Dead leaves. taekook

Chapter 1 : The beginning

Chapter 1

I stood by the balcony as I watched the night sky light up with numerous meteors. How many people would be watching the same sky today? We were all staring up at the same sky and we were all probably feeling the same awe.

Maybe today would be a good day. I thought to myself.

Mom wasn’t home and the sky was illuminated beautifully, it is a good day.

I held out my hand and slowly put my feet on top of the railing and suddenly with a bright light that outshone the others, I was falling.

The chilly air pierced my skin and

I was falling.

Surreal. If I had to describe it, it was surreal.

With a great impact, I felt my body wet and a sharp pain pierced through my abdomen.

My head was aching and I felt a weird sensation in my ears and then,

“You’re joking, aren’t you?” Was this sound? I was shaking, my whole body was shaking but it wasn’t me who was. I quickly pulled my hands up and gestured Where am I? What’s going on?

The boy looked at me in the eyes, “What’s wrong?” then only could I hear the horrendous mixture of sounds, a loud cacophony that wrecked my mind, indistinguishable and so very frightening.


Each second is torture, music was what had saved me back then but now, as if that being had eyes and senses of its own, it mocks me, it mocks my entire existence. the tune i created to help people now stabs me mercilessly and then, I am no longer living.

My mind was shouting, screaming and its beat thrums through my veins but the world was silent, so eerily silent that it scared me. Deafening silence and the the screams of my mind were giving me a hard time to adjust my breathing until a sharp piercing pain spread through out my body, ceasing the cacophony.

I choke as my eyes shoot open, people I didn’t know surrounded me, worry plastered across their faces. A woman hysterically signed at me as she urged the person beside her to dial a number on the phone.

Wait, we are calling an ambulance.

The pain was so loud but they were silent. I couldn’t hear the lady beside me crying out as she hugged me, the old man who seemed to be whimpering as he held another old woman by the hands, as if to show support. It was terrifying.

The world I always knew was suddenly silent, only half my senses were working.

What is going on? " .” I spoke out, my voice completely shut out, not allowing me to know if I was speaking right or not.

As my vision soon started blurring, the people started to panic, crying as they held me in their arms.

Ah, Wasn’t I talking with Namjoon? Was that another dream? Did I not make that mistake? I thought to myself, too tired to even talk.

And from a distance, I could vaguely make out the red and blue lights as I started imagining the sound it would be accompanied with.

This was monotonous; a lonely soundless world.

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