Everybody says that dreams come true, but remember that nightmares are dreams too... Victoria enjoys daily life with her sister, but when her birthday comes she just can’t wait to go to the park! But what is in the park is a different matter. A mystery. A suspicious mystery.

Horror / Mystery
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A murderer is on the loose. Otherwise known as the black mask. Five dead bodies have been found, but one still remains a mystery. Who lies behind this mysterious black mask?

Down a dark, dull alleyway, a child named Daisy was to be found standing next to a mystery person who Daisy actually seemed to know the nature of quite well. Daisy’s hair was just past her shoulders and was light blonde in colour. Different sized streakes of brown shuddered down her golden hair: her roots were slickly tucked back into a pony tail along with the rest of her long hair. On her body was just normal, casual clothes that you would just see one of your mates wearing on a normal daily basis. But you couldn’t help to look deeper down into her eyes and spot the fear that she had in the person in front of her, all dressed in deep black. From a distance, you could see Daisy’s lips trembling as she formed words, and finally, a loud scream daunted the town but a mystery it still remained. This young girl collapsed on the floor and was never to see the light of day again.

About two days later, signs were to be seen posted all over lampposts and in windows: signs of a young girl named Daisy who was missing. These posters rustled around in the wind as the breeze passed you and for some reason, the word spread that a sixth murder had taken place...

Meanwhile, in a further part of the town, it was somebody’s birthday. When does the party start?

Victoria was gladly opening the birthday present that her sister had given her for her birthday and was delighted with all of the presents she had received so far; but when this bratty girl tore off the rapping paper a frown swirled through the midst and spun her grin right the way round. She had received a dress off her sister: of all the great things she was thinking, a dress?! But she hid that and made way for her acting skills, she made sure that the dissappointment remained just as a thought in her head.

Victoria pleaded at her sister Elisabeth to go to the park with her as a special birthday treat, but it did take at least ten minutes of convincing to get her to actually go to the park in the end. But these two girls loved the park and I still don’t see why Elisabeth didn’t want to go to the park in the first place! After all, that is the place where the girls sisterhood friendship came from in the first place! But off they went, strolling to the park.

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