Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

Sam sat in the passengers seat of the car with Kurt straddling him. Kurt was running his hands over his chest, and slowly sucking on his neck. Sam thought his eyeballs might roll back in his head. He moved his head up and began kissing his ear, and Sam moaned.

Just then someone tapped on the window, and Kurt jumped.

Sam groaned. Cock-blockers…

Kurt put his head on Sam's shoulder. "Maybe we should find somewhere else to do this?" He said into Sam's jacket. Sam agreed.

A few minutes later, they were out of the parking lot and back on the highway. "So, where are we going?" Kurt asked. "We can't go to my house, I blew off Friday Night Dinner to go out, and if I show up and now then go straight to my room, my Dad'll flip."

Sam thought. "My Mom had a date tonight, but if it didn't go well she might be home. I'll call and see."

Kurt stared. "Your Mom went on a date?"

Sam nodded.

"And your okay with that?" he asked, shocked.

"Yeah, I mean I'm probably never going to have to meet the guy so whatever. This is the first date, she would only bring him home after like...6 months." Sam pulled up to a red light, and took out his cell phone.

He opened the phonebook and pressed "Home". No one answered, and the light turned green. He handed the phone to Kurt. "Go to the phonebook, press 'Mom', then press speaker." He instructed. Kurt did as he was told, and a moment later a giggling voice from the phone said "Helloooo?"

That was a good sign.

"Mom, its Sam. Just wondering how your date was going?"

"Oh, its going well. I'm sorry, we just finished dinner now so we might be a little late...is that ok?"

Sam grinned. "Yeah Mom, its fine. My friend Kurt is coming over, ok?"

"Good, I'm glad you won't be alone. You've been hanging out with Kurt a lot lately, am I ever going to meet him?"

Kurt grinned at him."Yes Mom, you can meet him soon, ok? I gotta go, I'm driving."

"Bye Sam, Love you!" she said before hanging up. Kurt handed the phone back to Sam, still smiling.

"She wants to meet me."

"I know, I want her to meet you."

"You do?" Kurt asked, his eyes widening.

"Yes of course I do Kurt. I just...need to find a way to tell her." Sam said slowly.

Kurt nodded, understanding. "So...I guess we have your house to ourselves..."

Sam glanced over at Kurt, who licked his lips. This was going to be a long drive.

They drove for the next 10 minutes in silence. Sam looked over at Kurt again, who was staring at him intently. Sam blushed, uncomfortable.

"What?" He asked, worried he had something on his face.

"Nothing." Kurt said, still staring. "I was just wondering, do you think its actually illegal to give someone a blow-job while their driving, or just generally frowned upon?"

Sam jerked the car forward, almost swerving onto the sidewalk. "Uhh...I..." he stammered.

Kurt laughed. "I'm joking, calm down." Sam sighed.

"Do not do that while I'm driving. I could have killed us both!"

Kurt smiled, and looked out the window. After a moment, Sam said "Besides, its probably illegal anyways..."

"Yeah, but do you think theres like some big fancy law-book out there with the words 'Thou Shalt not go down on those who are driving' in it."

"Yes Kurt," Sam said dryly "I'm sure the law says exactly that." Kurt laughed. "Its probably considered like distracting the driver or something..."

"How distracting would that be though?" Kurt asked, totally serious.

Sam glanced over at Kurt, fixating on his mouth for a moment. "Kurt, there aren't enough 'very's' in the universe for me to tell you how distracting that would be."

Kurt smiled, and looked back out the window.

15 minutes later, they arrived at Sam's house, and Sam turned the car off.

"Okay Kurt, I need you to listen to me very carefully." Kurt nodded. "My neighbors are very nosey. Now, I want to be the one to to tell my Mom I'm gay, I don't want her to hear it from Mrs. Finkle across the street. So we're going to walk up to the house very calmly and without touching each other, got it?" Kurt nodded again. "Good."

They got out the car and went inside, making sure to keep a safe distance from each other. Kurt had a strained look on his face while they walked, like what he was doing was extremely difficult.

"Stop that" Sam said, laughing.

"Stop what?" Kurt asked innocently. "It is genuinely this difficult for me not to maul you."

Sam grinned, and turned the lock on his front door. Once they were safely inside, they immediately began kissing and groping each other, all but ripping off the others jacket as Sam led them up to his room, where they collapsed onto his bed.

"I felt like I was going crazy in that car" Kurt said quietly, biting Sam seductively on the ear. Sam moaned lightly, lying on top of Kurt. He began to kiss Kurt soft and quickly, but after a little the kisses became longer, harder and deeper. Now Kurt moaned, as Sam reached down and untucked his shirt from his skinny jeans.

Kurt moved his hands down to waistband of Sam's jeans, and Sam gasped, putting his hands on top of Kurt's and moving them away.

"Kurt, I need to talk to you..." he said, still kissing him lightly. Kurt looked at him, worried. Sam raised himself up slightly, so he was lying next to Kurt on his side. He put his arm around him, holding him loosely.

"Its about what you said in the car...about...you know..." Sam said, blushing. Kurt bit his lip.

"Its just that...ah, shit. Theres no way to say this without it sounding cheesy as hell, so screw it I'm just gonna say it."

Kurt nodded, still biting his lip but much less apprehensive.

Sam took a deep breath. "Kurt, you're...we'll you're special. And I know it seems like we've been dating for a while now, I mean to me it does. I feel like I've never been in any relationship except this one, like all the others were just practice for the real deal. For this" he said, placing his other hand on Kurt's chest. Kurt smiled, and lifted his head up to kiss him.

"But even though thats how it feels, we've actually only been dating for like a week. And, I don't want to rush into anything because...well, because when we do do something, I want it to be...you know...special..." Sam finished quietly, as though he was expecting Kurt to laugh at him.

Instead of laughing, Kurt wrapped his arms around Sam's neck and pulled him back on top of him. He gave him a deep kiss, and ran his fingers through Sam's hair. "You're amazing..." he said softly into the kiss.

Sam grinned, and kissed Kurt back. "I'm glad you think so…."

They kissed slowly for a few more moments before Sam lifted his head up. He looked down at Kurt, unable to believe that someone so beautiful and perfect was actually his. He cleared his throat. "So, as I was saying… I think we should make like a rule or something. We can do what we want, but pants stay on….at least for now." Kurt nodded.

"Ok, pants stay on. That means its ok for me to do this though, right?" Kurt said, moving himself so he was now on top of Sam, and slowly lifted Sam's shirt, kissing his way up his chest as he went.

"Mmmhmm..." Sam murmured "definitely ok for you to do that..."

They continued in this way for another half an hour, passionately exploring each others bodies (the top halves, anyways) until slowly the fervency of their kisses died down. Now Kurt lay once again on Sam's chest, although now they were both shirtless. Kurt was tracing lazy circles around Sam's nipple, and Sam was lying with one arm around Kurt and the other behind his head, his eyes contently closed.

Kurt would have been glad to do the same, but there was something on his mind. He needed to ask Sam something, and had been debating when to ask it for for the past week. Now was either a good time, or a terrible time, depending on Sam's response.

Kurt sighed, figuring he better get it over with.

His heart kept telling him that there was no reason to think Sam would respond negatively.

However, his mind kept telling him that there was no reason to think Sam would like him in the first place anyhow, and the response was sure to be negative.

Or maybe it was the other way around, and his heart was telling him not to bother, but his mind was saying to do it.

Either way, the two were disagreeing on the subject and their fighting was giving Kurt a headache. It needed to stop, and he needed an answer.

Kurt lifted his head up and kissed Sam's chest. Sam smiled, his eyes still closed, and began rubbing circles with his thumb on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt rested his head back down on Sam's chest.

"Sam," he began tentatively "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure" Sam replied lazily.

"Are you- are you my boyfriend?" Kurt asked quickly, squeezing his eyes shut. Please say yes, please say yes, please say-

"Of course I am, Kurt" Sam replied immediately, never pausing in the small circles he was massaging on Kurt's arm. "Don't you know that?"

Kurt let out a sigh of relief. Only then did Sam open his eyes. He sat up a little, and gently tilted Kurt's chin up so they were facing each other. "Hey, you didn't really think I would have said no do you?" he asked, a concerned look in his eye.

"Oh, well...no." Kurt said, and Sam raised an eye brow. "No...and yes..." he added quietly. Sam looked pained.

"Why would you think that Kurt? Do you- I mean do you even realize how much I like you? To say that you mean a lot to me doesn't even begin to cover it. To say you mean everything to me, well thats a bit closer to the truth, but it sounds a little cheesey and dramatic so I'm not going to say it, I'm just going to continue to think it."

Kurt smiled and laughed, leaning his head against Sam's collarbone. "I know, I know...well, part of me know. Most of me knows...but theres little tiny bit of me that thinks that any moment your going…come to your senses..." Kurt bite his lip, afraid of Sam's reaction to this last bit.

"Come to my senses and what?" Sam asked, sounding upset.

"...and leave me" Kurt finished, forcing himself to look back up at Sam.

Sam looked at him for a moment, wondering how someone so smart and intuitive could be so frigid' stupid.

"What are you thinking?" Kurt asked nervously.

"I'm thinking I don't understand how someone so smart and intuitive could be so frigid' stupid" Sam replied honestly. Kurt blushed.

"Kurt, what can I do to convince you that this isn't some phase I'm going through. What can I say so that you truly believe me when I say I have never cared about anyone the way I care about you? Please, tell me what I can do and I'll do it."

Kurt bit down on his lip harder. "There's nothing you can say or do...because its not your problem, its mine. You've never given me a reason to doubt you...I'm just...insecure. I never thought that someone like you would ever be interested in...someone like me."

Sam wrapped both his arms around Kurt, hugging him to his chest. "You mean someone talented, and beautiful and funny and smart and sexy? Yes, how do I stand you."

Kurt snuggled himself deeper into Sam's arms, pressing his face against his chest.

"And yes, it is my problem. As your boyfriend it is my duty to make your problems my problems. And I know theres a way for me to solve it."

"There isnt..." Kurt said into Sam's chest. Sam stroked his hair.

"There is though. I've been thinking a lot about this...and I decided the best way to do this is in steps. So, next week I'm taking my first step towards coming out and...I'm telling the Glee Club. And my mother." He added.

Kurt shot out of Sam's arms, and stared at him, his eyes wide. "What? When? How?"

Sam laughed, and put his hand on Kurt's cheek. "I just told you what. And when...probably after everyone is finished performing their assignments for the week. As for how, I'm still working on that part."

Kurt lunged forward, pressed his mouth against Sam's. "I, oh Sam. I'm so..."

Sam laughed again, and kissed Kurt back. Kurt stopped, and look at him seriously. "You don't have to, you know. I don't want you to feel like you need to do this, I want you to be ready. I'm fine if you want to wait longer."

Sam smiled, and leaned forward to kiss Kurt. "I am ready, trust me, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't. And don't pretend like you weren't just a little hurt that I wanted to keep things a secret."

Kurt cast his eyes downward. "I- I wanted to be supportive, and let you know you could take your time..." Kurt began sadly "But, deep down, more than that I just wanted to be able to tell everyone about my hot new boyfriend" he confessed.

Sam pulled Kurt back under his arm, and leaned Kurt's head against his chest. "Yeah, me too."

They lay there together for a few more minutes, completely absorbed in each other...so absorbed that they hand't even heard Sam's mother come home until she opened Sam's bedroom door.

Sam's mother stood in the doorway and gaped at them, as Kurt shrieked and threw himself off of Sam, tumbling to the floor.

"Uh...Mom, this uh..." Sam stumbled, trying to figure out what to say.

"This, is uh, Kurt." Sam said, reaching down next to the bed to grab his shirt. Kurt was blushing furiously, hurriedly buttoning up the shirt that Sam had unbuttoned only a half an hour ago.

Sam's mother continued to stare, speechless. Sam got up off the bed and put his shirt on.

"I uh...need to take him home." He said, brushing past her. Kurt followed, squeaking "Hi" at her as he passed.

They rushed out of the house and into the car, and drove towards Kurt's house in silence. Kurt was trying to remind himself of everything Sam had said a little while ago. He is not going to dump me, he is not going to dump me…

Sam appeared to be thinking very hard, his eyebrows knitted tightly together in concentration. Neither of them said anything until they pulled into Kurt's driveway. Kurt leaned towards Sam and kissed him on the cheek.

"Call me tomorrow and let me know how it went" he said nervously. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, I will." He smiled nervously at Kurt. "Wish me luck." Kurt smiled back.

"It'll be fine." He told him, kissing him on the mouth.

"See you tomorrow" Sam said to Kurt as he exited the car. Tomorrow? Kurt thought. Then he remembered that he had said they would go back to Chant tomorrow. He smiled as he went through the door. Things would be ok.

A/N: I was going to include Sam's talk with his mother in this chapter, but I decided to divide up the chapters. So I will publish that tomorrow.

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