My Strange New Life

Home Sweet Home

Opening my eyes, I see the ceiling and I sigh. Today I was going to be in Jersey. Then I remembered something, I forgot to call Bobby last night. He is probably worrying up a storm. So I get up and grab the cell phone Bobby gave me. It was one of those really old ones with a small green screen and buttons for every number. I go outside the room to make the call. The phone ring for a couple seconds and someone picks up. Crap, I was just going to leave a message.

“You better have a good ass reason for calling so early.” Bobby tells me tiredness evident in his voice. I furrow my brows and look at my watch. 7:10.

“Yep I just wanted to tell you I was still alive like you asked. I was hoping just to get the machine, didn’t mean to wake you up.” I replied.

“It’s fine I was up anyway. Where are you anyway?” He asked.

“Well right now I’m in Pennsylvania. But I’m heading back home. It for some closure thing.” I claim with a sad tone, then perk up. “You wouldn’t guess who I met along the way. Dean.” Bobby sighs deeply. I laugh. “He was on his way to Jersey so he is catching a ride with me.”

“Be careful around Dean. He hasn’t tried anything… has he?” He asks.

“Nah he is good. Plus Bobby that ain’t ever gonna happen… ever.” I utter with a laugh. “Well I’ll talk to you later Bobby.”

“Yeah later.” The phone went dead. I looked at the rising sun and I breathed in deeply. Pull yourself together Kat. Taking one more long glance at the sun I turn to go back into the room. When I shut the door, I saw that Dean was still sleeping. Rolling my eyes, I go next to his bed and nudge him.

“Dean get up.” he didn’t move. “If you don’t get up I’m gonna look through your stuff.” he just turned away from me. Sighing I grab a paper cup from the table and fill it with ice cold water, then go back to his side. “Dean I’m giving you one more chance to get up.” He didn’t respond, so I poured the water on him. he jumped up with a start.

“Kat what the hell.” He exclaimed at me wiping the water from his face. I look at him with confusion.

“I warned you Dean. You just choose not to listen.” I tell him with a smile.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re controlling?” He asked my with a frown. I smile even brighter.

“Yes, my driving instruction. I didn’t listen to him but still got my permit.” I say enthusiastically. “Now get ready we leave in twenty.” He sighed and went to the bathroom.

Four hours later, we reached the border of Pennsylvania and I wanted to stop by the Delaware Water Gap. We stopped at an old hiking area my dad and I always went on to see a cave.

“Kat what are we doing here?” Dean whined. I roll my eyes at him.

“I just want to check something out. There was an old cave here that was bombed in 2005. I just want to see what it looks like before they rangers blow it up.” I tell him as we reach the entrance of the cave.

“Why did they blow it up?” he asked standing beside me. I shrugged.

“They thought it was dangerous.” I tell him. We looked at each other for a moment then smirked.

“Why did you come here anyway?” Dean asked me as we maneuvered around the cave.

“Well my family was pretty outdoorsy. We hiked, rocked climbed, camped, kayaked all around this area. I came here for the first time when I told my dad I wanted to be a geologist. He told me, this was my future, and I loved every second of it.” I told him with an adventurous stance. He chuckled. We explored as far as we could and went back to the car. I drove to the border and can’t help but feel a little nervous.

“So where in Jersey are you heading?” I ask him getting onto the familiar Garden State Parkway I knew like the back of my hand.

“Old Bridge.” he states and my eyes widened.

“What!” I voiced high pitched.

“Why whats wrong with Old Bridge?” he asks with furrowed brows. I sigh and relax my grip on the steering wheel.

“Nothing, thats just where I was going.” I utter in a whisper. “Why are your brother and dad there?”

“They found a hunt there.” I nod and press the gas a little harder. A hour later we arrived at Old Bridge and I kept feeling jittery.

“Where are they meeting you?” I asked him.

“At the Red Rose motel. Kat are you ok?” he asked me. I look at him and nod.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be.” I tell him taken back by the question.

“Well you’ve had this sad puppy look since we left Pennsylvania.” He explains trying to imitate my look. I laugh and punch him in the shoulder. We reach the motel and I park.

“Well Dean it has been fun, you have been a pain in my ass but, it was fun.” I convey to Dean. He was about to say something but the phone Bobby gave me starts ringing. I grab my bag and answer it.

“Hola?” I answer the phone wondering who it was.

“Hey Kat.” It was Sam. “Umm.. are you outside my motel room?” he asks and I can basically imagine his confused puppy look.

“Yeah-” I was cut off when one of the doors of the motel open and a boy runs out towards our car. Shaking my head I get out of the car and Sam stood in front of me panting.

“Heya Sam.” I say welcomingly.

“You have no idea how much I miss you!” Sam exclaims and grabs me for a hug. Yeah Sam was a touchy feely person. Dean walks up beside me and Sam breaks the hug. Sam looks at Dean and then me questioningly.

“I was on my way to Jersey when this lump found me and asked me for a ride.” I told Sam, he nodded.

“Hey Dean.” Sam greets his brother and Dean nods. It was getting a little awkward so I clapped my hands.

“Well I’m gonna get going.” I tell them both. “I was just going to stop by, I got to do something.” Sam frowned, he had a kicked puppy look. Oh dear lord, how does anyone survive after being given that look?

“You’re not going to stay?” he inquired. I shake my head and give him a strained smile. “Come on it is just one hunt.” he pleaded. I chuckle

“Sorry Sammy no can do. I can’t be on a hunt, Bobby’s orders. He doesn’t think I’m ready for this kind of stuff.” I heard Dean snort beside me, and I stomped on his foot. “Plus Bobby has a spy over here.” I point to their room.

“Fine.” Sam pouts and I laugh. I get into my car and roll down the window.

“I’ll see you boys around some time.” I wave to them and drive off. For a while I drive around town and things seemed just a bit different. I drive past the high school and can’t help but remember that events that happened that day. The angels, the truth, my sister’s face…

I finally gain the courage to drive towards my old house. Parking across the street from it, I get out then go to the front door and knock. A woman a bit bigger than me answers the door and she looks at me. She looked a distressed. I furrow my eyebrows at her.

“Mam are you ok?” I ask her and I hear a crash in the background, she flinches. A light grows in the background and suddenly the door slams shut, she screams. Oh my gosh, what is happening? That looked like ghost activity. I try to open the door but it didn’t budge. Running to the window I smash it with a rock and climb inside. Inside I see a raggedy lady holding the woman by her neck. I look around for something that could help me and I see a fireplace poker. Perfect. Picking it up I swing it at the ghost and it dissipates. The woman falls to the ground coughs and I kneel beside her. She cried into my shoulder, mumbling thank you.

She was sitting in the kitchen I was trying to get her to calm down, while trying to find salt.

“How long has this been going on?” I question her finding the salt.

“Ever since we moved in. My husband… he died here. He told me there was something wrong and I didn’t listen.” She sobbed. I pat her back.

“I’m sorry but what was the cause of death?” I ask her. She looks at me tearfully.

“He was murdered, his heart was ripped from his chest.” her voice quivered. I nod and get up.

“Listen you need to get away from here a while okay? I’m going to try and fix this.” I told her holding her hand firmly. She nods and we go for the door, when the bell suddenly rings. I go to the door and open it. It was John Winchester, great.

“You’re a bit late to the party sir.” I disclose to him.

“Kat? What are you-” I cut him off.

“Listen sir I can explain later I just need to get this woman out of here.” I explain formally, he nods and I move back to the lady.

“Okay now lets get out of here.” I tell her and we leave the house. I drive her to the same motel the Winchesters and drove back the house. When I get inside John was examining the place.

“I got here just in time, some evil son of a bitch was about to kill her.” I inform him.

“How?” he inquires and I point at the fire poker on the ground. “What were you doing here Kat?”

“This use to be my house, I just wanted to see it. For closure stuff.” I utter to him, he nods. John Winchester was not a man of many words. I hear the door open behind me and I turn around. Sam and Dean. Looks like the rest of the gang was here.

“Kat?” Sam asks confused and happy at the same time. “I thought you weren’t going to stay for the hunt?”

“I wasn’t but some evil son of a bitch decides to haunt my old home. I guess I’ll stay for a bit… if thats okay with you sir?” I look at John.

“No problem and I won’t mention this to Bobby either.” John responds and I smile.

“So whose bones are we burning?” I enthusiastically ask. Sam look dumbfounded.

“How do you know it was a ghost?” he inquired, i point to the poker on the ground. “Oh”. Sam looked impressed.

John already had the history of the house and he figured out who the ghost was. He thought it was a werewolf problem since he heard the heart was taken out but my story had disproved that theory. So we were at the cemetery at night, Sam and Dean were digging the grave. I was holding the flashlight.

“So you use to live in that house? Was it haunted then?” Sam inquired me.

“Technically it was a house parallel from this one in the future. But was haunted too, just not as bad as this. It was really residual energy than anything.” I responded, Sam nodded. I thump sounded, meaning they had reached the coffin. Sam jumps out of the hole and Dean destroys the coffin. After he finished, he jumped out as well. I poured salt and gasoline on the bones. Dean took out his matches and lit them. Once they flared up he threw it into the hole and the bones burned. I stood there for a while, this is not how I planned on spending the day, but it seemed right. This was the perfect way of saying, this was different, this was new. My new strange life and I have no other choice but to accept it.

“Kat come on lets get going.” I hear Dean say from behind me. I breath in deeply and walk away from fire.

“So what are you going to do now?” Dean asked me as I walked beside him to my car.

“Well I’m done here, so I was going to head back to Bobby’s.” I reply.

“In the middle of the night? Just stay for the night, you can go in the morning.” Dean insisted. I look at him and smirk.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think that you like having me around.” I said sarcastically. He chuckled.

“Hell no, you are the most annoying, controlling, and troublesome person I have ever met.” He huffed out sarcastically stepping closer to me. I step away and go into the drivers seat of the car. Sam was already in the passenger seat, so Dean sat in the back and I drove off.

“I think we make a good team, we should do this again sometime.” Dean said from behind me. We all chuckled and drove in a comfortable silence.

Morning came too quickly. We were standing in front of my old house and I saw John talking to the lady while I was leaning on my car. The lady waved at me and went into the house. John walked up to me.

“You did good.” John said and I smile.

“I know.” I smirk and we chuckle. “It time for me to take my leave. I’ll see you around sir.” He nods and leaves to go to his car. I walk up to Sam and Dean who were on the side walk. “I’ll see you boys later. Try not to get into too much trouble without me.” I say to them. Sam rolls his eyes.

“We’ll try, but I don’t think that will be possible.” Dean responds with a smirk.

“Bye Kat.” Sam says. I give a salute and walk back towards my car. When I turn it on “Bad to the Bone” was on the radio so I cranked it up, rolled my windows down and drove past them. They laughed and I drove away. I was going home, the salvage yard and there I was going to open that damned envelope, even if it killed me to do it.

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