My Strange New Life


Kat’s POV

It took me four days to get the Blackwater Ridge, today was November 9 and the first place I visited was the rangers station. Inside there I observe what was around this place. There was abandoned silver and gold mines, bears, and the area was huge. Why would John send me coordinator's to here?

“Hello there Miss. Not going around Blackwater Ridge anytime by any chance are you?.” I see a ranger behind me and I smile at him.

“No I was studying the area. This place seems beautiful.” I tell him kindly, then he just leans against the counter.

“Bull.” he called and I frowned. “You are friends with that Haley girl, right?” he asked and I smiled playing along.

“You caught me-” I was cut off by the ranger.

“Tell her that her brother Tommy is fine, he still has two weeks left on his permit.” He told me.

“Can I get a copy of that permit, you know to show it to her and she could calm down.” I explain and he looks at me for a moment then get the permit.

I drove to the nearest motel and checked in. Once inside the room I get changed into a flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and my trusty combat boots. Then grab my ranger badge and head for the door to Haley ’s house. When I get to the address listed on the permit and knock at the front door. It opens and it appears to be Haley .

“Hello Haley I’m a ranger from Park Services. A nearby ranger sent me over here to ask you a couple questions about your brother Tommy.” I say and Haley studies me for a moment.

“Let me see ID.” she asked. I took my badge out and put it against the screen of the door. “Alright come in.” she opens the door and I walk inside. “Is it just you or are there going to be other rangers helping too.” she asked.

“I was just sent in for asking questions. After that we take your statement and investigate.” I explained and she nods.

During the questioning Haley told me her brother always called and showed me a video with something going super fast. I ask her for a copy of the video and thank her for her time. When I get back to the hotel I take out my laptop and start looking for history of the town. There seems to be attacks and disappearances every 23 years. In one of the attacks though, there was a survivor.

I talked to the survivor who was no longer a little kid and it took me some time to get him to open up. But once he did he explained that the thing unlocked the door and was too fast to see, like the video. It also dragged away his parents. The last thing he showed me was a three long scars on his collar bone.

With all this information I had a long day of researching tomorrow. Great

Winchester POV

They had just arrived in Blackwater Ridge and went into the ranger’s station.

“So Blackwater Ridge is pretty remote.” Sam explains to Dean . He looks at a 3D map of the national forest. Dean just looks at the decorations. “It's cut off by these canyons here, rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place.”

“Dude, check out the size of this freaking bear.” Dean says surprised. Sam looks over. Dean is looking at a framed photo of a man standing behind a much larger bear. Sam comes to stand next to Dean .

“And a dozen or more grizzlies in the area. It's no nature hike, that's for sure.” Sam continued. A forest ranger walks up behind them.

“You boys aren't planning on going out near Blackwater Ridge by any chance?” A voice asked from behind them. Sam and Dean turned around to face him

“Oh, no, sir, we're environmental study majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper.”

Sam laughs a little. Dean grins and raises a fist.

“Recycle, man.” Dean said.

“Bull.” the ranger called out. Sam's eyes flick to Dean, who doesn't move.

“You're friends with that Haley girl, right? Another one of your friends was here yesterday.” Dean considers it for a second

“Yes. Yes, we are, Ranger Wilkinson.” Dean admitted.

“Well I will tell you exactly what we told her and your friend yesterday. Her brother filled out a backcountry permit saying he wouldn't be back from Blackwater until the twenty-fourth, so it's not exactly a missing persons now, is it?” The ranger asks. Dean shakes his head. “You tell that girl to quit worrying, I'm sure her brother's just fine.”

“We will... Well that Haley girl's quite a pistol, huh?” Dean asked. The ranger gave Dean a look.

“That is putting it mildly.” the ranger replied with a tired tone.

“Actually you know what would help is if I could show her a copy of that backcountry permit. You know, so she could see her brother's return date.” Dean prys the ranger. He just eyed Dean. Dean raises his eyebrows.

“I gave a copy to your friend yesterday. Why don’t you get it from her?” The ranger asked and Dean sighed.

“Well our friend wasn’t suppose to come over her house till tomorrow. Could you make us another copy so we could give it to her today. You know so she won’t bother you anymore.” Dean responded. The ranger made another copy and gave it to them.

They leave the ranger’s station. Dean is holding a piece of paper and laughing as they both walk to the impala.

“What, are you cruising for a hookup or something?” Sam asked.

“What do you mean?” Dean responded.

“The coordinates point to Blackwater Ridge, so what are we waiting for? Let's just go find Dad. I mean, why even talk to this girl?” Sam questioned him. Dean and Sam stop on opposite sides of the Impala.

“I don't know, maybe we should know what we're walking into before we actually walk into it?” Dean replied and then paused. “Since when are you all shoot first ask questions later, anyway?”

“Since now.” Sam said bluntly and got into the car. Dean stares off where Sam just was, then gets into the car.

“Maybe we could talk to her friend too… you know for clues.” Dean said as driving away. Sam just sighed and ignored him.

Dean and Sam are standing at the door to the Collin’s house. The door opens to reveal Haley Collins

“You must be Haley Collins. I'm Dean, this is Sam , we're, ah, we're rangers with the Park Service. Ranger Wilkinson sent us over. He wanted us to ask a few questions about your brother Tommy.” Dean reveal and Haley hesitates.

“Lemme see some ID.” she asks. Dean pulls out a fake ID with the name 'Samuel Cole' and holds it up against the screen. Haley looks at it, then at Dean, who smiles. Haley opens the door. “Come on in. The ranger yesterday said there were more of you coming.” Dean and Sam look at each other.

“Thanks. Um.. could you tell us who the ranger was?” Sam inquires as they walk in. Haley looks at him confused.

“ It was Katherine Tyler. Shouldn’t you have already known that.” Haley says and Sam shakes his head.

“We are trying to do separate investigations. It is a good tactic when investigating, open to more options.” Sam pauses for a second. “Did anyone come by and drop off a copy of your brother’s permit by any chance?” he asks and she shakes her head. He looks at Dean and he shrugged his shoulder. They continued with the questioning.

Later on Sam and Dean go to Mr. Shaw’s house and question him after finding a story in the paper about an attack that happened to his parents. After that Dean was in the parking lot parking for tomorrow's trip into the woods. He stuffs a couple weapons. Then Sam walk up beside Dean and leans on the impala.

“We cannot let that Haley girl go out there.” Sam told Dean sternly.

“Oh yeah? What are we gonna tell her? That she can’t go into the woods because of a big bad scary monster?” Dean asked sarcastically.

“Yeah.” Sam answers bluntly. Dean looks at him.

“Her brother's missing, Sam. She's not gonna just sit this out. Now we go with her, we protect her, and we keep our eyes peeled for our fuzzy predator friend.” Dean tells him and picks up the duffel bag.

“Finding Dad's not enough?” Sam asked exasperated. He slams the weapons box shut, then the trunk. “Now we gotta babysit too? Also find out who this Tyler chick is too.” Dean stares at Sam in surprise. “What?”

“Nothing.” Dean says bluntly and walks off.

Kat’s POV

After a day of researching I finally figured out that maybe I was dealing with a Wendigo. I was packing for my trip into the woods tomorrow and I heard my phone ring.

“Katherine Tyler.” I answer.

“Hello ranger” It was Haley. “Tomorrow I was going to into the woods and try to look for my brother.” she informs me.

“Haley, I don’t think that is a good idea. But if you are set on going, then I’ll come along.” I speak into the receiver.

“The more the better I guess. Oh and some more rangers came by today.” I raise my eyebrows.

“Oh okay, well I’ll see you in the morning. Have a good night Miss Collins.” I hang up. Great who is going to be there.

In the morning I drove to the location of where I was going to meet Haley and the guide. Personally I don’t need a guide, I practically grew up in the woods, but hey if it is there use it. I see there are already people there when I arrive, as well as a familiar black impala. John is probably here, I tried calling him earlier but he wouldn’t pick up. Getting out of my Torino, I grab my backpack and go towards where I see Haley.

“Haley hey-” I start but is interrupted by someone saying my nickname. I turn to see Dean and Sam. Okay these were the rangers she was talking about. I act normal and smile at them. “Ranger Sam and Dean, it has been a while. You were the other rangers Haley was talking about.” I greet them and go to shake their hands. On the inside I was so happy.

“Katherine. It has been while.” Dean said as I shook his hand he looked at me for a moment. I go over to Sam and hold out my hand.

“Sam how are you doing there big fella?” I ask him concerned. He doesn’t answer but I could feel all of the depressed emotions through the handshake. I turn to the third man. “You must be Roy, Katherine Tyler.” I greet him. He eyes me up and down before shaking my hand.

I was walking behind everyone else until Sam came up beside me.

“Kat what are you doing here?” Sam asked in a whisper.

“Well hello to you to Sam.” I say sarcastically. “ I am here probably the same reason as you, coordinates left by John. ” Then I pause. “What are you doing here? Last time I checked you were in Stanford.” He sighed.

“Something happened.” he said bluntly and I grabbed his arm to stop him.

“It was the demon wasn’t it. It came back after that trip with your brother to try to find John?” I question him and Sam had a sad expression that answered the question. “Sam I have no idea what John is doing, but I feel like this is only the beginning.”

“How did you know about the trip?” Sam asked with furrowed brows. I sighed and walked ahead.

“That is how the show began.” I ominously told him. Then we looked ahead when we saw Roy holding Dean back. “Found a trap Roy?” I yell up front. Instead of answering me he just picked up a stick and placed it inside the trap. It made a sickening crack. Roy moved on and Dean just smiled at us.

“It was a bear trap.” He said. I was about to retort something sarcastic, but Haley caught up to Dean and stopped him. Dean signaled to Sam and I to continue walking on.

We finally reached Blackwater Ridge Roy went off to find the camp.

“Haley over here!” We heard him yell and ran for him. When we got to where he was, I saw a campsite that was torn into pieces. I saw tracks leading away from the campsite and follow them, but didn’t go too far because they abruptly stop. Dean comes up behind me and kneels next to me.

“Sam!” Dean calls out, and a few seconds later Sam finds us.

“The bodies were dragged from the campsite, but the tracks vanish right here.” I explain to Sam and Dean nods in agreement.

“I’ll tell you what. It’s no skin walker or black dog.” Dean says as they walk away. I follow a bit afterwards.

“Wait guys I know what it might be.” They turn back towards me. “I wasn’t so sure before but I think it is a-” I was cut off by a scream for help. Everyone ,but me, drops their bags and starts running towards the voice. Idjits. I run after them and when I reach them, they were looking around. “Guys get back to the camp now.” I told them and we all ran back to find that their stuff was gone.

“Our packs!” Haley exclaims, and I grab Sam and then Dean.

“Sam and Dean a word please.” I drag them off. Once at a good distance, I turn to them. “Listen I was trying to tell you we might be hunting a Wendigo.” Deans scoffs and Sam grabs his dad’s journal and turns to the Wendigo page.

“Dean she might be right. Look” Sam shows Dean the page.

“Oh come on, wendigos are in the Minnesota woods or, or northern Michigan. I've never even heard of one this far west.” Dean mentioned.

“Think about it, Dean, the claws, the way it can mimic a human voice.” I say and he looks at me.

“Great.” he asserted. Then we walked back to camp. Sam and Roy had a little altercation. Let’s just say Sam was pretty grumpy.

It was night, I was sitting in front of the campfire with Haley and her brother. Dean was drawing Anasazi symbols into the dirt.

“ One more time, that's…” Haley trails off.

“Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them.” I finish for her. Roy laughs, gun over his shoulder.

“Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy.” Dean told him, then headed over to Sam.

“You know I have seen the way he looks at you.” Haley spoke up. I looked at her confused. “Every time you’re looking the other direction, he looks at you. I mean you guys probably have some history.” I laugh and shake my head.

“Haley, Dean looks at every pretty girl. He has probably looked at you too. He and I are just friends, always have been…” I say as I look at Sam and Dean. Then I hear some scream for help. I stood in front of Haley and her brother. Then Dean walks in front of me with his gun.

“He's trying to draw us out. Just stay cool, stay put.” Dean explained

“Inside the magic circle?” Roy asked sarcastically.

“Help! Help me!” The creature screamed again before it growled. Roy pointed his gun at the sound and shot.

“ I hit it!” Roy exclaimed and ran after to see what he shot.

“Roy no you stupid son of a bitch!” I yell as I go after him. Going towards the direction he went, I couldn’t see him anymore. The freaking thing took him. “Damn it!”. Sam and Dean come up beside me. “He gone.”

“Kat why the hell did you run after him like that!” Dean boomed at me and I stared at him.

“I was trying to catch him before the freaking wendigo did. Obviously I was too late.” I yelled back. Dean stepped closer to me and looked down.

“You could have gotten killed!” He exclaimed. I stood right in front of him and looked up.

“Well he did.” I was right in his face and we were both mad. Sam pulled us apart and I walked back to camp to cool off.

3rd person POV

Kat was on the ground studying a map. There was a red ‘x’ near them that indicated it was an old abandoned mine.

“So that's where you live you freak.” She muttered as she picked up the map. Kat went over to Sam and Dean. They were talking to Haley and Ben.

“So if that's true, how can Tommy still be alive?” Haley asked Dean.

“You're not gonna like it.” Dean warned. Haley didn’t back down.

“Tell me.” She pleaded. Then Kat decided to speak up.

“More than anything, a wendigo knows how to last long winters without food. It hibernates for years at a time, but when it's awake it keeps its victims alive. It, uh, it stores them, so it can feed whenever it wants. If your brother's alive, it's keeping him somewhere dark, hidden, and safe. I believe I know where too.” Kat told Haley reassuringly.

“How nice of you to join the conversation Kat.” Dean muttered sarcastically. Kat gave him a look. “While you try to look for that place you think that thing lives, we are going to track it.”

“And then how do we stop it?” Haley asks the both of them.

“Well, guns are useless, so are knives. Basically” Dean holds up the can of lighter fluid, the beer bottle, and the white cloth he'd picked up. “We gotta torch the sucker.” Dean starts walking away to the tracks. Kat catches up with him.

“I just said I know where the thing lives and you are just going to ignore me.” Kat asked irritated. Dean looks at her for a second.

“You stopped making decisions since you ran out into the woods alone last night.” Dean informed her. She looked at him in disbelief.

“Are you kidding me Dean, I’m old enough to make my own decisions. I’m not 19 anymore. If I want to run after someone, let me.” Kat said disbelievingly.

“Yeah well you’re not older than me so that makes me in charge.” Dean declared.

“Do you have any idea how childish you sound?” Kat asked him patronizingly. He just ignored her and kept walking.

After a while of walking Sam stops in a clearing where the tracks seem to end in the trees.

“Kat. Dean” Sam called out. They walked up beside him.

“What is it?” Dean asked. Sam looked up at the marks.

“You know, I was thinking, those claw prints, so clear and distinct. They were almost too easy to follow.” Sam informed them both. Then a growling was heard. They all looked around and Haley saw this substance on her jacket. She looks up and screams then jumps out of the way of the incoming body. It was Roy. Kat goes to examine Roy and Sam helps Haley up.

“His neck is broken.” Kat informed them. Another growling was heard. Dean dragged Kat up and started to push them all away.

“Okay go, go now, run!” He ordered everyone. They were split up into two main groups when running. Kat and Haley. Sam ,Dean, and Ben, Haley’s brother.

Kat and Haley were running when all of a sudden the wendigo jumps in front of them. Haley screamed and Kat dropped the map from her pocket.

The boys went towards the scream and found nothing but trees.

“Haley!” Ben yelled. Nothing. Dean and Sam arrived at the site. Sam bent down and grabbed Kat’s map. Dean saw the map and ripped it from Sam’s hands.

“Kat!” Dean yelled into the emptiness of the woods.

Kat’s POV

Slowly I open my eyes. Looks like I was in the mine, there were bodies all around. Haley was still knocked out from beside me. My hands were tied from above me but I could still reach the small knife I kept in my sleeve. Eventually I cut the ropes around my hands but fell to the ground. I groaned and carefully stood up then walked over to some backpacks. Looking through them I found flare guns.

“Awesome.” I whispered to myself stuffing them into the back of my jeans, then walk over to Haley. Suddenly I hear footsteps above me and I started to cut her ropes. They stopped and something fell through the ceiling onto the ground. I saw three figures on the ground.

“Dammit Sam I little warning next time when you see the floor cracking.” I heard Dean complain and I stood there with one hand on my hip. The other was on the wall behind me trying to keep me steady. Sam looked around until he found me.

“Have I ever told you guys I hate being a damsel in distress?” I inquired them and fell forward. “Son of a bitch.” I cursed. Then suddenly I was picked up and hugged real tight. “Injured.” I spoke into the shoulder of the person that was hugging me. I looked up and saw Dean, he had a relieved expression on his face.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked me taking my face and jerking it in wild directions. I slap his hands away from my face and steady myself.

“I’m fine.” I say to Dean and then I was grabbed into another hug from the side of me. This time is was Sam. I squirm out of his grip and huff. “This is seriously way too touchy feely for me.” I muttered and Dean laughed.

“Did you wake up on the ground? Why weren’t you tied up?” Dean asked me.

“I was tied up like her.” I point behind me where Ben cut his sister down. “But I never leave without my knife in my sleeve. Plus I found these.” I give him the flare gun then look behind him. Haley was in front of a figure, she reached out and screamed at the sudden movement of the figure. It was Tommy and he was alive.

“Cut him down.” Haley ordered. Sam cut him down and Haley caught him. Dean took the flare gun from my hand and held it up.

“Check it out.” Dean yelled out. Sam looked up and smiled.

“Flare guns those will work.” Sam told him and they both smiled

I was walking beside Dean and Sam while Ben and Haley carried Tommy behind us. We heard growling.

“Looks like someone is home for supper.” Dean announced.

“We'll never outrun it.” Haley pointed out. Dean looks back at us then looks at Sam and I.

“You thinking what I'm thinking?” Dean asked. I shrug my shoulder and nod.

“Yeah, I think so.” Sam answered

“All right, listen to me. Stay with Sam and Kat. They are gonna get you out of here.” Dean informed to the Collins.

“What are you gonna do?” Haley asked. Dean looks at her and winks then starts walking away into the mine and yelling.

“Chow time, you freaky bastard! Yeah, that's right, bring it on, baby, I taste good.” Dean yelled and gestured for us to move. Sam guides the Collins out of here, while I look out behind us.

We hear growling again, Sam points his flare guns at it. Then turns to me.

“Kat get them out of here.” Sam ordered me and I was about to protest but he continued. “Now go! Go! Go!” I pushed Collins to get them to start moving. I little ways down the mine I hear the gun go off.

“Sam!” I yell and see him running towards us.

“Come on hurry.” He urged us deeper into the mine until we hit a dean end. The wendigo is right behind us and Sam pushed us behind him. “Get behind me.” I scoffed and went beside him.

“Not this time Sammy.” I told him as I saw the wendigo getting closer. My breathing gets shaky, I haven’t been this terrified in a while. The thing was close enough to jump on us and it roared.

“Hey” a gruff voice from behind the monster yelled. It turned around and was shot, then burst into flames. Dean stood there with a proud expression. “Not bad, huh?” he asks us and I laugh

I was leaning on the side of my car watching the events around me. Sam and Ben were talking to the rangers making up some bull shit story. Dean and Haley were talking. I thought about the events that happened earlier something was different. I think Dean was suppose to be taken not me, oh well. They gather and I walk over to stand beside Dean.

“Let's go” Haley said to her brother and she nodded at me. I wave and watch as they head to the ambulance. Sam sat on the impala and we watched as it drove away.

“Man I hate camping” Dean announced.

“Me too.” Sam replied. I shrugged.

“I’m not going anytime soon.” I responded and Dean look at me with a tired expression. I chuckle. “Well I’m going to go. I’ll see you guys around.” I start to walk away but a hand grabs my arm. Dean stopped me.

“Kat why don’t you come with us. It will be like old times. Just the three of us, looking for my dad.” Dean offered and I raised my eyebrow.

“Why?” I ask him.

“Why not?” he replied and I smiled.

“Sure, without your dad around who is going to keep the two of you out of trouble.” I joke and he smiles. “Well then I’m just going to go back to my motel and pass out, I’ll text you the address.” I walk away and get into my car then drive off.

About half hour later I heard the impala drive up to the motel. I open the door to invite them in and see Sam get out of the drivers seat.

“Holy crap! Am I hallucinating or did I just see Sam get out of the drivers seat.” I say flabbergasted. Sam just smiled at me.

“No you are just insane.” Dean spoke up. I rolled my eyes and opened the door widely for them. “Two beds, looks like one of us is sharing.” I sighed.

“Oh no mister I am call the office for a cot or something this time. I so am not sharing a bed with you again.” I declare and Sam looks between us.

“When were you two sharing a bed?” He asked and I looked pointedly at Dean.

“When he decided that he was going to knock at my door at midnight and ask to crash after he supposedly lost all his cash.” I told Sam.

“Sweetheart don’t act you didn’t like that.” Dean spoke up with a smirk and I rolled my eyes.

“Dean did you know that you were a cuddler?” I inquired. Sam snorted and Dean glared at me. He stepped towards me.

“Well I didn’t hear you complaining.” He discloses with a smirk.

“I was paralyzed with fear. I was basically traumatized. Of course that was before I tricked you.” I expressed with a smile and stepped closer to him. Sam was just in the background looking like he was going to burst out laughing.

“Ah ha!” Dean exclaimed and stepped closer to me so there was only a foot of room. “Now you admit you tricked me.”

“What was I suppose to do, kiss you?” I ask and Sam started laughing silently.

“It could have ended easily if you did.” Dean told me as he leaned over me.

“Ah well I believe I remember telling you I wasn’t easy.” I say as I lean towards him and Sam just bursts out laughing. Dean and I looked at him confused.

“You two fight like an old married couple.” Sam told us after he calmed down.

“Shut up Sam.” we said at the same time and he just smirked.

“You have even started talking at the same time. Cute.” He told us patronizingly and I threw a pillow at him. “Well I’m going to take a shower. Don’t do anything rated R while I’m gone.” he walked into the bathroom. I saw the sad look in Sam's eyes before he went into the bathroom and it made my heart pang. Poor Sam. I jumped onto my bed. I feel it go down beside me, I open my eyes and see Dean’s green ones.

“Just stick to your side this time Winchester.” I ordered him. He smirked and moved closer to me. “You ass.” I told him and he chuckled. I turned so my back was facing him. “Goodnight Dean.” I closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.

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