Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 18

The fact that this chapter exists just proves how dedicated I am to this story. I had typed over 1000 words of it when my computer got bugged and demanded I restart. Everything was lost. After screaming for a few minutes, I re typed it. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Chapter 18:

The rest of Glee club was very interesting.

Finn sang an excellent rendition of Frank Sinatra's "I get a kick out of you", complete with some cool dance moves. He had obviously gotten some help from Mike in choreographing and performing the dance steps, as they appeared smooth and very un-Finn like.

Tina gave an energetic performance, singing "I can't get no satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones (although Kurt would have been hard pressed to say how this was different from her usual style, since he'd heard her sing such few songs he had no idea what her style even was).

The most surprising and impressive performance, however, came from Brittany. Since she had never actually performed a song for them before, she basically could have gone with anything. Instead, she beautifully performed Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano, which explained why Brad had looked so haggard all week.

Glee ended, and Kurt followed Sam to his locker, grilling him for details about his conversation with Quinn.

"Basically she just said she was sorry, and she cried." Sam said, taking some books from his locker and putting them into his backpack.

"You're kidding. Two days ago she was singing about breaking you...now she's begging for forgiveness? What d'you think happened to cause such a dramatic change?" Kurt asked, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Sam shrugged and slung his backpack onto his back. "I don't know and I don't care. All I care about is no longer having to worry about being assassinated in the hallways."

"You're not at all curious about her sudden change of heart?"

"Nope. Basically, I chock it up to 'girls are weird'."

"That they are." Kurt agreed, as they made their way out of the school.

"So," Sam said as they entered the schools parking lot, "Wanna hang out now? I could use some help on that french paper..."

"You haven't finished that yet?" Kurt asked, shocked.

"Well, define 'finish'." Sam said, smiling sheepishly.

Kurt stopped. "You have started though, haven't you?"

Sam stopped too, and looked guiltily down at his shoes. "...define 'started'..."

"Sam!" Kurt said, throwing his hands up in exasperation and resuming his walk. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking I had to learn 'It Ain't Me Babe' by Bob Dylan in two days." He said, jogging to keep up with Kurt's pace. "I was also thinking that if I really needed it, my super sexy incredibly smart almost fluent in french boyfriend would help me." Sam continued, making a pouting puppy dog face.

Kurt rolled his eyes, trying to pretend Sam's "I'm so cute, don't you want to help" expression had no effect on him. "Well, I'm going shopping with Carole right now but I can come over after. But I will not do the assignment for you, I expect to have something decent to work with when I get there, got it?"

Sam nodded happily. "I promise it will be at least mildly coherent."

He looked quickly around the parking lot, and when it appeared empty, gave Kurt a quick kiss on the lips before running off to his own car. Kurt shook his head, smiling, and got into his car to pick up his Step-Mom.

They had decided to go to a mall that was about 20 minutes away. Neither of them ever went there very often, but it had the shoe store Kurt liked and the home-furnishing store Carole wanted to look in. As Kurt drove down the highway, he noted that they were on a route similar to the one they would take to get to Chant. He figured the mall was probably no more than 5 or 10 minutes away from it.

As they drove, after the standard "How was school, how was work, how was your day" chitchat had been exhausted, conversation turned to Sam.

"How is his face?" Carole asked, giving the perfunctory sympathetic head-tilt.

Kurt grimaced. "Well...its healing."

Carole frowned compassionately. "Still looks like Barney the Purple Beat-up Dinosaur, huh?"

Kurt sighed. "I think the more it heals, the worse it looks. It's awful. I just want so badly to be able to do something, to make it better for him already. But all I can do is watch helplessly as he winces whenever he sneezes or blinks too hard."

Carole patted him on the shoulder. "Wait till you have children. I think a little bit of me died every time Finn fell down or bumped his head. And Finn bumped his head a lot."

Kurt smiled a little. "That actually explains a lot..."

They arrived at the mall 10 minutes later. They first went to Kurt's shoe store, and while he didn't end up buying anything, he did find a breathtaking pair of leather cowboy-style boots that were now officially on his list of things to save up for.

Next they went to the malls large department store, since Carole needed a new dress for a work related function on Friday, and although Kurt had a few outfits that he could wear for his glee assignment, the opportunity to buy a new one was just too great to pass up.

They headed to the women's department first, and Kurt zipped around the store picking out outfits for Carole to try on. He gave them to her to go try on, and began examining a pile of floral blouses.

Just then, he heard a female voice swear loudly behind him and begin coughing uncontrollably. He turned around to see a vaguely familiar looking girl standing by the perfume counter, although he didn't have the slightest clue where he would have seen her.

It would appear said girl had just smelled a something very unpleasant, as she was letting loose a string of swears and blasphemies that would have made a sailor blush, and holding her wrist away from her face like it had a fungus.

He shook his head, and was about to go back to the blouses when he noticed she was wearing a very familiar pair of disgusting men's work boots, and he suddenly remembered where he had seen her before; this was Quinn's friend from Chant.

Usually he wouldn't have said anything, but she just looked so bewildered, staring at all the different bottles of perfume on the counter and coughing pathetically, that he had to go help.

"You know they have little strips of paper specifically so you don't have to spray yourself, right?" He said, coming up behind her. She jumped, and hid the bottle she was holding behind her back guiltily, like he had caught her looking at a very dirty magazine.

"What? No! I didnt know that." She said, looking at the little basket of paper he was pointing to,.

"Yup. How much have you sprayed yourself?"

She frowned pathetically. "Lets just say I'm wearing so much perfume that I can no longer distinguish one smell from another."

Kurt gave her a sympathetic look. "Here, I'll help you. What kind of a scent are you looking for?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno...like...raspberry..."

"Thats it? Just raspberry?"

She nodded.

"Well, you'd probably have better luck in some place like Bath and Body Works then. They have simple smelling body sprays. The perfumes here tend to be more...interesting. They're usually a combination of different scents that go together in a certain way to make a brand new aroma."

"Oh, of course. I'm in the wrong place." She said, then sighed and put her head in her hands. "I can't do this..."

"What?" He asked, leaning against the counter and examining the bottle she had been holding.

"This." She said gesturing to the store around her. "Shop. Usually I just go to Old Navy, and buy what ever is black, bright or on sale. And I'm done."

He put the bottle he was holding down and stared at her. "You're kidding. Thats really how you shop?"

She looked down self consciously, and tugged at the skirt she was wearing. "Sometimes I buy t-shirts downtown..."

"Then why the sudden interest in change?"

She smiled in that same self conscious way. "Why do girls usually express an interest in changing how they look?"

He thought. "Hormones?"

She laughed. "Exactly. Well, I'm having a party on Friday and the object of my hormone's desire will be there and I dunno...I wanted to look nice. And they just told me they loved the smell of raspberries so..."

He looked her up and down and bit his lip. He wanted to tell her that there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed, and there was no need for her to change but...he couldn't. She was wearing rainbow tights with more holes in them than swiss cheese, and those awful boots...it was too much of a cry for help for him to ignore. "Listen, um..."

"Kate." She supplied.

"Right, Kate. I'm going to help you. Shop, that is."

"Really?" She said, looking grateful.

"Yes. Now, I'm with my stepmom now, but she was going to look at silverware and while I would usually love to help her with that, I feel it is my duty not only as a fashion lover, but as a decent human being, to help you."

"Oh, thank you...Kurt, right?"

He nodded. "Now, I'm going to finish up with my stepmom and I'll meet you by the skirts, ok?"

She stared at him blankly, and he sighed and pointed her to where the skirts were. She nodded and made her way over to them, and he went to go find Carole in her dressing room.

When he found her, she showed him an outfit she had found that she loved, and Kurt agreed it looked great on her. He told her that he would be staying here, and although she was sad not have his company silverware shopping, when he pointed out poor Kate in her men's shoes and ripped tights, she understood immediately.

He went back to Kate and found her sorting through the skirts with a distressed look on her face.

"Whats wrong?" He asked, going to stand beside her by the rack.

"These skirts...they're all so...so...blah."

"They are not blah. They're elegant." He said, picking up an a-line Alfani skirt with a feather print. "Just because something isn't bedazzled, doesn't mean it's boring." He continued, eyeing her purse, which was covered in pink rhinestones, and looked like it belonged to a 7 year old.

"Hey, I've had this purse since I was 10." She said, clutching the purse to her chest. Kurt smiled; he had been close.

"Well, maybe we can find you a big girl purse while we're here, too."

She stuck her tongue out at him and he placed his free hand on his hip.

"Look, do you want help shopping or not?" He said, putting the skirt back.

She scowled. "Yes please."

"Good. Now remember, I am the master and you are the lowly student, and will do as your told, got it?"

"Yes sir!" She said, standing upright and saluting.

He began pulling out clothes from the racks and handing them to her. When he was done, they made their way over to the change rooms. She agreed to try most things on, but he had to fight with her over a few items.

"I am not wearing that." She said, holding up a sheer ruffled top.

"Whats wrong with it?" Kurt asked. The top was very chic, and would look great on her. He didn't see the problem.

"It's beige. And gross."

"First off, its nude not beige and second of all it is certainly not gross, its BCGBMAXAZRIA."

Kate stared at him blankly. "Was that latin?"

"No it's a designer. Now try it on."

She grabbed the top from him resentfully, and pulled it over her head. He was in the change room with her, and when they had started trying things on he had covered his eyes while she changed, but he had learned quickly that she really didn't care if he was looking or not.

She was not a fan of the top once it was on either, nor did anything else he had picked strike any particular chord with her. She hadn't minded a few of his choices however, and he was beginning to get a feel for her taste and style.

He went back out and picked up a few items with a victorian feel to them, thinking that was a nice compromise between his eye for elegance and her clunky-punky/gothic tastes. On the way back to the dressing room he spotted a beautiful red dress and picked it up. It was silk chiffon and as Kurt examined the cut and style, he could practically feel how good it would look on Kate .

He didn't care if he had to force it over her head, she was trying it on.

He got back to the change room and found her sitting on the bench in the change room in her underwear, texting rapidly on her phone.

"Who are you texting?" Kurt asked, setting the clothes on the hooks provided.

Kate blushed and smiled, quietly mumbling "No one..."

"Ah," Kurt said wisely. "I got it."

Kate smiled at her phone before putting it away, a dopey expression on her face. A few months ago Kurt would have rolled his eyes, but now he recognized that expression all too well, and the feelings that came a long with it.

"So, this person must be pretty special if they're making you change you're whole style." He said, picking out the first thing for her to try.

She stood up and frowned. "Well, they're not making me...it's just she dresses nice and stuff so I figured maybe I should too..."

Kurt nodded, and then froze. "Wait...she?"

Kate nodded. "Yeah, duh...what you think I'd be getting this worked up over some guy? Hells no. No offense."

"No, I just didn't know you were...well, I suppose that explains the boots." He said shrugging. This actually made a lot of sense.

"Hey, I love those boots, they were my brothers." She snapped, folding her arms.

"Not at all surprised to hear that Kate." Kurt said, handing her a lacy black skirt and off white cotton tank top to pair it with.

She began pulling the skirt up around her hips, and he eyed her underwear as it disappeared behind the lace.

"You know, while we're here you might want to consider investing in some nicer lingerie." What she had on now was short style pink underwear with smiling monkeys on it. Her bra was purple and had happy faces. It was extremely juvenile.

"Whats wrong with what I've got on?" She said pulling at a purple bra strap. "I like this stuff."

"Its tacky." He said simply.

"Geez Kurt, don't sugar coat anything to spare my feelings." She replied sarcastically.

"Do you want your feelings spared or do you want to look good?" He said. She gave him the evil eye and went back to dressing herself.

As she dressed, Kurt left the change room and went to the women's undergarment section. He came back 5 minutes later with some lacy black underwear, and a matching corset.

When he showed them to Kate, she actually blushed.

"I am not wearing that." She said, folding her arms across the cotton tank. "No way."

"Why not?"

"Whose gonna see them?"

"Well, when I'm done with you, I'm sure Miss. Raspberry-Lover will practically be ripping your clothes off, so her for one."

Kate blushed deeper. "I doubt that."

"Why?" Kurt asked, hanging up the underwear. "She straight or something."

Kurt was greeted with silence from Kate and his mouth dropped open. "Oh my god, Kate no!"

Kate mumbled something Kurt couldn't make out, and fidgeted with the tank tops strap.

"Listen Kate, I have been down that road before and it ends bad. Trust me." He said, thinking of his misguided crush on Finn.

"Excuse me, wasn't your boyfriend Mr. Quarterback dating the head cheerleader?" She said, her arms crossed again.

"He wasn't quarterback and that was different."

Kate grumbled and looked at herself in the mirror. "This is okay, I guess…" She said, obviously not wanting to discuss her love life any further.

Kurt sighed. They would talk about this later. "Fine. I was going to show you this last, but now seems like as fine a time as any. Here, just trust me, ok?" He said, holding up the red dress. She twitched her nose when she saw it, something Kurt was unsure was a good or bad sign, but took it without word.

A minute later it was on her, and she stared at herself in the mirror. Kurt stared too, unable to believe this was the same girl who owned thigh high socks with rainbow happy faces. She looked amazing. The dress clung to her figure in all the right spots, and the colour made her pale skin look rosy and soft. It brought out the deep brown in her eyes and the red tints Kurt hadn't even noticed in her hair.

"Wow." Was all he said. Kate nodded.

"I think I'll buy this." Kate said.

She took the dress off and tried on the rest of the clothes he had brought it. She actually really liked a few of the more victorian items, and ended up buying a lacy top and ruffled mini skirt. As well as the lingerie, Kurt noted with a smirk.

As they went to exit the store, Kurt made her stop at the make up counter, where he showed her how to apply a few select items of make up, despite her protests that she knew how to put on make up.

"Why do you know how to put on make up?" she asked as he went at her with an eyelash curler.

"Wouldn't you like to know...now hold still." He said sternly, and she closed her mouth. After he was finished she looked at herself in the mirror, and turned to stare at Kurt.

"I hate you." Was all she said.

"Why, you look great!" he said, surprised. She looked elegant and cool, like a 50's movie star.

"I know. How did you do this? It's not fair." She whined.

Kurt smiled. "I'll write down very careful instructions for you, ok?" He said, putting aside everything he had used for her to buy. "I'll tell you how to do your hair, too."

After they had paid for the make up and finally left the store, Kate turned to him and hugged him. "Thanks Kurt, I didn't think I would actually be able to accomplish anything today."

Kurt smiled, and hugged her back stiffly. He wasn't really a huggy person, but he appreciated the sentiment.

"No problem, it was nothing. I don't care how straight this girl thinks she is, once she sees you I'm sure she'll need to rethink everything."

Kate smiled. "Thanks Kurt, coming from someone as gay as you, that means a lot."

Kurt laughed, then sighed. "I suppose your right. I can't even get my boyfriend to jump me, so I probably have less than a clue on how to get a girl to..."

Kate raised her eyebrows. "Really? You and Sam don't...I mean, you haven't..."

Kurt shook his head. "Nope. Nothing. He has a 'pants on' rule."

"How long have you been dating?"

"About two weeks." Kurt said, pretending he didn't have it calculated to the hour.

Kate twitched her nose again. "Well that's not very long at all, I don't think you need to be concerned or anything. If he wants to take things slow, thats good. Besides, from the way he all over your that first time I saw you at Chant, you have nothin' to be worried about."

Kurt sighed. "I know. He told me that when we do...something...he wants it to be special. And I'm ok with that, I'm ok with waiting...but there's this stupid little voice in the back of my head that I really want to kill that keeps saying..."

"Maybe it's because he's straight?" Kate finished.

Kurt blinked. "How did you know?"

"You wear insecurity on your sleeve like a purple heart. You don't really believe that, do you?"

"I don't know!" Kurt cried, and then slumped down into a near by bench. Kate followed and sat down next to him, putting her shopping bags on the floor by her feet.

"I mean he keeps telling me how much he likes me, and when we're together I really believe him, and when we're, you know...together, I can feel that he's in to it..."

At this, Kate raised her eyebrows suggestively, and Kurt lightly smacked her on the knee. "Not like that, you perv. Well, like that too..but you know what I mean."

She nodded.

"But I just get to thinking, I mean that maybe he's saying pants on because...oh I don't know, I'm awful..."

Kate patted him on the shoulder. "Yup, you are."

"Don't sugar coat anything to spare my feelings." Kurt replied dryly. Kate grinned.

"Do you wan't your feelings spared, or do you want to gay it up with your boyfriend?"

Kurt blushed. "I just wish I had some proof."

Kate thought for a moment, then her eyes flashed with idea. "Next time you're alone in his room, look under his bed for porn. If it's dudes, you got your answer. If it's not...well it could be old, and I wouldn't really take it to heart...so your back at square one, in that situation."

Kurt look distressed. "But snooping around his room would mean I don't trust him or something...I don't want to do that..."

"But you don't trust him." Kate pointed out.

Kurt grumbled and crossed his arms on his chest in a childish manner.

"So," Kate continued. "You can either not trust your boyfriend, snoop around his room and get proof that makes you trust him, OR not trust him, do nothing and suffer."

"This sucks..." Kurt said, lowering his crossed arms dejectedly.

"Well, you do have a third option."

"Yeah? What?"

"Just trust him!" Kate said. "Duh."

So there will be two more chapters after this, and an epilogue if I feel it is necessary.

However, updates may take a while since I have had a family emergency and I can't say when I'll be able to write again.

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