Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 15

Chapter 15:

As Sam drove them towards Chant, Kurt started in on one of his favorite topics; clothes.

"What do you think you'll wear for the Glee assignment?" he asked, checking his hair in the cars mirror.

"Uh, we have to wear something special?" Sam asked, crinkling his nose. "Your hair looks great by the way, you can stop fiddling with it."

Kurt blushed lightly, and closed the mirror. "No, you don't have to wear something special, but its probably a good idea. I have a few different outfit possibilities picked out, depending on what song I decide to go with."

Sam pretended to think hard. "Well, I think I might wear a t-shirt, and blue jeans. Or maybe a sweater, and blue jeans. Or, maybe I'll wear a button-down shirt and...wait for it...blue jeans."

Kurt laughed. "I'm getting a feeling you don't own much beyond blue jeans."

Sam groaned. "Dude, I don't have anything beyond blue jeans."

"Ok, I'm gonna suggest something a little crazy, but bear with me; buy more clothes."

Sam laughed. "My mother raised me very frugally. Unlike someone I know, who spends every penny of his allowance on $50 skinny jeans."

Kurt looked taken aback. "I will have you know that I am very frugal. Those were on sale."

Sam smiled and shook his head. "Sorry, your stuck with boring blue jeans from Costco."

Kurt opened his mouth to respond, then closed it as a look of sudden inspiration came over him. He suddenly looked very excited.

"What?" Sam asked.

"What what?" Kurt responded.

"You got this funny look on your face a second ago..."

"What look?" Kurt asked innocently.

"Like if you were a cartoon character, a light bulb would have just appeared over your head with a small 'ding' sound."

Kurt laughed. "I have no idea what your talking about, Samuel. Maybe you should focus more on driving, and less on my face."

"I can't help it, your face is just so distracting." Sam said sweetly.

"Don't say things like that while your driving, I might not be able to stop myself from attacking you. We could get into an accident." Kurt warned.

Sam grinned. "It'd be worth it."

20 minutes later, they arrived at Chant. Sam walked in, and looked around. Kurt hadn't followed him in. Just as he was wondering where he went, Kurt came through the doors.

"Where'd you go?" Sam asked, going towards him.

"Shoelace undone. These boots take forever to lace up." Kurt said, gesturing to his boots, which went up to his knees. Sam smiled, and pulled Kurt towards him, kissing him.

He brushed Kurt's hair up, loving the softness of it and the way it always smelled like fruit.

A second later, he felt someone tap him on his shoulder, and turned around.

Standing in front of him was a very, very, very angry looking Quinn. Sam felt all the colour drain from his face, and before he could say anything, she drew her arm back and punched him in the nose.

Pain shot through his nose, and seemed to rocket around his entire head. He heard Kurt gasp beside him as he doubled over in pain. He felt blood seep out and he tried to catch it with his hands. His nose felt like it had been split into 30 million tiny pieces of pure agony.

"What the fuck Sam!" Quinn spat angrily. Kurt put his arms around Sam, trying to comfort him. He stared at Quinn in fear, hoping she didn't turn on him next. He had never seen someone so scary before. And that included all the bullies he'd faced over the years.

"You fucking cheating, lying, asshole….man" she continued venomously. Kurt noticed the brunette girl with the work boots from the other night standing behind Quinn, watching with a panicked look on her face.

"I'm sorry Quinn, I wanted to tell you but I knew how hurt you'd be." Sam tried to say. The blood was getting in his mouth when he spoke and he continued to keep his face covered with his hands to stop it dripping. He thought some of his words might have been obscured, but he tried apologizing anyways. "I'm so sorry."

His hands muffled what he was trying to say, and Kurt was only able to understand the gist of what Sam was saying. He tried to relay the message to Quinn.

"We're sorry Quinn, we didn't mean to hurt you" He squeaked.

"Shut up Kurt." Quinn snapped. She turned back to Sam, who was wiping the blood off his face with his already blood-smeared hands. "I can't believe you cheated on me..and with another man!"

Suddenly, Mercedes appeared behind them. Kurt had forgotten they were friends, and although he had thought he'd heard a familiar voice singing, he hadn't had time to notice who it was. He dropped his arms from around Sam. Now was not the time for her to find out about them.

"What happened?" she asked, looking from Sam's bloody face to Quinn, standing there fuming.

The girl with the work boots opened her mouth to respond, and was met with such a bone-chilling glare from Quinn that she closed it immediately.

Quinn gave a small, high pitched scream and stalked away. Kurt didn't notice to where. The urge to comfort Sam was so strong, he willed Mercedes to leave.

The brunette girl was still standing there, staring sadly at them. "Sorry, I tried to help."

Sam nodded. Mercedes threw her arms up in the air. "Help what? What happened?"

Sam had now straightened up, and his nose seemed to have stop bleeding. He felt sick to his stomach. He looked at the girl standing near them, who was obviously Quinn's friend.

"Do you think I should try and apologize?" He asked slowly. The thought of facing her again when she was so mad made him want to run and cry, but if it would help…

"Should I try and talk to-" he continued, but was cut off by a loud blast of music. A song started playing, and Sam thought his ear drums would break. It had never seemed this loud before.

He looked at the stage, and his heart sank. Quinn was standing there, looking like the textbook definition of "pissed off." Except scarier.

Sam stood there, feeling like he might cry. Mercedes and the girl were both gawking at Quinn, and Kurt took the opportunity to subtly take Sam's hand in his.

Tears spilled over as the lyrics washed over him. You're just...a fuck...I can't explain it 'cause i think you suck...

"Sam, what the hell did you do to her!" He heard Mercedes shout over the music, which seemed to be growing even louder.

He stared at his feet. He wished someone would just kill him. Tears kept falling, and Sam sniffed them back. He used to consider himself fairly thick-skinned, he had been someone who very rarely cried.

Lately, it was all he seemed to do. I'm taking pride...in telling you to fuck off and die…

The music ended, and the girl turned to him. "No," she said sadly, "I don't think now would be a good time for you to try and apologize."

He couldn't take it anymore, he bolted out of the club. Kurt ran out after him.

Sam stood outside, leaning against the building. Kurt came up behind him, and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I think I'm going to vomit." Sam, breathing heavily.

"Come on," Kurt said, leading Sam by the arm to the car. "I'll drive."

They drove for a little while in silence, before Kurt finally had to ask where they were going.

"Your house" Sam said sullenly. "My Mom will freak if she sees me like this."

Kurt nodded. He drove quickly, neither of them saying anything.

When he got to his house, he hoped he'd have time to get Sam cleaned up before anyone saw him. So of course when he opened the door, his entire family was sitting in the living room.

They turned and stared when they came in, and Kurt cursed the god he didn't believe in.

"Oh my god, Sam what happened." Finn asked, getting out of his chair and walking over.

"Quinn was there. She saw." Sam replied in a monotone voice. Kurt led him to the kitchen, where Finn, his Dad and Carole followed.

"Quinn did this to you? The tiny blond girl?" Burt asked, shocked.

Sam nodded. Kurt got the first-aid kit down from a shelf in the kitchen and began cleaning Sam up with an antiseptic towelette.

"I'll make some tea..." Carole said, going over to the stove.

"We have a first aid kit?" Finn asked, watching Kurt clean the blood off Sam's face. Kurt ignored Finn, and got out a band-aid for Sam's nose, which had a small cut on it from Quinn's ring.

"So, she saw you two...uh..together?" Burt asked uncomfortably. Sam stared at Kurt, who blushed.

"He's my dad, I had to tell him. And Finn knew, and was like 2 days away from spilling anyways."

Finn looked down and shifted his weight uncomfortably. "I was not..." he said quietly.

Sam nodded. "It's fine. I'm uh, sorry we had to meet this way, Mr. Hummel. I'd usually try and shake your hand now but..." Sam said, glancing down at his still bloody hands.

Burt nodded. "It's okay. I'll give you a rain check on the hand shake." Sam smiled, then winced. Kurt gave a small, sympathetic whimper and began fussing over Sam again.

Carole brought over the tea, and an ice pack and Sam thanked her. She motioned to Burt to give them some privacy, and they left the room.

"So, she was like super pissed, huh?" Finn said. Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Actually she was really happy, she bought us flowers" he replied sarcastically.

Finn nodded. "Right...is she gonna tell people?"

Kurt gulped. "I don't know..." he said glancing nervously at Sam, who shook his head.

"She'd be too embarrassed, trust me." He sighed, taking the ice pack off his face. "And I had this big coming out thing planned, too..."

Finn's eyes widened. "Dude, you were gonna come out? That's huge!" He said, slapping Sam happily on the back. Sam winced again, and put the ice pack back on his nose.

Kurt nodded sadly. "Yeah, you should probably hold off on that until she calms down..." He said bitterly. He knew he should feel sorry for Quinn, should feel awful for what they did...but right now he just felt angry.

Sam nodded gravely, feeling extremely exhausted. "Kurt, do you think I could stay here for tonight?"

Kurt bit his lip. "I don't know how my Dad will feel about that..." he said slowly. Sam stared at him with huge eyes, and Kurt was pretty sure if he didn't say yes that that look was physically going to break his heart.

Apparently, Sam's puppy dog eyes had an effect on Finn, too. "It should be cool, theres space in my room for an air mattress and you can stay there. I'll promise Burt that I'll keep an eye on you." he joked.

Kurt nodded. "I think that could work...I'll go ask." He rushed out of the room. Finn turned to Sam.

"How you doing?" Finn asked. Sam sighed.

"Honestly, not too good. I keep trying to do the right thing, and I keep fucking up."

Finn nodded. "I know the feeling."

Kurt rushed back in looking very excited. "He said OK! But yeah, you have to stay in Finn's room. Oh, and he told me to tell you that he does actually own a shot gun, and if he think's your getting antsy in the middle of the night, he will immediately adopt a 'shoot first, ask questions after he's hidden the body' mentality."

Sam nodded. "I can live with that." He said, lifting his arm up, and Kurt immediately rushed under it, smiling.

"Come on, I just bought Serenity on DVD and I've been dying to watch it." Kurt said, picking up his tea and tugging on Sam's shirt. Sam smiled, ignoring the pain.

"That is possibly one of the sexiest things I have ever heard you say. See, I told you you'd love Firefly.*"

"Can I watch with you?" Finn asked, trying out his own puppy dog face. The effect was more comedic than sympathetic, but Sam and Kurt agreed anyways.

They made their way into the living room, and Kurt put in the movie. Sam sat there with his arm around Kurt, trying not to think about everything that happened that evening. He couldn't understand why everything had to be so freaking difficult.

Sitting there in the dark, holding Kurt felt so right, and so good. It seemed disgusting that moments like this had to come with such a price. A loud, punched in the nose- song-yelled at in public, price.

He glanced over at Finn, who was clutching a pillow to his chest, completely engrossed in the action. He wondered if things were ever this complicated in his relationships.

When the movie ended, Sam was sure he had completely converted Finn to the world of the sci-fi nerds. He wouldn't stop talking excitedly about each in-space chase and fight scene. He was hooked, and Sam felt a little proud.

They went up to Finn's room, and Kurt gave him a good night kiss, and then went down the hall to his own room. He felt a little sad, and wished he was staying in Kurt's room, but the thought of seeing Kurt in the morning cheered him up.

He borrowed some sweat pants and a t shirt from Finn by way of pajamas. They were a little huge on him, but Sam was so tired he barely noticed. He fell asleep immediately.

In the middle of the night, he woke up shaking. He'd had an awful dream. Quinn was wearing her friend's work boots and stomping all over his nose. He just kept screaming at her to stop because she was getting blood all over his jeans, and he didn't have another pair. But she just laughed, and pulled out a blow torch, aiming it at his nose.

He jerked awake, gasping for breath. He nose still felt like it was on fire, and his heart was racing. He thought he might cry again, when a soft hand on his chest distracted him. He looked down, and was instantly calmed. Kurt had snuck into his room, and was asleep on the air mattress with him. He smiled thankfully, and snuggled Kurt closer to his chest. He looked even more like an angel when he was asleep, and Sam kissed him on his forehead, wrapping his arm around him and falling instantly back asleep.

He did not have another bad dream that night.

*Firefly was a short-lived tv show by Joss Whedon. It was cancelled (because FOX is the devil) after 14 episodes, and everyone was outraged. The demand was so strong, they made a movie called Serenity to give the series a proper ending.

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