Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 16

So I think I will be finishing this story soon, BUT DO NOT WORRY! I'm already planning a sequel. Not to mention "No Man's Land."

There will probably be about two or three more chapters.

Chapter 16:

The next morning, when Burt Hummel went to go wake up Finn and Sam, he was not pleased with what he saw.

His son was asleep in the arms of Sam, both of them smiling obnoxiously in their sleep. Burt sighed, and adjusted his baseball cap as he assessed the situation.

Both boys still seemed fully clothed, and Finn was in the room, so Burt figured there was no real damage done. Finn snored like a grizzly bear, but he was a light sleeper. Any...activity…would have woken him up. Burt sighed again and went over to wake them up.

He looked down, frowning. Ever since he was a baby, he'd always thought his son looked like a porcelain angel when he slept. He looked so serene with Sam's arm around him, Burt couldn't bring himself to disturb them. Not to mention, Sam just looked too pathetic, with his nose puffed up around the band-aid Kurt had put on, and one hell of a shiner coming in. Burt shook his head, and against his better judgment, left the room to let them sleep.

Finn woke up 20 minutes later, and groaned when he saw Kurt lying in Sam's bed. Burt's gonna kill me….

He got off he bed, and went over to the sleeping boys on the mattress.

"Dude...Sam...get up." He said sleepily, kicking the mattress a little.

Sam moaned and waved his arm at Finn before tucking it back under Kurt and resuming his slumber.

"Come on, seriously, Burt's gonna kill me..." He continued, rubbing his eyes. Just then, Burt appeared in the doorway.

"It's ok Finn, I saw already. Let them sleep" he said. "Sam's got a hell of painful day ahead of him, and I don't want to be responsible for starting it early." Finn nodded, and lumbered into the bathroom.

When he came out a half an hour later, he reeled backwards and smacked into a wall. Apparently while he'd been in the bathroom, Sam and Kurt had woken up and decided to take advantage of the empty room.

Kurt was now lying on top of Sam, and the shirt Sam borrowed from Finn had somehow found its way onto the floor. They weren't doing anything more than kissing, but it was a shocking sight so early in the morning.

"Dude, knock much?" Sam asked, grabbing his- Finn's- shirt from off the floor. Kurt was hiding his face in his hands, blushing furiously.

Finn rubbed his forehead. "Sorry, I didn't think to knock before coming into my own room, from my bathroom."

"We're sorry Finn! We thought you would be having breakfast..." Kurt mumbled through his fingers.

"We didn't do it on purpose," Sam explained, getting up. "I took my shirt off thinking I'd start getting dressed, and he just leapt at me like a mad-man. I was defenseless." He finished, grinning.

Finn crinkled his nose. "Dude, I'm fine with your being all gay and stuff, but he is my brother. I do not need to see or hear this stuff."

Sam laughed and took his clothes to get dressed in the bathroom. Kurt slowly removed his hands from his face, which was still bright red. He smiled guiltily at Finn.

"I am sorry Finn." He said sheepishly. Finn sighed.

"It's cool man. It's a small price to pay for seeing you so happy all the time." He said, walking over and sitting on his bed.

"So, are you like...in love with him?" Finn asked when he heard the water running in the bathroom. He grinned. "Cuz you look like your in love with him."

The blush in Kurt's cheeks deepend. "I don't know...maybe..." he said quietly.

"Come on, you so love him, even I can tell. And I'm clueless." He teased.

Kurt looked at his hands, trying to hold back a smile. "...maybe a little."

They heard the water shut off, and Sam left the bathroom looking extremely upset.

"It's official, I look like a blond eggplant." he said, throwing himself onto the air mattress. "I had one thing going for me, and that was my face. You have no reason to be with me now." He said, dramatically tossing his arm over his face.

"Thats not true!" Kurt said, laying his head down on Sam's chest. "You also have sexy abs."

"And on that note, I'm going to get breakfast." Finn said, exiting the room.

Once Finn was gone, Sam sighed. "You know, theres a lot of things I hate about myself. My face was never one of them. I liked it, I thought it was a good face. I thought we had a good thing going, my face and I…but one punch from a girl, and its turned on me. Horribly."

"Sam, it's not that bad..." Kurt said, cringing. That was a lie, it was pretty bad. His nose was swollen and purple looking, and his eye was black and puffy. The over all was effect was extremely pathetic, and Kurt was having a hard time not simpering in pity.

Sam eyed him. "I know it's bad. I can practically feel you itching to fuss over me."

Kurt smiled. "A little yeah. You just...you look so….'awwww'"

"Arrrg." Sam said, pulling a pillow over his face, then throwing it off and wincing. "Ow..."

Kurt kissed Sam lightly on the cheek. "You know theres a lot more things I like about you, right? Not just your face?"

"Yeah. My sexy abs, right?"

"Besides that."

"Eh...not really." Sam mumbled. Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Theres a million more things. Should I start with the little things?"

Kurt began ticking things off on his fingers. "I love how melodramatic you get when your nervous, and how your mind makes everything into these life and death scenarios when you get upset, I love how passionate you are about every single facet of each sci-fi universe you love. I love those disgusting food-creations you make, I love when you absent-mindedly rub little circles on the back of my hand, or my shoulder with your thumbs…"

Kurt got closer to him as he went on. "I love how you look at me, like I'm the most important person in the world,"

"You are" Sam cut in, and Kurt smiled.

"I love how you hold me, and make feel safe and happy and warm. I love how strong you are, and how you never disappoint me. Every time I think things are getting too difficult for you, and you've had enough, you always surprise me. No matter how tough things are, you stay with me, even though I know how much easier walking away would be."

Sam shook his head. "It wouldn't be." He said, almost too quietly to hear.


"It wouldn't be easier to walk away. It would be the hardest thing like...ever. Harder than coming out to my Mom, and the kids at school. Harder than lying to Quinn, harder than having her tell me to fuck off an die..." he swallowed, trying not to remember exactly how hard those things were. "Being with you is the easiest thing I've ever done. When I'm with you, its all simple and effortless. Its everything else thats difficult. But not you."

Kurt blushed, and kissed Sam again. "I love that you think that."

"I know that." He said as their lips met. "Lately, it's the only thing I know."

Half an hour later, Kurt got dressed and they made their way down to breakfast. Kurt's father was still sitting at the table, reading the sports section and drinking a cup of coffee. When they entered the kitchen, he did not look thrilled.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked, not looking up from his paper.

Kurt swallowed, and Sam froze in his spot. "Uhh…." they replied in unison.

"Oh, busted bro." Finn said, brushing past them to get some coffee.

"Finn, you told!" Kurt whined, staring at his step-brother with a hurt expression.

Finn held his hands up. "I didn't say nothing, he saw you guys before I was even awake."

"Oh..." Kurt said quietly, his face turning pink.

Sam stayed quietly where he was, afraid to move or speak.

"I'm sorry Dad, I just...he looked so hurt and puffy. I couldn't stand thinking of him lying all alone in an unfamiliar room with only the sound of Finn's awful snores to keep him company, especially in such a time of need!" he said dramatically. Burt continued to read his paper.

"Really now, it was that horrible in Finn's room?" he said, sipping from his mug. Finn sat down at the table with his coffee, and mirrored Burt's skeptical expression, also taking a sip of coffee, and cringing horribly.

"Well, I just...he was all sad..." Kurt continued quietly, and Sam finally spoke up.

"I was, I felt terrible yesterday. I had the worst dream, Quinn was attacking me...it was horrible. When I woke up in the middle of the night and Kurt was there...I was so relieved. I...needed him." he finished, his purple face turning red. He stared at his shoes and absentmindedly reached over and grabbed Kurt's hand, rubbing small circles on it with his thumb. They both felt better.

Burt sighed and folded up his newspaper. "It's fine."

Both boys looked up and stared. "It's what?" They said together.

"Fine." he said simply, looking at them with amusement. "I've been thinking about this all morning, and I'm ok with it, as long as nothing happened." He narrowed his eyes. "Nothing happened, right?"

"Nothing happened!" Sam said quickly.

"Just sleeping." Kurt added. Burt looked at Finn, who nodded.

"I would have woken up, the air mattress makes squeaky noises if you move around on it too much." He said, taking another sip of coffee and grimacing.

"Why are you drinking coffee Finn?" Kurt asked, getting some for himself. Sam sat down at the table.

"Rachel says I need to improve my energy levels when I perform. I figure I should get used to drinking coffee." He said, taking another painful gulp.

Kurt sat down at the table. "You know thats decaf, right?"

Finn spat the coffee out. "Ug, no!" He wiped his mouth.

Burt chuckled to himself. "I wondered how long it was gonna take him before he remembered I can only have decaf."

Finn looked at his cup miserably and Sam smiled. "Sorry bro, you've been torturing yourself for no reason."

"Yeah..well...at least I don't look like a puffy grape..." Finn grunted. Kurt kicked him under the table and Burt and Sam laughed.

Monday morning arrived all too quickly. Sam woke up, and forgetting for a moment about his bruises, rubbed his eyes. Then screamed.

"What is it, whats wrong, what happened?" His mother shouted, rushing into the room. She had been more upset than Sam had expected when he had come home yesterday looking "like purple mashed potatoes" (her words). They had had the worlds most unpleasant conversation, which involved Sam explaining that not only had a girl done this to him, but she had done it with good reason. She was extremely disappointed in him for cheating on Quinn, but her horror at seeing her son so bruised looking had stopped her from doing more than crying and hugging him.

It had not been a fun evening, and it would appear she was still extremely on edge.

"Did you have a bad dream?" She asked, sitting on the edge of his bed and running her hands through his hair like she'd done when he was little. "Poor baby..."

"Mo-om!" He groaned, yanking his head away. He was getting very tired of all the pity he was receiving. "No...I just forgot about...this" he said, gesturing to his eye. "I rubbed my eyes...and how did you know I've been having bad dreams?"

She tilted her head sorrowfully. "You were screaming in your sleep. 'No Quinn, I'm sorry. No kicking. Not the face...decaf coffee?' I understood everything but the last bit."

Sam thought for a moment, trying to remember the dream he'd had. "Finn was there, but he wasn't helping me. He just kept drinking coffee and telling me he had to drink decaf or Rachel would be angry...I was really screaming?" He asked, sitting up.

She nodded sadly. "You don't have to go to school today, you know. I won't make you."

Sam stared at her, shocked. "Really?" That would be great...the longer he could put off seeing Quinn again the better. Not to mention explaining to everyone what happened to his eye and nose. He sighed. "Nah...I better get it over with."

She shook her head. "Well, your braver than me. Come on, I'll get you breakfast."

On the car ride to school, he decided that he wasn't going to say anything about what happened. The kids would come to their own conclusions.

He forced himself to get out of the car, and walked over the schools front doors.

The moment he stepped through the door and people spotted him, a hush fell over the halls. Immediately people began to whisper to each other and send text messages to their friends. He walked down the hall way towards his locker, and told himself that running away screaming right now would look funny. He forced himself to keep walking, sure that at any moment he was going to collapse.

He felt a pull on his sleeve and looked next to him, expecting Jacob Ben Israel pushing a recorder his face, asking if someone beat him up for being too blond. Instead he was greeted with an infinitely more welcome sight.

"Hey, I figured you could use some support." Kurt said, smiling. Sam resisted the urge hug him and cry onto his shoulder out of pure relief.

"Oh no, I'm fine." Sam said with a sarcastic smirk. "This is easy, everyone staring at me and whispering. I could do this in my sleep."

Kurt smiled ruefully and waved his hand, as if trying to brush away the whispers. "Don't worry, I get this every time I wear a particularly shocking outfit. They'll move on by lunch time." Sam nodded, hoping he was right.

He was only partially right, as about half the school seemed to have moved on by lunch time. The other half continue to snicker, point and/or whisper as he walked past. Occasionally, he caught snippets of what they were saying.

"...heard it was Puckerman, got him for going after Quinn…."

"...got so stoned he thought he was a ghost, ran into a door four times in a row..."

"...The spanish teacher beat him up for winning that song competition for them..."

Sam spent the day resisting the urge to turn around and shout "I CAN HEAR YOU!" directly into these people's faces, something that was much easier to do when Kurt was next to him. Alas, most of their classes were not together or in similar sections of the school. He spent much of the day alone. Kurt sent him encouraging text messages whenever he could, but it wasn't the same as having him with him.

As he made his way towards the cafeteria at lunch, he phone made the twittering sound that let him know he had received a text from Kurt. If anyone one else had texted him, it would have made a beeping noise.

Do NOT go into the caf. Trust me. Meet me on the bleachers, havin lunch w/ Finn.

Sam stopped directly outside the doors, wheeled around and walked out of the school towards the bleachers. He didn't know why he should avoid the cafeteria, but he trusted Kurt enough not to test it.

He made his way over to the bleachers next to the football field, and found Kurt sitting alone.

"Why shouldn't I go to the caf?" He asked, sitting down next to him.

"Are you kidding? Do you want to be ambushed by a bunch of crack-pot theories concerning how you got that eye? I've heard theories ranging from 'Puck did it' to 'He's involved in a gang war'."

Sam nodded. "Good point."

"Anyways," he continued. "Wheres Finn?" Kurt pointed to the field, where Finn was throwing a football back and forth with Puck. Sam raised his eyebrow.

"I thought Finn hated him. You know, the whole 'Sorry dude, I knocked up your girlfriend' thing?"

Kurt laughed. "I guess he's forgiven him. You know Finn, he's got an attention span that makes gnats look focused." Sam nodded. This was true.

"I wish Quinn was half that forgiving" he said, taking a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, with M&M's and marshmallows, out of his his bag. It was Monday, after all.

"Do I want to know what that is?" Kurt asked, wrinkling his nose. Sam smiled and shook his head.

"Nope." He said, taking a bite. It tasted like pure awesome. "Mmm...M&M's...so gooood…"

"Whose got M&M's?" Finn asked, making his way over with Puck.

"Sam does, in his sandwich" Kurt said disdainfully.

"Nice one." Finn said, high-fiving Sam. Puck grinned.

"'Sup Evans?" He asked, taking a seat on the bleachers.

"Nufin'" Sam said, his mouth full of marshmallow.

"Cool. So, what happened to your face?"

Sam sighed. "None of your business." he said, swallowing.

Puck arched his eyebrow. "Actually, it is my business. See, everyone thinks it was me. And beating in another dude's face sort of violates my parole."

Sam hadn't thought of that. "Don't worry, if you need me to tell someone it wasn't you, I'll do it. And there were witnesses, so you'll be fine."

Kurt nodded.

"Good, cuz I ain't going back to juvie for something I didn't even get to do."

"So," Finn jumped in, changing the subject. "You guys gonna perform in Glee today? I think I'm gonna wait until Wednesday..."

"I'm getting mine out of the way today." Puck said, taking a water bottle out of his bag. "Rippin' the band-aid off fast."

"What are you doing?" Kurt asked.

"You'll see." Puck said, grinning. "Don't want to ruin the surprise. It's gonna be good though, I got Mr. Schue and Mike to assist."

"Well, it should be spectacular." Sam said, smiling.

"Oh, It will be." Puck said, getting up as the bell rang.

The rest of them packed up there lunch and made their way back inside.

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