My Strange New Life

My Very Own Hunt

A month later I was sitting on Bobby’s extra room in the living room. My birthday 18th birthday was in a couple days and I was just planning to relax that day. Bobby came into the room with a file in his hands and dropped it beside me. I look at him with a raised eyebrow then look down at the file.

“What’s this Bobby?” I ask him as I flip through the pages inside the file.

“Well read the file and you’ll know.” He answered sarcastically. I study the pages and there seemed to be a case that Bobby had put together. So we were going on another hunt, great. Getting up from my seat I place the file on the desk and stand in front of him.

“Ok when do we get going?” I ask him. Bobby smiles a bit and I look at him confused.

“You are going on your own Kat. I need to sort things out in Michigan, so I need you to take this case and go.” Bobby informed me and I jumped up.

“Oh my gosh, seriously?” I inquire and Bobby nods.

“Well I was thinking that maybe you are ready to do this kind of thing on your own. You have shown me many times that you are capable of handling it on your own.” he disclosed. First giving him a quick hug I then run up the stairs and start to pack. I can’t believe I’m going on a hunt by myself. I mean I have done some little tiny jobs buts only because Balthazar made me.

A few moments later I come back downstairs and see Bobby on his way out as well.

“Bobby are you sure you want me to do this on my own?” I ask him again, feeling just a tiny weeny bit nervous, despite my past experience.

“Yeah Kat. Plus you seem to have a simple salt and burn on your hands anyway.” He explained. I nodded and gave him a salute. Going out the door I see my Torino and open the trunk. Inside was a secret compartment holding all you need to kill something, I placed my bag in the trunk and climbed into the front seat. Taking one last look around the yard, I started to drive towards Missouri.

It was getting late and I stopped at a motel in a little town outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. On my way outside of checking into the motel I grabbed a newspaper. Once I got inside my room I threw a newspaper on my bed along with the rest of my stuff. I take a shower and get ready for bed. Coming out of the bathroom I sit on my bed and start to look through the file Bobby had given me. It did look like a simple salt and burn. Internally I was a bit sad my first solo hunt wasn’t something more exciting, but what Bobby says is law apparently. In the corner of my eye I caught sight of the newspaper I brought in. I pick it up and flip through the pages until I find an interesting article about a lot of accidents happening in an orphanage. Each accident happened under mysterious circumstances. This seems interesting… But Bobby wants me to do the salt and burn… Boring salt and burn or mysterious orphanage situation. I weigh my options for a couple seconds and I throw out all intentions of getting to Missouri. I’m going to stay here and just check it out. If there is something here I’ll stay and if not I’ll go to Missouri.

In the morning I head to the orphanage, as a reporter since I’m not old enough to look like an agent. Since I had to look profession I had on a skirt, nice blouse, heels, and some makeup. The look of it was fairly old probably built in the last century. A three story building that kind of looked like Winchester Mystery House (No pun intended), you know the one in San Jose, since it was huge. Going up to the door I knock on it, a woman with kind blue eyes opened it, and I smile.

“Hello my name is Katherine Tyler, and I was wondering if I could possibly get a story here. I’m in the Lincoln times newspaper and I was doing some history on nearby towns. Happen to know any about this place. It seems to hold a lot of ghosts here.” I tell her and she shifts a little when I say ghosts. Bingo.

“Sure.” She replies and lets me in. I looks around and holy crap it was a really nice place. There was something off a bit though. There was a lot of energy here, I can feel it. “My name is Tina.” I shake her hand and smile kindly. She leads me into the dining room and sits me down.

“So Tina what can you tell me about this place?” I question her and take out my notepad.

“Well this place was built in 1905 and it was at first a bed and breakfast. It was pretty busy too, just until the owner died.” She started and I nod. “Then the daughter of the owner turned this place into an orphanage and it has been that way ever since.” she explained further and for the next 20 minutes she gave me a look into the place.

“So since there is a long history to this house, is there any ghost stories you could tell?” I ask her and she stiffens a bit. She shakes her head slowly. Then suddenly a little girl comes into the room running into Tina’s arms.

“Tina she’s back,” The little girl announced and Tina patted her back. I tilted my head. Tina placed the girl at arms length and looked at her with meaningful eyes.

“Sara there is no woman here. Don’t worry you are safe.” Tina insisted but the little girl, apparently Sara, just hugged Tina.

“I’m sorry but is there something wrong with Sara here?” I questioned and Sara looked at me and there was something about her. She had the air around her.

“There is this lady who keeps following me around. She keeps doing things and hurting people. She made mommy and daddy go away.” Sara said to me and I look to Tina.

“Come on Sara, off to the coloring room.” Tina told Sara and she went. There is something going on here. “I am so sorry about Sara, she has a pretty active imagination.” Tina explained and I nodded.

“Do mind if I look around? I just want to see what pictures I’ll be taking next time I’m here.” I said to her and she shakes her head. I get up and I start to go in the direct of where I could feel the pull of energy. The hallways twisted and turned until I finally found the concentration of energy in front of a door. I was about to open the door but I heard Sara talking from the other side.

“Don’t hurt the nice lady, she is just talking to Tina... “ I heard Sara say. Was she talking about me? “She isn’t going to take me away from you… You will never be alone…” I decide to walk in and find Sara looking at the air in front of her while sitting at a table. I look at the direction of her gaze and see a cluster of energy there. It shoots into the closet and I look at Sara.

“Hello Sara, who were you talking to?” I question her and sit next to her at the table.

“No one.” She answers while drawing on her paper. It looks like she was drawing her and some other women dressed in a black dress. Okay that is a bit creepy.

“My name is Kat.” I tell her while taking a paper and start drawing a tree. She looks at me with a smile.

“Like a kitty cat?” she asked. I laughed and nodded.

“Sara have you noticed your friends around you getting hurt?” I question and she continues to draw.

“Yes but they aren’t really my friends, they are mean to me.” she informed me and I smiled sympathetically.

“Do you know how they getting hurt?” I question further and she glances at the closet, but doesn’t answer. “Sara would you mind showing me downstairs.” She shakes her head. Sara took my hand and led me out of the room. I stopped us in front of the stairs and look around to see if that energy followed us, it didn’t. “Sara is that person in the closet hurting those kids?” her eyes widen.

“You saw her?” I nodded. “She doesn’t mean to. She was trying to protect me. Is she in trouble?”

“No but do you know what her name is?” I ask and she nods her head.

“Lady Sara.” she answered. Lady Sara? Who calls themselves that? I nodded my head and we go down the stairs. Once we reached the bottom Sara hugged me, I stiffened and patted her back. I have really never been a kid person so it was kind of weird. She looks up at me with a smile. “Thank you for not getting Lady in trouble.” I smile at her and pat her head, she laughs then runs back up the stairs. Tina walks into the room and sees me.

“Did you find everything okay?” She questioned and I nodded. She walked me to the front door and I looked at her.

“I will be back in a day or two to take some pictures.” I inform her then take out a card with my number on it. “Here take this and call me if you have anymore information for me that could help me with my story. Have a good day Tina.” she takes it and I walk out of the door. I was about to get into my car but I felt like something was watching me so I looked up at the house and at a window. There was a woman in a black dress standing there with Sara. Sara waved at me and I waved back but I was looking at the woman. I got into my car and drove back to my motel room.

It was later that day and I was at a diner in my regular clothing, but my makeup and hair was still done. I was sitting in a booth with articles about the house and some other research. There was nothing strange about the house, historical wise. The only person to die in the house was the one who built it and he was a dude. This lady was nowhere to be found. No Sara’s were documented to die here or even live there until the little girl Sara was there. Maybe it isn’t the house that is haunted, maybe it was the little girl. Sara told Tina it was the same lady who made her parents go away. So maybe that thing follows her around. I need to look into her history. I gather all my papers from the table and place money on the table. Then quickly go to my car to get back to my motel room.

When I got there I dropped my stuff on the bed and picked up my huge cell phone that Bobby gave me. I dialed a number and waited for someone to pick up.

“Hello?” I heard Ellen’s voice answer.

“Hey Ellen, it’s Kat.” I replied.

“Kat. Well how are you sweetie?” she asked and I just shook my head a little.

“I’m fine. But guess what I’m doing right now?” I paused. “I’m on my very own case. By myself.” I squealed a bit.

“Does Bobby know?” She asked.

“Well he is the one who sent me to go on it.” I told her. “Anyway could I speak to Ash?”

“Yes you can… Jo get Ash, tell him that pain in the ass is on the phone asking for him.” Ellen said on the other side of the line. I chuckle a bit.

“Nice to know what you refer to me as.” I put in sarcastically. I heard the phone being handled to someone new.

“McFly.” Greeted Ash, I smiled.

“Hey Doc, listen I need some info . It’s for a case I’m working.” I informed him mysteriously.

“Alright what do you need to know?” Ash asked quietly, I could imagine him looking around the empty bar to see if anyone was listening.

“I need some info on a Sara Mckinely, seven years old.” I explained to him and I heard him hum.

“Okay give me... 23 hours.” He told me.

“Okay Doc thanks… Oh and can you get someone on the salt and burn case in Missouri?” I asked him.

“You aren’t suppose to be there are you?” Ash asked me knowingly.

“If you tell Ellen, I will kill you” I told him.

“Yeah but if I don’t tell her, she’ll kill me.” Ash disclosed and I sighed.

“Just don’t tell her anything… and don’t look suspicious then she will have nothing to kill you for.” I assured him.

“Fine.” He groaned and hung up. I dropped my phone on the bed and fell back onto it then fell asleep.

I sat up to the sudden sound of fluttering wings. Angels… Probably just Balthazar. I turned on a light and saw someone who wasn’t Balthazar. Quickly my hand went to my boot to grab the angel blade but it wasn’t there.

“Don’t worry I’m not here to mean you any harm.” The angel said with a gruff voice. It sounded sort of familiar. Then I gave him quick once over. Trench coat…

“Castiel?” I asked surprised.

“Hello Katherine.” He greeted tonelessly.

“Castiel, you’ve taken a vessel… how did you find me?” I asked him confused.

“No I didn’t find a vessel yet…” I was about to question him again. “This is a dream, this is how you perceive me to look like.” I stood up in front of him.

“So Castiel, what brings you here?” I question him.

“You aren’t suppose to be here. You are endangering yourself.” Castiel informed me and I gave him a look.

“Castiel I’m trained to take down angels and demons. What’s a simple ghost problem gonna do to cause so much danger?” I stared at him for an answer.

“Katherine this is not a simple ghost problem. There is more to this than you think. So I brought you company.” Castiel explained.

“What the hell Cas!” I exclaimed then paused. “Where is Balthazar?”

“They are questioning him of your whereabouts. Balthazar entrusted me to tell you and to do this since he is unable. Plus my name isn’t ‘Cas’ it is Castiel.” I rolled my eyes.

“So basically you are babysitting me?” I asked exasperated.

“If you want to put it into simpler terms, then yes. Now it is time for you to wake up.” Castiel appeared in front of me and placed his finger on my forehead. I just up in bed with a start, then looked around the room. Well just met Castiel, great first impression. Now who the hell did Castiel bring to babysit me.

“Freakin’ angels.” I muttered as I dropped back onto the bed. Looking to the side of me I saw the clock and it read 9 a.m.. So I got up deciding to go to the diner for some breakfast.

At the diner I saw Tina at the counter with a large mug of coffee. Looks like she had a long night. I walked up beside her and took a seat.

“Hey Tina… rough night.” I say to her glancing at her extra large coffee.

“Another one of the kids are in the hospital.” She spoke with a rough tired voice.

“Oh no… what happened?” I question her and she looked at me sadly.

“I’m not quite sure… I went into one of the bedroom because I thought that I heard the kids were still up. Then I saw…” She trailed off not being able to explain what she saw fully. Well time to make an educated guess.

“You saw a woman in a black dress in front of one of the kids.” I finish for her and she whips her head around to look at me.

“H-Ho-How did you know about the woman? I didn’t even tell the police because she simply vanished.” She stuttered and I gave her a sympathetic look.

“Tina I saw her too.” She gawked at me. “I believe that there is something going on in that house that can’t be explained. Don’t say there isn’t anything going on because I can see it in your face. The fear of the unknown, of not knowing what to do.”

“What am I going to do?” she croaked.

“Tina I can help you, but you are going to have to help me in order to do that.” I say to her in a kind voice. Then she gave me a small laugh.

“You aren’t really a reporter, are you?” She asked and I laughed a little too.

“Well, depends on the week.” I confided and she sighed.

“What do I have to do?” She questioned as she sat up a little straighter. I smiled at her strength.

“Nothing until I could get some files. When I do I’ll call you. Until then get the kids out of the house and into a park. Just get them somewhere.” I told her and she nodded then left the diner. I flagged down the waitress but then I heard some commotion from the outside. Other people noticed too since they were all looking out the window. Outside two cars crashed in front of the diner and the two drivers seemed to be duking it out. I went walked out of the diner and went up to the two idjits.

“Alright boys enough with the testosterone.” I yelled at them calmly but they kept fighting. I kick one of them behind the knee so he would go down, that one seemed drunk so he wasn’t getting back up for at least a minute. Then I pinned the other’s arms behind him and slammed him against the hood of one of the crashed cars. This car seemed to be an… impala. “You know when I say enough. I meant enough.” I let go of the guy, then look at him expecting an explanation. He was still face down on the hood.

“You know I always love a woman who could take charge.” The guys spoke with a muffled voice, but I knew that voice.

“You have got to be kidding me.” I turned the guy over to be faced with no other than Dean Winchester. Looks like Cas was talking about him. “ Winchester, I should have known when I saw the impala.”

“You know some people like saying hello.” He told me with a smirk but he was in pain so it was kind of crooked. I rolled my eyes and let go of him.

“Kat.” Someone call from behind me. I turned around to see Sam and I smiled. He was just a bit taller than me now.

“How are you doing kiddo?” I greeted and he smiled too.

“Well fine considering this guy crashing into us and ‘kiddo’ seriously.” Sam answered. I shrugged and looked at the guy on the ground. I kneeled beside him, he seemed to be passed out. Looking at his front pocket I saw a paper so I grabbed it and open it up. It read good luck in enochian. Really Cas, I thought to him.

“So Kat what brings you to town?” Dean ask from behind me. I stood up and faced the brothers.

“ I could ask you the same. What made you drive through a small town like this? Out of all the small towns ever, why this one?” I questioned him and he shrugged. Then Sam held up a paper with an article about the orphanage.

“Kat are you here about this?” Sam asked me and I nodded my head. “Does that mean Bobby’s here too.”

“Sorry Sammy just me, myself, and I.” I told him and he deflated just a bit. But then he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Bobby let you go on a hunt alone?” I gave Sam a mock hurt expression.

“Sam I’m basically an adult of course he let me go.” I said to him but he just narrowed his eyes at me. “He just doesn’t know what kind of hunt I’m on.” Sam gave me a disapproving look. “Don’t look at me with those judgy eyes.”

“Well this car is basically not driveable. Looks like were staying in town for a bit Sammy.” Dean spoke up after inspecting the impala. My phone started to ring from my back pocket. I took it out then looked at the number, it was the roadhouse.

“Hola.” I answered the phone as I walked away from the scene.

“McFly I got that info you needed.” I heard Ash from the other line. I smiled then looked at my watch.

“That was quick Doc. So what do you have for me.” I say to him.

“Basically there isn’t any other Saras in Sara’s life. No neighbors, no family members, not even friends of the parents. But get this, the parents were having a rough break because of a domestic dispute. Around that time they started sending Sara to a therapist because she started to see a imaginary friend.” Ash explained.

“So how did the parents die?” I ask him.

“Mysterious circumstances.” Ash answered and I hummed now having an idea about what was going on.

“Thanks Doc. That actually clarified some stuff.” I told him.

“Oh and Jo wants you to swing by once you’re done with the case.” Ash informed me and I laughed a little.

“Yeah definitely.” I smiled. “Later Doc.” Then I hung up the phone and looked at the boys. They were getting their bags from the trunk of the impala. “You know John’s going to kill you when he finds the impala crashed.”

“Yeah well he isn’t going to find out. I’m going to fix it and we’ll be on our way out of here.” Dean explained, throwing his bag over his shoulder.

“Want me to give you two a lift to a motel?” I asked and Sam smiled.

“That would be awesome Kat. Oh and Hello.” Sam said and I looked at him curiously as we walked to my car.

“Sam we have already established a form of greeting. Why say it again?” I question him and he just shrugged.

“Well when you were at the gas station I didn’t get a chance.” He explained. Oh yeah… forgot about that. Sam got into the passenger seat and I sat in the drivers. “So what was with the whole get up? You actually dresses like a girl for once.” I gave him a look while I drove up to the older Winchester.

“I was forced against my own will. It was basically torture the whole time.” I told him with a slight smile as we waited for the other Winchester.

“Who? By… Doc?” Sam implied and I looked at him with furrowed brows. How the hell did he about Ash? Oh the little bugger was listening in onto my phone call.

“You know Sammy, it’s rude to listen in on other’s conversations.” I told him scoldingly.

“Well, you were laughing a lot so I had to. Are you two… like together?” Sam questioned and I burst out laughing. Me and Ash.. together. Oh my gosh what a laugh!

“Doc and me. Not happening... ever. But oh my gosh now that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.” I breathed through the laughter. I wiped a fake tear from my eye and looked at him. “We are just awesome friends. He is the Doc to my McFly.” I smirked at at inside joke and Dean got into the car.

“Why am I sitting in the backseat? The oldest should in the front.” Dean spoke from behind me as I drove to the motel.

“Well Dean we are the oldest mentally. So we’re good.” I looked in the rearview mirror to see Dean glaring at me. I laughed and continued to drive to the motel.

When we got there Dean checked into the motel room next to mine. I was putting all my information into organized piles and I started to research with my music blasting from my iPhone. I was looking through every book trying to figure out how to destroy a ghost attached to a person. But yet when I found something I quickly discounted it, something wasn’t right.

Two hours later there was notes and books all over the room. Then I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer it and I saw Sam at the door. About to open it, I suddenly thought of psychic children. Why? I had no idea. My eyes widened at a sudden realization. Of course! How could I forget that? So instead of answering the door I ran to get my coat then open the door, only to rush by Sam to get into my car.

“Kat! Where are you going?” Sam yelled as I started my car. Dean rushed out hearing Sam yell and I was about to drive off, but Sam stood in front of my car.

“Sam are you insane get out of the way.” I shouted at him through the window. Sam ran beside my car and got in. “ This isn’t the time to go cruising. I have a job to finish.” I told him and he refused to get out.

“I’m not going to let you go alone Kat.” Sam disclosed and I gave him a look.

“Sam I don’t need a babysitter. Go back to Dean.” I told him and he just narrowed his eyes at me.

“Was that an order ma’am?” Sam asked with a attitude. My grip on the wheel hardened and I looked at him dangerously.

“Don’t play that card with me Winchester. Go back to Dean.” I ordered him and he just stood his ground as Dean climbed into the backseat.

“Well that won’t be necessary because I’m right here.” Dean spoke up from behind me. I looked between the two brothers and sighed. Obviously I wasn’t winning this one so I sped off. “So what are we dealing with here?”

“A psychic kid with powerful abilities. Powerful enough to create an entity without knowing it.” I explained glancing into the mirror to see Dean’s confused face.

“That’s impossible. I have never seen or heard anything like that.” Dean input and I look to Sam to see he was confused as well.

“ Well Dean nothing is ever impossible, just unlikely. Sometimes when a psychic’s emotion get really concentrated. These emotions create an entity, a poltergeist.” I confirmed and I continued to drive.

“So how do you kill it? Do you gank the kid?” Dean asked. I looked at him in horror.

“No you don’t kill the kid. She doesn’t even know that she is doing it. You have to give the person a herbal mixture to wear until they have a control under their emotions or have some serious therapy.” I say as I drive up to the orphanage. It looked even creepier in the night nearing midnight. “Now you two stay here. I’m just going to go inside and explain everything to Tina. Give Sara the mixture and be on my way out.” I got out of the car but didn’t close the door. Instead I cracked my window then slammed the door shut. Walking towards the house I heard a door open so I turned around to see Dean.

“I’m not a dog, Kat. You can’t just keep me in the car with a cracked window.” Dean said to me.

“Dean I will not responsible for you getting hurt. I don’t know what exactly this thing is capable of and I won’t have you getting hurt. I won’t have someone I care about getting hurt… not again.” I slightly raise my voice but whisper the last part. “If I must I will chain you to the car. Now sit and stay.” I told him with a dangerous glint in my eyes, daring him to say something else. I turned around and continued to walk to the house. “Good boy.” I muttered to myself when I didn’t hear him following me. I open the door to the house to see the children huddled in the corner.

“Where is Tina?” I asked the kids and they pointed upstairs. As I quickly walked to the stairs I heard a scream. “TINA! SARA!” I yelled as I ran. Quickly I made my way to the drawing room to see Tina being cornered by the poltergeist. “Hey Assbutt.” The thing looked at me with red glowing eyes. “Eat salt.” I said as I blasted it with my gun. The thing dissipated and I ran to Tina, she was on the ground. “Tina where is Sara?”

“She is in the closet. I told her to hide.” She answered and I shoved a canister of salt into her hands.

“I want you to go downstairs, make a circle and get all the kids inside it, including yourself.” I ordered as I helped her up towards the door.

“But what about-”

“I got Sara. Now get out of here!” I yelled and she did. Then I turn around to get to Sara who was still in the closet but I am thrown back against the wall and fall onto the ground. “Damn ghosts.” I mutter as I stand up. Running to the closet I see that woman appear in front of it and she had a murderous glint in her dark eyes. “I’m not trying to hurt her you idjit.” The lights started to flicker and I was thrown back again. She walked in front of me and lifted me by the throat, blocking my airway. I slowly took my blade from my sleeve and was about to slash her but a blast sounded and she disappeared. Falling to the ground I started to cough and rubbed my throat trying to get the pain to stop.

“Kat are you okay?” I heard Sam ask. I look at him and narrow my eyes.

“You were suppose to stay in the car.” I told him with a rough voice from being choked.

“Well if that had happened, you would have died.” Dean spoke up from behind him holding a shotgun.

“I had everything under control.” I assured him and they just raised their brows at me. I rolled my eyes and went to the closet, this time without being interrupted. Sara was in the corner crying, my eyes widened. Oh no I don’t know how to handle crying kids. “Sara.” I called to her softly. She looked at me and she started to sniffle instead.

“Lady is hurting people Kitty.” She cried and I kneeled down in front of her.

“Don’t worry Sara I’m going to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone anymore.” I assured her and she looked at me curiously.

“How?” She questioned and I paused. How was I going to explain all this to a kid?

“Uh… well..” I stuttered and I felt someone come up from behind me.

“Sara right?” Dean asked as he kneeled beside me. Sara nodded and she wiped tears from her eyes. “Well Sara… Kitty here has some stuff she needs to give you. You want to know a secret Sara.” She nodded no longer crying. “You have superpowers.” I looked at him with furrowed brows and he just gave me a look to just go along with it.

“I do?” Sara asked surprised. I nodded and took out the herb that she needed to wear.

“Sara this is going to help you keep your superpower’s in check just until you could control them. But you have to promise me that you will wear this at all times.” Dean told her softly with a smile and I looked at him in amazement as she nodded and smiled back. I gave her the herb.

“This is also to make sure that Lady doesn’t hurt anyone ever again.” I input and she looked at me with a smile. Suddenly she went up to me and hugged me. Awkwardly I patted her back and I saw Dean stifle a laugh from beside me. She let go and ran behind me. Dean was just laughing now.

“Not a kid person? And Kitty?” He asked with a laugh and I punched his arm. “Ow!” Then I layed back onto the ground looking at the ceiling. Well this situation was certainly interesting… Then I heard a ring and looked at the direction it was coming from. It was a clock, it sounded, indicating it was midnight. Happy Birthday to me.

“Thank you once again Katherine. For everything.” Tina told me as I was exiting the house. It was early in the morning.

“Well it wasn’t just me.” I said to her as I looked back at the boys at my car then back at her. “Not the whole time anyway.” I was about to walk away but then I stopped. “Listen if her abilities get out of whack again, give this person a call.” I handed her a card with Missouri’s number on it. She nodded and I walked off. I stood in front of the boys and they looked at me. “Look I’m sorry I was being a complete bitch, but I didn’t want you guys getting hurt. Especially on my watch.” I told them with a slight smile.

“Kat we’re big boys. We can take care of ourselves.” Sam told me and I laughed. “But that goes both ways, we don’t want you getting hurt.” I gave him a tight smile, this was getting too mushy for me. So I clapped my hands to try to indicate a topic change and we drove back to the motel. Once we arrived there I dragged myself to my door and I looked back to the boys.

“I will be spending the rest of my birthday in bed. Wake me up at noon tomorrow.” I say to them and go inside my room. I was about to drop on my bed when I heard a knock and I sighed. Instead of getting it I fell down on the bed face down. “Pick the lock. I’m not getting up.” The next thing I heard was someone trying to pick the lock, must be one of the boys.

“You didn’t tell me it was your birthday.” I heard Sam say from the door when it opened.

“Actually I did like a minute ago.” I clarified and he snorted.

“You’re 18 and you’re spending the whole day in bed?” Sam asked like it was the most absurd thing ever.

“Just another year Sammy.” I felt the bed go down beside me and I looked up to see him sitting on my bed. “No shoo Moose, let me sleep in peace.” Sam looked at me curiously.

“Moose?” He questioned and I gave him a sleepy smirk.

“You’ll get use to it.” Then the door opened again and suddenly I was dragged from bed. “What the hell!” I yelled as I fell onto the ground. Dean right up to me and I looked up.

“You aren’t spending your birthday in bed… well of course unless it is mine.” Dean commented and I laughed.

“Well then I’ll just sleep here.” I patted on the floor and closed my eyes.

“Get up Kat.”


“Kat get up.”


“I said get up.”

“I believe I said no.” I smirked but I still kept my eyes closed.

“Well now I order you to get up.” I laughed again.

“Yeah well I’m a rebel at heart.” He walked away and I sighed in content. Finally I could get some-. My thoughts were interrupted by water splashing on me and I made a little scream in surprise. I sat and looked around to find the source. My eyes found Dean with an empty water bottle and I glared at him. “ You didn’t.”

“Oh but I did.” Dean answered and I jumped up to freakin’ bash his head in while Sam was just laughing hysterically. Dean ran outside and onto the field in front of the motel. Since I ran in the morning this was no problem for me but Dean eventually started to slow down. So I tackled him on the ground and for a while we were just rolling on the grass. He would try to pin me down and I would try to pin him. Eventually I was on the top and I pinned Dean’s arms beside him. We were both breathing heavy and looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly from behind us, I heard Sam cheering, so I looked behind me to see him laughing. I laugh as well because wow that escalated quickly. When I look back at Dean, I saw this unknown emotion cross his face then he started to laugh too. Then I look down and realize I was still on... top of him. So I got up like he was on fire and looked down at him.

“I win.” I declared with a smirk then turned to walk away but something grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. Jerk. I fell face down on the ground and was about to pull myself. Some turned me over and pinned my arms. Looking up I saw Dean on top of me this time and struggled in his grip. I knew I could easily get out but I didn’t want to hurt him.

“No I win.” Dean said with a deep voice and smirked. Smirking as well, I used my legs to flip him over and he was on the ground again.

“I don’t know what makes you think that.” I paused and leaned down towards him so I could whisper into his ear. “But I always have the advantage.” I leaned back up and got off of him. Looking down at him, his eyes had gotten a little darker green. I offered him a hand so he could get up and he took it.

The rest of the week I spent time with the Winchester boys. While Dean fixed the impala, Sam and I would just talk. Then for lunch we would go to the diner. It was nice and almost felt normal….ish. But eventually Dean finished fixing the impala and they had to go. I hugged Sam real tight and just nodded at Dean. Who knows the next time I’ll see them. When I watched the impala drive away, I felt like this was the last time we would all be together for a long time.

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