Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 19

Chapter 19:

After the mall Kurt dropped Carole back off at home, and as promised went over to Sam's house. As he pulled into Sam's drive way, his heart beat erratically in his chest, and he thought of what he was planning. Well, not planning exactly. He hadn't really made up his mind about if he was really going to do it or not.

He took a deep breath, trying to remember the breathing exercises they had taught him in all those Yoga classes he'd taken, back when Oprah had him convinced that the road to salvation was paved with Yoga.

He got out of his car and went over to the door. Before he could knock, Sam opened the door excitedly and pulled him into a hug.

"Geez Sam were you watching the door or something?" Kurt asked, smiling as his boyfriend kissed him on the forehead, his arms wrapped tightly around him.

"No, but I've been absent-mindedly looking out the window every five minutes or so for the last hour. I saw your car pull up and I ran down stairs." Sam said, still squeezing him tightly.

"Is your french going really well or something?" Kurt asked, trying to figure out the reason for the bone crushing (but not unwelcome) greeting.

"What?" Sam asked, and then let go. "Oh. No, it's going terribly actually. I'm just excited to see you." He said, smiling.

Kurt shook his head, and took his jacket off. How could he think that someone who obviously cared about him so much was straight, or going through a phase?

He sighed, and followed Sam upstairs. He knew he needed to go through with it. No matter how he felt when he was with Sam, in his arms, he knew he would feel differently the moment he was alone again. That's when the insecurity set in.

He made his way into Sam's room, mentally searching for anywhere porn could be hidden.

Sam paused in doorway. "Want me to get you something to eat?" He asked, having mistaken the searching look on Kurt's face for hunger.

Kurt had eaten something at the mall when he'd met up with Carole, and wasn't at all hungry.

"Sure," He said, thinking he could snoop around while Sam got him something. "Anything's fine."

Sam nodded, and walked out of the room. The minute he was gone, Kurt sprang up and looked under the bed. There he saw a dirty sock and what had looked like a magazine, until he pulled it out and saw it was an old Spider-Man comic.

He lifted up the mattress, but found nothing, and sat back down on the bed, discouraged.

"Think." He mumbled quietly to himself. "If you we're a boy, where would you keep porn..."

He closed his eyes, recognizing the stupidity of his statement. "Ok, if you were a boy who read porn…"

He opened up the night table next to Sam's bed, and found a box full of papers. He rummaged through them.

"Spider-man comic, spider-man comic, MAD Magazine, X-Men comic, spider-man comic...my god how many spider-man comics does he have..."

"Oh, you can never have too many spider-man comics." Sam said, appearing suddenly in the doorway, and watching Kurt with a suspicious look on his face.

Kurt jumped, and felt his face turn bright red.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked, entering the room and sitting down the bed.

"I, uh, I-I was uh.." Kurt's face crumpled. "I was looking for porn!" He cried, throwing himself into Sam's lap. "I'm the worst boyfriend ever, I'm so sorry!"

Sam ran his hands over Kurt's head, very confused. "Why were you looking for porn?" He asked slowly, trying to understand what was happening.

"I...wanted...to see what kind it was..." Kurt said quietly, lifting his face up to look Sam in the eye.

"What do you mean what kin..." Sam began, but stopped mid sentence as realization dawned on his face. He looked at Kurt sadly, and Kurt cringed.

Sam placed his hand on Kurt's face, and shook his head. "Kurt, are we going to have to have this conversation every week?"

Kurt bit his lip, afraid he was going to cry. "I'm so sorry..."

Sam shook his head again. "Don't be sorry. I just...wish there was some way for me to convince you that this isn't some passing phase for me. Some way other than showing you my porn."

Kurt sat next to him on the bed, and leaned his head against his shoulder.

"Besides," Sam continued. "You're looking in the wrong place."

He got up and went into his washroom, and Kurt followed silently. Sam opened up the cabinet under his sink, and took out a big box.

"Here, the stuff at the bottom is all old." He said, pushing the box towards Kurt. Kurt sat down on the floor and looked in. Sam rubbed his forehead, pretty sure this was about the be the most embarrassing experience of his life.

Kurt reached in and took out a piece of paper that looked like it had been ripped from a magazine. He stared at the picture and felt a huge smile spread across his face.

"James Dean? Really?" He asked, suddenly unbelievably happy. Sam shrugged, feeling very self conscious.

"I've always thought he was a good looking dude, and then last week I was at the dentist, and there was a profile on him in a magazine I was looking at..and that picture just sort of jumped out at me."

Kurt laughed. "It is a good picture." He looked into the box again and laughed. "A comic-book Sam, really?" He said, pulling out something called Captain Man versus the Cave of Doom. The cover featured a blonde and well muscled super-hero rescuing a very grateful looking young man from a dark and evil looking cave. "I didn't even know they made comic-book porn."

Sam smiled guiltily. "Oh they do, and it's great."

He put the comic book down, and stared into the box. It was a big box, but there wasn't very much in it. Sam must have known what he was thinking, because he said "I'm really more of a mental image type guy."

Kurt nodded, and blushed. "Me too."

Sam leaned closer. "Yeah, what do you think about?" He asked in a deep voice. Kurt felt his blush deepen, and he looked into Sam's eyes.

"You." He said truthfully, leaning into press his lips against Sam's.

Sam kissed him back quickly, before standing up and leading him over to his bed. They sat down together and resumed their embrace, with Sam slowly leaning Kurt down on the bed, and moving himself half on top of him. He kissed him slowly and brushed his dark hair behind his ear, kissing that as well.

Kurt sighed slowly, and grudgingly said "We need to work on your french paper."

Sam nodded and kissed him on his forehead. "I know, but first you need to know something. Remember last week when I was afraid you wouldn't like me anymore without my stunning good looks? And you told me all non-physical reasons you were with me?"

Kurt nodded.

"Well, it would appear we have the opposite problem now, don't we?" He continued, kissing Kurt on different places on his face. Kurt sighed beneath him. "So, I want you to know that although I'm with you for your wit, your charm, your confidence and a million other non physical things, I want you to know that I am also with you because of how unbelievingly fucking sexy you are."

Kurt blushed again, and rolled his eyes.

"Hey," Sam said, staring intently into his eyes. "Don't do that. I mean it. Every time I see you, I have so much trouble just keeping myself from throwing you against a locker and doing whatever I want with you, in front of everyone. Every inch of you drives me insane." As he spoke, he pressed his mouth firmly against Kurt's neck, nibbling and sucking on it between words. "The slope of your jaw bone, the freckles on your nose, the way your lips always look like an invitation..."

He slid his hands down Kurt's hips and placed them firmly beneath him.

All Kurt could do was gasp.

"Not to mention, tu derriere est très chaud."

Kurt sighed, and closed his eyes. "You know you just said I have a warm bottom, right? And you said it with terrible grammar."

Sam growled against Kurt's neck, tightening his grasp on Kurt's backside. He temporarily moved his mouth up to suck on Kurt's ear lobe until Kurt moaned again.

"You probably meant something more along the lines of séduisant." He gasped, his eyes fluttering open.

Sam kissed his way back down to his original spot on Kurt's neck, biting and kissing it lightly. "I probably did...what I meant was your ass is extremely hot..."

Sam continued to graze Kurt's neck with his lips, moving his hands over his hips and down between his thighs.

"Do you believe me, Kurt?" Sam asked, his breath hot against Kurt's neck. Kurt nodded, and whimpered by way of response.

"Good." Sam said, straightening up on his bed. "Now lets go work on french."

Kurt groaned, and buried his head under Sam's pillow.

Truly nothing at all interesting happened on Thursday, the only thing worth mentioning being the fact that all traces of dye were now officially gone from Quinn's hair. Sam spent every second working on his french paper, as he and Kurt only managed to finish half of it with the time they had.

He spent the first half of Friday in a similar fashion, working on french through each of his classes. His only break came at Glee, where he sat next to Kurt and made a mental note to add Kurt's fashion sense to the list of things that made him sexy.

It was days like this that Sam would have sold his 6 pack to be out already, so he could just launch himself at Kurt and not care what anyone thought. Sam looked at his boyfriend, unsure about which part of the the outfit was making him crazy. He figured it something about the plain black button down shirt and white bow-tie combination, but Sam couldn't say exactly why although he did know one thing for sure; Kurt looked even more mind-numbingly sexy than usual, and sitting next to him without touching him was driving him nuts.

Luckily, the Glee assignments offered a welcome distraction, and Sam tried to put his mind into a less sexy place.

Mike was going first, and it appeared he was not going to make Sam's plan to focus on something less sexy an easy thing to do.

He stood in front of the club, and right before he started singing, he took off jacket, revealing the black wife beater underneath. He was wearing white cargo pants with it, and Sam had to do a double take. He had actually never noticed how sexy Mike was before.

Sam gulped, guilt coming a second after the thought had. He stared at the floor. It's not cheating if it's a thought, it's not cheating if it's a thought, it's not cheating if it's a thought…

He glanced at Kurt, hoping he hadn't noticed him noticing Mike. Kurt was filing his nails, unimpressed with the asian muscle show before him. Sam sighed and smiled. Kurt was so cute when he was unimpressed...much cuter than Mike.

Just as he was reaffirming his devotion to Kurt, Mike began singing "I Want to Break Free" by Queen, and Sam understood the wife beater. He blushed and looked down again. If Kurt had kept looking, he would have found a few pictures of Freddie Mercury in his box.

Sam continued to look at his feet through out the rest of the song, trying to focus only on how Mike had improved his voice since his "Sing!" performance. It sounded strong and sure, and worked very well for the song.

When he looked back up, turning his head to check Kurt's reaction to the song, he had to do his third double take of the day. At some point during the song, Kurt had changed. He had taken off the bow-tie, and undone the first few buttons of his shirt. He had been wearing a fancy looking white belt, and had taken that off as well. He had slightly mussed the front of his hair, and was reclining in his chair, a bored expression on his face.

It was all very...Sam couldn't think about what it was, because at that moment all he was thinking about was getting his backpack off the floor and into his lap, praying no one had seen what had happened when he looked at Kurt.

Kurt leaned over to whisper something, and for a second Sam was worried he had seen.

"Remember last week, when you said all you had was blue jeans, because you couldn't afford to spend $50 bucks on pants, like me?"

Sam nodded, unsure where this was coming from, but relieved he wasn't leaning over to talk about his sudden public "arousal."

"Ok, just wanted to make sure you remembered that." Kurt said, then went to the front of the class. Sam clutched his back pack to his lap, suddenly sure he was going to need it for this performance.

Kurt adjusted the mic, and motioned for Mr. Schue to press play. The music was light and quick, and Kurt hooked his thumbs through his belt loop and bopped his hip to the beat.

Money talks

But it don't sing and dance and it don't walk.

And long as I can have you here with me

I'd much rather be

Forever in blue jeans.

Honey's sweet.

But it ain't nothing next to baby's treat.

And if you pardon me

I'd like to say we'll do okay

Forever in blue jeans.

Maybe tonight

Maybe tonight

By the fire all alone you and I;

Nothing around but the sound of my heart and your sighs.

Kurt held the microphone and crooned into it, and Sam was extremely thankful for his backpack.

Money talks.

But it can't sing and dance and it can't walk.

And long as I can have you here with me

I'd much rather be

Forever in blue jeans


And honey's sweet.

But it ain't nothing next to baby's treat.

And if you pardon me

I'd like to say we'll do okay

Forever in blue jeans.

Sam actually felt a little dizzy. He hand't realized Kurt's voice had such a range to it. He had only heard him sing in a sexy higher voice before, and here he was now all lower pitched and sexy.

Maybe tonight

Maybe tonight

By the fire all alone you and I;

Nothing around but the sound of my heart and your sighs.

And money talks.

But it don't sing and dance and it don't walk.

And long as I can have you here with me

I'd much rather be

Forever in blue jeans.

And if you pardon me

I'd like to say we'll do okay

Forever in blue jeans.

And long as I can have you here with me

I'd much rather be

Forever in blue jeans


The song ended, and everyone applauded. Sam jumped up immediately, without even thinking about why he was doing it. However, he managed to keep his backpack firmly in front of him, so it didn't really matter.

Except now he needed a reason for standing. He glanced at Kurt, and then Mr. Schuester, who was staring at him.

"Uh, I don't feel very well all of a sudden, so I'm going to go to the bathroom. The one down the hall to the left." He said, before ducking out quickly.

A moment later, Kurt cleared his throat. "Um, he didn't look very good so I'm going to go check on him..." he said hastily, darting out of the room after Sam.

Quinn, Finn and Mike smiled to themselves, and Mr. Schuester stared after his students, wondering if there was something going on there.

In the washroom, Sam and Kurt attacked each other the way only two teenaged boys completely ruled by their hormones could.

Sam had Kurt pushed up against the tiled wall, and was forcing his mouth against him with such ferocity that Kurt could barely breath. Kurt pushed Sam's head away and to the side so he could run his mouth along Sam's neck and Sam moaned. He let Kurt push him backwards into a stall, barely registering the fact that he was now sitting on a dirty toilet seat (although he made a mental note to wash the jeans he was wearing twice.)

Kurt straddled him, running his hands under his shirt and along his chest while his tongue explored Sam's perfect mouth. Sam was having an impossible time thinking straight, and it took all his will power to focus on the fact that Kurt's hands were slowly making their way down to the bulge in his pants.

He leaned his head more forward, kissing Kurt back harder, and at the same time stopping Kurt's hands from going any further.

Kurt sighed into the kiss and freed his hands, fiddling with Sam's zipper but not undoing it. He took his mouth far enough away from Sam's to speak, but made sure their lips still lightly touched as he spoke.

"Please Sam..." He moaned, pausing to suck Sam's lower lip into his mouth. "I know you want me to...please..."

Sam groaned, stuttering into the kiss. He felt dizzy and he was seeing spots. It was too much, his clothes, his mouth...his begging. Sam struggled to keep his mind afloat.

Kurt's hands were undoing his zipper now, and with willpower he didn't know he had, Sam stopped him, and broke their kiss apart.

He was breathing heavily, and parts of him were screaming that he was an idiot but he didn't care. He was relieved he had been able to do it.

"No Kurt." He said, gasping for breath. "Not like this...not in the school washroom."

Kurt made a noise somewhere between a groan and a sigh, and slumped his head down on Sam's shoulder. He mumbled something into his shirt that Sam couldn't understand.

"What?" He asked, running his fingers through Kurt's hair as he struggled to breath normally.

Kurt lifted his head up and looked at him. "I said why are you so sweet? Why can't you just be like every other teenage boy and desire nothing more than to take advantage of me?"

Sam and leaned his head back on the grimy bathroom wall. He moved his hand up and held's Kurt's beautiful face in his hand. He picked his head up and met Kurt's gaze.

"I can't be like every other boy, I have to be better than them."

"Whhhhyy?" Kurt whined and put on a pouting expression.

Sam smiled and kissed Kurt's pouting lips. "Because every other boy doesn't deserve you."

"I-I...Sam...I don't know what so say". Yes I do...I love you...

Sam kissed him again. "You don't need to say anything...but we should probably leave the bathroom before I lose my resolve."

Kurt nodded. "Um, my Dad and Carole are going out tonight to some work thing...and Finn said he'd be at Rachel's so..." He said, thinking that Sam didn't need to know he'd had to beg Finn for an hour and bribe him with french toast every morning for a month to get him to agree to go to Rachel's.

"Yeah?" Sam said, kissing his jawbone lightly.

"So I was thinking you could come over after the game tonight, and I could make you dinner, to sort of make up for the the whole 'snooping around your room for porn' thing...and we could watch some movies, I mean you sort of need to see Funny Girl..."

Sam nodded happily. "Sounds like a plan."

The line Sam says about Kurt's lips looking like an invitation was totally stolen from a movie I love called "Get Real." Its a great movie and a great line, so I thiefed it. Originally, the main character says it about his crushes hair, but I figured it worked for anything.

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