My Strange New Life

The Story Begins

About two years pass and it is the end of August of 2002. Time seemed to go so fast and by this time I moved out of Bobby’s. He had been sad to see me go, but I needed to be on my own, or at least get the experience. I had taken residence in my Dad’s personal safe house in Pennsylvania. But sometime ago I met one of my uncles, let's just say it wasn’t a friendly encounter at first. He thought I was some sort of monster, but I did all his tests and I passed. Uncle Mike was his name and he was my dad’s brother. He was happy to see I survived and basically took me to meet the rest of the family. They saw that I was in the family business and they gave me all sorts of stuff. Like fake badges, weapons, and credit cards that I could use freely. My whole family had connections everywhere, it was sort of like a little mafia. They all looked the same as my family in the other world, but they didn’t feel like family. I had my new family and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

I was relaxing in my new home in the evening, when I heard my doorbell ring. Going to the front door, I couldn’t help but be surprised when I saw Sam.

“Sammy!” I exclaim and hug him. I hadn’t seen him since that huge fight, and man was he freaking huge.

“Hey Kat.” he said tiredly and I study him, he looked horrible. Sam had a red face from tears and a defeated expression. Oh no. A couple days ago I dreamed that John and Sam had a huge fight and John kicked Sam out because he was going to college. Sam had kept calling me and he told me how he got accepted into Stanford with a full ride. Looks like it wasn’t really a dream. I took him into the house and sat him on the couch then went into the kitchen to went into the kitchen to make him coffee. I came back and sat beside him.

“I’m going Kat. It is my choice and I am going.” Sam muttered tonelessly.

“Where?” I ask him to make sure that my dream was correct.

“I’m going to Stanford and I got a full ride.” he said, I gave him a small smile and a side hug.

“Thats awesome Sam.” I told him happy for him. He just shook his head and put his head in his hands.

“My dad didn’t think so. I told him and he told me if I left that I was never allowed to come back and I left.” he mumbled against his hands. “School doesn’t start till September and I didn’t know where else to go so I came here.” I smile.

“You are welcome here anytime Sam. Always know you have a home with me no matter what you choose to do.” I disclose to him sincerely. Sam hugs me and I pat his back. Poor kid probably feels like a black sheep.

“Thank you Kat.” He mutter against my shoulder and I can feel it getting wet from his tears. I break the hug and get up.

“Now Sam there is a clean bedroom upstairs to the left you can take it for as long as you need, but I suggest you sleep for now.” I offered Sam, he got up and went upstairs. Then I hear my cell phone ring, it was an unknown number.

“Hola!” I speaker into the receiver.

“Sam’s gone Kat.” I hear a rough voice say from the other line. Dean.

“Dean? What do you mean Sam’s gone? What the hell happened?” I ask Dean worried, playing dumb.

“He went off to Stanford and my dad kicked him out. He’s gone…” Dean trailed off. “But I know he’s fine.”

“How do you know he’s fine. Did we finally reached the age of GPS in the cell phone yet?” I ask him trying to lift his spirits.

“He is with you, isn’t he?” he inquired but he already knew. I sighed and sat on my couch.

“He just got here and he was a mess. I think he needs some time alone to think.” I told him seriously.

“I just needed to know if he was okay. I’m glad he went to you Kat.” he responded and sounded like he meant it.

“How are you Dean? I haven’t heard from you in like two years.” I ask him trying to stray off the topic of Sam.

“Well I’m awesome, my brother just ran away.” he replied sarcastically.

“Dean it isn’t like you’ll never see him again.” I tell him.

“You aren’t a big sibling. You have no idea what it feels like.” Dean slightly raises his voice with an attitude and I grip the phone a little tighter and stand up.

“You seem to keep forgetting Dean that I was a big sibling of two. You’re right I couldn’t imagine my little sister or brother leaving me to go to school. I would be devastated but I would know it is what they wanted to do. I wouldn’t want to keep them miserable at home just to keep me happy.” I start to rant but pause and start again calmly. “ You have to let him do what he wants or he is just going to keep pushing you away. Would you rather a short time of not seeing him or not being able to see him for the rest of your life?” I ask him as calmly as I can.

“What am I going to do Kat?”

“How about go out have fun and be happy for your brother because he got accepted into Stanford with a full ride.” I mention and he sighs. “How about you start having fun now and I will hang up. Then in a couple months you can tell me it wasn’t so bad.” I hang up, then drop on the couch and fall asleep.

The next week I was trying to cheerful Sam and by the end of the week I finally did see that goofy smile. We took a plane to Palo Alto, and Sam was getting pretty nervous. I went to an address I had on a piece of paper and Sam looked at me confused.

“Kat why are we here?” Sam asked holding his bag and looking at the apartment building. I smiled.

“Well Sam I made a couple calls and pulled some strings. This is yours free for 6 months, by then I hope you have a job.” I told him. “Think of this as my congrats present, plus it is already furnished and everything.” Sam looked at me for a couple seconds then gave me a hug.

“Thank you Kat.” I pat his back and let go.

“Don’t thank me yet until you see it.” I take a key from my bag. “Here is the key. I am really happy for you Sam. Remember you’re still being my lawyer if I get into trouble.” I reminded him with a smile. He laughed and walked towards the building. Before he went inside, he waved goodbye and I walked away. I took a cab back to the airport and went back to Pennsylvania. On the way there I had a feeling that there was going to be someone waiting for me in the airport.

I landed a couple hours later and went to my car which was parked in the parking lot. Sitting on my car was Dean. I sigh internally and keep walking towards my car.

“Hey Dean, I would have thought you would be in Palo Alto by now.” I greeted him and jumped inside my car. He jumped into the passenger seat.

“You know I would have expected a hug or something from you.” Dean implied. I looked at him and shrugged.

“Well you aren’t a touchy feely person so I didn’t.” I told him nonchalantly. “Why, does someone need a hug?” I ask him patronizingly. He looked at me appalled and I laughed.

“No it was.. just I was expecting it.” He stuttered. I rolled my eyes and pat his shoulder.

“Even some tough guys need hugs sometimes Dean.” I joke and he scoffs. “What are you doing here though?” I asked him.

“Well you said to go have fun and here I am.” he responded and I raised my eyebrow at him.

“So you think fun and you picture me? I got to say that is sweet but what am I going to do thats going to be fun?” I inquired him and he smirked.

“Well I can think of a couple things.” he implied. I furrow my brows and made a face of disgust.

“In your dreams Winchester.” I muttered to him.

“Every night baby.” he replied and I scrunched my nose.

“Too much information amigo, and I’m not your baby.” I muttered again and he laughed.

Later that night Dean decided to go to a bar and he dragged me along.

“Dean are you forgetting I’m don’t turn 21 till next year?” I asked him and he pushed me into the bar.

“Don’t worry I am legally of drinking age. I’ll buy you a couple beers.” He said as he dragged me to a bar stool. “You look old enough too.” I gape at him.

“Are you implying that I look old!” I exclaim. He looked at my panicked expression and laughed.

“No I am saying that you look like an adult.” He corrected as he flagged down the bar tender. “two beers” he told the bartender.

“You are going to try to get me drunk again, aren’t you?” I sighed and he smiled.

“I just want to see how high your tolerance is.” He claimed nonchalantly. I smirk and cross my arms. Part of Balthazar’s training was getting developing a tolerance to toxins, including alcohol. Angel training is pretty extensive. I could still get drunk and poisoned but it took a lot to do that. He had no idea though, no one did.

“You might be surprised. I might look small compared to you, but I think I could beat you.” I revealed and he smirked again.

“Oh you are so on.” I shook his hand and took a sip of my beer.

The night went on and we were on our fourth beer and third shot. We were about to down another shot with a couple people. The bartender signaled for us to go I drank my shot super quick and put my glass down first. I laugh in victory and do a little dance.

“How are you not on the ground already?” Dean slurred a bit. I smile at him and shrug. Then I lean forward.

“Because I’m that good.” I whispered into Dean’s ear and lean back to find him smirking. He was leaning towards me but aiming for my lips. At last second I turned my face so he could kiss my cheek. “I don’t think so Winchester. You are going to have to get me more drunk that this in order to do that.” He groans. I laugh and kiss his cheek then turn back towards the bar to flag us down more drinks. Suddenly I feel Dean hugging me from behind and picks me up. I yelp and smack him.

By the end of the night Dean swaying and my vision was only slightly blurry. He had to lean on my shoulder in order to get him into the car. While driving to my house he was sleeping and I couldn’t help but laugh ( A.N. I don’t condone driving while intoxicated). When we got to my house, I basically dragged him in and dropped him on the couch. Poor dude didn’t know what he had coming.

In the morning I went downstairs and saw that he was still sleeping. On my way to the kitchen I slap his shoulder.

“Dean get up I’m making breakfast.” I order him and he groans. I walk over to the curtains and open them, Dean placed a hand over his eyes. “Good morning sleeping beauty, need something for that head of yours.”

“How the hell are you still walking?” he inquired and I shrugged.

“I’m half Polish.” I responded as if that would answer his question.

Dean stayed at my house for the whole month and I tried to keep him occupied. He had to go when his dad called for him. We said goodbye and I started to sterilize the bedroom he was staying in.

Over the next 3 years, I occasionally visited Sam whenever I was around Stanford. I met his girlfriend Jess and she was a great person, perfect for Sam. Dean, I hadn’t seen since he left my house. I was no longer staying there though, I was on the road now taking jobs. Sometimes I would stop by Bobby’s and stay there for a while, but for a short time and move on. Balthazar stopped coming on my 21 birthday. He said his part of the deal was done and he taught me all he could.

Things got weird during the week of November 2, 2005. I had three consecutive dreams that Dean and Sam were hunting a Woman in White. Dean came to Sam asking for help to try and find their father. It ended with Sam watching his girlfriend burn on the ceiling. I hadn’t seen John since August, I had bumped into him because we were on the same hunt. He told me to look out for his boys and to be careful. Then this morning I got a text from an unknown number with the coordinates “35, -111”, most likely from John. So now I’m on my way to Blackwater Ridge in Colorado, not knowing what I was going to find.

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