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Love through the time


Atem is coming back after one mounth of the trial and he wants to see again his friends, but he learns that one of his friends has an accident.. What will he do? Will he be abble to help his friend?

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Chapter 1

A Morning day of September, lightened and sunshined, somewhere in Egypt, more exactly in the valley of the kings aside Louqsor from the south of the Nil, a bright and intense light appeared on the ruin of the tomb. Then, for any moments, nothing happened, no noise, no wind can be heard. The atmospher was heavy an surronded with electricity.

No move could be felt, the few life which was present, didn't move. They all looked in the same direction, like if they knew something important is going to happened.

Suddendly, a noise could be heard inside the ruin. It approached more and more. All the nature seemed to be alerted. A shadow came through the entry of the ruins. When something came outside the ruins.

The animals here, looked at for a minute, then they returned of their habits. In fact, it's seemed that it was a person who stood at this entry. A tall tonned man, dressed like the ancient egyptian, more exactly like the pharaohs, in white, a black purple cape and gold bracelets.

He blinked his eyes cause the intensify of the light. So he rose his arm to proctect himself from the sun, then he turned around to search a corner where the sun wasn't here and at least thought about this happened. All was confused in his head. He stayed like this during a moment, sat down on the rock near the ruin.

After several minutes, he stood up with a determined face and moved away from this place. He wanted to found people who could help him. His look on his face was determined like when someone wants to find somebody. During his long walk, he took off his cape which bothered him with the heat and for his progression.

He wandered several hours and arrived to Louqsor. The crowd looked at him choked and dumbfounded. They all thought what was it going on and why he was dressed like this?

The young man found near a building of police. In front of it was a policeman who looked at him both amused and surprised. He wondered if there would be a fancy dress bal or something like this.

« Eh! Young man! Need some help maybe ? Follow me inside the police station if i can do something" Told him the policeman, mid amused and serious.

The young man looked at him surprised and perplexed, but after one minute, decided to follow him inside. 'Perhaps he could help me' he wondered. Arrived in the ofice, the police man sat down and invited the other man to sit down also.

« So, could you please tell me your story and what was going on ? » he asked him and looked at him in the eyes.

« Yes … Actually I'm here in Louqsor and I wonder if I 'm far away from the Cairo, because I get lost a little bit!" He answered him. The policeman laught a little after have heared this. It seemed that the stranger was very lost and confused, and not a crazy because of the expression which was in his face and eyes. He could see that this man was really sincere when he said he was lost.

« Yes, we're really at Louqsor in the South of the Nil. The Cairo is situated more in the North. But…. Why do you talk about the Cairo ? What's happen over there ? Do you know someone ? »

« Yes, that's right ! I know somebody over there. Maybe you know her. Her name is Ishizu Ishtar ? » He answered calmly.

« Of course I know her. She's very famous. She's the director of the department of the ancient history of our government cultural. Moreover, she came some days ago to go to Assouan, for archeological excavation. Maybe she's still here ? » He said while considering on something.

« But are you sure that you know her ? Because I don't want to bother her for nothing » He said a little suspiscious.

But in front of the look on the young man's face, the man changed his mind and decided to trust him. In fact, these eyes expressed a royal strength and a great dignity and sincerity.

The policeman decided to call to the office in Cairo. After any minutes, he obtained the department of the searching and asked to talk to miss Ishtar. He spoke with someone during two minutes and took a piece of paper, scrawled on top of it and then hung up. He took the piece of paper and dialed a new number.

In the office, the silence could be heard. The policeman tapped with his fingers on the desk while waiting that someone lift the receiver. Then a sound could be heard through the phone.

« Hello, this is Mr Asmos from the police station, could I talk With Miss Ishtar, please ?... Miss Ishtar, I'm sorry to bother you, but in my office I have got someone would pretend that's he know and He want to discuss with you. I wondered if this was true or not ? » He asked politely.

By her side, Ishizu wondered what was going on.

« You don't bother me, don't worry. So there is someone who would talk to me and know me ? She answered after a few moment, while wondering who was this person.

The ploliceman turned around toward the other man and asked him his name.

« You could tell her that's Atem and I'm come back, she 'll understand I think » He just said that seriously.

The policeman, puzzled, repeated what the young man has told him. He heard a long silence and he asked what was happened.

The stranger's identity was at last unveiled. The pharaoh was returned.

The policeman, worried by the silence, reiterated his question.

« Miss Ishtar, are you alright ? Do you reallyknow this person ? »

« What… Oh… Hum… yes ! Excuse me ! Did you really say that his name was Atem, didn't you ? And he was returned ?... That's impossible…. I can believe this ? » She finished to say to herself to try and convince herself of what was she heard.

« Do you want me to put this joker in jail ? » continued the policeman while turning around in order to the young man don't hear him.

« No, no, no… don't do that ! I prefer check by mylself first of all. I leave now so I'll be there in one hour about, don't worry…. And thank you for warning me, Mr Asmos, see you soon. » then the policeman hung up.

The policeman, surprised with this action, looked at him with more intensity and tried to understand. During any minutes, he lock into this eyes and saw an incredible strength which commands respect and admiration.

« Miss Ishtar come as soon as possible from Edfou, but I would like to understand who you are to her for reacting like this ? » retorted Mr Asmos to Atem, who was flabberasted.

Atem didn't what to say because if he told his story, this man would think he was crazy. Moreover, he was so confused and he didn't know exactly what 's happened.

In Edfou, near the Horus 's temple, Ishizu was dumbfounded, and repeat constantely, the same words : Oh my god ! this is really possible ?

At this moment, her assistant rejoined her and founf her in this state.

« But what was happened, Miss Ishtar ? Why are you like ? » She asked her worried with the look on the face of her boss.

Ishizu looked at her without say anything for a long time, always in her mind. Then she announced that she has to go to Louqsor for something very important. She asked to her assistant if she could supervise the works during her absence and if there was some issues she could join her on her mobile.

« Don't worry Miss Ishtar, I take car of all of this. You can leave tranquil » She reassured her, even if she wondered what was happened to her for reacting like this. Normally her boss is calm and reflected and now she's ready to quit her work to go to Louqsor. But she asked any questions because she though that Miss Ishtar have to have her reasons.

Ishizu thanked her and moved away. During the travel, she though about this and the repercussion that this come back would bring. 'How it is possible'. She was hurried to arrive and notoced this by herself.

During this time, Atem waited patiently that Isshizu arrive, because he wanted to see her and try to solve this. He though of the things was happened since he finally has acceded to the gates of the kingdom of death where his ancestors rest. He didn't exactly remember all, but that what's sure that he had to see again his friends. He waited for a long time and h saw that's the policeman wondered a lot of questions as well and wanted to understand too

Mr Asmos observed carefully, the youg man who was sat down motionless and upright, folded his arms and hi seyes closed like if he medited. From him, a calm and solemn aura and the policeman felt impressed, like if in front of him there was a royal prince. The policeman went back to his duties.

One hour passed and suddendly a noise coming from a car which parks could be heard. Then a door slaming and footsteps could be heard also. Any minutes later, a door opened onto a young tanned and dark hair woman dressed in white She walked gracefully and as the same time with determination, that the people around her felt respectful toward her. Mr Asmos stood up and came to her.

« Thanks for coming faster, I'm confused to disturb you, Miss Ishtar ! »

« Don't worry, because if it's true, then it'll be my turn to thank you » Answered the young lady.

Atem who stayed in the office, wasn't able to see who was arrived, neither hear their talking. He wondered who was this person, but he felt less nervous because the policeman left him so he couldn't felt his glance and the waiting began to be long.

In the corridor, Mr Asmos and Ishizu came near to the door. She hesitated a little, because she was afraid that wasn't him. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply to find the strength to look at this person. Then she opened her eyes and went in front of the policeman, who had opened the door while waiting. So he let her went inside first and so she moved forward and entered slowly in the office.

What she saw firstly, was a young tanned man like her who looked at her. She saw his dark purple eyes. Thoses eyes which reflected wisdom and surprising strength, and in this intant, held a bit of surprise and relief. Then, she noticed his dressing that can had astonished a lot of people since he wore clothes which was worn to the epoch of the pharaoh. At last, she saw his spiky dark purple hair with and blond lock, some raised on his head, some frame his face.

She had the time to notice all this in one minute. Suddendly, she recognized him. He was really back. The frighten she had disapeared and the joyce replace dit. Some tears flew in her eyes, so she wiped quickly. Then she went towards his friend who was stood up, happy to see her again.

« Oh my god ! It's tue that you are come back ? But How…..and why….. , my Pharaoh ! » exclaimed her, astonished by this miracle.

« Yeah ! I'm back ! I'm so happy to see you too. I don't know what to do because all this is confused in my head, But you are here ! Thank you Ishizu » Answered Atem with his deep voice, relieved to see her here.

They shaked their hands each other warmly and focused on them some instant to reassure that's not a dream under the mdused glance of the policeman who does not understand all this.

« But… Who he is ? Why are you so respectful with him ? You treat him like if he was a prince or someone important ! » Asked Mr Asmos curious about what happened.

« In fact, this is a exact » answered Ishizu laughing, « He is one of the last descendant of the pharaohs of this epoch »

The policeman stayed quiet anda at the same time he wondered if all this was true. But he remembered the impression he had felt with him so he began to believe her.

« It's great ! But why don't we see him before… this explained why he wore this clothes » He said while he though.

Hey looked at each other embarrassed and they though as well.

« I think he is tired for the moment, can I take him away ? » Asked Ishizy who don't want to bring details.

He was disappointed by this but he understood, so he decided to let them leave snce there wasn't any problem.

« But this young man hasn't got his paper. He has to have its…. Unless someone stole its » Said the policeman.

« No, no… » The two looked at each other to found a good answer. « Don't worry, He had to forget at home going out this morning. Thank you again for all you have done, we let you ! »

After said goodbye, they climbed in the car and they went bound for the hotel to take a rest.

« It's really a miracle that you are here when one month you left for the kingdom of death » Began Ishizu « But at first I take you away to the hotel where i'm going to book one suite with two bedrooms, like that you'll able to take a rest and…. Change your clothes ! » She said smiling while looking at his outfit. Indeed, his clothes wasnt' for his epoch and she understood the questions that the policeman wanted to ask. What it is more strange that a young man dressed like a pharaoh today.

Atem smiling too looking at him, then he became serious again while looking at her.

« You say that it has been one month that I left for the afterlife ? Nevertheless, I was the impression that one day had passed and not one month » He said while meditating on what he just learnt.

« So Yugi and the other are returned to Domino, arent they ? » Exclaimed Atem.

Far away, a thousand of kilometers, to Japan exactly, where the first day of school had began, after the holiday. This holiday which has been suffering for Yugi and his friends. Indeed, they had lived an exciting adventure to help their friend pharaoh to find hid name and rejoin the afterlife for his eternal rest.

Since two years, when Yugi succeded to assemble the pieces of the puzzle of the millenium and so set free the pharaoh's spirit, they lived a lot of adventures to help him to find his memories and save the world.

This is during this adventures they became the best friends and when he had to leave them to the afterlife, it was hard for them, but they knew that their friend rested in peace and with his family.

Thanks to those adventures, they could met and make new friends around the world and, beside, find their own strength and quality.

This group was formed by five people. First the hero, Yugi, the boy who took in the pharaoh's soul and whom he looks like very much except the size. He 's knex as the king of game especially to the duel monster, and the other games. He's now in second year to the high school of Domino. He's small, but he has got a big heart, especially toward those he loves. He's devoted, obliging, kind a little to much. Thanks to this kindness and his perseverance, he conquered the Joey's friendship, who was the second member of this group.

Indeed, him and his friend Tristan, was a hooligan, before met Yugi, he loved to fight (again today) and annoy Yugi on account of his small size. But one day, when they had attacked by a strong man, Yugi defended them despite his size. So Yoey could seen he was brave, Joey decided to trust to Yugi ad became friend with him. Thanks to this friendship he calmed down and above all he discovered the universe of the duel monster. He initiated at this to take part in a tournament to win the price and save his sister. Although, he wasn't motivated at first, he discovered a real passion for it and all along this adventures, he became a good opponent, even if he is again ipulsive and win with a little luck. It's someone who fight for those he loves like Yugi.

Then, there is Tristan. He's not a duellist, but he's always here for his friend. He's more adult than Joey, but he can fight when it's necessary, and sometimes he adored provoking Joey and fighting with him, like children. At the begining, he can't stand Yugi and the friendship which existed between Joey and Yugi. But he learnt to know him so much and apreciate him. Now he follows Joey and Yugi everywher. Moreover, he fell in love with the little Joey's sister, Serenity and do what he can to seduce her for the misfortune of Joey.

The fourth member, is the a young women, who's called Anzu an dis the childhood friend of Yugi. She knew him since their nine years (in my history. I know they knew them since their childhood but what's age exactly, I don't know). She was always there for him especially when people annoyed him. She's a carring, nice, lovely and generous person, even if she can have a little temper because she know what 's she want. She followed the others in all the adventures and always helped them by supporting and finding some solutions for some problems. She's the first to have noticed the change inside Yugi with the puzzle because she knew him very much with his reactions and moves. She saw there was two people in one , she has a crush with the second personnality as soon as she heard him and after saw him.

The last and not least member, is not other than the pharaoh Atem, for long knew like Yami, because he didn't knew his name neither his past since he was enclosed in the puzzle during thousand years while waiting to be free by the choosen and save te world. When he was free, he was distant and lonely, but with the time and the help of Yugi and his friends, he learnt to open up. Despite their likenesses, their characters are opposite. Atem is somone more reflected, calm and more strong. On the contrary, it's more difficult for him to make friend because he less also trust to the others, even if by the contact with Yugi he make wiser. For his last adventure, he had to return in his past to save his world and for this he had to find his name. Thanks to his friends he had found his name and saved his kingdom. And after o last fight with Yugi, he was returned in the afterlife to rest eternally.

All of this was during the summer holiday, in August. The four guys live in Domino and they are all in second year of high school.

In this 1er september, a Monday exactly, the class was ove rat half past three pm, with relief for our friends who waited that since the morning. Joey was the first to stand up, excited and headed for Yugi.

« Eh ! Yugi ! You come ? I need to have fun, let's face some duellist, or maybe we can go in the arcade ? »

Yugi didn't listen to his friend because all his care was focus on Anzu, who was not in the mood since the return to Egypt.

For the departure of Atem, Anzu was in low spirit. She had the impression not to find hers way around, like if one part of her was gone with him. She wish he had stayed with them, especially with her, to lve and laugh together. She though at this all the time, so she didn't consecrated no more to her practice of the dance. She losttne flamme which was in her since she was small. She went on to dance but she wasn't as exalted as before, she moved almost mechanically and since the class had taken, she didn't dance anymore.

She realized that the class was over. So she stood up during Yugi gazed at her. He decided to speak to her.

« Do you want to put together, Anzu ? » asked Yugi with alittle hope she could say yes.

« I'm sorry, guys ! But I have my job, once upon a time, maybe ? » She whispered, without look at them and she left the room while saying a sad goodbye.

Joey, Tristan and also Yugi, looked at her leaving, with annoyance. They wanted to help but they didn't know how do that, and especially Yugi who loved her very much.

« I'm sad when I saw her like this. I wonder what's happen to her ? » Asked Tristan.

« She's like this since the departure of Atem. I know that was hard for all us but she seems to not recover from that. » continued Joey « What do you think about that, Yugi ? » Asked Joey looking at him.

But He don't answer because he wonder the feeling that Anzu has for Atem was much love than friendship, that would explain her sadness. But in the same time, he refused to admit it. So he stood up with enhusiastically to chase away his tought.

« It's sure, It's hard for her, but she's stronger than anybody and soon she recover her cheerfullness ! I know and I'm sure we must let her alone, because for the time being she wants to be alone. So let's play ! »

But inside him, Yugi was worried and wondered if she really will be better. Moreover, He noticed that in his presence she was sadder, because she don't talk with him like before. He wondered if it was due to his likeness with Atem. Nevertheless, he wanted help her with all his heart and find again his complicity with her, and see her happy again.

So they left the school, by a beautiful and sweet afternoon for a summer end. Suddendly, they saw a group of young duellist who fought. When she saw Yugi they wanted to fight him in duel.

« Eh ! You want to fight against us, Mister Mutô ? » They said.

« Please, don't call Mister. I'm not so old. Call me Yugi and to fight, I don't know…. » He couldn't continue because Joey interpellated them.

« Eh ! kids, you don't forget someone ! I'm ready to face you ! »

He felt like he was underestimated. After all, he had finished fourth to the last tournament and he wanted them to show he wasn't a beginner.

« Maybe… but we want to face with Yugi instead, the king of game ! » launched the youngs.

« If you want fight him, you 'll have to fight me first, understood kid ! » blew up Joey.

« Calm down Joey ! » Said Yugi anxious.

« That's clair ! Stupid idiot ! You don't go to rub shoulders with this kids ! » Launched Tristan, with a moching look.

« What !...You dare treat me IDIOT ! You don't see you dummy ! » Screamed Joey who was brought closer together dangerously to Tristan, readdy to fight with him.

« Humpf ! Come on ! I wait ! » Scream also Tristan who had raised his fists to deal with the punches.

During the two friends were fought, Yugi and the kids looked at them laughing. Then turning around toward the duellists, Yugi thought of something to try to make his friends see reason.

« Listen, I want to face with you as well, only if you face with Joey first, ok ? » Proposed Yugi.

The young duellists looked to each other and after a moment of hesitation, they agreed. Yugi called out to Joey, who was situated under the hold of Tristan and tried to breath, because Tristan had caugh Joey with one arm around his neck and was bended in two under Tristan. When they heard Yugi to call them, tey looked to each other a moment, then moved aside one of other, each trying to take back their contenance. Joey came near to the duellists and began hid duel, ready to engage in this battle under the looks of all to show them what he can do.

'Maybe I' am not at the same level to Yugi, but I can do it and some day I would succeed in beat him' Thought Joey, with all his soul. He believed very He much in it. He smiled innerly and began his duel with the cheerly up of his friend.

During this time, in the tea house, Anzu who worked here, was deep inside in her thought. So she didn't see the new customers who arrived and expected her to be served.

« Anzu ? There are new customers who are arrived ! » Said nicely one of the waitress. « Don't you feel good ? You are a little strange since a moment. If you are not well, you can tell me about, Anzu ? »

The young waitress who spoke to her was called Kazumi. She was nothing else that her cousin. They didn't see them for a long time, because Kazumi lived to Kyoto with her parents. But she had decided to pursue her studies to Domino, fromthe next semester and she was lived now with the parents of Anzu not to feel alone and Anzu and her parents was ravished. She found this job one week before Anzu, who was left to Egypt at this time. They were found again in the same job and was enchanted because theywere like sister. Indeed, Kazumi had a facile nature, she was gentle, obliging and got on with the people who appreciated her nature. So Kazumi had noticed since the come back of Anzu to Egypt, she was less jolly and enthusiasm than before ; She asked if it happened something in Egypt.

« No, No ! It's alright ! Don't worry Kazumi, I was in my thoughts, but I return to my job ! » Reassured Anzu giving a hint of smile and she left at the table where the new customers was installed.

Kazumi looked at her and wondered what happened to her, because even if she said she was ok, Kazumi felt that she had a problem. Indeed, Anzu was always joyfull, cheerful and serious in her job, and now she was absent minded and morose. Kazumi hped one day, Anzu could speak with her. 'Provided that she find again her joy of life. Please that someone could help !' She thought with all the strength of her heart. Then she returned at her job, because some customers arrived.

At six o clock in the evening, their job was over. Kazumi and Anzu left the tea house direction their house.

« I feel a little nervous for tomorow ! Luckily you 'll be with me, Anzu ! » Said Kazumi. Infact she starts the class in the same school that Anzu.

« Don't worry Kazumi, I'm and I'll be with you. Further, you'll meet my friends ! I'm pleased to introduce them ! You'll see they are cool ! » Answered Anzu smiling and putting an hand on her shoulder, to reassure her cousin.

« Thank you, and I long to meet them. » Said Kazumi smiling too and looking Anzu.

« Can you go to home without me, I have something to do again, excuse me » Told her Anzu.

« No…Don't worry. I see you later ! Bye » Answered Kazumi.

Smiling, Anzu left her and went to the museum like everyday, to contemplate the stone, the one where there is the representation of the pharaoh and his priest who fought. The one she had admired, formerly, with him. Her look was sad, melancholy and she repeated constantely « Why are you left ? I would like so much him to be here with…. Me » She said while some tears escaped from her eyes. It was like a prayer which each day grasped her heart.

The staff of the museum had noticed this beautiful girl with a sad face, because she stayed for a long time in front of this stone. They were affected and also intrigued.

« I wonder why she comes everyday to look at this stone with this sad look ? » Ased one of the staff ;

« Me too ! And particularly why this stone ? I mean what this stone has got for her to look at it like this ? Indeed it is beautiful but it is also very old. It must be improtant to her heart » membe » Added an other member of the staff.

It was a myster for them and they decided to return at their job after this little break, without an answer at that. They wondered if tomorow she would be there again. Indeed, the stone will have to leave the museum to return in Egypt, by an order of the Egypt consulate, because they wanted to take back and expose it in other museum. How this young woman was going to react at this ? It was they wondered all. They saw her left the museum at seven o clock around with tears which had flew.

Anzu left the museum with her sad thought while trying to smile. On her way she crossed Joey, Tristan and Yugi in full animated discussion and she heard them talked and laughed.

« So guys ! You had looked ! I had beaten all. Frankly…. They weren't so strengh and they dared refuse to face me, really ! » Boasted Joey walking in front of his friends.

« Yes We know ! You're the best ! Bless the king Joey and his magnificient performance like a duellist ! » Said Tristan bended like the clowns had made in front of the king and under the glance of Yugi who was laughing.

« Eh ! Please Tristan ! You believe you're funny ! Andy ou, Yugi, Why you laugh ? »

« Excuse Joey ! But i twas funny ! But you were great ! One day you'll be respected in the world of duellist. I'm proud of you and I respect you ! » Said Yugi.

« That's right ! You're strong ! So excuse me too ! It was just for the fun ! » Said Tristan taking Joey by the neck to show his affection and he was proud too of him.

Joey pushed back kindly Tristan and turn over not to show that this speach had touched him, because he could see that his friends believed in him and they were always here. For him it was something very important. He turn to his friends to look at them.

« Thank ! My friend ! » He said embarrassed, a hand behind his head smiling.

Then they laughed together. Suddendly Joey stopped and looked far away serious.

« Eh ! What's going on ? Your head…. » Tristan and Yugi began to ask.

Because they just turned over and saw what Joey had seen. Indeed, they noticed Anzu far so they decided to approach her while running to reach her.

« Eh ! Anzu ! If you had finished your job come with us. It's not good for you to stay alone ! First of all, you have no choice ! It's an order ! » They said breathless with a tone mid severe.

« I don't know….. » She began to say.

Then, she looked at them and understood that they were worry for her. So she decided to follow them not to worry them more than they were and also to try to forget, even if it was for a one night. They finished the day together, more joined and had fun everywhere. They went home a little late but happy, even Anzu.

« Thanks guys ! I'm feel better. Thank you to be here for me ! » She said to thank for their help.

« Eh ! It's nothing. Friends are here for that, don't forget. You had helped us more often than us ! » They said.

Anzu smiled for the first time since a longtime. Then she remembered something.

« Oh ! I forget to say that tomorow someone will be there with me. In fact it's my cousin, Kazumy who is arrived since few days. I'll introduce her to you, guys ! So be nice ! Ok ! »

« It's true ? Don't worry we'll be nice with her. I 'm in a hurry to meet her ! » Said Joey enthusiastic.

« Yeah ! Alright, it's cool ! » Told her Tristan.

They left each other to went home. Yugi proposed to come with Anzu, but she refused.

« It's nice but I prefer to go home alone ! Don't worry, I'm ok ! Moreover, you must go home too ! But thank you ! »

« But it's not a problem ! You know …. » Yugi didn't go on because he saw that Anzu wanted to be alone.

« Ok ! Like you want ! But don't forget we're here for you ! » He said simply.

But deep inside, he tought 'I'm here ! I would like to help you so much because you're important to me' He stopped his tought because he knew his tought would hurt him.

Anzu smiled at him saying goodbye and went away.

When he saw her went away, Yugi felt very sad and despair which he couldn't stop, because he understood that she didn't need him. Nevertheless, his only wish was to be with her, see her smile like his night. And he felt like he couldn't help her to give back her happiness. Tears flew on his face.

« Goodnight » He whispered saddly.

He went home more vexed. But when he arrived he decided to forget this and be strong for her and for him.

When she turned over and saw him to move away, Anzu looked at him with gratitude. But, even if she had been fun she couldn't help to think about « HIM ». But she claimed to be 'He went away now ! So I must be strong and learn again to smile ! After all I'm not alone and i don't want to worry everybody anymore !'. With this speach she went home and went to bed and for the first time, she slept well.

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Susanne Moore: Love this series, the kids are great. Can't wait for the dragon!!!

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