Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 2


1)Sci-fi2)Comics3)Video games4)Football?5)Chocolate cake?


1)Football2)Quinn3)Glee Club


1)Chocolate cake2)Having blond hair3)Having no personality4)This assignment5)Existing6)EVERYTHING

"Great," Sam mumbled to himself as he looked over the lists he'd just written in his notebook.

"This reads like an insane person wrote it…".

He's written those lists to help him try and figure out who he was, but all they showed him was that he was still the same loser he'd always been, just more confused and with obnoxious hair. It was taking all his self-control not to repeat the keyboard bashing incident. Maybe he should talk to Quinn, and see what she had to say about this…


He glanced at the list titled "Things I might Like", and focused on her name. If he was being honest, he had no idea how he felt about her. She was beautiful, he knew that. And he was fairly sure he liked her...but he didn't know why anymore. Because she was beautiful, and dating a beautiful girl had been part of what he thought being cool was? He rubbed his temples, thinking that this would all be so much easier if he could just answer that one, nagging question…

"Who is Sam Evans?" a voice behind Sam chirped, causing him to jump out of his seat in the library and whip his neck around so fast he was sure he heard something snap.

Standing behind, reading the title of his essay over his shoulder, was Kurt Hummel. Sam took in Kurt's inquisitive expression, his always-confident demeanor and most importantly, his dark hair...and glowered.

"No idea" he muttered sullenly. "I'll let you know the moment I figure it out".

Kurt pulled up a chair at Sam's table, and placed a hand sympathetically on his shoulder. "Having some trouble with that Psychology assignment?" he asked rhetorically, tilting his head to the side with condescending pity.

"No" Sam snapped, shrugging off Kurt's hand. "I'm just...considering...possible..." Sam groped for the right word, or hell, any word, but he had nothing. He lowered his head in defeat. "I'm fucked" he mumbled, his head so low he was staring at Kurt's designer shoes.

"No, you're not" Kurt smiled, and pushed Sam's head up by his chin."I'm not?" Sam asked once he was eye level with Kurt again."No, you're not" he repeated. He reached into his bag (also designer) and pulled out a worn (but probably designer) pastel binder.

"I took psychology last semester, and I did amazingly. The trick with Mr. Raimi is knowing exactly what he expects from an assignment and giving him just that and nothing more". Sam stared as Kurt began to sort through pieces of paper, never pausing in what he was saying. "For example, for the 'Who Are You?' assignment, he wants you to relate a few different aspects of your personality to the theories discussed in class. You can get away with saying one or two things about yourself, and basically just repeating the theories in your own words. Here, I'll show you..."

Kurt spent the next hour helping Sam with his work, and Sam was amazed to find that it was a lot easier than he had originally thought. Kurt asked him a few questions about himself and his interests, and they decided what theories could best relate to Sam's answers, which Sam was thrilled to find he actually had. Talking to Kurt was surprisingly easy, and Sam found himself chatting about interests he'd forgotten he had.

"Of course they should have ended up together, they were perfect for each other!"

"How can you say that, they fought all the time. She could do much better."

"Bullshit. She taught him how to loosen up and he thought her to be expand her mind, the relationship was great and they could have worked through it..."

They had been discussing Annie Hall for 10 minutes when the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch. Sam looked down and saw that his assignment was almost done, and smiled widely at Kurt.

"You have no idea how awesome you are, man".

"Oh sure I do" Kurt replied, flicking a piece of imaginary lint off his jacket.

"No seriously, this was killing me. I've spent a week on it and gotten no where. You come in, and an hour later I'm almost done. I could kiss you".

The last bit had slipped out unexpectantly, and Sam blushed the moment he said it. He hoped Kurt wouldn't make much of it, it was just an off-handed comment, really. Much to his relief, Kurt just smiled and stood up. "I'll see you in glee club".

Sam watched Kurt walk away, uncharacteristly happy after having spent an hour working. He had liked spending time with Kurt, they got a long well which was surprising considering the only other conversation they'd ever had, in which Sam had been naked and in the shower, had consisted of Kurt telling Sam to go ahead and abandon him in the duets competition. This conversation had gone much better.

As he walked away from Sam, Kurt smiled and thought to himself "I may just take you up on that..."

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