Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 20

This chapter was almost never published, due to the fact that I had to be quickly rushed to the hospital as it neared completion. It was a close call and I almost died; the doctors said I had OD'd on Skurt Fluff.

Its' a lot more dangerous than most people think.

You have been warned.

Chapter 20:

Kurt dashed around his house, frantically tidying everything in sight. He had sacrificed going to the football game in order to have time to cook, and between running to the grocery store for veal cutlets and actually making the food, he hadn't noticed until the very last minute what a disaster the house was.

Finn had left an incredible number of socks lying around the living room, shoved in and under the couch. Kurt was going to have to talk to him about what exactly he used all these socks for, since there was way too many for him to just be wearing them on his feet. Unless he had more than two feet, a possibility Kurt did not rule out given Finn's awkward dancing.

Kurt had exactly two minutes between when he finished cleaning, set up the table and checked out how he looked in the mirror and when the doorbell rang, signaling Sam's arrival.

At the sound, Kurt's stomach got a funny flip-flop feeling that was both excited, nervous and happy at the same time. It was an odd sensation.

Kurt walked over and opened the door, expecting to find his blond, black eyed boyfriend standing there. Instead, he was greeted by a large bouquet of flowers. He could see the top of a much too blond head sticking out behind them, but basically, he just saw flowers. As he stared, he noticed it was actually not one but 4 different bouquets he was looking at. He giggled slightly and put his hand up to his forehead, as if searching for Sam behind the forrest of blossoms.

"Sam? Is that you?" he called over the carnation mountain. Sam poked his head from behind them, his face red.

"I, uh, brought you flowers." He said shaking the bouquets about, as though Kurt couldn't see them.

He giggled again, and teetered back and forth on his heels, feeling giddy. "Yes, I can see that."

"Yeah, see there is a reason there's so much of them...I got to the flower store and I realized I didn't know what your favorite flowers were...so I panicked, and well its a long story, but the short version is, I just got 4 different bouquets and thought I'd let you pick your favorite." he smiled nervously, hoping for approval.

Kurt beamed, and fought the urge to knock the flowers out of Sam's hand and kiss him on the doorstep. Damn the neighbors.

"Roses. I like white roses." Kurt said, pointing to the bouquet in the middle. Sam smiled in relief.

"Thats actually what I was leaning towards, but I thought better safe than sorry." He handed the roses to Kurt, and then stared at the ones left in his hands. "You know...I actually never thought about what I'd do with the ones you didn't want...I guess I'll find someone sad looking and give these to them."

Kurt tittered, breathing in the sweet smell of the flowers, and motioned for Sam to come inside.

"That's a nice idea." He said, closing the door behind him. "but you know, you could have got me any flowers, and I would have loved them."

Sam placed the rest of the flowers on the small table by the door and took off his jacket. "I know, but I didn't want to get you any flowers, I wanted to get you your favorite flowers. That was the mission. And look," He said, gesturing the Kurt placing the roses in a vase. "Mission accomplished."

"Yes, but what is this long and epic story that goes along with your accomplishing said mission." Kurt asked, walking over to where Sam stood by the coat rack. "You're going to have to tell me."

Sam blushed. "Well, I went into the store and realized I didn't know what your favorite flowers were, and so I panicked. And the guy behind the counter tried to help, and was listing all these flowers and what they meant and I started getting more and more nervous. And then the store guy said 'Well, tell me what she's like, and maybe I can tell you what flowers she might like.' And so I sort of blew up and him and screamed 'It's a he. I'm buying flowers for my boyfriend!' And the dude just sort of backed up and went back behind the counter. He didn't speak for awhile but when I was still staring at the bouquets like 10 minutes later I heard him mumble 'Why don't you just buy a bunch of bouquets and let him pick.' Now that I think about it, that may not have been a serious suggestion..."

Kurt beamed again and took Sam's hand. "You came out to the guy in the flower store?" He said in a voice containing heavy hints of "awwww!"

Sam blinked, obviously having not thought about it like that before. He ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, I guess I did."

He leaned forward and kissed Sam on the cheek. "That's pretty big."

Sam smiled and took Kurt's face in his hands. "Yeah, I guess it is..." He said, trailing off and placing his mouth firmly on top of Kurt's. Kurt kissed Sam back, and felt a familiar tickle rise in his throat. He tried to stifle it, but it couldn't be helped; he giggled again.

Sam moved his mouth back and looked at Kurt, who giggled one more time, biting his finger coyly. "Sorry..." he said (with a giggle).

Sam smiled, and kissed Kurt on the forehead. "Do not apologize. I love hearing you giggle."

Kurt blushed and pressed himself against Sam's chest. He bit down on his finger again, this time to stop himself from saying those stupid three words that had been on his mind more and more lately. He knew he was a fairly intense person, and it was probably far too soon to say it...he didn't want to freak Sam out.

Sam took a deep breath and put his arms around Kurt. "So, you cooked for me, huh? Or did you just do what Mom does and order take out, put it on plates and turn the fan on so people think she cooked?"

Kurt smiled and shook his head, breaking apart from Sam to lead him to the kitchen. "No, Sam. I did not do that. I cooked." He said, grandly gesturing to the meal on the table.

Sam surveyed the table, trying to decide if he wanted to eat first, or maul Kurt for his incredibly sexy cooking ability. His stomach grumbled, and he decided the mauling could wait (for now).

As Sam surveyed the table, Kurt surveyed Sam's face. "I can't tell," he said nervously. "Is that a good expression?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah Kurt, its a good expression. This looks amazing..." He said, taking in the food, which looked incredible despite the fact that Sam had no idea what any of it was.

"Thanks. Take a seat." Kurt said, walking to a chair of his own.

Before he could sit, Sam stopped him. "Allow me." He said, pulling his chair out for him. Kurt blushed, and taking a seat in the chair Sam held out for him, giggled for the umpteenth time.

"So," Sam said, taking a seat across from him. "What exactly is this stuff?"

Kurt pointed to the first dish, which sort of looked like Chicken Parmesan. "This is Carne alla Pizzaiola, and that is Roman Saltimbocca" He said, pointing to small wrapped looking things.

Sam stared at him. "I don't know what you just said, but it was incredibly sexy."

Kurt smiled. "It's Italian. Saltimbocca means 'hop in the mouth'."

Now it was Sam's turn to giggle. "How fitting."

Kurt rolled his eyes and placed the food on Sam's plate. They began eating, and Sam decided that just because he couldn't pronounce it, that didn't mean it couldn't be his favorite food ever. He told Kurt so, and watched blush spring back into his cheeks.

"Seriously, it's not fair for someone to be so talented." He continued, "Most people have like, one thing they're good at. Cooking or singing or fashion-knowing, or french-speaking, or sexy-being. Never all those things at once. You realize you're making the rest of us look bad, right?"

Kurt tried to keep his voice cool as he answered, but the extreme blush on his face betrayed him. "Well, I'm sorry. I'll try and be less perfect from now."

"You could never be." Sam said, gazing at him intently. He nudged Kurt's foot with his own under the table. Kurt looked away.

"I, Sam...I'm not used to this." Kurt confessed quietly.

"Not used to what? Compliments?"

Kurt shrugged, picking at his food. "All of it. Someone brining me flowers, pulling my chair out for me, playing footsy with me under the table..."

Sam frowned. "I thought I was being cute."

"No, you were. You are. I mean, you're perfect. You're perfect and this is perfect, and the perfectness is overwhelming me."

Sam was thoroughly confused now. "So...you want things...less perfect?"

"No!" Kurt exclaimed quickly. "I want everything just like this, I...oh I'm not explaining this right. What I'm trying to say is, I'm not used to this stuff so I don't really know how to act...so if I act, I don't know, wrong or something...that's why."

Sam smiled, and shook his head. "Uh, Kurt, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm not exactly used to doing things like this either, you being my first sexy Italian-cooking boyfriend and all."

Kurt fought back the urge to ask if he'd had other boyfriends that were non-sexy and italian-cooking

"So you never need to be worried about how to act around me, cuz I don't know how to act either." He said, grinning. "So, ya know, just act like Kurt. That's who I fell in love with."

Kurt dropped his jaw and his fork at the same time.

Sam winced. "Crap, it was too early to say that, wasn't it? I don't want to freak you out...can I take it back?" Sam thought for a second. "No, I don't want to take it back. Sorry, I love you, Kurt."

Kurt picked his jaw back up, his eyes shining with tears. "No, it's not too early to say that. Well, it might be but I don't give a damn. I love you too, Sam!"

"Really?" Sam asked, surprised and relieved at the same time.

Kurt nodded happily. "Yes, I've wanted to tell you for a while now but I thought you'd think I was too intense."

Sam laughed. "You are too intense, but that's sort of one of the things I love about you. God it feels great to be able to say that, finally." Sam stood up as he spoke, and walked over to Kurt's side of the table. Kurt stood up too, and Sam grabbed him and leaned him against his arm, kissing him the way you only see people kiss in movies.

Their dinner was barely half eaten, but Sam and Kurt made their way upstairs anyways.

They crashed through Kurt's bedroom door, arms wrapped tightly around each other, mouths frantically caressing any part of the other they could find.

Kurt sat down on the edge of his bed, and Sam quickly removed his own shirt before joining him there.

This was only the second time while they had been dating that Kurt had seen Sam shirtless, and the sight still took his breath away. Sam leaned towards him on the bed, and Kurt couldn't help reaching over and running his hands over his boyfriends unfairly perfect chest. Not that Sam seemed to mind, as he grinned and pushed Kurt back on the bed, moving himself over him and nibbling on the nape of Kurt's neck.

Kurt hastily went to remove his own shirt, but Sam stopped him, pressing his mouth against his ear to whisper "Slowly, slowly...its too nice a job to rush" before grinning at him, and kissing his neck again as he removed Kurt's bow-tie.

Kurt grinned as well, remembering the time they had sung "Science Fiction/Double Feature" together. Rocky Horror was sort of their movie, as they had both realized a while ago how perfect it was for them; sci-fi for Sam, and musical for Kurt.

Sam kissed Kurt openly on his mouth, before moving his head down to Kurt's chest, slowly undoing the buttons and kissing the skin beneath them as it became exposed. Sam moved tantalizingly slow, taking his time on each button and delicately caressing every bit of Kurt's chest with his mouth, and by the time his shirt was fully unbuttoned, Kurt was having trouble breathing.

After removing his shirt, Sam moved back up to kiss Kurt on the mouth again, with Kurt wrapping his arms around Sam and softly pushing his tongue into Sam's mouth.

Sam moaned into the kiss, and increased its intensity, while letting his hands roam over Kurt's lithe body.

As they fervidly pressed their mouths together, Sam slipped his hands down to Kurt's belt and began undoing it, causing Kurt to gasp in surprise.

"What are you doing?" he murmured against Sam's lips.

"Showing you." Sam whispered back, gently biting Kurt's lower lip.

"Show me...what" Kurt gasped incoherently as Sam began to slide his pants below his hips, and then off his body.

"Everything." Sam breathed against Kurt thigh, pressing his mouth against the inside of it and sucking lightly. "Everything I feel for you, and about you. Everything I want from you, everything I need from you."

As he spoke, he slowly removed Kurt's underwear. He took Kurt in his hand and smiled as Kurt whimpered above him. "I love you Kurt. You're everything." He whispered, before taking Kurt into his mouth for the first time.

Thoughts were blasted from Kurt's head, and all he could concentrate on was the rhythmic throbbing between his legs, and the warmth of Sam's mouth. Kurt whimpered again as he felt Sam around him, and tangled his fingers in Sam's hair as he moved his head up and down.

In some dim, vague place in the back of his mind he thought he heard himself moaning Sam's name over and over again, but he was hardly aware of it and could do nothing to stop. As Sam moved his head further down, Kurt struggled to hold on, to keep himself together, but it was too much. Sam was moving his hand up and down quickly, tightening and loosening his grip in all the right places and at all the right times. Kurt couldn't take it anymore, and he screamed, finally letting himself slip into sweet oblivion.

After that, he was hardly aware of anything that occurred for the next few minutes. In that same vague, unconscious part of his mind he thought he felt Sam clean him up and put his underwear back on him, but he couldn't be sure.

All he knew was at that moment he felt more at peace than he ever had in his whole life.

After Sam finished whatever it was he was doing, he crawled into the bed next to Kurt and held him in his arms.

He pressed his lips to Kurt's forehead, breathing in his sweet scent. Kurt smiled and traced small patterns on Sam's chest with his finger, trying to soak up the perfection of the moment.

Kurt closed his eyes, and though he didn't remember falling asleep, he must have because when he opened them a moment later, the scene before his eyes had changed.

Sam was still on the bed next to him, but he was sitting up now and had gone downstairs at some point to bring up their uneaten food. The dinner Kurt had made was now on laid out on his desk, and Sam had a plate of food with him in the bed.

He looked at the clock and saw he had only slept for a half an hour, then glanced at his boyfriend, who grinned guiltily.

"I got hungry." He said simply, and Kurt smiled, and kissed him on the cheek, before getting out of bed and putting on his black shirt, which was crumpled on the ground. He retrieved his plate from the desk and then sat back down next to Sam on the bed.

"Huh, its still warm." He said, surprised.

"I warmed it up." Sam said, smiling proudly.

"My hero." Kurt said, batting his eyelashes at Sam before turning to his food. Sooo good…..

They finished their food quietly, and then Sam put the empty plates back onto the desk, before resuming his spot on the bed by Kurt.

They lay back down together, and Sam placed his arm around Kurt.

Kurt sighed, and closed his eyes again. "You know, every time I think that things can't get anymore perfect or wonderful, you go and prove me wrong by making everything even more perfect and wonderful. How?"

Sam laughed, and stroked Kurt's matted hair. "I'm just awesome."

Kurt nodded his head against Sam's chest. "You are. You're perfect." Kurt grinned, remembering what Sam had said to him before. He hand't really understood it at the time (partially due to his not really being able to think very well then) but he did now. "You're everything."

OK this is sort of the last chapter, but there will be an epilogue. And the sequel will be coming out very soon, I just need to think of a name now.

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