My Strange New Life

In Between the Action

Two day Later, Sam and I arrived at Bobby’s. Sam stopped bothering me about Dean after I kept playing “What Does the Fox Say” on my phone over and over again. He definitely looked a lot happier, I knew it was because of the trip too. Maybe him telling Dean where we were was actually a good idea. All I wanted was Sam to be happy and looks like Dean is too, damn I’m good. The rest of the week Sam and I just hung out. Things were going to be fine, at least until John comes back.

Sam and I were reading books on lore when we heard the roar of a familiar engine. We looked at each other knowingly, he had to go. John just came through the front door without knocking and he found Sam. Bobby came into the living room too.

“John can I speak to you, alone.” Bobby asked, Sam and I went outside where we met Dean.

“Hey Dean why does John look super pissed. I would have thought that he would have calmed down by now.” I asked Dean, who was leaning against the car door.

“Honestly, I have no idea. He was okay in New Orleans but when we started to come up towards here. He started to get super pissed again.” Dean explained. I furrowed my brows and then I started to hear yelling.

“Get out of my house you snot nose son of a bitch.” I heard Bobby yell and I see him chase John out with a shotgun. What the hell is going on? “Don’t you come back here, you son of a bitch.” John went to door of his car and Sam jumped in too. I watched as the car zoomed from the driveway and disappeared into the distance. Then I heard the front door slam shut and I ran inside to see Bobby with whiskey. He looked pissed. I wasn’t sure if I could ask him or not because what he talked about with John seemed pretty private. So I left him alone.

It was about a week after Bobby and John had that huge fight and let me tell you when I say I’m literally walking on eggshells. I didn’t want to piss off Bobby anymore than he was so, I just cleaned around the house a bit and went into town a lot.

Being as bored as I was, I decided to watch tv but turned around when I saw Bobby.

“Sit down you idjit.” I heard Bobby say. I complied and looked at the tv. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Kat I don’t need you to be walking on eggshells around me. I’m fine.” I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Bobby no offense but you’re not fine. You have been having the “Hunter’s helper” all week and you look really pissed at what happened.” I expressed. “What the hell did John say?... You know if you want to say what happened.” I stuttered.

“John thinks he deserves a father of the year award.” Bobby explained vaguely and I nodded my head. Then I get an idea.

“Bobby, how long has it been since you went hunting?” I asked him. Bobby raised his eyebrow at me.

“The last time is when we killed that werewolf, you should have known that.” Bobby replied and I shook my head.

“No like normal hunting, you know. Shooting deer and stuff like that.” I repeat clearly. Bobby sat back in his chair.

“It has been a long time. Last I went was probably with Dean when he was 10.” Bobby answered and I smiled.

“Bobby how about we go on a hunting trip, like a legit one.” I inquire him.

“Why?” He asked and I shrugged.

“Why not?” I retort. Bobby gets up and goes for his gun closet. I have a silent victory.

Bobby and I went into the wood behind the house. He started to track a trail but told me to try and follow it. Of course I was pretty good, Balthazar is basically testing me in all kinds of subjects like these. I had my bow and Bobby had his gun. After a while of tracking, I found that lake that day when jogging. I loved this place it was always so peaceful. Then in the corner of my eye I saw the deer I was tracking.

“Bobby look I found it.” I whispered to him enthusiastically. He saw the deer and looked at me proud.

“What do you want a bone?” He asked sarcastically. “Shoot it.” Oh no, I can’t shoot Bambi. Give me a werewolf any day, but an innocent Bambi. Do this for Bobby Kat. I take a breath and position my bow, then grab an arrow from my quiver. Aiming for the lungs, I release the bow and the deer went down. Bobby started to walk towards it and I followed behind him.

“Nice clean shot through the lungs. Nice job Kat.” He told me and I smiled, but on the inside I was hearing the song they put on those animal abuse commercials. I nod my head and help him with the deer. Trying to get Bobby better was going to be harder than I thought. I have to keep him busy.

10 months pass and Bobby was better. It was September, the year 2000. Finally, I’m in the 21 century once again. He really missed the boys though and so did I. For the last seven months Bobby had been trying to teach me how to speak Japanese. I didn’t want to go another hunt so I asked him to teach my Japanese and it actually made him look happy, そう何 (so whatever).

I called Sam on his birthday in May and he missed Bobby and I too. He also ran away from Dean and his dad one day to live on his own. It was stupid decision but he was eventually found.

Dean, I hadn’t talked to in months. He really wasn’t really a talker in the first place but sometimes it great to hear a familiar voice. The only time I did talk to him was probably in January for his birthday.

I was in front of the roadhouse because I haven’t been there since May and Jo was dying for me to come over. Walking in I see Jo sitting at a table doing her homework.

“Are my eyes foolin’ me or is Joanna Beth Harvelle actually doing her homework.” I announce with mock surprise. Jo turns around and see me. She smiled wide and ran to me for the biggest hug a 15 year old could ever give you.

“Kat it is about time you came back here.” she expressed when she let go of the hug. I smile down at her and ruffle her hair. She wasn’t that much shorter than me, but she was catching up. I was only 5’5 and everyone was taller than me.

“Look at you kiddo. I hope your boyfriend calls you beautiful everyday.” I tell her and she snorts.

“I’m not the one with a boyfriend.” She sings and I narrow my eyes at her. I told her about when Dean kissed me and she hasn’t let that go.

“I should have never told you that.” I tell her and she laughs.

“Please you tell me everything. You wouldn’t survive a year without me.” She retorted sarcastically and we laugh. I hear a door open.

“Oh I knew I heard trouble. How are you doing, Kat?” Ellen asked me and I went up to hug her.

“I’m great, fantastic even. How could I not be? I’m turning 18 next month.” I announce enthusiastically. Ellen rolls her eyes at me.

“I know Kat. Have you heard from the Winches-” Ellen was cut off by a door slamming open and a man running into the room.

“McFly!” he exclaimed and he came over to me.

“Hey Doc.” I reply and he grinned. Last time I was here, he started to call himself Doctor Badass and I just called him Doc. It was perfect for our little inside joke.

“Did you get it?” he asked mysteriously as he leaned on the counter. I took a brown package from my bag and gave it to him. “Yes! Thank you so much McFly.”

“No problem Doc but should I ask what's inside or is it better that I don’t know?” I asked him and he thought about it for a while. “Never mind.” I say with a laugh and he ran back to his room. Ellen just shook her head and turned back to me.

“To answer your question Ellen, the last time Sam called me was last week other than that no.” I told her. She nods her head and Jo sits beside me.

“So Miss Harvelle what are we doing this weekend?” I asked Jo in a british accent, she smiled.

“Well Miss Lawrence we are going to be doing your hair and makeup to get your boyfriend to notice you.” She also says in a british accent, but mine was so much better. I am still training with Balthazar after all, plus I am a huge Doctor Who fan. After she said that I groaned and leaned my head on the counter.

“Who's your boyfriend?” Ellen asked, I look at her.

“I don’t have one.” I said at the same time with Jo when she said, “Dean Winchester.” Ellen looks at me with a blinking expression.

“It is really nothing Ellen. It was just a thank you/ I’m sorry kiss.” I told her with a bored tone. Jo bounced in her chair.

“Yeah but he kissed her.” she exclaimed.

“Don’t make my life into one of those drama shows Jo. It was really nothing.” she leaned towards her mom.

“I made a bet with Ash that they will get together in five years because they are both oblivious to love.” Jo whispered to her Mom and I rolled my eyes.

“Okay Miss Harvelle do your worst.” I told her, referring to the makeover she planned for me. She squealed and took my arm. I mouthed to Ellen “help me” but she just shook her head.

About two hours later, Jo was finished and I didn’t look bad. The makeup was simple eyeliner with mascara. My hair was straight and since there was no more waves, it reached to the middle of my back. So she put it up in a ponytail. She pushed me towards Ellen and she didn’t recognize me for a second.

“Holy crap Kat! Are those heels you are wearing?” Ellen asked me dumbfounded with a laugh.

“I’m glad you take pleasure to my pain Ellen, but I do need to get use to this. All the people in my life are giants compared to me.” I explain to her. Then she tries to push me into the other room.

“Now let's get you out of here before I have to throw someone out of my bar.” Ellen explains and I hear the front door open.

“Hello there Senorita!” I turn around and see a goofy looking man. Oh my gosh that is Garth. “My name is Garth, and you are…” he trails off for me to answer. My eyes widen, he is trying to hit on me.

“Not interested, but it is nice to meet you Garth.” I say to him as politely as possible and Ellen drags me up the stairs. The rest of the people in the bar were looking at me too. “Jo I am going to kill you.” I whispered to her once we were in the clear.

“I’m sorry that I did a great job at making you look like a girl.” she said sarcastically. “I mean come on, you always dress in flannel, jeans, and combat boots. Sometimes it is great to dress nice and do your hair and makeup.” she told me. I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose.

“If I try to do this on my own, will you leave me alone?” I ask her, she smiles and nods. “I’m still wearing the flannel though.” and she groans.

I was still wearing the stuff Jo put on me on my way home. My car had run out of gas so I pulled into the nearest station somewhere in Nebraska. Going inside I grabbed a coke, but while grabbing the chips I hear a familiar rumble of an engine. You have got to be kidding me. I look over the aisle to see the impala and Dean coming inside the store.

Quickly I put on my sunglasses and go over to the register to pay for my food. The guy rings me up and I hear a wolf whistle behind me. Shit I was still wearing all this crap. Just try to ignore him.

“I hope you look as good in the front as you do from the back.” Dean spoke up behind me. The guy gives me my change and I turn around. I was wearing red lipstick with my straightened hair up and sunglasses. He looks at me and smirks, I don’t think he recognizes me. “Well well sweet cherry pie.”

I walk past him and out the door. Behind me I hear Dean walking behind me as I walk to my car. Hopefully he will just think I am someone else. I hop into the car and Dean walks beside my door and leans down onto my open window.

“Hot girl and hot ride. I have got to say I am impressed.” I give him a sultry smile and start the car. He gets up but he is still looking at me.

“Say hello to Sammy for me Dean.” I told him while I lower my glasses still having that smile. His eyes widened a bit. I winked and drove off leaving him in the dust.

Winchester POV

Dean was left in the dust dumbfounded as he saw Kat driving off. He had no clue that it was her, she looked completely out of character. But boy did he like it. Sam came beside Dean as he watched the car drive off in the distance.

“Dean you okay?” Sam questioned him curiously. Dean looked at Sam with his still wide eyed look.

“Um… Kat says hi.” Dean told Sam and he looked after the car disappearing in the distance.

“That hot chick was Kat!” Sam exclaimed surprised.

“Yep. She didn’t say anything else but that…” Dean trailed off. Sam looked up at his brother and saw a somewhat dreamy look on Dean’s face. Oh yeah definitely getting those invitations, Sam thought with a smirk.


When I came back to the yard, Bobby took immediate notice of my look. I just told him it was for the sake of humanity. He rolled his eyes and continued on whatever he was doing.

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