My Strange New Life

Psychics and Dean Winchester

Barreling down the highway with my windows down and blasting AC/DC was incredible, it made me feel free. This was going to be my future, traveling the country, saving people, hunting things, the family business. Even if I did try to have a normal life, I’m a Lawrence, something would try to find me and kill me. My family has been doing this for centuries, and I’m the latest in a long line. I wonder if any of my cousins or uncles are here. They probably don’t know me well, but it is worth a try to find them. I couldn’t do that now, I have to figure a few things out.

Passing through the town I went through last time driving up to Bobby’s I realize that I need gas. So I went to the gas station that I had that experience in but when I get there, there a memorial. Getting out of the car I take a closer look, it was right in front of the gas station. By the looks of it, there was for a fire that killed 12 people that happened last year. Holy Crap! Did I actually see this fire. This psychic power crap is getting more creepy by the second. Again even if I did try to have a normal life I couldn’t. I got back into my car and drove to the next station.

I drive up to the Singer’s residence and see another car there. There was someone here. Getting out of the car I grab my bag and walk into the house. In the kitchen I see Bobby and a woman having coffee.

“Hey Kat how was your weekend?” Bobby asks and the woman looks at me. It was Pam, the psychic. She looks and me and smiles.

“It was great Bobby, just what I needed a girls weekend. Too much testosterone here.” I answer with a chuckle. I turn towards Pam and hold out a hand. “Hello my name is-” she cuts me off.

“Katherine Samantha Lawrence, you are the talk of the afterlife you know that.” She says with a smile. My eyes get wide for a second then I sigh.

“Should really get use to that, you’re Pamela right, the psychic?” I ask. She laughs and nods.

“Yes but I’m not the only psychic in the room.”she hints slyly. My eyes widen. Please don’t. “You know I could sense you from a mile away. Your abilities are through the roof.”

“Kat what is she talking about?” Bobby asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh you didn’t know?” Pam asks Bobby. He shakes his head and crossed his arms.

“Surprise.” I say weakly. I am in so much trouble.

“This young lady abilities have been flaring up recently, correct?” I nod my head.

“Kat, why didn’t you tell me about this?” Bobby asks frustrated.

“Well I didn’t want to trouble you, plus I’m trying to figure this out on my own.” I reply

“You didn’t want to trouble me?!” Bobby scoffed. “Lord help me, you are as stubborn as your father.”

“Oh come on Bobby it isn’t that bad, I mean by the looks of it she is a very developed psychic.” Pam tried to calm Bobby down. “Looks like she is figuring it out on her own, give her some credit.” Bobby let out a breath and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Kat you need to tell me these kind of things. What if something was wrong?” Bobby asked.

“I knew nothing was wrong. I kind of had this thing before I even came back here.” I say to Bobby. It was true, it wasn’t the first time I had seen the future or seen a ghost. Back in my old world, I had seen ghosts and heard them. My house had a bit of paranormal activity in it, but it was more residual than anything. I was used to it but here it got really amplified, really vivid. “Please Bobby you can’t tell anyone… else.” I look at Pam, he nods.

“Sorry I said anything, I didn’t know that he didn’t know.” Pam apologized. I raised an eyebrow, she laughed. “Yeah I did know but he should have really known. You can’t go through this kind of stuff alone.” she explained. I nodded, she said bye to Bobby and left.

It is late September and I my thoughts kept lingering on the envelope. I still didn’t want to open it, I couldn’t. So to get my mind off it, I was going to go on a road trip.

“Bobby, I was wondering if I could take a little trip on my own. A week tops.” I said to him. We were both sitting in the kitchen and he was reading the paper, while I was trying to read a book on lore. He sighed and put the paper down.

“Are you going to do something you shouldn’t be doing?” I shake my head. “Are you hunting?” I shake my head. “Do you really need to?” I nod my head. “Fine but if I find out you are doing something you shouldn’t be, you are in big trouble missy.” I nod and go to my bedroom to pack. I didn’t know where I was going, but I really needed to get out of here.

“I’ll see you later Bobby” I yelled as I went out the door.

“You better call me, I want to know you’re alive every so often.” I heard him yell as I got into my car. Starting the car and ram the engine. Then I go on my journey to somewhere.

Five hours of nonstop driving later, I reach my destination, Lawrence Kansas. Why I drove here? Still trying to figure that out. I thought that Lawrence was going to be a small town but it was pretty big. There was a hospital, stadium, even a university. Eventually I parked and sat on a bench in some park, trying to relax. But suddenly some lady sits beside me and looks at me. I raised my eyebrow at her then realize, this was Missouri. I open my mouth to ask her why she was here, but get interrupted.

“I’m here because your thoughts are buzzing like crazy. You are giving me a headache.” she says answering my mental question. Does she know I know her? “Yes I do and exactly how too.” she answers again.

“I’m sorry but do you know me?” I ask her aloud this time.

“Oh yes, a long time ago, your mom and I use to work together sometimes. Look at you, all grown up, pity your sister isn’t here. But by your thoughts she seems grown up too.” she explains. She mentioned my family and I got sad a bit, I was trying to run away from that problem.

“Don’t get sad child, come on you are coming with me.” she spoke softly. Missouri got up grabbed my hand and took me to my car. We drove to her house and she gave me some herbal tea.

“Now tell me how your abilities are doing?” She asks, by this time I’m not surprised she knows.

“They’re fine…” I say not knowing how to answer that.

“You know your mom was a powerful psychic, she actually taught me half the stuff I know.” she explains. I tilted my head.

“She was? I was only aware that she came from a psychic family.” I claim confused.

“Everyone in the family was psychic. Your mom’s family migrated here from Cuba decades ago. You have some native power in your blood.” Missouri said. Cool, I thought.

“Are they still around?” I ask hopefully. She gave a sad smile.

“I have no clue, they’re pretty exclusive.” I nod.

“What about my dad’s family?”

“Your dad’s family was from europe, he was from a long line of hunters. They are pretty exclusive as well, but they have homes and castles all over the world. If you find one of them, you probably find your dad’s family.” I nod and sip my tea. She gets up and brings me something, a locket. “This was your mother’s, she left here last time she was here. I didn’t have a chance to give it back to here.” I open it and it was a picture of my parents holding my sister and I. Quickly I snap it shut and look up at her,

“Thank you.” I tell her sincerely. She nods then offers me a hand to get up from the couch.

“Now I have an appointment soon and I need to get ready. Remember you can see me anytime. Don’t be a stranger okay?” Missouri said politely. I go to my car and wave before driving off.

While driving around town I find myself in a small neighborhood when a white house catches my eye. I stop in front of it and get out of the car to get a closer look. It was the Winchester’s old house. My memory couldn’t help but flash to the night of the tragic fire. I know where I have to go next. I have to go back to New Jersey. Getting back in the car, I start driving east.


Somewhere in Indiana I stop to stay a night in a hotel. I check in and pay with a fake credit card. Thank goodness I look older than I am or else I probably would have had a problem. Settling into the room I take a shower and dress in an old shirt and shorts. I call Bobby and leave him a message so he knows I’m alive and get ready for bed.

A hour later I was watching t.v. when suddenly I hear a knock at the door. Getting up I grab my gun from the bag and go to the door. Looking through the peephole, I see someone tall. I put my gun against the door and slowly open it. It was Dean.

“Dean?” I ask in disbelief. He smiled at me. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I was on my way down from a hunt in Michigan and it looks like we thought of staying in the same place.” He explains. Oh he was just with Lisa Braden, this was his solo “five states in five days” hunt, I think.

“Okay so what are you doing here, at my door, at midnight.” I state tiredly.

“Well I saw your car and I thought I could crash with you. Kind of lost my money in a poker game.” He said as if it should explain everything.

“What if I say no?” I say slyly with a tired smirk. He just smirked back and pushed me into the room, then walked in. “Well come on in then.” I mumble sarcastically as he jumped onto my bed. The thing is, this room only had one bed and no couch.

“Looks like we’re sharing.” He says. It take me a couple seconds to comprehend what he is saying, then my eyes widen. You gotta be kidding me.

“No, no, no mister. You are sleeping on the floor.” I say sternly.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” he says stubbornly, if I wasn’t so tired I would have kicked him off the bed. I grudgingly walk over to my side of the bed and sit there. Then Dean gets up and goes to the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on. Twenty minutes later he comes out of the bathroom and sit back on my bed.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Dean asks me. I sigh and turn towards him.

“I am on my way to Jersey, I just want to see how my old home looks like.” I tell him then just look at him casually. “How was the bendy yoga instructor.” I ask him slyly, trying to have the questioning stray from me.

“How the hell did you know that?” he exclaims. I shrug.

“It was on the tv show.” I say as if you should answer everything.

“That thing is pretty accurate, kind of scary if you ask me.” he says still surprised.

“Literally everything here is the same except for the existence of me and my family.” I explain, he nod and gets under the covers.

“You know I’m suppose to meet Sam and dad in Jersey, mind if you drag me along?” he asks, I get under the covers as well and close the lights.

“What, you expect me to be your chauffeur.” I joked. He chuckled. I turn so my back was facing him. “Goodnight Dean.” I say and close my eyes.

“Goodnight.” he quietly murmurs and the darkness takes over.

I open my eyes and see that the sun was peaking through the curtains. I to get up but I feel something holding me in place. Looking at my middle I see an arm. Most girls would be thrilled to have Dean Winchester’s arm wrapped around them. Me, I hate people touching me, hot or not you will get hurt. I pry Dean’s arm off me after a good couple minutes, even in his sleep he fights me. Getting up I go to the window and look out. I would be in Jersey by tomorrow. Not going to lie I thought about chickening out, but I realize I’m taking Dean to Jersey too. If he wasn’t here I probably would have.

I get dressed and leave a note saying I was getting coffee. Going to the nearest shop I get two coffees, not knowing how Dean liked his coffee I got him a black one. Also, taking those little packets so he could fix it himself.

It was about 7:30 and I got back to the room. Dean was still sleeping and he was on my side too. Suddenly I get an idea and smirk. Walking to the bed I get on and start jumping.

“Rise and shine Dean.” I say enthusiastically. He turns away from me and groans. I jump down and sit next to him. “Whats a matter Dean? Not a morning person?” I ask with mock concern. Next thing I know I’m laying down pinned underneath Dean. He looks at me for a couple seconds.

“Not at all.” he replies getting closer to my face. I try to sink into the bed when he got too close, I could feel his breath on my face. I narrow my eyes at him and I try to get out of his grip. Dean just grabs my wrists tighter.

“Get off me Dean.” I state simply.


“I said get off.”

“And I believe I said no.” Dean is really trying to get on my nerves. “What’s a matter Kat? Uncomfortable?” he smirks.

“Just get off me Dean?” I simply say again.

“No I want something.” he says and I raise my eyebrow.

“I’m already driving you to Jersey. You are becoming a very needy person.” I say with a furrowed eyebrows.

“I want a kiss.” He says and I snort.

“Yeah, well kiss my ass. Now get off, my coffee's getting cold.” I told him sternly and tried to move from his grip, he wouldn’t let go. He chuckled.

“Well then that coffee is going to get cold because I’m not moving until I get that kiss.” he says just as sternly. Suddenly I get an idea and smile coyly, then sigh dramatically.

“Well then looks like I’m going to have to do this.” I say in a low tone and lean up. Dean smirks in triumph and closes his eyes expecting the kiss. Poor bastard doesn’t know what coming. I use my legs and throw him on the bed, I’m the pinning him now. He looks up at me surprised. Yeah, two people could play at this game.

“You tricked me.” he said in disbelief. I smile and shake my head.

“No I didn't trick you, I warned you.” I corrected with a smirk and lean down so I was close to his face. “I’m not that easy Winchester, you are going to have to try harder than that.” . With that I get up and sit at the table with my coffee. Dean sits up on his elbows and still looks at me surprised. “Now get dressed, we leave in twenty minutes.” I declare after taking a sip of my coffee. He nods and heads to the bathroom, when he closes the door, I let out a breath. Holy crap! That just happened, I am so surprised that I didn’t buckle under the intense nerves. That was pretty fun though. I pick up the newspaper from the table and start reading. Fifteen minutes later Dean comes out of the bathroom.

“It’s about time, I was beginning to think you got lost or-” I say to Dean but then words get caught in my throat, he came out shirtless, after a couple seconds of looking I look down at the paper again. I clear my throat awkwardly. Okay act cool Kat, I tell myself mentally. “Put on a shirt Fabio.” I say. He chuckles.

“Nah I think I would be doing the girls in America a favor.” He proclaimed. I roll my eyes at his ego.

“Just put a shirt on.”I state looking at the paper still. Suddenly Dean is standing in front of me, I look up at him and raise an eyebrow trying not to look at his torso.

“ You looked, I saw. Like what you see?” he asked. I shrug and look down at my paper again.

“I have seen better.” I state with a smile knowing his ego just deflated.

“Who?” He asked disbelief. I stand up and raise my hand and list people with my fingers.

“Chris Evans, Paul Wesley, Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, and Jensen Ackles.” I say the last one just to screw with him.

“Who?” he asks confused, probably never hearing of any of those people before.

“Future hot actors. Most of which I’m older than now, except for Ackles and Evans.” I say with sadness. He pats my shoulder and puts his shirt on.

Ten minutes later we were on the road and I put Bon Jovi on the radio. I look at Dean and he is looking at me incredulously.

“What? I thought it was perfect, we are heading to Jersey.” I claim with a laugh. He shakes his head and reaches for the radio. I smack his hand.

“House rules Dean: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.” I quote him with a smirk. He pouts.

“That is not fair.”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“You are really childish.”

“Been called worse.” I shrug. Suddenly I hear “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

“What is that?” Dean asks looking at my bag.

“Could you go into the pocket of my bag and grab that.” I told him with a smile. He grabs my bag and got my iPhone. “Slide the screen with your finger.” He did as he was told. “What does it say?” I ask.

“Mason’s Birthday.” my grip on the steering wheel tightened. “Who’s Mason?” Dean asked.

“Mason’s my brother.” I state simply looking ahead. That means today is September 21. “It’s funny really, technically he isn’t born till 2000.” I laugh and grab the phone out of Dean’s hand softly. On the screen there was a picture of him. He looked completely different from my sister and I. Mason had dark dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. I smile tightly and give Dean back my phone. Perfect time to go back to Jersey, I thought.

“What was that noise?” Dean suddenly asked with disgust. I laughed.

“That unfortunately is the future. The age of Justin Bieber and ridiculous bands.” I say with mock sadness.

“That sounds horrible.” He says with mock fright.

“It is, but it isn’t all bad.”

Dean and I were talking the whole time about completely mindless things. We had taken turns driving and he got to play his AC/DC. A couple hours later it was getting dark and we were hungry. We were in a small town outside Pittsburgh and stopped at the cheapest motel. This time the room had two beds. Once we settled in at the motel, Dean drove us to a bar.

“Dean I’m not going into a bar, we could just eat at a diner or something.” I told him crossing my arms.

“Kat you won’t get the road trip experience if you don’t eat at a bar.” he tells me.

“I’m not even old enough to get in.” I stated.

“Neither am I and by the way you acted this morning, you have pretty good acting skills.” He pushed me inside. The bar was full of people drinking and playing pool. I look at Dean and pout. “You can choose the place next time.” he then pushed me to a table and we sat down.

“You know I do have perfectly good motor skills.” I tell him with narrowed eyes. “You don’t need to push me” He rolled his eyes at me. Suddenly a waitress appears.

“Hello what can I get you tonight?” she asked looking at Dean. Looks like I was going to be ignored, fantastic.

“I’ll have a pair of beers and burgers.” He told her, then leaned a bit forward. “Then maybe your number.” She took down the order and smiled. He looks at me. “that is how you get away with I.D. problems.” he told me smug. I chuckle and shake my head. A few minutes later the waitress comes back with our order.

“Dean you didn’t order me a drink.” I told him.

“Yes I did.” he points to the other beer. “I want to see what happens.” I raise an eyebrow and pick up the beer. Looking at it I sniff it and it smells weird. “Come on sweetheart I don’t have all day.” he complains. Slowly I take a sip. It wasn’t bad but it had a weird taste.

“See nothing happened.” I smile.

“Finish it.” He states with his arms crossed.

“I need it to eat my burger.” I respond. He just smiles.

“I’ll get you another one.” Dean told me, I sighed. “Are you a lightweight? Is that why you don’t want to drink it?” he asked me amused.

“Honestly I have no clue, this is my first drink ever… kind of.” I told him my voice small. His smile got even wider. “Doesn’t mean that I’m going to listen to you.” I said louder.

“You are no fun.” Dean pouts and I smile. We finish our food and Dean pays for the check.

“You know Dean I thought you ran out of cash.” He froze, caught. I look at him expectantly.

“Well I saw your car and I thought it would be cool to hang out together.” He murmured as we left the bar.

“You didn’t have to lie, I would have said yes anyways.” I state with a shrug and head for the drivers seat. When I said that Dean looked a lot happier, and he got into the car. After a few minutes of driving we finally get to the motel and I called shower first. When I finished I came out of the bathroom with the same old shirt and shorts. Dean was sitting on his bed. It was midnight and I was tired so I got under my covers then turned off the lamp on my side. “Goodnight Dean.” I yawned.

“Night Kat.” I closed my eyes and the darkness took over.

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