Chapter 7

After healing Gabriel, Cas vanished from behind the dumpster. The angel's sudden absence left Sam and Gabriel to glance around with worry, wondering where he had gone. Sam could tell that he and Gabriel were both avoiding each others' stare while they looked around; both too embarrassed to even meet eyes. Heat was still burning on Sam's face, remembering how much unyielding effort he'd put into that kiss. God, he'd practically shoved his tongue down Gabriel's throat. He couldn't possibly look at the archangel the same way, after that. That one, single kiss meant too much... and had probably changed everything about their relationship.

Cas reappeared only a few seconds later – with Dean at his side. The look of pure rage on Dean's face caused Sam to physically shrink away from him on the ground. Oh, shit. He looked so freaking pissed. Was he pissed about Gabriel losing Eve's hair? Did he know that Sam and Gabe had kissed each other? Was Dean going to finish what Raphael had started? Was he going to kill Gabriel?

With his glower set firmly on the trickster, Dean reached down and grabbed Gabriel's tiny arm. He ripped the archangel from the ground in a single yank, and started marching him toward the street. Sam instantly scrambled to his feet in order to follow them, not wanting Dean to hurt Gabriel. He desperately wished to know if Dean knew about the kiss or not. Did Cas tell him about it? Did Cas even see it for himself?

Sam glanced toward the blue-eyed angel beside him, as they both rounded the burning building to follow Dean toward the Impala. Cas's face was void of emotion, as always, making it difficult to know exactly what he'd witnessed. Did Cas see the kiss?! If he did see it, did he tell Dean about it? What if Cas didn't see it? How was Sam supposed to ask him about it, without giving it away?!

Dean shoved the newly-repaired archangel into the backseat and slammed the door behind him. His fiery eyes flashed toward Sam, as he stomped toward the driver's side.

“Get in the damn car,” Dean barked, pointing a stern finger at his brother.

Sam, of course, did what his brother commanded. His trembling hand fumbled on the door handle, but he opened it and climbed inside to sit next to Gabriel. His ass had barely touched the seat, when Dean slammed on the gas and spun out; making the tires squeal. Everyone – even Cas, in the front seat – held onto the inside of the car; clinging to anything, to keep from falling over with Dean's rage-filled driving. Sam could see Dean glaring at Gabriel through the rear view mirror, barely watching where he was going.

“You stupid, self-absorbed, thieving little bastard of a prick!” Dean howled, finally finding his voice, “If we didn't need to keep your dumb ass alive, I would be killing you right now! Repeatedly!”

Sam stole a glance toward Gabriel beside him. The archangel actually seemed ashamed. His head was lowered and his blonde hair was covering a good bit of his face. He was playing with his own hands in his lap, too; trying to rub away the dried blood. But Sam could tell – just from the few glances that he and Gabe shared – that shame wasn't the only emotion Gabriel was feeling. An awkward air had gathered between the two of them. It seemed like Gabriel was worried, too, if Dean knew about their kiss or not. After quietly clearing his throat, the archangel slowly brought his eyes to the rear view mirror.

“W – why?” the trickster squeaked, sounding as innocent as a child.

The car swerved violently on the road, as Dean briefly spun around in the seat to shoot a look of angered disbelief at Gabriel. Sam cringed and held on tighter to the roof of the car, silently praying that Dean wouldn't wreck the Impala.

“Why?! Why?!” Dean shouted, seething toward the rear view mirror again, “Raphael has the one thing we didn't want him to have! You just handed that son of a bitch our only chance of winning! Literally handed it to him! And you stole my freakin' car to do it! You complete and utter bastard! What part of 'don't leave the cabin' did you not get?! What the hell were you trying to do, huh?! Tell me!”

“I -”

I don't want to hear it!” Dean interrupted, tossing a hand in the air, “I don't even want to look at your stupid ugly face right now! Look away, dammit! Look away!”

Gabriel huffed a breath and turned his head toward the window, raising his hands in surrender. Sam glanced between the two of them, realizing what Gabriel had just done. Gabe had asked Dean why he was angry, and Dean didn't say one word about a kiss. He never mentioned killing Gabriel for making out with his little brother. In fact, it seemed like Dean was oblivious to the whole thing. Sam looked toward Cas in the front seat; eying his expressionless features and flat blue eyes. If Cas did know about it, he hadn't told Dean. And Sam was overwhelmingly grateful for it...

Dean mumbled a few more profanities and insults, during the trip back to the cabin. But, luckily, he retained enough control to get everyone there safely. Sam and Gabriel were playing tag with their eyes the whole time, too; still too hesitant to look fully at each other. Sam's stomach tensed with every glance. When he met eyes with Gabriel, their kiss was the only thing he could think about. The moisture, the passion, the taste, the intensity... It exploded in Sam's awareness every time; like small, continuous explosions of infatuation. God, Gabriel's lips were so soft, and his tongue knew just the right way to move. Sam had never kissed anyone that way... not even Jessica...

The cabin came into view only minutes after they left the bar, mostly because Dean was driving like a maniac. He slammed on the breaks in the driveway, too; making everyone lunge forward with the sudden halt. Once the Impala was shut off, Dean jumped out of the car to rip open Gabriel's door. The archangel cowered away from the man, as if he thought Dean was going to physically hurt him.

“Get out!” Dean growled, pointing toward the ground like a parent pissed at his kid, “Out! Now!”

“Okay, okay!” Gabriel grumbled, obeying Dean's command and walking toward the front door, “take it easy, Rambo.”

“Take it easy?!” Dean repeated, shoving the tiny archangel into the cabin, “Oh, I'll take it easy, alright. Just as soon as we can get rid of your feathery ass! You're nothing but a freakin' hassle!”

Sam glared at the back of his brother's head as he followed him into the cabin, feeling protectiveness wash over him again. It was understandable for Dean to be upset about Raphael getting the spell ingredients and the Impala being stolen. Sam could put up with his bitching about that stuff. But there was absolutely no reason for Dean to call Gabriel names and belittle him.

“Give it a rest, Dean,” Sam pleaded, trying defend Gabriel from Dean's wrath.

Dean spun around in the living room; flashing his furious eyes at Sam. His finger raised, too; pointing toward his little brother with conviction.

You,” he breathed, his voice lethal, “Don't even get me started on you, Sam. I told you to get the hell out of Rufus's truck, and you didn't listen to a word I said. Raphael could have killed you tonight, dammit. Then where would we be? Don't you ever do that shit again, Sam. I freakin' mean it.”

Sam gulped. He couldn't deny that what Dean said was true. But, thankfully, things didn't happen the way he had feared. Beyond Dean, Sam could see that Gabriel was fidgeting by the couch with irritation; as if he didn't like listening to Dean shout at Sam.

“You can't tell the kid what to do,” the archangel spoke up, causing Dean to whip around with fury, “He's a grown-ass man. He can make his own decisions.”

Any patience Dean had left abandon the room, after Gabe's statement. Dean stormed across the floor and grabbed Gabriel's tiny arm along the way, clutching him in a vise-like grip again. The older Winchester yanked the archangel all the way to the basement door, making Gabe stumble with his fierce grip. Sam took an anxious breath, watching Gabe's eyes flash toward his own with worry.

“That's it. You've lost your couch privileges,” Dean growled, ripping open the basement door, “You're gonna stay in the freakin' basement until I figure out what the hell to do with you.”

Sam's mouth fell open. Dean was just going to stick Gabriel in the basement?! Like a misbehaving animal?! Dean shoved Gabriel into the doorway, making the archangel stumble down a few steps. Sam could hear Gabriel trying to climb his way back up the stairs. In the meantime, Dean was bounding toward the couch to grab the cushions, pillows and blankets. Gabriel barely had time to poke his head back out of the doorway to glance at Sam, before Dean tossed all the comfortable fabrics at him. Sam cringed; hearing the clatter of Gabriel tumbling down the steps with the heap of cushions. Dickie flew across the room in a blur, racing passed Dean to dash into the basement with his owner.

“You're not allowed to come back up until you've learned your damn lesson!” Dean shouted downstairs, before slamming the door shut.

It felt like Sam's stomach had bottomed out. How could Dean just throw Gabriel downstairs like that?! Gabe wasn't a child! And he certainly didn't deserve to be pushed down the stairs! The older brother stomped away from the door after that, heading into the kitchen to rip open the fridge. Cas – who had been standing by silently throughout Dean's entire bitch fit – followed him into the kitchen, and the two of them started talking quietly to each other. It sounded like Cas was apologizing for Gabriel's behavior, and mentioning a new strategy against Raphael. Sam was in angered awe at them both. How could they do something so mean to someone, and then go about their business like it never happened?

Sam watched Cas and Dean, as he crept toward the basement door. If they were going to shove Gabriel down there and pretend that he didn't exist, then Sam was going to give up his own existence to be with him. The man made sure Cas and Dean were both focused on their conversation, as he carefully turned the doorknob and disappeared down the steps.

Rufus's basement was chilly, and smelled faintly of rusted metal and spray paint. The scent flooded Sam's mind with memories; making him recall cases that he had worked on with Bobby, and Rufus himself. Sam took a few breaths of the aged aroma, as he carefully walked down the steps. The closer he got to the bottom of the stairs, the more he could see the workshop. The room was full of cabinets housing gun ammo, toolboxes aplenty, a couple of dusty old tables; still cluttered with Rufus's things. Everything was old and monotone down here. Gabriel stuck out like a sore thumb in this boring room.

The archangel had turned on the light and moved all the couch cushions to the middle of the floor, after Dean's angered rant. He remained unaware that Sam had come downstairs to be with him, and the man didn't make his presence known, either. Sam actually just wanted to watch Gabriel in silence for a moment; to figure out what he could possible say to the guy. He watched Gabriel scoop Dickie off the floor and cradle him close. The dog was whining a little, as if he was frightened by Dean's outburst.

“Oh, it's alright, Dickie-wickie,” Gabriel cooed, giving the dog a few comforting strokes, “Dean's not a total dickbag. He's just pissed right now, is all. And Raphie didn't hurt me that much. See? Barely gave me a scratch.”

“A scratch?” Sam repeated quietly with a smirk.

Gabriel turned around at the sound of Sam's voice – and the two of them fully looked at each other for the first time since their kiss. Their smiles faltered a bit and their cheeks reddened, and Sam couldn't help but feel like he was back in elementary school; staring at his playground crush. Gabriel carefully lowered Dickie into the floor, before taking a very cautious step forward. Sam took an uneasy breath; glancing down to see that Gabriel's shirt was still ripped in half. The blood-stained fabric was barely wrapped around his small torso – and it was revealing a large portion of his smooth, bare stomach. Oh, God. How was Sam supposed to form coherent words when Gabriel was so exposed?

“So,” Gabriel uttered, eyes still set on Sam's, “Sexyman saves the day again. The crowd goes wild.”

Sam smiled, recalling the night that Gabriel first called him 'Sexyman.' In all honesty, Sam didn't really like being thought of as a hero; especially for saving someone he was close to. Sam had protected Gabriel for the same reason he always tried to protect Dean – because he cared about him. The man watched Gabriel's small foot take another slow step forward, as the archangel spoke again.

“Seriously, moose. What are you doing down here?” Gabe asked, as his eyes flickered toward the stairs, “I don't think freckles would be happy to know that you're trying to play with me while I'm in a time-out.”

Sam cleared his throat a bit, and tossed a glance toward the stairs for himself. Gabriel was probably right. Dean would probably try to yank Sam all the way back up the stairs, if he knew his little brother was down here with the trickster. But, after coming face to face with Raphael and witnessing Dean's dramatic little tantrum, Sam just didn't give a shit anymore. The man turned back to meet eyes with Gabriel again, feeling his heart swell with emotion.

“If Dean is going to be a jerk to you, then he can be a jerk to me. You jump, I jump, right?” Sam smirked, hoping the Titanic reference might make Gabe feel better.

The smile that lit up Gabriel's face gave Sam chills. He was more beautiful than ever; standing in ragged, bloodstained clothes in the middle of Rufus's basement. The archangel raked a hand through his shaggy golden hair, as his honey eyes probed Sam's with admiration.

“Damn right, kiddo,” he agreed.

Sam's smile flashed back for a brief second, before disappearing. He was fully aware that Gabriel was still inching closer; steadily craning his neck toward Sam's face. And Sam was stepping forward, too. The space between them was slowly dwindling, as if they were being drawn together like magnets. Once again, the only thing Sam could think about was their kiss; the sweet flavor, the erotic texture. Sam's eyes were on Gabriel's pouted, pink lips, when words suddenly started to come out of his own mouth.

“Y – you're a good kisser,” Sam complimented.

The sight of Gabriel's bare skin must have shut down the filter between Sam's mind and mouth or something, because he didn't mean to say that out loud. Gabriel smirked proudly at the words, though; as if he'd won a contest. His entire, tiny body was less than a few inches from touching Sam's. And Sam's body was physically responding to the close proximity. He could feel his own heart pumping blood toward his crotch, and his stomach tensing with arousal. Shit, Gabriel looked so damn attractive in that moment, with his blood stained clothes and messy blonde hair. Ugh, he was just so damn sexy...

“I, um, I meant what I said, you know,” Gabe said quietly, voice housing seriousness, “All jokes aside, kid... I really am in love with you.”

Sam's pulse nearly skyrocketed. His breath was becoming raspier, the lower his mouth dipped toward Gabriel's. Their lips were on a collision course; a straight line, in which they were inevitably going to meet. And Sam had no intention of stopping it, either. Sam was finally letting his heart call the shots. He was finally giving in to the desires that he had tried so desperately to hide...

I'm in love with you, too,” Sam admitted in a whisper, before closing the distance between them.

Sam and Gabriel were suddenly kissing for the second time; mouths connected and hands flying up to take hold of each others' faces. Sam hummed a bit, as he raked his fingers through the archangel's silky hair, and tasted Gabe's moist tongue. Good God, Sam had never kissed anyone this way. He had never wrapped someone so hard against him, or clung to them with such desperation, or let his own tongue swim in their mouth like it belonged there. Gabriel seemed just as affected by the power of their kiss as Sam was. The archangel was tugging at Sam's lengthy hair with one hand, and diving into the collar of the man's shirt with the other; scraping his fingertips down the top of Sam's back.

Sam fought back a moan. The sensation of Gabriel's small hands running across his skin was making a boner twitch to life inside his pants. The man suddenly felt like an animal; acting on instinct rather than knowledge. As his and Gabriel's tongues swirled together, Sam was taking firm steps forward; guiding them toward a workbench, where Gabriel's ass bumped against it. The abrupt motion caused their hips to meet in a firm impact – and, even through all the layers of clothing, Sam could feel that Gabriel was getting hard, too.

Gabe whimpered a bit behind their kiss, as he hopped up on the small table to sit. Another moan threatened to escape Sam's mouth, when he felt Gabriel's legs circle his waist and pull him close. Their open mouths were nearly level, now, and they were still kissing furiously; tugging at each others' clothes and panting from their noses. Gabriel was pulling at Sam's shirt horizontally, making the buttons pop off and fly in different directions. Once the buttons were all gone, Gabe shoved the shirt off Sam's broad shoulders; making the fabric slide down the man's arms and gather into a plaid heap on the floor. Sam enjoyed the feeling of open air hitting his bare skin. His own hands found their way to the front of Gabriel's ripped shirt, where he grabbed handfuls of the fabric and tore it the rest of the way off. A generous moan echoed from Gabe's throat and between their joined mouths, as his pale torso was being exposed. Sam's dick throbbed at the sound, as he muted Gabriel with his own tongue again. Shit, he loved hearing Gabriel cry out like that...

When Gabriel's small hands brushed against Sam's belt, the man seemed to regain a sense of awareness. He opened his eyes to blink repeatedly at an old poster on the wall behind Gabriel, wondering where the hell all of this kissing was leading. Sam carefully tugged his mouth free from Gabriel's, in order to take a breath and look at the archangel properly. Gabe searched Sam's eyes afterward, probably wondering why they'd stopped.

“What – what are we doing?” Sam asked, his voice higher than he remembered.

“Um, I think we're making out,” Gabriel answered carefully.

Sam gulped, glancing down to see Gabe's hardened nipples and blonde chest hair. The sight of his pale torso expanding and retracting with his breath was enough to make Sam's dick twitch again.

“But, our shirts are gone,” Sam pointed out, still trying to get a grip.

“Yeah, I know. That's the best part,” Gabriel grinned, reaching up to run his hands deliberately over Sam's chest.

Sam sighed erotically, at the feeling of Gabriel's warm hands on him. Shit, that was so nice... but what did it mean? Sam fully met eyes with Gabriel again, wanting to know the answer.

“Are we – are we gonna have sex?” he asked, feeling like a virgin all over again.

“Man, I hope so,” Gabriel smiled, pecking Sam's lips with another kiss, “Why, sweetheart? Did – did you not want to?”

“No, I do!” Sam objected instantly, “Believe me, I do. It's just... I've never had sex with a guy before.”

“Me either. Wanna give it a try?” Gabriel asked, eyes seductive.

Sam's heart was working overtime; beating as fast as a drum roll. Yes, he wanted to have sex with Gabriel. More than anything. But Sam didn't exactly feel confident about doing it with another man. All of his past sexual encounters had been breezes, because he knew how to do it; where to put things and how to move them. But sex between two men was something that Sam knew nothing about, and he was worried that he might mess it up, or worse – he might accidentally hurt Gabriel somehow.

“I don't want to hurt you. I mean, I don't even know how we would do it,” Sam admitted, feeling a little guilty, “and what about condoms? Do – Do we need a condom? Is there enough space the basement for this? Oh, God, what if Dean hears us? What if -”

“Whoa, whoa, shhh,” Gabriel interrupted, reaching up to take Sam's face with both of his hands, “Easy there, lil' baby moose. Calm your antlers. We just need a plan.”

“Plan?” Sam repeated, still out of breath.

“Yep. Here's what we're gonna do,” Gabriel began, sounding like a professional, “you're gonna sneak upstairs and find us some supplies – Lube, Sammy-boy. We're gonna need lots of lube – then, you're gonna sneak back down here, okay?”

Sam nodded feverishly; trying his best to remain calm, even though he was nervous as hell.

“While you're doing that, I'm gonna stay down here and make us a nice, cozy spot on the floor, out of the cushions that your brother so graciously provided for us,” Gabe smirked, gesturing to the cluster of fabric behind them, “and when you get back, we'll decide what to do from there. Alright? Sound good? Think you can do it, Sexyman?”

Sam nodded his head again, unable to form words. Gabriel tugged the man's face down to plant another kiss on his lips. Sam's eyes fluttered closed and his cock ached; feeling the archangel's tongue rub against his own. Gabe plucked his mouth away quickly, though, and pushed on Sam's shoulders.

“Autobots, roll out,” he chorused, hopping off the workbench.

Gabriel dashed to the mound of cushions in the floor, as Sam stumbled toward the stairs. The man could hear his own heart beating in his ears, as he scrambled quickly up the steps. He was replaying his assignment over and over in his head on the way; find some supplies, get lots of lube, come back to Gabe. Sam took a nice long look at Gabriel's bare back, before setting his sights on the door in front of him – where he paused on the stairs. Oh, shit. Dean was probably roaming around just beyond the door. What would he do, if he saw Sam coming out of the basement – without a shirt on? Sam gulped and took a deep breath. He couldn't let his older brother ruin this. Having sex with Gabriel was too important. After bracing himself, Sam carefully turned the knob and poked his outside.

By some miracle, Dean wasn't around. The lights were all off and the front door was closed, but there was no sign of Dean or Cas. Sam very cautiously eased his way into the main room, hearing Dickie's tiny footsteps following him. Where had his brother and the angel gone? Sam noticed that the light from the bathroom was on, but the door was closed. Voices were humming quietly from inside the room, making Sam think that Dean and Cas might be in there... together. Why were they alone in the bathroom? Though he was curious about why Dean and Cas were talking in the bathroom, Sam knew he had a mission to complete.

The man quietly dashed across the open floor to the bunk beds, where his duffel bag was laying. He quickly ripped open the front compartment, where he kept his stash of condoms. There were at least eight of them; all connected together in a long strip. Oh man, how many of them did he need? How many times were he and Gabriel going to do it tonight? Sam took all of the condoms from the front pocket – just in case – before tossing the bag back on the floor.

With a cluster of condoms in hand, Sam spun around to face the open living room and kitchen, where Dickie was sniffing around near the closet. Lube. Where the hell was Sam supposed to get lube? Rufus never kept any of that stuff around; none that Sam knew of, anyway. And neither of the Winchesters carried lube around with them; because, frankly, they never got laid often enough to need it. Sam was racking his brain as he stepped lightly through the living room; searching around anxiously. What could he use as a substitute for lubricant? Water? No. Cooking oil? Maybe, but that seemed kind of gross. Dammit, what could Sam use?!

Dickie started barking quietly from the kitchen, causing Sam to nearly gasp with surprise. The man instantly shushed the dog, fearing that Dean might hear him and come to see what was wrong. Dickie was scratching the closet door in the kitchen; still barking at Sam in a demanding tone.

What? What do you want?” Sam hissed in a whisper, reaching out to rip the door open.

Dickie dove inside the closet at once; leaving his tiny little butt to wiggle out in the open. Sam watched him, wondering if he'd seen a mouse or something. The dog backed quickly out of the closet only a moment later, with a container in his mouth. He dropped it at Sam's feet and barked a few more times, as if it was the only reason he wanted to get into the closet in the first place. Sam knelt down and picked up the small tub – and nearly gasped again. It was Vaseline! It was the lube that Sam and Gabriel needed!

“Dickie! Good boy!” Sam rejoiced quietly, picking up the dog to plant kisses all over his furry face.

The tiny dog licked Sam's cheeks, before the man gently put him back in the floor. How was it possible, for Dickie to have known exactly what Sam was looking for, and where the hell to find it?!Although he was thoroughly perplexed and astounded by Dickie's find, Sam knew he needed to get back downstairs to Gabriel. He stole a glance toward the bathroom door, making sure he could still hear Dean and Cas talking to each other in there, before tip-toeing back into the basement. Dickie raced passed Sam's feet on the way, carrying his stuffed moose in his mouth.

Once the basement door was securely shut behind him, Sam nearly ran down the stairs. Gabriel was in the middle of fanning out a blanket over the newly arranged couch cushions on the floor. He had done an almost perfect job of placing them flatly together; forming a large, rectangular love nest. And the comfy blanket caused the make-shift bed to look even more inviting. Gabriel's amber eyes flashed up at Sam, when the man came into the room clutching condoms and Vaseline in his grasp. Sam gulped, seeing the archangel's topless half again. Geez. Since when did the sight of a man's bare chest become so damn arousing?

“Ah! You made it back in one piece,” Gabriel congratulated, dashing to meet Sam, “Did Dean not try to stop - ?”

Sam cut off the archangel's sentence, by clobbering him with another kiss. The man couldn't help it. His body was craving to get started. His large arms wrapped around Gabriel's warm, bare back as they tumbled onto the blanketed cushions on the floor. Sam's entire pelvis was throbbing with heat and dying to thrust. Now, he finally understood what people were talking about, when they mentioned burning loins. Gabe carefully plucked his mouth away from Sam's and made a small whimper, as he ran his fingers through Sam's hair again.

“L – lube, Sammy? Did you find some?” the archangel asked, sounding just as eager.

Sam raised to his knees and showed Gabriel the items he had retrieved from upstairs.

“Dickie found the Vaseline,” Sam panted with a smile.

Gabriel's head snapped toward the right, to give a grin to his dog across the room.

“Good boy, Dickie! Papa's proud of you!” he praised.

But of course, the dog didn't pay any attention to Gabriel. He was too busy molesting his stuffed moose near a cabinet; giving the poor thing all he had. Some primal, sexual urge burst through Sam at the sight of Dickie's thrusting hips. Oh, God. Sam wanted to thrust his own like that. He wanted to thrust against Gabriel, and claw at his soft skin, and pant into his pretty face...

“Dean didn't say anything to you?”

Gabe's question pulled Sam's attention away from the hump-machine across the room.

“N – no,” Sam managed to say, “it sounded like he was in the bathroom with Cas.”

The archangel gave a chuckle at Sam's statement.

“They're probably upstairs doing the same thing we are,” he winked.

“Dean and Cas are not gay,” Sam reminded for the millionth time.

“Neither are we, kiddo,” Gabriel grinned, “but that's not stopping us.”

“Can we just do it now, please?” Sam nearly begged.

His hand had fallen down to cradle his own crotch, where his boner was pressing firmly against the denim. It was borderline uncomfortable, by this point; impatiently reminding Sam that it wanted to be stimulated. Gabriel's amber eyes flickered toward Sam's jeans, before he sat up straight on the cushions.

“Alright, sweetheart. But, I think that one of us is gonna have to be the pitcher, and the other one will have to be the catcher,” he said carefully, meeting Sam's eyes again.

Sam gulped. Although Gabriel had said it in a loving tone, the man could still hear the subtle hint of discomfort in the archangel's voice. Sam knew what the guy was talking about. It meant the 'pitcher' would be the top, and the 'catcher' would be the bottom. And, even though he was still excited about doing this with Gabriel, Sam dreaded the thought of being the catcher. Wouldn't that hurt? Wouldn't that be the opposite of pleasure? Gabriel could apparently see the fear in Sam's eyes, because he was suddenly trying to be cheerful.

“How about we play for it, huh?” Gabe said, sitting up to put his hands into a 'rock, paper, scissors' formation, “Winner gets to pitch.”

Sam took a deep breath, before dropping the condoms and Vaseline to copy Gabriel's hand formation. Sam's winning streak with 'rock, paper, scissors' was almost undefeated, thanks to Dean always picking scissors, so his confidence was pretty solid. The man and the archangel stared at each other, as they hit their own hands three times and chose one of the options. Sam looked down, fearing the worst...

“Ah, dammit,” Gabriel grumbled quietly, staring at Sam's scissors and his own paper, “okay, okay, I'll take it. But you better be gentle with me, moose. I'm still human, you know.”

Before Sam knew it, Gabe was taking his own pants off. The archangel wasted no time unbuttoning his jeans and tugging the denim fabric down his legs; exposing his own hardened dick without warning. The air vanished from Sam's lungs, and his own cock pressed even harder against his palm. Shit. How could the sight of another man's erection look so good? Why was it so arousing, to see Gabriel in nothing but his skin? Gabe tossed away his pants and laid back on the arranged cushions; bending his legs back just enough to put his own ass in Sam's line of sight. Sam's face burned; seeing Gabe's pink opening...

“What are you waiting for, kiddo?” Gabriel asked, sounding bewildered, “Lube me up. Let's go.”

Sam didn't need to be told twice. The man instantly reached for the Vaseline and popped it open. He dove his hand into the semi-hardened texture and scooped some out, before rubbing it between his fingers to warm it up. His entire hand was trembling, when he finally brought the oily substance to Gabriel's entrance. The archangel barely flinched at Sam's touch. The man was being as gentle as possible; running the goo up and down Gabe's crack, and pressing a finger slowly inside of him. Oh, good God, he felt so tight. The man ached, watching his finger disappear inside the archangel over and over again. Gabriel's flexing hole and his heated insides were teasing Sam's finger with a massage; a massage that his dick wanted so badly to feel...

“Mmm,” Gabe hummed, seeming to be enjoying it, “That's good, Sammy-boy. Lemme have it.”

Have it? Did he want to have Sam's dick, now? Excited beyond words, Sam carefully withdrew his finger from Gabe's ass to undo his own pants. His hands were slippery and uncooperative, but he eventually freed his erection. It wobbled out in the open between his kneeling legs; pointing towards Gabe's opening with eagerness. Sam watched Gabriel's eyes grow wide at the sight of his dick, as if Gabe hadn't been expecting its large size. Not wanting to waste any more time, Sam reached for the strip of condoms laying next to them. He tried his best to get one open; to tear the wrapper with his fingers. But his hands were too damn slippery. The condom just kept sliding around in his grasp.

“I – I can't get it,” Sam panted, feeling a twinge of panic at his own futile efforts.

“I don't think we need them, baby-moose,” Gabe shrugged, ripping them out of Sam's hands to toss them away, “You won't be knockin' me up anytime soon.”

Sam tried to breathe, as he looked back down at Gabriel's opening. Never, in his whole life, did Sam ever have sex without a condom. Not even with Jessica. He was always careful to use protection, in order to avoid parenthood. But Gabriel had a good point. There wasn't much to worry about, when the sex was between two guys...

With quivering hands, Sam lubed up his own erection, before carefully bringing it to Gabriel's entrance. He watched the archangel brace beneath him, as he very slowly slid inside. Pleasure was radiating all the way up Sam's spine at the sensation of penetrating Gabe; making him want to start thrusting. Gabriel's mouth was open and panting, and his golden eyes were completely on Sam the whole time their bodies were melting into one.

“Oh, S – Sam,” Gabe breathed in a tiny gasp, “You're... huge...”

“I'm sorry,” Sam whispered sincerely.

Gabriel shook his head and reached up to hook an arm around Sam's neck. It seemed like he didn't mind Sam's large size. Both of them moaned a little, as Sam withdrew his hips and rocked them back against Gabe's ass for the first time. Sam's lengthy hair was hanging down and swaying back and forth, as he hovered over Gabriel's tiny frame. The archangel's eyes never departed from Sam's, as the man picked up speed. Shit, Gabriel felt so good from the inside; so tight and warm and wet...

“Shit, Gabe,” Sam whimpered, lowering his mouth to give the archangel's lips a quick kiss, “I – I love you so much.”

The words had come from the depths of Sam's soul, and they were nothing but pure and true. Gabriel moaned a little bit, flashing his golden eyes to all the parts of Sam's face, before pulling him down into another kiss. He rocked forcefully with Sam's movement, as if he wanted Sam to go faster. And Sam complied; thrusting into Gabriel with as much speed as he could muster. Pleasure exploded in Sam's body at the difference, making him moan again. Shit, this wasn't going to take long, now...

“Ah, Sam,” Gabe moaned, his fingertips drawing lines against the man's back, “Where did you get all these muscles? The bodybuilding store? It feels like I'm having sex with the incredible Hulk.”

Sam hummed a smile behind another kiss, before glancing down between their moving bodies. Gabriel's dick was still rock hard and pointing toward his belly button; flicking around with Sam's brutal thrusting. The sight of it made Sam wonder – Was Gabriel enjoying this, too? Was he feeling any pleasure at all? Sam wanted to reach down and grab the thing; to stroke Gabe's erection while this was all taking place. But, Sam was still a little nervous. What if Gabriel didn't want to be touched that way? Sam met the archangel's eyes again, feeling bashful.

“Can – Can I touch you?” Sam asked, pointing toward Gabriel's cock between them.

Gabe's eyes flashed between Sam's face and his own dick; appearing bewildered again. He was acting as though Sam had asked the dumbest question he'd ever heard.

“What do I look like? A museum exhibit?” he nearly laughed, “Of course you can touch me, kid! In fact, I want you to. Do it, Sam. Put your hands on me.”

Sam acknowledged Gabriel's requests, and grabbed his dick at once. Gabe groaned loudly, when Sam started to pump the hard organ in unison with his own motions. There was no denying that they were both receiving pleasure, now. Everything was quickly mounting toward an explosive end. Sam slathered Gabriel's craning neck with wet kisses as he thrust faster; enjoying all tiny noises escaping the archangel's mouth. Gabe was clinging to Sam's shoulders and nearly clawing at the man's hair; rocking right along. Shit, Sam was so close now. He could feel that his orgasm was just a few more thrusts away; just within reach...

“G – Gabriel,” Sam croaked, panting against the archangel's neck, “Ahh! Holy shit! Yes!”

The man was coming before he could stop it; spurting inside Gabriel, while his hips thrust awkwardly during the climax of his orgasm. The only thing Sam could do while it took place was blink repeatedly at Gabriel's golden hair splayed across the blanket and cling to the archangel beneath him. His hand had clamped down firmly on Gabriel's hot cock in the rush of his orgasm, and Gabriel was moaning out loud with him; filling the room with the gorgeous sound of their cries blurring together. Sam never had an orgasm with so much intensity. There was so much emotion and arousal and love flowing through him in that tiny space of time, that Sam nearly forgot his own name. For that brief moment, the only thing Sam cared about was the sweet-scented archangel writhing beneath him...

“Gnah! S – Sammy,” Gabe panted, rocking his hips toward Sam's hand, “Tug on it, sweetheart! I'm – I'm so close!”

Sam tried to catch his breath as he raised up, realizing that Gabriel still hadn't finished yet. The man took a second to gather the rest of his strength, before pumping Gabe's dick in a blur. This was something that Sam had no problem with. He treated Gabriel's erection the same way he treated his own during masturbation; milking it with a firm grip, to get Gabe to the finish at a nice pace. And Gabriel responded accordingly. He groaned out loud and his stomach tensed up; making his back curl up and his toes spread.

“Ahh! Don't stop, Sam! I'm – I'm gonna - !”

Within seconds, Gabriel's dick was spouting fluid; dousing the archangel's stomach and Sam's hand with semen. And Sam could feel the archangel's orgasm from the inside, too; all of Gabe's internal muscles flexing against his own dick. Sam smiled, enjoyed the feeling of Gabriel's warm finish oozing down his fingers. He felt oddly proud, to be responsible for causing Gabe to feel so much pleasure.

The archangel flinched a bit, as Sam carefully pulled out of him; whimpering and panting in a high pitched tone. Sam carefully let go of Gabe's dick and wiped his wet hand on the blanket; watching Gabriel blink lazily up at him. They were both sweaty, out of breath, and speckled with come. But they had done it. Sam and Gabriel had just had sex for the first time. And it was perfectly glorious.

“Wow,” Gabe breathed, reaching up to cup Sam's face with his warm palm, “That – that was better than my first Butterfinger.”

Sam chuckled a little, easing down to bring his face closer to Gabe's. He was kind of flattered, to hear that their sex was better than Gabriel's first Butterfinger.

“That good, huh?” Sam mumbled, raking the damp hair from Gabe's forehead.

“Better,” Gabriel grinned proudly.

Sam searched the archangel's beautiful face for a moment, before recapturing his mouth again. His tongue did circles around Gabe's and their lips suctioned together, as Sam's eyes flickered closed. Gabriel was kissing him back with just as much passion; cradling Sam's shaggy head close and tightening his legs around the man's waist. The archangel pulled back after a moment, to look at Sam properly again. Sam could tell that his playfulness was gone and that something new was in his eyes. Gabriel seemed to be dead serious, for once; feeling something that Sam couldn't describe.

“Did you really mean it, Sam?” he asked, almost in a whisper, “Do you really... love me?”

Sam blinked down into Gabriel's golden eyes, feeling confused. Was Gabriel really questioning Sam's honesty? Did Gabe really think that he wasn't telling the truth?

“Yes,” Sam answered, nodding, “Gabe, I – I love you a lot.”

It was the truth. The notion had taken Sam a while to warm up to, but yes. Sam loved Gabriel, more than he could put into words. A soft smile appeared on Gabriel's moist lips. His small fingers dove back inside Sam's lengthy hair, as he swallowed a gulp.

“No one's ever said that to me before,” he seemed to admit.

Sam's heart utterly broke in half, at the hint of sadness in Gabe's voice. Gabriel had never been told that he was loved? Did his father not tell him how important he was? Didn't his brothers ever show him any affection? Was there not a single being in existence, that had ever said the words 'I love you' to him? Sam's mouth suddenly dove back into Gabriel's; surprising him with a meaningful, genuine kiss. The man did his best to cradle Gabe close to his heart, while his tongue smashed into Gabe's; hoping the archangel could feel every ounce of love that Sam had for him...

“Well, get used to it,” Sam said, peppering more kisses along Gabe's bare shoulder, “because I'm going to say it to you everyday.”

A gentle hum of approval vibrated from the archangel's throat, as his golden eyes flickered shut. Sam could tell that the strenuous sex had taken the rest of Gabriel's energy. Instead of bothering him with more words, Sam laid his weary head on Gabe's bare chest. His cheek was pressed against Gabriel's breastbone, and he could hear and feel the steady rhythm of the archangel's heart beating against his ear. Thump-thump, thump-thump...

“I love you, Gabe,” Sam whispered into the silence, wanting to remind him one more time.

Sam felt Gabriel's tiny hand fall gently against his bare back, where the archangel held him tightly. His heart was still beating against Sam's face; lulling the man into sleep. Sam let his eyes close, thinking that Gabriel had already passed out underneath him. But just as he was nearing the edge of unconsciousness, Sam heard the faint hum of Gabe's lovely voice again...

“I love you, too, kid,” Gabriel mumbled.

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