Guardians of Realities


Inspired by the 80's crossover of Voltron and Armored Fleet DaiRugger. A new series is born. After discovering an unknown ship, our heroes will soon face a great danger that might bring the end to their world. But soon, learn it's isn't their world needs saving. A unknown threat came not to destroyed their world, but the others as well. With three giants robots at their sides and their pilots, they might successes. Or, died trying.

Adventure / Scifi
D. F. Tomes
Age Rating:


Deepest side of the galaxies, an army appear as they wage war on the entire universe. They slowly devoured the galaxies. Those survive and seek shelter, warn others. The shadow army spread similar to wildfire, destroying until everything became nothing.

As darkness shallows many galaxies, one piece remains. The Milky Way. Within the Solar Systems are nine planets, minus one planet that’s far. On the third planet from the sun, was call Earth and its close of extinction.

Realizing that their universe is close of extinction. Survivors of Earth stood their ground once more. One scientist spoke of a weapon. Well, specifically weapons. She survived after losing her planet to the dark army. There she shows them the weapons she believes’ll win the battle and end the war. However, five pilots are required to activate the weapons.

And, so they select five pilots. One, a Norwegian male. Another, a thrice bred male youth. Third, a young female from England. Followed by a former Astronaut. Finally, a pilot hailing from Balto, a deceased planet.

Once they had, the five pilots begun their training. The five pilots trained as others pursued separate projects. The Stellar Star Explorer or The S.S. Explorer, for short. And, IGF-Atlas or Atlas.

However, defending the dark army necessitated a stronger opposing force. Literally, a new solution emerged as pilot recruitment increased. This apparent surplus resulted from a mysterious source.

Dauntlessly, Earth survivors continued their mission. Unfortunately, time is running short. The dark army is getting close.

With limited time, the Earth survivors strived to continue their mission. If they have sufficient time. Which, they don’t. Time wasn’t on their side.

The dark army continue to increase, and nobody is stopping them. Nothing, expect one.

Still, on their training, the five pilots begin their first mission; Defend Earth.

Their first mission was successes. But they can stop the dark army. It continues to spread throughout the galaxies until it becomes nothing but darkness. Empties. No trace of life. No planets. Nothing but emptiness.

After defending one of the dark armies, Earth had survived. Only for a moment.

The dark army never stop until every planet is gulp into darkness. With insufficient time to spread, the projects was close in complete. And, soon new pilots are pick.

Not only by operators or commanders but young cadets. The most gifted youths in the planet. Despite not being born on Earth, they prove themselves worthy to them. Even, joining the fight against the dark army.

With many training, a few cadets were select and promote as captain to the group. Which, is only three in five groups.

Thought it’ll be a challenge for the three pilots. Yet, they prove themselves despite their ages and inexperience.

While they trained, other work on different projects and battle tactics. Confident of defending and returning the planets back. So, their cultures back to their lives.

Before long, they discover something. The dark entity’s true identify.

After reading the reported, the Leaders of Earth became shocked. Neither would predict this discovering. Which, gave them quite a shock but more surprise they further read the report.

Before later, another report caught their attention. Inadequate to devise a solution, they instantly realized nothing will changed. The planets, consumed, will not be returning.

Discern the details, their world is doom. With no theories of recovering their planets, they determine to engages one more battle until their demise.

In hopes of prevent anymore lives from other realities. They have no chance of defeating the entities. No weapons. Nor an armada can’t defeat them.

They prepare for battle against a powerful foe. Their last battle.

The battle heats on. A numerous explosion appear in mid-space as the fight became endless. With no end on each side, until the dark entities manages to destroy their enemies’ front-line and turn the tides.

The S. S. Explorer and Atlas continue to hold the fort but their enemies are growing too strong and their defense are growing weaker. But they knew, and they are willingly, to give their lives.

Inside of Atlas, the crewmen tries to stable the ship’s power. Many believe it’ll exploded and killed everyone inside. Some believe it’s lose power and made them vulnerable.

However, the ship’s power is a strange and powerful diamond. It said that the diamond appear as numerous of black holes disappear as its power absorb them. With little information, no one knows the diamond’s power or its abilities.

But they’ll soon learned.

Once it exploded, the crystal started to glow. Unaware, the group of scientists and engineers tries their best to stable. Only to notice its increase power. They try prevent the increasing of power; they were too late.

The crystal’s power increase as it shine, releasing a roar of energy throughout the battle. Engulfed by the flash of light.

No one knows happen. But the war continues on. At a different reality.

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