tongue out playfully. "I know that, but I can't think on command. Oh god, I sound like Finn" Kurt giggled as Sam pinched the bridge of his nose in disdain.

"Come on, we're going to sign up before they run out of spaces" Kurt said, once again leading Sam by the hand.

"How can I sign up when I don't know what I want to sing?"

"Its easy, all you have to do is think of a song that really means something to you, something that expresses how you feel in all the ways you can't by yourself."

"Oh, is that all I have to do?"

"Yes, that's it." Kurt said, signing himself up to go on next. "Good luck" he said, pecking him on the cheek and making his way onto the stage.

Sam let out a long sigh, staring at the sign up sheet before him. He heard the song Kurt was going to sing start playing, and checked what he signed up for. It was "I Wanna be Loved by You".

Sam watched Kurt perform and was amazed by how easy it looked for him, how natural. He obviously loved being in the spotlight, and was hamming it up every opportunity he got, winking and blowing kisses at the crowd, who cheered.

Sam grinned and wished he could sing like that, with such ease and charisma. He wanted to sing a song to Kurt, something that expressed his feelings. He racked his brain, but couldn't think of anything.

I need to listen to more music...He thought, realizing he only owned one CD, a Bruce Springsteen album his Dad had bought for him on his 13th birthday…

Kurt wrapped up his song, and made his way off the stage, and back to where Sam was standing.

"Good Luck," he said giving Sam a quick kiss "You'll have fun, I promise."

He kissed him one more time before going to find somewhere to sit.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…" Sam mumbled to himself, watching Kurt walk away.

Suddenly, he remembered something Kurt had said earlier in the evening, and his eyes lit up. He scribbled his song down and made his way onto the stage, through the backstage area Kurt had just left.

Backstage the owner of the club, who Kurt had said was named "Dan", was sitting at a large computer and typing something very quickly. When Sam came up he looked at him, then opened something up on the computer screen.

"What song you singin?" Dan asked. Sam told him, and Dan entered it into the computer.

"Yeah, we got that. The screen off to the side will show the words, remember to sing into the mic. You'd be surprised how many people forget that part." As he spoke, he never once paused in what he was typing.

"If we have to tell you what we're singing back here, why do we need to to write it on that list" Sam asked, peaking out onto the stage. Everyone was chatting patiently, waiting for the next performer.

Waiting for him.

"I like lists" Dan said, barely glancing up. Sam nodded, as though that made perfect sense. He took a deep breath and walked out.

A few people clapped as he walked up to the mic, and he saw Kurt was among them, sitting at a small table in the front row. Sam waved weakly at him, and Kurt gave him a quick thumbs up.

Sam glanced at the monitor, which was mounted high on a wall in a way that made it invisible to the those in the crowd. The words "Good Luck, Blondie" flashed briefly on the screen, and then the lyrics to "Cross My Heart" by the Bruce Springsteen began appearing, and the music started.

Sam looked at Kurt, and began singing.

First time I crossed my heart I was beggin' baby, please

At your bedside, down on my knees

When I crossed my heart

When I crossed my heart

I crossed my heart, pretty baby over you

Kurt was smiling insanely and Sam felt more confident. He tapped his feet and swayed in time to the music.

Second time I crossed my heart rain came in from the south

I was lyin' there with something sweet and salty in my mouth

When I crossed my heart

When I crossed my heart

When I crossed my heart, pretty darlin' over you

Well, you may think the world's black and white

And you're dirty or you're clean

You better watch out you don't slip

Through them spaces in between

He grabbed the microphone stand tilted it sideways, getting into the song.

Little boys, little girls

They know their wrongs from their rights

Once you cross your heart

You ain't ever supposed to lie

He realized he had been singing the last part of the song with his eyes closed, and he opened them to sing the final verse.

Well, life ain't nothin' but a cold hard ride

I ain't leavin' 'til I'm satisfied

I cross my heart

Yeah, I cross my heart

Well, I cross my heart, pretty darlin' over you

He looked around when he finished, and his heart sank. The crowd was cheering, but Kurt wasn't there. He sulked off stage. It hadn't been that bad, had it?

Just as he was thinking he should probably transfer school, someone grabbed him and pulled him backstage, and began kissing him with rapid intensity.

"Kurt, slow down...I can't breathe" Sam managed between kisses. Kurt ran his hands over Sam's chest and through his hair.

"Sam that was amazing..." Kurt whispered, his mouth still pressed against Sam's. "Mmm...so sexy..."

Sam smiled, wrapping his arms over Kurt's next and feeling proud. He was about to return the sentiments when they heard a throat being cleared behind him. They turned around and saw Dan the manager staring at them with a bemused look on his face. There was a short brunette girl standing next to him, evidently waiting to go on next. She was smiling widely.

"Oh, don't stop on our account." she said. "No really, I was quite enjoying the show." She raised her eye brows up and down a few times.

Sam blushed and Kurt muttered a quick apology, looking the girl up and down. Sam could practically feel Kurt mentally critiquing her outfit. She was wearing a plain white T-shirt, and a jean skirt that looked like it had been run over repeatedly by a truck. Her socks were black with rainbow polka dots, and went all the way up to her thighs. Kurt scoffed.

"Are those men's shoes your wearing" Kurt asked, wrinkling his nose. Sam had to agree, her shoes did look like a pair of dirty men's work boots.

The girl narrowed her eyes. "Is that a women's blouse you're wearing" she snapped back, before brushing past them to the stage.

"Fashion knows no gender!" Sam called after her, and she rolled her eyes at him before picking up the microphone.

"Come on, lets go" Kurt said softly, tugging at Sam's collar. He could hear the girl singing "Jane" by the Barenaked Ladies behind him. She wasn't bad.

"Hope to see you again soon" Dan the owner said to them, giving them a friendly wave while still focusing intensely on his computer screen.

"Yeah, me too..." Sam said, surprised that he meant it.

"How come we're leaving so quickly, I like it there" Sam said as they walked through the parking lot. "I wanted to sing another song..."

Kurt laughed. "A few hours ago you didn't want to sing anything."

"I know...What can I say, you were right." Sam shrugged.

"Good, I love being right...and don't worry, we can come back tomorrow." Kurt said, as they reached the car.

"I just wanted a little privacy when I did this" he said, pressing Sam against the car and shoving his tongue down his throat. Sam moaned, and somehow managed to get the car door open without breaking their embrace. He got into the passenger seat of the car backwards, pulling Kurt in on top of him.

A/N: so Sam just takes 30 seconds and thinks of a song, but I spent a LONG time trying to find the right one for him to sing. It seemed like every song I liked had the word "girl" in it like a million times. Or was way to lovey-dovey for this stage in their relationship. Seriously, I changed it like four times after I had decided what song to do.

This seemed to be the best I could find, and at the very least I imagine he would look very good singing it.

But I still have no idea what Sam's style is. Any ideas?

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