My Strange New Life

Letter and Sam Winchester

Driving up to the salvage yard, I couldn’t help but feel refreshed and at home. Bobby was sitting outside with a beer.

“So how was your trip?” Bobby asked.

“It was just what I needed.” I smile. “I’m surprised you even let me go, I’m barely not even 17 yet.” I sit beside Bobby on the porch.

“Well it looked like you really needed to do this, plus I trust you.” he responded nonchalantly. “You know you still haven’t opened that envelope yet.”

“I know, I’m going to though. I just need to go inside and actually get it.” I said with a lazy tone. He chuckled and got up.

“Well I’m going to work on a Ford. You should really open that envelope.” with that he left and I got up. Slowly I made my way to my room and I held the envelope in my hands. It was a huge yellow envelope, pretty heavy too. From my pocket, I took a knife and tore the top then spill its contents on my bed. There was a ring of keys, a big leather journal, and a letter. I pick up the letter and start to read it.

“To my Dearest Daughters,

If you are reading this your Father and I are dead, for that I am so sorry, but it means that you two survived and that is all we ever wanted. They want something with the both of you and we are trying to figure that out. We wished that we could have seen you two grow up and live your life's, but it would have not happened if we didn’t send you away. I know that the deal is a very bad thing to do, but we wanted my babies to live. It was the only way. In this envelope there should be two other things a ring of keys and your father’s journal. In the journal, it holds all the locations of where our safe houses are and family homes. They may be abandoned but they hold all of our family’s things. Also I wish I could be there to help you with your abilities. Just know that we love you two very much and we hope you can live happy lives. There will be danger ahead of you but you will be taught to protect yourselves. Stay safe, stay strong my loves and remember there are angels watching.


Mother and Father”

By the end of the letter I was bawling.

It took me an hour to get myself together. When I was done crying, I looked through my father’s journal. It held the map like my mother said and all the things they hunted. Also some really old pictures of my family and spells. After taking another hour of looking through the journal I went downstairs and it was night. Bobby was watching tv and I sat beside him on the couch.

“So you good now? No more moping around anymore?” He asked. I chuckled and nodded my head. I feel like everything was well for now. But I feel like this is the easiest I’m ever going to have this.

It was November and I am 17 now. Balthazar was away on more business and I was left at home training with Bobby. Most of the day I just read lore or help Bobby around. Honestly, I can’t wait until Bobby takes me for another hunt, its been ages.

This morning I went jogging, but not my usual route. I went deeper into the woods and by some lake. It was peaceful here. No sign of civilization anywhere and it beautiful. The sun was rising from beyond the lake, the start to a new day. I probably stayed there for like half an hour before leaving and I was going to come back another day.

When I come back to the house I see a black impala up front. Looks like the Winchesters were here. Slowing down to a walking pace I walk towards the front door and see Sam on the steps.

“Heya Sammy.” I say with a welcoming smile.

“It’s Sam.” he utters grumpily. I furrow my brows a bit and sit beside him on the stairs. Someone isn’t in a good mood.

“What happened?” I inquire.

“Nothing.” Sam said shortly and I raised an eyebrow.

“Really? So you’re being broody for no apparent reason? That makes a load of sense.” I remark sarcastically. “Seriously Sam what happened?”. He sighed.

“The other day I was talking to my dad about college and he completely flipped on me. He didn’t even want to hear what I wanted to say he just ended the conversation there and we keep arguing now.” He paused for a second and took a deep breath. “I don’t want to be doing this all my life. I actually want to get a job and live a normal life. Not live on the road and hunt things.” he explained. “What am I going to do?” He asked me. What am I suppose to say?

“Sam I can’t tell you to do anything, that is up for you to decide. I can tell you to go for what feels right for you. Your father’s crusade or the life you want. Whatever one you pick make sure you think it out thoroughly.” I told him. He turned to me.

“What about you Kat? Don’t you want to live a normal life?” He inquired and I thought about it for a second.

“Sam you are aware that I did live a normal life, right?” He nodded. “Honestly if I had the choice to go back… I probably wouldn’t. Sure the hardest thing in life then was trying to deciding whether to do homework or not, but it really wasn’t for me. All my life I wanted to help people, and now I’m doing it. So right now the hardest thing in life is deciding, silver or iron, and I have no problem with that.” I tell him.

“So you’re saying that I should continue hunting?” he guesses. I shook my head.

“I’m telling you to do what feels right. Don’t do something because someone told you it right.” I respond and he nods.

“Thanks Kat.” he uttered and I nodded. I got up and went to go inside to leave Sam to his thoughts. Inside I see Bobby and John talking with Dean in the kitchen eating pie I bought the other day.

“Hey.” I say loudly, they all look at me. John nods at me and keeps talking to Bobby. Yeah hello to you too, sir. Dean got up with his pie and walked towards me.

“That better not be my pie, Winchester.” I mock warn him. He smirks and shrugs. “What are you guys doing here again?” I say exasperatedly with a smile.

“Well Sam and my dad got into a huge fight and he wants to leave him here for a bit.” Dean replied.

“So you are not staying.” I state with my eyes narrowed a bit. Dean smirked again.

“Why sweetheart, did you miss me?” He asked and I tilted my head.

“No.” My smirk raised and his dropped a little. “I just wanted to see what side of the argument you were on. Your dad’s apparently if you are staying with him. Plus, I was just planning something and I wanted to know if you were going to be here or not.” His eyes narrowed and he pointed at me.

“What are you planning inside that mischievous head of yours?” he inquired and I smiled sweetly.

“Nothing you’re thinking and I believe I still owe Sam a road trip.” I hint slyly and start walking towards my room. When I got to my room I shut the door behind me, only to hear it open once more. I turn around and Dean stood there with a thoughtful expression. “What?” I asked him a little irritated.

“You know Sam is a hunter, right?” I nod with a “duh” expression. He steps a bit closer to me. “He should stay that way. This is the family business.” he disclosed with a serious expression. Was he trying to intimidate me? He does know I have fought demons his size before right? Oh.. no he doesn’t. I step closer to him.

“That should be his choice Dean. He has a mind of his own and has free will.” I told him with narrowed eyes and crossed arms. Dean stepped a little closer to me so there was only half a foot of space between us.

“That thing killed our mother, it should be his choice to try and kill it.” He raised his voice a bit.

“Thats what you want to do Dean. Have you ever thought what he wanted to do? Maybe he wants to live a life other than hunting? Don’t you think he deserves that choice?” I ask him calmly, trying to unwind him from blowing up at me.

“Kat this is what we were suppose to do. So don’t try to convince Sam otherwise.” He told me almost threateningly. Oh, now I’m pissed. I step closer to him and jab a finger into his chest.

“I’m not try to convince Sam anything. All I said to him is that this was his choice, not mine, not your dad’s, and especially not your’s.” I started to walk towards him and he started to back away. “Don’t you ever think that you can threaten me Winchester. You have no idea what I’m capable of. I have faced things scarier than you.” I raise my voice slightly. Yeah I could be scary if I wanted to. “Now get out of my room before you do something you might regret.” I ordered him. He looked at me for a couple seconds and pushed past me towards the door. I stood there with a dejected look. A couple minutes later I heard a car door slam, I winced and squeezed my eyes shut, then it drive off.

“Kat I didn’t mean for you and Dean to fight.” Sam said abruptly when I came down the stairs. I tilt my head. How could he have known that we fought? “I saw Dean come out of here with a pissed look.” I nodded. “Plus your window was open. Thanks for sticking up for me Kat.” I smile slightly and went over to him to put my arm around his shoulders, even though he was taller than me now.

“Well we 80’s kids have to stick together. Anyway, I’m going to ask Bobby about that trip.” I tell him and walk off outside to the garage. When I got there I heard Bobby grumbling to himself. He was working underneath a car. “You know Bobby talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity.” I announce, he jumped and hit his head.

“Well then you’re way past insane then.” he retorted and rubbed his head. I chuckle and look underneath the car. Bobby had taught me a few things about cars these past months. He even got me to rebuild an engine, which was surprisingly not hard. To make it easier you just have to understand how the car works. I understand things best when I look at it from a scientific viewpoint. Things were always easy for me, when it is explained through science for some reason, it was my favorite subject in school after all.

“What seems to be the problem?” I inquire.

“Well the owner says it keeps making a weird noise in the front. So I’m trying to see what is wrong, but I see nothing.” Bobby replied a little irritated.

“Does it make noises only when it turns?” Bobby nods “It might be the front bearings, my dad use to have the same exact problem with his truck.” He furrows his brows and goes to check the bearings.

“Why the hell could I have not thought of that?” Bobby asked surprised with himself.

“John has got you worked up and trying to fully understand a situation while upset is bad. It is hard to get a clear thought through.” I explain with a shrug.

“Why do you have to be logical?” he complained. It was true, sometimes when I talk about something, I explain it. This annoys the hell out of Bobby when I do this and he just calls me a smart ass. “You are a smart ass just like your father.” I shake my head, then I always say...

“Bobby that part of the body can’t develop thought, so there is no way an ‘ass’ could be smart.” I explain with a smirk. “I’m just smart.” He just looked at me tiredly. “Anyway I was thinking of taking Sam on a trip. I was going to head out to one of the houses my dad had in his journal. Then stay there for the week.” Bobby sighed.

“Yeah go ahead, that kid needs a break.” I smile. “Remember no-” I cut him off.

“No hunts, nothing dangerous, and don’t kick someone’s ass unless they deserve it. Yep got it. Thanks. I’ll see you later Bobby.” I say fastly and hug him quick.

“And-” I cut him off again.

“Call you when we get there! I know.” I yell back at him, already starting towards the house.

“Sam don’t unpack your bag. We are going.” I yell in the house. Sam comes to the living room where I was.

“Where?” He asks. I smile and walk towards my room with Sam in tow. I take out my dad’s journal and grab the map. Then point to a little red marker near New Orleans. “Whats there?”

“It is one of my dad’s family safe houses. I wanted to see what was over there for a while. Now I have a partner in crime.”

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