Dead leaves. taekook

Faceless people

Trigger warning! ; bullying & death-mentioning.

The world around me is constantly blurred and contains millions of faces crossed out,, perhaps permanently. I’ve hurt and I’ve been hurt. Its nothing special really, just a normal repetition- hurt people hurt people- the normal system- the normal society. Thats nothing out of the ordinary- its nothing out of the ordinary but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

“they said it was him.” The murmur had started with those words.

it was him?

it was him.

it was him!

I want to scream out and yell at them. It wasn’t me!

It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!

But ‘It was him’ gradually evolved into ’Its that guy.′ which then turned into ’its that guy who bullied the boy.′ and as i always feared, written in bold letters across my desk,




a boy read it and i looked at the people in my class circling around the desk and whispering amongst themselves.

“Thats pretty low.” the boy said as he turned and walked towards one of the groups who were giggling and chuckling at me.

“Like you.” he added as he let out a soft chuckle.

“I didn’t murd-”

“But taehyung, ” he paused. an eerie silence taking over the class.

“If you bullied a person so hard to the point where he committed suicide- doesn’t that make you a mur-”

I screamed.

Their faces showed shock.

“It wasn’t me.” I repeated softly this time.

“You’re disgusting.” They spat as they drained out of the classroom.It was the last time.

The last time I’d be seeing their faces through my tears- through my blurred vision. I swore never again.

Never again.

“Taehyung!” Namjoon shook my shoulders and I looked at him baffled. “y-yes?” I muttered but loud enough for him to hear. “You’ve been in a daze for a whole two periods.”



"Are you okay?”

He sounded worried- that was nice. It was nice to have someone care for me.

I nodded but i knew, I knew i wasn’t.

“Just- just tell me if you’re not. I’ll put up an excuse for you.” Namjoon said and I looked at him, a little confused. “Thanks but how can you-” I was about to finish my sentence when he chuckled and sat down in front of the chair that was before my desk. “I just got elected as the class president. I have authority now.” He said but quickly added, “A little bit. only a little bit of authority.” I smiled tiredly to which he beamed at me. “What time is it right now?” I asked. “I just said you were dazing away for two periods, its probably around ten now.” He said as he checked his phone. “Yup, its ten five.” I nodded “thanks.”

“I’m gonna grab something to eat from the cafe, I didn’t have breakfast, you want something?” He asked, a smug grin on his face as he said so. “Oh! But i’m kinda low on cash so anything below two thousand won.” He added, his initial smug face contorting into an embarrassed expression. “Its fine. Thank you.” I said. “You’re really not going to have anything?” He asked and I shook my head. “Alright then, bye!” he said and I watched as he disappeared through the crowds of faceless people and out the door.

As soon as he left I sighed. It was happening again. I was detaching from reality into my own space of mind. I didn’t like this. I didn’t like this one bit. I don’t even remember a quarter of what happened after I left home and sat on my desk.

“Hey.” A voice approached from behind me but I didn’t dare look. what if it wasn’t for me?

I felt my heart leap out of my chest when he said, “Kim Taehyung?” I turned to look back, my hands shaking- trembling. “Hey! we just saw that you were kind of.. alone? and I hoped if you’d like to join us for lunch afterwards.” He said and I didn’t answer- only stared at them in disbelief. “Besides you’re good friends with Namjoon aren’t you? We’ve seen him be really cool around you.” He added and I nodded slightly, wondering what was happening. they wouldn’t approach me without needing me for something. “You could ask Namjoon to join us as well. We’d like to get on his and your good side, you know?” I stared at them and still didn’t answer, there was a flicker of hope somewhere in my heart. a very small one which told me that they might be wanting to be friends with me. But I was frightened to admit it to myself. I can’t bring myself to belief something false and as if on cue, the words they said next, crashed my hope, completely. I felt the flicker dissipate through me and I felt,, broken.

Broken all over again.

“Since he’s the class president and all, maybe he can excuse us for some little incidents in the future.”


oh yeah.

Of course.

they were faceless people- faceless and nameless people.

Oh how tired was I, to keep running into the same faceless people in different faceless bodies.

a/n : hello! I haven’t been writing my books lately and thats because i’m currently editing and rewriting my manuscript for its book release. I also need to send it to my mums professor as soon as i can so theres that. I’m glad i had time to write this chapter though.

Thanks for reading!!

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