Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 17

Chapter 17:

It was time for Glee, and Sam was petrified about seeing Quinn. He wondered if anyone had asked her about what happened to him, and what she might have said.

Kurt and him arrived before the rest of them, and sat down. "Whose going today?" Kurt asked Mr. Schuester, who was sitting on a large crate at the front of the room.

"Puck and Quinn have both approached me about performing today, and Mercedes said she was ready to go as well. Rachel, of course, will also be performing. She reserved her spot the day I gave the assignment out." He said, and Sam was sure he saw him roll his eyes.

A few minutes later, Rachel arrived looking extremely excited. She was wearing a large baseball cap, tilted to the side and large hoop earrings. She had on army patterned cargo pants and a matching cropped army jacket. Artie followed her into the room, smiling approvingly.

She had a CD in her hand, which she put into the player and made her way into the centre of the room as the rest of the glee club slowly made there way in.

"I would like thank Mr. Schuester for creating this assignment, which I believe has allowed me to truly expand myself as artist." Rachel said, and the rest of the club rolled their eyes.

She looked over at Mr. Schue, and he pressed PLAY on the machine.

A funky hip-hop beat came through the speakers, and Rachel bopped along to the music, a serious look on her face and her arms crossed.

Sam leaned over to Artie and asked what song she was singing. He smiled. "Get Your Freak On, by Missy Elliot." Sam nodded, as Rachel began to rap.

Missy be puttin it down

I'm the hottest round

I told y'all moter-uhh

Y'all can't stop me now

Listen to me now

Sam grinned and tapped his feet along with the music. Finn and a few others were doing the same. Mercedes, Santana and Kurt were the only ones that did not look happy. Rachel was great.

QUITE! Sssshhhhhh,hush yo' mouth

QUITE! Sssshhhhhh hush yo' mouth

I know you feel me now (YES)I know you hear me loud (YES)I scream it loud and proud (YES)Missy gon' blow it down (YES)

People gon' play me now (YES) in and outta town (YES) Cause I'm the best around(YES) with this crazy style

go,go,go,go,go get your freak on

get your freak on

get your freak on

get your freak on

get your freak on

get your freak on

getcha,getcha,getcha,getcha,getcha freak on

Rachel finished the song, striking a "gangsta" pose, and Artie gave her a thumbs up. Everyone clapped, and Finn got to his feat and cheered. Mr. Schue looked surprised and impressed.

Instead of bowing, Rachel smacked her chest a few times and made a "peace" sign before swaggering over to the CD player and popping out her disc. She took her seat as Puck got up and put his in. Just then the door opened, and Quinn walked in.

Sam hadn't noticed she hadn't been present, though he supposed he should have; the room hadn't felt unfriendly before.

He, a long with the rest of the club, stared at her.

"Sorry I'm later Mr. Schue." She said, taking a seat. Everyone continued to gape.

Quinn was wearing ripped leather pants that were extremely beat up looking, and very tight. She was wearing a matching leather vest that plunged extremely low. The vest had metal studs going down the front and was just as tight at the pants. She had black wrist bands on, and lots of dark make up. Her hair had blue, green and purple streaks in it.

She liked like a biker chick.

A sexy biker chick, in the mind of the most of the male members of the glee club.

A slutty biker chick, in the minds of the female members as well as Kurt and Sam.

Mr. Schuester was trying not to look at her.

"Uh, that's o-ok Quinn...just take a seat." he said, even though she already had.

"Uh, Mr. Schue, can I go now?" Puck asked, standing at the front of the class.

"Yes Puck, lets go." He said, snapping out of it.

"'Kay" he said, motioning to Mike, who pressed play.

The music started, and Sam instantly recognized the song. Kurt had made him watch that movie the week before.

Puck put on a mischievous grin, and began to sing.

Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke,

You gotta understand,

It's just our bringin' up-ke

That gets us out of hand.

Our mothers all are junkies,

Our fathers all are drunks.

Golly Moses, natcherly we're punks!

Puck was getting very into the song, jumping around like the actors in the film and exaggerating his facial expressions. He sung to Mr. Schuester, who was playing "Officer Krupke" and watching Puck with his arms crossed, and a frown on his face.

Puck finished the first few verses and Mr. Schue pretended to choke up.

"That's a touchin' good story" He said in a New York accent.

"Lemme tell it to the world!" Puck shouted.

"Just tell it to the judge" Schue responded, dragging Puck by his ear over to where Mike stood behind the giant crate at the front of the room. Everyone laughed.

Puck continued with the song.

Dear kindly Judge, your Honor,

My parents treat me rough.

With all their marijuana,

They won't give me a puff.

They didn't wanna have me,

But somehow I was had.

Leapin' lizards! That's why I'm so bad!

Mike appeared to evaluate Puck's plea.

"Right!" He said, tweaking his voice to make it deep. "Officer Krupke, you're really a square; This boy don't need a judge, he needs an analyst's care! It's just his neurosis that oughta be curbed. He's psychologic'ly disturbed!

"I'm disturbed!" Puck shouted, falling over. The song continued in this way, with Mike playing the different people Puck was taken to see. He finished up the final verse, of course, on his knees.

Gee, Officer Krupke,

We're down on our knees,

'Cause no one wants a fellow with a social disease.

Gee, Officer Krupke,

What are we to do?

Gee, Officer Krupke,

Krup you!

At the last line Puck sprang up to his feet and pretended to smack Mr. Schue on the head, who then proceeded to fall comically backwards.

When they were done, everyone sprang to their feet applauding. Even Kurt and Rachel, die hard fans of the original, were extremely impressed. Puck, Mike and Mr. Schue bowed.

Mercedes went next, and Sam recognized the song from the movie "Kill Bill." He was pretty sure it was by Nancy Sinatra. The song was slow, and Mercedes made her voice soft and chilling, and Sam could hardly believe it was the same belting voice he was used to. Her performance was greeted by silence, everyone was completely awed by the transformation. Mr. Schue and Quinn started a slow clap, and everyone joined in.

"Alright, now thats what I'm talking about!" he said excitedly. "Mercedes, that was brilliant."

"I know." She said, sitting back down next to Quinn, who hugged her. Mr. Schuester turned to Quinn, still not looking directly at her.

"Ok, Quinn. You're up."

Sam gulped. Praying she wasn't singing something similar to what she'd sung on Saturday.

She got the front of the room and put in her music, pressing play herself.

The music started slow and built up quickly to a rhythmic beat. Quinn stood by the microphone stand looking angry and tough.

I was your girl, gave you my world

My everything

But you wouldn't see

I had your back

I backed you up

whatever I did

was never enough

Just you... you

That's all you ever thought about

You... you

No one matters like you do

what goes around comes around

You should know by now

The song was quick, biting, and strong. Quinn sounded sure of herself, and in control. Her voice was throaty and dark, so different from its usual prettiness. Sam had heard her sing in that voice on Saturday, and the sound of it brought back awful memories.

Bet you never thought that I could break you

Did you think that i would look the other way

Yeah you had it all figured out

But tell me who's the one who's crying now

Sam gulped. She was staring right at him, her eyes flashing angrily.

All your one night stands ( should've thought about that )

Says he's just a friend ( should've thought about that )

Are you satisfied now' ( should've thought about that )

cause you can't hold me down

Sam glanced around, hoping no one but him had heard that. "Says he's just a friend", he was sure those weren't the original words...but no one else seemed to notice. Even if they had, she'd sung it quickly, and it could have been nothing more than a slip up. Sam knew it wasn't.

She finished the song just as powerfully as she'd started. Mercedes leapt up and cheered, rushing over to her.

Everyone else just stared, afraid to say anything. They all glanced at Sam, wondering what'd he'd done to make her so angry. He hoped he never had to tell them.

The bell rang and everyone filed out. Sam stayed behind, and Kurt waited for him.

"Mr. Schue, I'd like to go first on Wednesday, is that ok?"

He nodded. "Sure Sam. Um, about Quinn's performance...do you want to talk about that? I know you two broke up a little while ago..."

Sam shook his head. "No thanks...I'm dealing with it myself..." He said, glancing back at Kurt and motioning for him to follow. Kurt smiled at Mr. Schue as he passed him, and they left together.

Wednesday came and Sam spent the first half of the day alternating between feeling confident about his performance, and being sure it was going to be the worst thing ever.

When it came time for Glee, he almost left the school in fear, but Kurt dragged him into the Glee room, telling him he'd be great. He wasn't so sure.

Quinn was on time this time, and back in her cheerios uniform (although the different colored streaks remained, slightly faded but intact).

Sam waited for everyone to get settled, before bringing his chair to front of choir room, and adjusting the microphone. He sat down, and placed his guitar on his lap.

He cleared his throat. "Um, I had planned on singing something else, but in light of...Monday, I felt I really needed to get this out, and I thought Bob could say it a lot better than me."

He began strumming on the guitar, and singing in throaty, scratchy voice. He'd been practicing it all Monday and Tuesday after school, and was pretty sure he'd gotten the sound right now.

Go 'way from my window

Leave at your own chosen speed

I'm not the one you want, babe

I'm not the one you need

You say you're lookin' for someone

Never weak but always strong

To protect you an' defend you

Whether you are right or wrong

Someone to open each and every door

But it ain't me, babe

No, no, no, it ain't me, babe

It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

He glanced up at Quinn, and was relieved to see she didn't look angry. She looked almost...sad.

He looked around again, and everyone had the same sad, mesmerized look on their faces. Quinn looked close to tears.

But it ain't me, babe

No, no, no, it ain't me, babe

It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go melt back into the night, babe

Everything inside is made of stone

There's nothing in here moving

An' anyway I'm not alone

You say you're lookin' for someone

Who'll pick you up each time you fall

To gather flowers constantly

An' to come each time you call

A lover for your life an' nothing more

But it ain't me, babe

No, no, no, it ain't me, babe

It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

When he finished the song, everyone applauded immediately. Everyone except Quinn, who ran out of the room. Sam set his guitar down and ran after her.

"Quinn, wait up!" He yelled after her. She stopped at the end of the hallway. "I'm sorry Quinn, I wasn't trying-" he began, but she raised a hand up, cutting him off. She was in tears.

"No, Sam. I'm sorry. I...I can't believe how I've acted lately. I feel awful" she said, covering her face with her hands. He felt relieved, and put his arm around her.

Finally, they could talk.

"Quinn, I never wanted to hurt you. But, everything that song said is true. I'm not what your looking for right now, and I can't give you what you want."

Quinn nodded. "I know, I know...god I just hate myself. This entire time I've been holding you responsible, not just for how you hurt me, but for how every guy has hurt me. That's not fair...I, oh god I'm so sorry." She cried burying her face into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, patting her on the back.

"Hey, it's ok. I understand. I forgive you."

She moved her head back and looked at him. "How?"

"How what?"

"How can you forgive me? You were honest with me from the start...well, sort of honest. And I acted like a bitch. And even what you weren't honest about...I can understand that. I mean, the not being honest about it part..."

"I didn't want to lie to you, but I just couldn't..tell anyone yet. And, I didn't mean for it to happen...it just did. I'm sorry."

She shook her head. "After the way I acted, I think we're off you apologizing to me, and onto me apologizing to you. I'm so sorry about your face. Does Kurt hate me?" She tried to smile. Sam laughed, and hugged her tighter.

"Not as much as you might think. He says its ok, because he still has my sexy abs."

Quinn laughed, still slightly teary. "You guys...really like each other? I mean, this is a serious thing? I mean..not serious like 'are you serious' but serious like...long term."

Sam nodded and smiled. It was odd hearing Quinn babble. "Yeah, it's very serious. I've never..." he hesitated, unsure he should finish his sentence. "I've never felt this way about anyone." He finished.

Thankfully, Quinn nodded, and sniffed again. "I'm so s-" she began, but not Sam silenced her.

"Lets just call it even, ok?" Sam said, smiling.

"I don't think we're even until you've given me a matching black eye..." she said sadly.

"Nah, we're good. OK?" Sam said, stepping back from her and reaching out his hand.

She smiled, and shook it.

"So...when do you think you're going to tell people?" she asked, as they walked back down the hall towards the choir room. Sam paused at the door.

"Well, if its OK with you, I'd like to do it...soon." He said

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