Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

The game had gone great. They had desecrated the other team and Sam had scored 2 touch downs. After both he had looked at the crowd and found Kurt cheering wildly for him. In the back of his mind, he dimly noticed that the rest of the glee club was cheering too...but Kurt had seemed to be cheering harder. He smiled.

Now they were driving towards the bowling alley. They had needed two cars because they were so many people. Sam had taken Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Puck and Artie (they had folded his wheelchair up in the back seat, and Puck had hoisted him into the car). Unfortunately that meant Kurt was driving the other car, a long with Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Tina and Mike.

As the rest of the club chatted happily around him, Sam shut them out and tried to focus on what exactly he was going to talk to Kurt about. He didn't want to go up to him and say "Hi, I have no idea what my personality is or who I am. You seem to have a good idea about who you are. Teach me". But other than that he really couldn't think of anything to say. Maybe he just needed to talk to him a little more, about anything, and he'd get an idea of what he was really into just by talking to him, like before.

Before he could formulate a proper plan or come to any conclusions, they were there. He found a parking spot a few cars over from where Kurt had parked and helped Puck unload Artie's wheelchair, and then Artie.

Once Artie was securely in his chair, they went into the building. It was very dark inside, with no lighting except for a few glowing blacklights on the ceiling, and what looked like neon paint splattered on the walls. Sam looked around and took in the glow-in the dark furniture, bowling balls and lanes. It was all very psychedelic. Kurt had been right, this place was awesome.

The rest of the club was already getting their shoes. Sam quickly got his and walked to the left end of the room, where he had spotted Kurt putting on a pair of bright pink glow in the dark shoes.

Sam sat down beside him and began putting his own shoes on.

"This place is amazing, I have been so excited to come here." Kurt smiled down as Sam finished tying his laces. "Yeah, its pretty sweet. And you were right about the shoes, they don't seem to have that old-man smell that most bowling shoes do..."

Kurt walked over to the machine that kept score and began entering in names. The names and scores were displayed on a small monitor suspended above their lane. The name "KURT H." appeared on it, in bright glowing letters, followed by "SAM E."

Sam smiled at Kurt in his pink shoes, but stopped when he noticed that the names "QUINN F." and "MERCEDES J." had also appeared on the screen.

Right...the rest of the glee club was here too. He'd forgotten about them.

Kurt had selected a bright pink ball, to match his shoes. He swung his arm back...and let go of his ball. It rolled backwards towards Quinn and Mercedes who laughed and quickly got out of the way.

Sam laughed too and went to return Kurt's ball to him. Because it was so dark, he could't be sure, but it looked like Kurt was blushing furiously. It could have been the pink radiating from his shoes though…

He started to hand the ball back to him, but changed his mind. "I'm not giving this back to you..." he dead-toned, his face completely serious. Kurt started at him, confused. "...Unless I know you can use it properly. This is a powerful tool and can be used for good...but it can just as easily be used for evil". His face cracked into a smile at this last part.

"It is my duty, not only as a bowling enthusiast," he continued as he lead Kurt by the elbow back to the line "but as a decent human being as well to make sure you are properly prepared to handled such a powerful tool".

Kurt was nodding with a look of pretend concentration, trying to look like he was taking this all very seriously. Sam reluctantly handed the ball back to Kurt, and got behind him. He placed his hand on Kurt's elbow and moved his arm into the correct position.

"You need to swing your arm back, while at the same time continue to hold onto the ball" Kurt gave a guilty glance back at Mercedes and Quinn "and then swing your arm hard, and follow through with your wrist" he moved Kurt's arm up, slowly going through the motions as he mentioned them. They practiced this movement a few times, Sam guiding Kurt's arm back and forth. With a gun to his head, Sam never would have admitted how good it felt, holding him like that. He felt strong, and sure of himself. It was never that way with Quinn, every time he touched her he was questioning himself and whether or not was doing the wrong thing. With Kurt it was just...so easy.

"I think I got it..." Kurt said, snapping Sam out of his thoughts. Sam blushed. He hadn't blushed since the third grade when he had asked Jenny Jones to be his valentine, and she had accepted and kissed him on the cheek. But when Kurt turned his head towards his, and spoke so close he could feel his breathe, he blushed. "Right..um, yeah. Go for it.." he managed before walking stiffly back to his seat. Thankfully Mercedes and Quinn were busy watching Brittany push Artie towards the line, where he would throw his ball forward and cheer, gutterball or no. They hadn't noticed anything. He turned back to Kurt who seemed to be mentally preparing himself to bowl.

He took a step and swung his arm back, and then forward making sure to follow through with his wrist. The ball spun down the lane, and knocked over 3 pins. Sam cheered, and Kurt made a small fist pump in the air and looked very pleased with himself. Quinn and Mercedes both applauded, and Kurt gave a small bow.

The rest of night continued in a similar fashion, everyone cheering when the others knocked some down, and offering encouraging words when they didn't. When the scores were added up at the end of game, Sam had come in first, Mercedes a close second. Quinn was third and Kurt was dead last, although he hadn't almost impaled anyone with the ball for the rest of the night, and seemed pleased with his improvement.

As they walked back to the parking lot, Sam mentally kicked himself for not finding time to talk to Kurt. He didnt know why he had thought they would get some alone time. How could they, Quinn or someone was always there…

He slunk back to his car, far behind everyone else. He hadnt even noticed that Kurt was next to him until he spoke.

"Thanks for the help earlier, guess bowling just isnt my sport". He shrugged at Sam.

"No problem...what took you so long to come out?" Sam asked, noticing Kurt was holding a box under his arm.

"Oh, I was haggling with the guy at the counter..." before Sam had time to ask what over, Kurt opened the box and pulled out the pink bowling shoes. He laughed loudly.

"What? They're cute, and this way I don't have to worry about the foot hygiene of the person who wore them before me when I come here. I had a good time and I'd like to come again, but its not worth a weird african fungus". Sam smiled at Kurt, shaking his head. He looked around and noticed the others were standing all the way on the other side of the parking lot. He and Kurt were alone.

"Hey Kurt, I sort of wanted to talk to you about something..." Sam mumbled, looking anywhere but Kurt's face. He was sure he was blushing again. Dammit, that is so not cool…

"Yeah, what?" Kurt asked, doing the head-tilt thing so much better than Quinn. "Umm...well...when we were working on my project...uhhh...about who I was and stuff.." He prayed the ground would swallow him up. If there was a god, let him kill me now. Please. "Well...we should...I mean..." fuck, where was he going with this?

Luckily for him he didn't have to figure it out. The earth did not swallow him up, but for the first time that night he was thankful for the rest of the glee club being there. They began to call over to them, shouting that they wanted to leave.

"We should go, they animals are rattling in their cages" Kurt joked, gesturing to the others.

"Right, yeah...good". He started to walk away, but Kurt caught his arm.

"Look, whatever you wanted to talk to me about, we can discuss it later. Why don't you come over to my house tomorrow, and we'll talk then?" Sam just nodded dumbly, thrilled at the proposition.

"Great, well I live in the same house as Finn and he has his address posted on facebook" Kurt rolled his eyes at Finns stupidity. "Come over anytime after 2:00".

Sam just started as Kurt walked away, and it took all his will power not to jump for joy in a most literal fashion.

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