Who is Sam Evans?

Chapter 7

So everyone is in luck, because the hotel I am at right now has internet. I typed up what I wrote and here it is. But I won't have anymore internet until the 4th, so the next update will probably be then. I don't know if I really like this chapter, it feels jumpy to me. Probably because I wrote the first half during the 24 hour drive to where we were going, and the second half while getting far too much sun. Anyways. here ya go.

Chapter 7:

That morning, Sam Evans had felt like he was the sole bearer of a terrible secret that was crushing his soul beneath its evil secret fists.

After having talked to Kurt, he didn't feel that way anymore. The soul crushing feeling had left him...but it hadn't disappeared. Instead, it seemed to have simply moved itself onto the soul of Mike Chang.

Mike spent the rest of the school day in a state similar to the one Sam had been in in the morning. He was paniced and confused. He had no idea what to do with the information he had overheard. Why couldn't they have been in there shooting heroine or something? The moment the bell rang, Mike bolted from his desk leaving a very confused Tina to walk home alone.

He didn't stop at his locker to put away his books or get his jacket. He just ran. He got to his house in just over 10 minutes flat, a full 15 minutes faster than it usually took. He went up to his room, pulled his sheets down just enough so that he was able to get under them and slipped in. He pushed the covers back over his head. Anyone looking in would see a very neat looking bed, pillows all perfectly in place, with the only indicator of anything out of the ordinary being the slight Mike Chang shaped lump in the middle of the bed. This was what he did when he was stressed and needed to think. His mother thought he was insane but he didn't care. Something about stuffy enclosed spaces just made it easier to think. And he had a lot to think about.

So...Sam was Gay. That much seemed clear. And he was obviously involved with Kurt. That was fine. Mike didn't have a problem with any of that. In fact, he was happy for them. They seemed to really care about each other...but...Sam was also with Quinn.

This was where things got complicated. It wasn't right, lying to her. But it didn't seem right, busting Sam and Kurt, either. Especially when Sam seemed to be struggling so much. There just didn't seem to be any obviously right answer, or any option that wouldn't result in someone getting hurt. Mike groaned and rolled over onto his stomach, ripping up the covers and knocking over the pillows. He was so going to Asian hell.

He went over what they had said in his mind. Sam had been mad been because Kurt had made Quinn suspicious...Kurt had called Quinn a ninja...then there had been...kissing...and Sam said something about not being able to tell Quinn about them. This means they had been planning on telling her. That was good. But then Sam said he didn't want to tell her, at all. He just wanted to break up with her. Was that ok? Mike didn't see why not...it would probably spare her feelings. And they had said they weren't going to tell anyone. Mike sighed. Then he wouldn't tell anyone either. He would do nothing. Sam would break up with Quinn and everything would be fine.

Having come to a decision, Mike pushed the covers off him and got out of his bed. He wasn't really sure how felt about not saying anything but it seemed to be the best option he had. Hopefully Sam would break up with Quinn very soon and he couldn't forget about all of this. The only thing he was really sure about was that he was quitting the Junior Narcs immediately. He just didn't have the head for spying on people...from now on, he would stick to dancing.

Unfortunately, Sam didn't break up with Quinn. Not that week anyways. Every day that week Mike saw them together, still speaking pleasantly and acting all couplely. Every day that week that Sam and Quinn were still together was another day Mike spent in a state of guilty panic.

It may have been a small bit of comfort to Mike to know that Sam and Kurt spent the week in a similar state of panic and guilt. Every day that week, Sam planned to break up with Quinn. Every day that week Sam went to school resolved and determined...and every day that week Sam found an excuse not to do it.

Tuesday she was in a bad mood.Wednesday she had cheerio practice...he didn't want to stress her outThursday was a weird day to break up with someone...he should wait till Friday...

And then it was Friday.

On Friday, Sam was determined not to procrastinate anymore.

Today was the day.

But for real this time.

Sam saw Quinn emerge from her first period class and took a deep breath. He walked up to her, telling himself this was the right thing to do. He reached her, looked her right in the eye...and decided to do it after school.

That would be better. Yes.

"Uhh..Hey Quinn," Sam smiled, trying to appear something close to normal.

"Hey Sam" Quinn replied, half-smiling at him and giving him a funny look. He realized this was probably the first conversation he had initiated with her in 2 weeks. She must know something was up. Sam fought the urge to run away and continued with what he had to say.

"What are you doing after school today? I need to talk to you...about...stuff. And things." Brilliant Sam, what a way with words. Moron.

"Oh, actually I was planning on hanging out with Mercedes after school...we haven't really seen each other in a while." Oh ok, that's cool. See you Monday! [Runs and never looks back].No. He was not going to say that. He needed to do this now. Well, afterschool... so nowish...but still, today. It needed to be done today.

"Well, do you think I could just come over for a bit and you could hang out with Mercedes after? It's important". That would be good, actually. Mercedes could comfort her and make her feel better. They could eat ice cream and talk about what an asshole he was (which is what every romantic comedy Quinn had ever made him watch told him girls did when they were wronged by a man in any way). Latey though, he would have to agree with them though. He was an asshole.

"Yeah that's ok I suppose. Do you want to drive together? I was going to walk with Mercedes, but I can ride with you." She smiled.

Sam had to stop himself from physically recoiling from her suggestion. Right, drive home together and subject them both to the world's most awkward car ride ever. "Fuck that shit", he almost said aloud, but didn't because he had no desire to be murdered by a small offended blond girl in a cheerleading uniform.

"Umm, actually I was gonna skip last period, so I could go to my house...to get...something" Please don't ask what. Please don't ask what.

"What do you need to get?"(motherfucker) she asked, because God obviously hated Sam Evans.

"Oh, just some...thing. It's not important. I'll just meet you at your house" Sam replied hastily, praying she didn't question him further.

"Ok...well, see you then" She smiled, kissed him on the cheek and walked off to her next class.Sam rubbed his temples and moaned before turning towards his next class in the opposite direction. He hated lying to her, and it was all he freaking did lately. But, he assured himself, it needed to be done. For both their sakes.

As he slouched his way to class he desperately wanted to smash his head into a wall or locker. On top of everything else, now he also had to skip last period. Last period was French, the only class he had with Kurt. The only class he looked forward to.

Oh well, he supposed he could talk to him at lunch instead. After all, now he had a perfectly good excuse. He wouldn't be in class and would need to see his notes (as if he didn't need to see them everyday anyways...he was usually much too busy staring at the side of Kurt's face to bother with something likes notes).

He got through math in his usual flipping-through-the-textbook-but-not-actually-doing-anything-close-to-work manner, idly noticing that Mike Chang was still acting very odd. Ever since Tuesday, he'd been uncharteristically quiet and jumpy, and kept shooting him funny sideways glances. Sam might have been worried about this, if he had devoted more than 30 seconds of thought to Mike's behaviour. But he didn't, and so he wasn't.

The other 59 and a half minutes of class were spent thinking, shockingly enough, about Kurt. There was a surprising amount of things to think about when it came to Kurt. His hair, his clothes, his voice, his movements, conversations they might have, kisses they might share, what Kurt thought about him, and whether or not Kurt thought about him as much as he thought about Kurt (Sam doubted it. Kurt had a weird insistence on paying attention to what was being taught during the school hours, and that was when Sam got the bulk of his thinking done).

Lunch time came, and Sam went to the cafeteria to search for Kurt. He found him sitting at a table with Mercedes.

He walked over to them and tried to appear casual. "Hey Kurt, can I talk to you? I'm not gonna be in French today, so I'm gonna need to look at your notes".

"As if that's any different from every other day of the week" Kurt rolled his eyes sarcastically at Mercedes and stood up to go talk to Sam, who smiled widely at Mercedes, hoping the smile said "see how perfectly innocent and acceptable my reason for talking to Kurt is?" and praying it didn't say "I am acting very oddly, you should be suspicious of me".

They walked over to a spot in the cafeteria where no one was sitting.

"How come you're not going to be in French?" Kurt asked, obviously disappointed. Sam explained about not wanting to trap himself in a car with the girl he was planning on dumping in a little whole.

"Oh that wouldn't be so bad" Kurt said, waving his hand dismissively. Sam raised an eyebrow and stared at Kurt, who chuckled.

"OK, you're right. That sounds like it would be more painful than listening to Lina Lamont perform Lady Gaga". Kurt grimaced, and then chuckled again at his own joke. Sam smiled at him, confused but pleased that Kurt seemed to be enjoying whatever it was he just said. Kurt smiling and laughing publicly was such a rarity it was worth any amount of confusion.

"I'm sure I would agree if I had any idea what you were talking about".

"That's right, I forgot you still haven't seen Singin' in the Rain...we`re going to have to change that soon you know. I don't think I can date anyone who hasn't seen that movie" Kurt said with a look of mock seriousness.

"Well, I still can't believe you haven't seen Blade Runner. We're going to have to change that too, because I don't think I can date anyone who hasn't seen that movie." Sam replied in a matching mocking tone. Although to be honest, he still really couldn't believe Kurt had never even heard of Blade Runner...I mean, it was Blade Runner, for Christ sake!

"Well, maybe after you're done...you know..." Kurt began slowly "You could come over to my house and we could watch them both. Kill two birds in one night. After all, you might need a little pick-me-up after...you know." Kurt bit his lip and tilted his head to the side, staring at Sam expectantly.

Sam pretended to be considering the offer, as if he wasn't already screaming YES! in his head, over and over again. Not only did that offer sound extremely appealing to him, the truth was when he tilted his head to the side like that Kurt could have gotten him to agree to stripping naked and performing the Macarena in front of the whole school.

"Hmm...I guess I could do that" he said after a while, trying to sound pained "I do like Blade Runner and I suppose the company wouldn't be too bad. Alright, if you insist" Sam finished quickly, smiling widely.

Kurt blushed, "So just come over whenever...I have Singin' in the Rain, and I assume you can bring...umm..." Kurt paused, as if searching for the name of the movie.

"Blade Runner!" Sam shouted in disbelief before realizing Kurt had been joking, and was now laughing at him. Now Sam blushed.

"Right, sorry. How could I forget?" Kurt joked sarcastically. Sam pretended to pout, looking down and crossing his arms. "Your sarcasm is not appreciated" he said fake-dejectedly. That was a lie. He loved it when Kurt was sarcastic.

Kurt laughed at his fake-angry routine and went back over to Mercedes. Sam spent the rest of lunch stopping his hand from doodling Kurt's name on his lunch tray. He was suddenly very much looking forward to afterschool; it meant he had to break up with Quinn, sure. But it also meant he would be having his first date with Kurt. That seemed to make everything else worth it.

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