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My Strange New Life


Katherine got up everyday and did the same thing. In no way did she expect for something so crazy to happen to her. Why does the supernatural world seem to involve her? She's normal... isn't she?

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What is Happening!

When I woke up that morning, I didn’t realize that my life would take a whole new direction from the one I originally planned. It was a regular school day, my sophomore year and there was no warning that this would happen. The life I knew was a lie… well mostly. My name is Katherine Samantha Lawrence and that was the day my life began.


I slammed my hand on the alarm clock, and it shut off. Great another day of highschool to go through. I looked at my phone today was February 20, 2015, and it was currently six o’clock in the morning. After a pout and sigh I slowly rose from the bed and walked to my bathroom. See I’m not like other sixteen year old girls, I don’t wear makeup everyday and I don’t dress in designer clothing. Give me a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt and I’m the happiest freaking person on earth.

I put on a pair of jeans that fit just right with a plain grey t shirt and place my oversized grey sweatshirt on. Grudgingly I walk in front of my bathroom mirror and turn on the sink to wash my face. After splashing the cool water on my face I look into the mirror. My dark wavy brown hair reaches just below my shoulders. My oval shaped face is pale so my dark chocolate eyes stand out. There was a scar just above my left eye, below my eyebrow from many years ago. I can’t even remember when I got it, I must have been like three or four. I’m not skinny, I have meat on my bones, which takes a curvy shape to me. Looking down at my counter I find my toothbrush and paste and brush my teeth. Then I brush my hair put on a simple cross necklace and bracelets then exit the bathroom.

Ten minutes have passed and I have an hour till my mom drops me off at school. Why I wake up so early, I have no freaking clue. So to pass time I go on my computer to watch the Supernatural episode I missed. My friend Sara and I are huge fans of the show along with other shows like Doctor Who and Teen Wolf. We talk about Supernatural basically everyday since she was the one to introduce me to it. It took my three months to catch up with all ten seasons and let me tell you I absolutely love it.

By the end of the episode it was seven o’clock and I was tearing up. Dean had just killed Cain and he looked absolutely hopeless. Sam has no clue how to help him, neither does Cas. It pained me to see that expression on Dean’s face. He is just a fictional character, I always have to remind myself that. I always thought if I was there from the beginning I would help them out, be their best friends and help them through all this emotional crap.

It’s fake and they all are just actors. Quickly I pulled myself together and watched some bloopers from the show to get my mind off that.

“Kat come on, time to get to school !” My mom yelled from downstairs. I shut off my computer grabbed my coat, phone, and backpack, then came down the stairs. There my sister was waiting along with my mom and brother.

“About time, come on we got to beat the traffic” my mom told me with a scolding tone. My mom has this thing where we have to get everywhere early, but I was used to it. Plus, it gave me time to talk to my friends in the hallway, before school began. My sister Isabella and I followed my mom out the door to her car.

My sister and I have always had a strange bond. We loved each other to bits and pieces, but never said it, it was understood. We aren’t girly girls, but she like to do her hair in the morning, I couldn’t care less. She was smaller than me and had hair that only reached her chin and it looked awesome on her. Outside of school we are outgoing and wild. But when we are in school we are quiet and reserved...most of the time.

“So anything going on in school today? Tests? Quizzes?” my mom asked my sister and I. My sister shrugged. Mom turned her head towards me.

“No tests or quizzes today, unless Ms, Gassman wants to give us a surprise quiz. Other than that it should be a good day, I just hope I don’t get hit with another basketball in gym.” I replied with a slight smile. She nodded her head.The rest of the ride was quiet, we are not morning people so it bothered no one.

We arrived in school and it was snowing a little bit, gotta love the winter time in New Jersey. My mom drove to the entrance of the school where the other parents were.

“Have a good day at school girls, Love ya!” mom said.

“ Love you too” my sister and I replied in unison. We got out of the car and walked towards the entrance, I turned around once more to my mom and waved. She waved back and drove off.

“Try not to get into too much trouble, you bad girl.” I told my sister with a mock scolding tone.

“Me?” she scoffed. “Please, when was the last time I got into trouble.” she exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow. “Yesterday doesn’t count, it was at home.” I shrugged my shoulders and chuckled a bit.

“Whatever you say Bells” i told her amusement floating in my tone. She narrowed her eyes at me and I laughed.

We said our byes and I headed to my locker where I knew my friends would be waiting. Walking down the hallway I felt like I was being watched, I turned around and there was no one in the hallway looking at me. I shrugged off the feeling and continued to my locker. Once I arrived my friends Madison, Maddie, and Jenna were at my locker.

“Hey guys! How are doing this lovely day?” I asked them with excitement. They turned to me and rolled their eyes. I chuckled.

“I will never understand how you have so much enthusiasm in the morning.” She told me with a tired look on her face. I shrugged and looked at Maddie and Jenna, they all looked exhausted.

“Is there a reason why all you guys look like zombies?” I asked with slight concern.

“You’re telling me you didn’t hear that huge storm last night, the wind was howling like crazy.” she asked me with disbelief.

“What can I say, I slept like a baby, you guys on the other hand look like you need a gallon of coffee.

“Ha ha” Jenna said sarcastically with a mock smile. I looked at my phone and it read seven thirty and remember I needed to print something from the school library.

“Well while guys mope around, I need to go to the library, I’ll see you around” I told them quickly while backing away. They nodded in acknowledgement.

While backing away, I suddenly bumped into something. I jumped a bit and turned around. Looking up I saw a blonde man who looked vaguely familiar.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going-” he stopped me in the middle of my apologetic ramble when he raised his hand.

“It is alright, no harm done, but now that I have your attention could you point me the way to your principal's office?” the mysterious man calmly said in a british accent. I released the breath I didn’t know that I was holding, smiled, and pointed him in the direction.

“If you go down this hallway, you’ll see a glass room and that would be it. Again I am so sorry.” I explained. He looked in the direction I pointed, he smiled and nodded, with that he left. Odd man...

The first half of the school day was boring with math, gym, chemistry, and spanish. All during that time I couldn’t seem to remember who that odd man was and why he was so familiar. On my way to lunch I heard my name being called and I turned around, my friend Sara was there.

“Kat! Did you finally see the new episode?” She asked excitedly. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her amusing state.

“Yeah, this morning, and let me tell you I was basically tearing up. Why didn’t you warn me?” I said dully. We continued to talk about the episode on the way to lunch. It almost made me forget about the man.

After getting our lunch we sat at our usual round table with Jenna, Maddie, and Madison.

“Hey Kat did you see that dude who looks like Balthazar? He was like roaming the building.” Sara said in an excited whisper. My eyes widened. Of course! How could I have forgotten about him. My brain must be not working today, it was the only explanation as to why I haven’t figured it out earlier.

“Yeah, I bumped into him earlier, he asked for the directions to the office.” I said calmly, while shrinking slightly waiting for her to scream or yell.

“What?” she shrieked. “ Why didn’t you tell me earlier!” I held my hands up in defense.

“Okay, okay. In my defense it was early and my brain was still sleeping.” I explained with a smile. She narrowed her eyes at me and scoffed. “And you say that you’re obsessed with Supernatural.” I raised my eyebrow.

“I never said I was obsessed, you did.” I told her while munching on a curly fry. Then she snorted.

“Please I’m not the one who has a picture of a devil trap and angel sigil on my phone.” she said mockingly with a smile. I picked my fork up and pointed it at her.

“Well you won’t be laughing when suddenly they come, and I will be prepared.” I told her with mock seriousness. After a staring contest we both laughed.

“Seriously though I would have asked Balth-” Sara stopped suddenly and looked above me. I turned around and saw a teacher.

“Katherine Lawrence?” the teacher, who I recognized to be Ms. Cella. I nodded. “ You are wanted in the principal’s office.” she gave me a pass and left. Why could the principal want me in the office? I haven’t done anything wrong. I waved to my friends and left to go to the office. While I walked there I couldn’t but feel watched in the empty hallway. So I walked quicker than I usually would.

Once I reached the office I found my sister there as well, now I was getting slightly worried. I raised my eyebrow at my sister and she shook her head with furrowed brows. What the hell was going on? The receptionist led us inside the office and once again I was face to face with the mysterious man, now known as Sebastian Roche from Supernatural, who was sitting in the principal’s chair behind the desk. I looked around the room and I didn’t see the principal. Sebastian gestured to the seats for my sister and I. We sat down and were waiting anxiously for what he was going to say.

“Ah, it is nice to see you again Katherine, Isabella it’s a pleasure.” He said politely in his british accent. We smiled and nodded. “Well, you two aren’t in trouble but we need to talk.” He suddenly turned serious. “We need to talk about your safety, the oncoming danger-”

“Excuse me Mr…” I cutted in and trailed off hoping he would answer.

“Call me Balthazar.” he replied looking annoyed that I interrupted. I raised an eyebrow and quietly snorted.

“Yeah okay “Balthazar”... but who are you and where is the principal?” I asked peeved that this was going on. Was this suppose to be some practical joke?

“I just told you I’m Balthazar, and your principal is here just not in this office, I’m borrowing it to have a talk with you two.” he said exasperatedly. I narrowed my eyes at him and stood up.

“Okay let me get this straight you are Balthazar and you are here to warn about danger.” I asked irritated. He nodded. “Danger from what?

“Angels, now don’t be an annoying ape and let me explain.” he snapped. What the hell?!

“Listen I don’t know if this is some practical joke but whatever you are doing, stops here.” I snapped back. Usually I’m not rude but this is getting frustrating. I took my sister’s hand and walked out of the office. In the hallway my younger sister ripped her hand from me and looked at me in disbelief.

“Kat! What the hell was that? Why the hell was he talking about that stuff?” she asked confused.

“I think it was some joke don’t worry about it, go back to class.” I told her still fuming with irritation. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. I looked back at her and she nodded. She walked off and I was left in the middle of the hallway utterly confused.

I went back to the lunch room and I couldn’t help but feel weird. My friends saw me irritated and didn’t ask, so I was left in silence for the remainder of the period with my head on the table.

Now that lunch was over it was photography class. I love that class because we basically did nothing but take pictures and talk. I was beginning to get over what just happened, but suddenly the power went out. My class and I stood there confused with a camera in my hand, but seconds later the power came back on. This day keeps getting weirder and weirder. I was about to take another picture but then I heard a blood curdling scream. My eyes widened and I had one thought, Isabella. I was about to run out of the classroom and the announcements came on.

“Attention students and staff code-” the principal’s urgent voice was suddenly cut off. A new voice rung out.

“Hello people of this high school, this is Zachariah speaking and sadly your principal is no longer with us.” A creepily enthusiastic voice said. I knew that voice, it was really him. I looked around the room and my classmates had horror struck faces. Okay not a joke, but what the freaking hell is going on! “I am looking for a certain girl of the name of Katherine Lawrence” he continued. My eyes widened and my breath was now shaky. “Katherine I know you’re here, I can sense you from a mile away. Oh and your sister is here, say hi.”

“Kat!” I heard my sister shriek. My insides went cold, i stood there frozen.

“Katherine I wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone so I suggest you come on down or the first person that I hurt is her.” he finished with a deathly serious tone. The speaker turned off and I saw red. How dare he threaten my sister! He is freaking dead. Suddenly I remember that I’m not the only person in this room. I look around and everyone is looking at me with wide eyes, i turned for the door when I heard my teacher, Mr. G call out my name. Ignoring him I continued for the door, suddenly a hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

“Kat you can’t go, those people are dangerous.” he spoke in an authoritative tone. It reminded me of earlier when Balthazar. He tried to warn me and I was too ignorant to listen. But then I remembered that I never did like authority, so I scoffed and tried to turn around. His hands were still grabbing my shoulders so I couldn’t move from my spot. I looked up at him and gave him a death glare. He shifted slightly, I was known as a nice quiet girl, so this was quite out of character for me.

“He has my sister! What am I suppose to do? Wait to hear her scream? Wait for him to kill her!” My voice was getting louder with each sentence as I stepped towards him. He looked at me in surprise, then his expression melted into seriousness.

“You have no clue of what they are capable of?” he said in a irritatingly calm voice. I do know what they are capable of and I looked to the side of him and suddenly I saw a pair of scissors on the table. I had an idea. I ripped myself from his grip and grabbed my bag from my seat. Taking a deep breath I started for the door and grabbed the scissors on my way out. He didn’t try to stop me this time.

I stopped in front of the office where Zachariah and my sister was. Pulling out my iPhone I went into my pictures app and found what I was looking for. An angel banishing sigil. Taking the scissors I dragged it roughly across the palm of my hand with a wince, and put the scissors on the ground. Then I took the blood and drew the sigil on the outside wall of the office. When I finished i pulled up my sweatshirt and took my shirt and ripped a piece off. Then i wrapped it tightly around my hand and stood in front of the door. I hesitantly hovered my hand over the handle and slowly I latched onto it and turned the knob. Showtime.

The first thing I saw as I stepped into the room was my sister in tears in a chair, but no sign of blood. I calmed slightly. Then I heard slow clapping and a tall bald man stepped into view beside my sister.

“Well, well, look at you, I didn’t think you would come. I thought I would have the pressure of hurting someone.” He sighed in mock sadness. My hands clenched into fists.

“Let go of my sister and we’ll talk.” I said trying not to make my voice as shaky as I felt.

“Look at you trying to be tough and for trying I’ll let her go but no one is going anywhere, all doors are locked.” he told me with a sickeningly sweet smile. My sister ran towards me and clung onto me tightly, she looked terrified with her eyes wide with tears. I grabbed my sister and forced her to look at me, I checked her face for any invisible bruises. Then I hugged her tightly and put my mouth by her ear.

“I need you to do exactly as I say. I need you to go outside and find the scissors and the sigil. Then in a minute, exactly a minute, I need you to cut your hand and put your hand on the sigil. Squeeze me if you understood me.” I told her with absolute seriousness and authority. Isabella squeezed me, I let out a breath. Zachariah cleared his throat.

“As sweet as this is, I believe we made a deal little one” he told me in a patronizing voice. I ushered my sister out the door and turn towards him.

“Now I can imagine you have many questions flowing through mind, you may ask now.” he said to me with that same sickly smile.

“What do me and my sister have to do with you? Why are you here?” I asked, he looked at me and his expression showed that he was expecting it. Bastard.

“Well, you and my sister have an important purpose to my kind, so we are here to bring you home.” he replied sitting in a chair, as if bored. Suddenly I gathered up whatever courage I had left and stood up straighter.

“Your kind? You mean angels?” I asked in mock curiosity. His head snapped towards me, he wasn’t expecting that. I smirked.“I know angels are all powerful and stuff, but there are ways to escape them if need be.” I said in a tone as if bored, two can play at this game. He stood up and walked right in front of me, trying to be intimidating. I pretended to check my nails. I had the upper hand and caught him off guard.

“And how is that?” he asked me in a threatening tone. I looked up at him and turned my hand over so he could my bandaged cut. He looked me in disbelief. Three. Two. One. A bright light suddenly took over the room and Zachariah disappeared with a cry of pain. I ran into the hallway and saw my sister with her hand on the sigil, I walked up to her and hugged her.

“Are you ok?” I asked her concerned. She looked at me and I knew a dam was about to be broken. She burst into tears and continued to hug me. Eventually she let go but she was still sniffling. I wanted to lighten the mood.

“I told you not to get into trouble you bad girl.” I mock scolded her with a point of my finger. She laugh a bit, and I knew she was going to be ok.

“Now explain to me what the hell just happened and why the hell that worked?” She asked me still a bit shaken up. I explained everything to her. The angels. The show. Along with what happened earlier. ” So he was trying to warn us?” was her question when I finished.

“Yeah he was but I wouldn’t listen, I was too ignorant.” I told her feeling guilty. I felt her put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile. Like that would help.

“You two aren’t as stupid as I thought, a world with no supernatural knowledge, and a teenage girl defeated an angel because of a tv show. I must say I am impressed and I picked the perfect universe for you. Also, you two have grown much since the last time I saw you.” A british voice said behind us. We turned around and me sister went immediately to my side and I stepped in front of her.

“No worries I’m on your side, but he was right when he said you needed to be taken home. If it is an consolation I only need one of you.” he said softly, trying not to scare us.

“Why? Please just tell me what is going on?” I asked him pleadingly. He sighed and stood in front of us and looked at me.

“You two girls aren’t from here, but from a different universe, a different time. You were taken here for safety ten years ago. You two are from a old family of hunters on your dad’s side of course. Then when that family mixed with your mom’s family of psychics you two were born. A new generation of hunters with psychic abilities, which was dangerous. Your parents tried to hide but eventually the past caught up and here you are.” He explained. My sister and I stood there shocked. Holy crap! totally not expecting this. “But like I said I only need one of you.” I closed my eyes and blew out a shaky breath. I stepped forward.

“I will go, but you have to promise me my sister will be safe.” I told him while trying to keep my head held high. My sister was about to protest, I held my hand up to silence her. I kept my gaze on him, looking for an answer.

“She will be safe, it took them ten years to find this and they have to start over their search.” he explained. I nodded. “I leave you two for a moment.” I turned around and I saw my sister tearing up again. I have to say bye, how am I suppose to say bye. Tearing up I stepped towards her and pulled her into a tight hug. I am so going to miss this, I’m going to miss her so much, my brother, mom, dad, my friends… How do I say bye? I broke the hug and held her shoulders.

“Bell I need you to understand that I need to do this. I need to keep you safe.” I told her in a shaky voice with tears streaming down my face. “ I want you to enjoy what life is going to give you ok. This is your chance to be as normal as you can be after this.” I paused not wanting to break down. I took a breath and looked at the ground then continued. “I want you to follow your dreams and go where your heart takes you. I want you to live happily without me.” I finished in a whisper. I looked back at her and I almost did break, she look devastated.

“Kat please…” she choked on her tears and started to hiccup. I hugged her again not wanting to see her so broken. After what seemed like forever, I grudgingly took myself out of her arms. I backed away from her and walked towards Balthazar, with a pained expression on my face that was already displaying loss. Once I reached him I turned towards my sister once more, and gave her a small smile. Balthazar grabbed my shoulder, I closed my eyes and I was suddenly ripped from everything I have ever known. When I opened them I was in the middle of nowhere, alone, with a broken heart. I collapsed on the ground, and I broke unable to keep the sobs in any longer.

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