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Lovely: A Miraculous Ladybug Story


My yo-yo falls to the ground as I’m pinned to a wall. My head collides with the brick behind me and I groan in pain. “CHAT!” Ladybug and Chat Noir have been getting closer while one thinks they're more then friends the other.... When Chat finally gets up the guts to tell Ladybug his feelings he doesn't expect to be told that she loves someone else.

Romance / Fantasy
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My yo-yo comes back to me and I smile down at the person in front of me. “You’ll be all right” I help my friend Alya up from the ground “Ladybug! What happened? Where I am?” I rub her back kindly “You’re all right now don’t worry I’m sure Nino will explain everything.” Alya looks around until she spots her boyfriend Nino sitting on a bench. “Thanks, Ladybug!” she runs off to be with him I was about to transform back until an arm pulls gently on my shoulder. “Can we talk?” I hear my earrings beep “Not now Chat I’ve got to go” I start to walk away until he grabs my shoulder this time he doesn’t let go. “Please my lady I have something important I need to tell you”

I shake my head “I’m about to change back” I walk again but he pulls me back “Then tonight at eight met me at the tower” I nod my head “Okay I’ll be there” he smiles “and wear something nice!” he calls after me. I give him the thumbs up so he knows I heard what he said.


I fall onto my bed sighing with relief “These villains are getting a lot smarter” I nod my head closing my eyes “Right now Tikki I just want to be Marinette” I feel a small pair of arms hug my hand I look down at her smiling “Thanks” she smiles up at me before flying into my closet “Now what are you wearing to met Chat?” I groan and roll over on to my stomach.


I look down at my dress making sure it looked all right. Though I was wearing my suit underneath the dress I still wanted to make sure it didn’t look terrible. I look around then throw my yo-yo at the tower I fly into the air and swing my way to the top of the Eiffel tower. All around me I see lanterns and rose petals everywhere making a trail. I follow the trail to see Chat standing with a rose in his hand with soft music playing in the background.

I walk towards him stunned by the effort he must have put into this night. “Chat-” before I can say anything else he takes my hand and slowly twirls me. We dance to the song until it changes and he leads me towards the edge. We look down at the city below us alight and glowing. I smile down at the scene “it’s so peaceful” he nods beside me.

“I come up here a lot to think” I nod my head “I can see why” he grabs my hands and turns me towards him “I come up here wondering how I tell you or show you how I feel. I should have told you sooner” I frown “Chat what are you-” he cuts me off “Please just let me tell you” I nod my head slowly “I’m sure I’ve told you countless times but you never seem to believe me so now I show you.” He pulls me close to him “I love you my lady and I can’t go another day without you knowing” I nod my head sadly

“Chat I’m sorry but I love someone else” he lets go of my hands “I value our friendship above most else but I can’t love both. We’re too different. I’m sorry” I walk over to him and kiss his cheek gently before leaving him.

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