My Strange New Life

Phantom Traveler

Kat’s POV

It was about 4:45 in the morning when I heard a knock at the door. Groaning I get up and go to the door.

“Dean I swear to everything that is holy I am going-” I pause when I see Sam when I open the door. “Oh Sam hey. Um you’re still getting up early. What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to get some breakfast with me.” Sam offered and I look at him tiredly.

“Um.. sure I’ll go with you. We could drive my car there. Just let me get dressed.” Sam nodded and I opened my door so he could come in. “Sam why are you up this early? I know you’re an early riser but seriously I could hear the tv on like an hour ago. When’s the last time you had a good night’s sleep?” I question him. Sam just sighs and rubs his face as he sits on an unused bed.

“I don’t know a while. It’s not a big deal.” He answered me and I just raised an eyebrow at him then sigh.

“Having nightmares about your dead girlfriend isn’t a big deal?” I question him with a raised eyebrow. He looks at me with a sad expression. I sit beside him and give him a side hug.

“Yeah but it isn’t just her. It is the whole job. I forgot how it gets to you.” Sam told me and I got up.

“You can’t let it get to you like that Sam.” I tell him as I walk towards the bathroom.

“What so it never keeps you up at night?” He asks me and I look at him.

“Honestly, there had been a good couple of times. That was a long time ago though, before I even started hunting on my own.” I paused thinking about the nightmares I use to have. They were of the last day of my life of normalcy. Always ending with the look on my sister’s face. “Whenever I did have them though I would run, go to some lake near Bobby’s house.” I say to him and he nods. Then I go to the bathroom to get dressed.

An hour later we came back to the motel. Sam goes to give Dean his coffee and I go to my room to grab my jacket. When I go into the Winchester’s room, I see Dean on the phone.

“Oh, right, yeah. Up in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, the poltergeist thing. It's not back, is it?” Dean spoke into the receiver. This sounded familiar, I think this was an episode. Dean eyed both Sam and I. A few minutes later Dean hung up and stood. “Looks like we have our next gig.” I look up at the ceiling. “What?”

“You aren’t wearing any pants.” I mutter and he laughs. Then comes right in front of me.

“You are such a prude.” I just roll my eyes and walk out the door to my room to pack.

“Thanks for making the trip so quick. I ought to be doing you guys a favor, not the other way around. Dean and your dad really helped me out.” Jerry told Sam and I followed them between him and Sam. We were walking to Jerry’s office.

“Yeah, he told me. It was a poltergeist?” Sam asked a little loud.

“Poltergeist? Man, I loved that movie.” Some random dude exclaimed and I smiled a bit.

“Hey, nobody's talking to you. Keep walking. Damn right it was a poltergeist, practically tore our house apart. Tell you something, if it wasn't for you and your dad, I probably wouldn't be alive. Your dad said you were off at college. Is that right?” Jerry asked Sam and my smile disappeared.

“Yeah, I was. I'm—taking some time off.” Sam replied.

“Well, he was real proud of you. I could tell. He talked about you all the time.” Jerry revealed. Sam looked surprised and I pat Sam’s shoulder.

“He did?”

“Yeah, you bet he did. Oh, hey, you know I tried to get a hold of him, but I couldn't. How's he doing, anyway?” Jerry asked.

“He's, um, wrapped up in a job right now.” Dean replied.

“Well, we're missing the old man, but we get Sam and Katherine. Even trade, huh?” Jerry said and I smiled. Dean laughs and I stop to check out the huge plane beside us. I was on a plane a couple times before but I only saw the inside. On the outside it seemed even cooler. Suddenly I’m being pulled by my sleeve.

“Kat come on.” Dean ordered me and he guided us to Jerry’s office. Inside the Jerry was sitting at his desk, while Sam and Dean were sitting in the chairs in front of it.

“I listened to this. And, well, it sounded like it was up your alley.” Jerry puts a CD in a drive.

“Normally I wouldn't have access to this. It's the cockpit voice recorder for United Britannia flight 2485. It was one of ours.” He explained to us and it started to play. The pilot was asking for help when suddenly there was a loud growling sound. I raised my eyebrow.

“Took off from here, crashed about two hundred miles south. Now, they're saying mechanical failure. Cabin depressurized somehow. Nobody knows why. Over a hundred people on board. Only seven got out alive. Pilot was one. His name is Chuck Lambert. He's a good friend of mine. Chuck is, uh...well, he's pretty broken up about it. Like it was his fault.” Jerry further explained.

“You don't think it was?” I ask him and he shakes his head.

“No, I don't.”

“Jerry, we're gonna need passenger manifests, um, a list of survivors-.” Sam started but Dean interrupted.

“And, uh, any way we can take a look at the wreckage?” Dean asked. Jerry shook his head.

“The other stuff is no problem. But the wreckage...fellas, the NTSB has it locked down in an evidence warehouse. No way I've got that kind of clearance.” Jerry told us and I sigh.

“No problem.” I speak up.

Sam and I are waiting by the car outside some store as Dean makes their ID’s. I left my car at the motel since we only needed one to drive around. When Dean comes outside I sigh dramatically.

“About time Winchester, You have been in there forever.” I told him. He just holds up two ID’s.

“You can't rush perfection.” Dean mentioned and I roll my eyes. Sam grabs one of the ID’s and looks at Dean incredulously.

“Homeland Security? That's pretty illegal, even for us.” Sam expressed. I just smirk.

“Yeah, well, it's something new. You know? People haven't seen it a thousand times. That is why I have one of my own.” I told Sam nonchalantly as I get in the car.

“Sometimes Kat you scare me.” Sam admitted and I shrug.

“Alright, so, what do you got?” Dean asked Sam, referring to the recording in the cockpit.

“Well, there's definitely EVP on the cockpit voice recorder. Get this.” Sam plays the tape, which has been edited to pull out a scratchy voice. It said “no survivors”. I was about to laugh though, because it sounded just a bit funny.

“"No survivors"? What's that supposed to mean? There were seven survivors.” Dean asked and looked back at me.

“Got me.” I shrugged.

“So, what are you thinking? A haunted flight?”

“Maybe but I think we should talk to some of the survivors first. Starting with Max Jaffey.” I told Dean.

“Why him?”

“Well, for one, he's from around here. And two, if anyone saw anything weird, he did.” Sam told him and I nodded.

“What makes you say that?” Sam and I just look at each other.

We were at a psychiatric hospital talking to Max. I was walking beside Dean and Max was a little ahead of us.

“I don't understand. I already spoke with Homeland Security.” Max mentioned.

“Right. Some new information has come up. So if you could just answer a couple questions…” I spoke in a kind voice.

“Just before the plane went down, did you notice anything...unusual?” Sam asked.

“Strange lights, weird noises, maybe. Voices.” Dean put in. We were walking towards a table. Max thought about it for a second and denied it. There were only three chairs so I stayed standing beside Sam and Dean.

“Mr. Joffey—” Dean started but I hit him in the side.

“Jaffey.” Max corrected.

“Jaffey. You checked yourself in here, right?” Dean asked and Max nods. “Can I ask why?”

“I was a little stressed. I survived a plane crash.” Max answers as if it was obvious.

“Uh huh. And that's what terrified you? That's what you were afraid of?” Dean clearly didn’t believe the man.

“I...I don't want to talk about this anymore.” Max stuttered and I looked at him expectantly.

“See, I think maybe you did see something up there. We need to know what.” Dean added.

“No. No, I was...delusional. Seeing things.” Max confirmed and I rolled my eyes.

“He was seeing things.” Dean repeated incredulously to me and Sam.

“It's okay. Then just tell us what you thought you saw, please.” I said with a gentle tone. He looked at me and sighed.

“There was...this—man. And, uh, he had these...eyes—these, eyes. And I saw him—or I thought I saw him…” Max started but paused.

“What?” I pressed.

“He opened the emergency exit. But that's...that's impossible, right? I mean, I looked it up. There's something like two tons of pressure on that door.” He looked at Dean for a confirmation. It kind of sounded like a demonic possession. Black eyes, super strength.

“Yeah.” Dean guessed.

“This man, uh, did he seem to appear and disappear rapidly? It would look something like a mirage?” Sam questioned and Max looked at him like he was crazy.

“What are you, nuts? He was a passenger. He was sitting right in front of me.” He replied to Sam and I sighed.

Later on we went to the house of the so called creature and there was no evidence that he was a monster. Which still leads me to believe that it was a demon.

Right now I was leaning against the impala in front of a men’s suit store with my agent outfit on. Which was suit top with a white undershirt, a pencil skirt, and high heels. I even put on some makeup and put my hair into a low bun to make it look official. This would make Jo very proud of me. That girl treats me like a barbie doll.

Suddenly I see Sam and Dean get out of the store and I couldn’t help but laugh at Dean. He looked so awkward and cute at the Same time. Sam at least knew how to wear a suit. I give out a wolf whistle and they look at me.

“Very nice boys. You both look very dashing.” I say suavely with a smile. Sam just smiled at me but Dean stared. I furrow my brows and look down at my outfit. “Is something wrong with my outfit?”

“No, you look…. nice ”Dean put out. I put my hands on my hips and smirked playfully.

“I know.” I said bluntly and Sam rolled his eyes. “Dean loosen up a bit, you like like a seventh grader at his first dance.” Sam laughed while the other brother glared at me.

“I hate this.” Dean muttered and I smiled.

“ You want into that warehouse or not?” Sam asked and I looked at Dean. He just went inside the impala, so did Sam and I.

“Kat what if we need to run? You aren’t going to be able to run in those heels.” Dean mentioned to me and I smirked.

“This ain’t my first rodeo Dean. I am very skilled in the art of running in heels. Comes with experience.” I say mysteriously and Sam looks at me.

“Should I ask what you do when you are alone?” he asked and I shook my head with a laugh when he sighed.

“Wait are you wearing makeup!” Dean exclaimed and I laugh even harder.

“Dean it isn’t the first time you have seen me like this.” I mention remember the gas station situation. He looked at me for a couple more seconds then drove off.

A few minutes later we arrive at the warehouse and are allowed in after showing our fake badges. We walk into the room and it barely looked like a plane. It was just parts scattered across the room. The room had a weird feel to it. Personally I didn’t need an EMF meter because I could see the energy and go where it guided me. Thanks to my mom’s genes, I perfected this art of investigating. It is a very useful skill to have. I went to an area where there was a large cluster of energy. It appeared to be the emergency door handle. There was a yellow residue on it. Suddenly Dean comes up beside me with what appears to be a EMF meter.

“Is that a busted up Walkman?” I ask Dean and he nodded. “That is pretty awesome.” I compliment him. He turns around to Sam.

“At least someone appreciates it.” Dean yelled to Sam and I pat his back. His meter goes off near the handle I was just looking at.

“Check this out.” Dean told Sam and he scratched his finger on the yellow residue. “What is this stuff?” I scratch some off and sniff it. Sulfur, dammit it is a demon. Sam was about to take a Sample but I stopped him.

“It’s sulfur.” I inform them and they look at me.

“Are you sure?” Sam asks me disbelieving.

“100 percent positive. I have seen enough of this to know that we are probably dealing with a demon.” I answer them and they looked a little surprised. I sigh. “Come on lets get out of here.” We leave out the back entrance and try to walk naturally. The alarm started to ring and we start to rush. We reach a gate and Dean puts his jacket on the barbed wire. I take off my heels and throw them over. Then I jump the fence and land gracefully thanks to all the training Balthazar gave me. Sam and Dean jump over after me.

“Wow these monkey suits do come in handy.” Dean declared as I put my heels back on and then we ran.

We got back to the motel and go into their room. I just fall back on one of their beds and start to laugh.

“That was interesting. We must do that more often.” I say and Sam raises his eyebrow at me.

“What running from Homeland Security?” he asked incredulously. I shrug.

“Police, FBI, secret service-” I was interrupted by Sam.

“When were you chased by the secret service?” He asked surprised. I looked at him and saw that Dean was expecting an answer too.

“Let’s just say that President Bush wasn’t proud with my opinion of his decisions. He got a little mad and I was chased out. Plus… I kind of just showed up in his office. Kind of had to lay low for a while.” I told them smirking. Dean gaped his mouth.

“That was you?” He asked disbelieving and I nodded my head.

“It wasn’t even that hard. I mean sure there are snipers and dogs, but it was pretty simple. There had been people with less training just walk right in.” It had been one of my final tests for Balthazar and I passed with flying colors. Getting trained by an angel and Bobby Singer had it’s advantages. “Well I’m going to get out of this and get into something more… me. I’ll be right back.” I got up and went to the door.

3rd person POV

The brothers watched as Kat went out the door. When she shut it Sam and Dean looked at each other.

“So this is what she does when we aren’t around.” Sam said disbelieving. Dean just shakes his head.

“You know I’m not even surprised anymore.” Dean responded. “What did surprise me though, was that she was wearing makeup and actual formal wear.” Sam just shakes his head.

“Yeah no kidding, you looked like a goldfish when you saw her and kept staring.” Sam mentioned with a smirk and Dean shrugged.

“Well she looked like a sexy secret agent-” Sam cut Dean off.

“Dude I don’t need the visual. I have eyes.”

“But seriously, she keeps surprising me. I mean did you see the way she did things today.” Dean commented and Sam just sat back in his chair.

“Dean she has worked on her own. She’ll have a couple tricks up her sleeve.” Sam responded and Dean sighed.

“I mean she wasn’t doing this her whole life, yet she seems…” Dean paused unable to finish “I can’t help but wonder what happens when we aren’t there.”

Kat’s POV

I came back into the boy’s room with my laptop. Sam was sitting at the table with his computer and Dean was sitting on his bed reading something. There were articles tapped on the walls and I was pretty impressed. They worked fast.

“Alright boys, so, every religion in every world culture has the concept of demons and demonic possession, right? I mean Christian, Native American, Hindu, you name it.” I informed them and Dean looked at me.

“Yeah, but none of them describe anything like this.” he told me. Obviously he hasn’t met as many demons as me. He has only seen me fight one, but that wasn’t the only one. They kept finding me on the road, its the reason why I always keep my angel blade in my boot.

“Well, that's not exactly true. You see according to Japanese beliefs, certain demons are behind certain disasters, both natural and man-made. One causes earthquakes, another causes disease.” Sam mentioned and I nodded.

“And this one causes plane crashes?” Dean says in disbelief, then gets up. “Alright, so, what? We have a demon that's evolved with the times and found a way to ratchet up the body count?”

“Yeah. You know, who knows how many planes it's brought down before this one?” Sam answered him. Dean snorts, turning away. I raise an eyebrow.

“What?” I question him.

“I don't know, Kat. This isn't our normal gig. I mean, demons, they don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake. This is big.” Dean started and I snorted lowly, but he still heard it. “What?”

“No nothing, it is just you make a demon sound like a big deal.” I told him and he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Kat, it is a freaking demon. It’s a pretty big deal.” Dean says to me incredulously. Oh this is a laugh. Try fighting a leviathan.

“You say that now, but wait a couple years until we’re dealing with the King of Hell.” I mumble to myself. Dean’s phone rings and he answers it.

It is night and we are on our way to the airport to stop Amanda Walker from boarding a flight. Dean was on the phone earlier with Jerry. Chuck, the pilot, was dead. He died in a plane crash. We went to the crash sight and there was more sulfur. Sam concluded that the demon was trying to finish the job.

“Right. Her sister Karen said her flight leaves Indianapolis at eight pm. It's her first night back on the job.” Sam informed us.

“That sounds like just our luck.” Dean sighed. I pat him on the shoulder.

“Come on Dean. Power of positive thinking.” I tell him reassuringly.

“Dean, this is a five-hour drive, man, even with you behind the wheel.” Sam points out and I sink into the backseat. We were all pretty stressed.

“Call Amanda's cellphone again, see if we can't head her off at the pass.” Dean offers but Sam shakes his head.

“I already left her three voice messages. She must have turned her cellphone off.” Sam replied. “God, we're never gonna make it.”

“We'll make it.” Dean says bluntly and he floored the gas pedal. Yeah if we don’t crash first.

A couple hours later we run into the airport and check the departure board. I point to Amanda's flight.

“Look they board in 30 minutes.” I say to them and Dean rushed to the courtesy phone. He called Amanda trying to get her off the flight but fails miserably. She didn’t believe Dean and is going to go on the plane.

“Damn it! So close.” Dean cursed and I sigh.

“All right, it's time for plan B. We're getting on that plane.” I declare and Sam nods agreeing with me. I start to walk off to get the tickets, but Dean holds me back.

“Whoa, whoa, now just hold on a second.” He told me wide-eyed. I gave him my best bitch look. He knows I don’t like being touched.

“Dean, that plane is leaving with over a hundred passengers on board, and if we're right, that plane is gonna crash.” Sam informed him and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I know.” Dean agreed looking...scared?

“Okay. So we're getting on the plane, we need to find that demon and exorcise it. I'll get the tickets. You guys get whatever you can out of the trunk. Whatever that will make it through the security. Meet me back here in five minutes.” I ordered them and Dean holds me back again. I was about to freaking hit him but I saw the look of fear on his face. Don’t tell me he is afraid of flying? Oh my gosh he is. I remember this episode, I watched it while flying to Florida. My mom wasn’t proud of my choice to watch it, but I can’t remember how it ends dammit.

“Are you okay?” Sam asks Dean, seeing the distress clearly on his face. He shrugged.

“No, not really.” Dean responds anxiously. Sam steps closer to Dean in concern.

“What? What's wrong?” Sam inquired him and I look at Dean with a smirk.

“Well, I kind of have this problem with, uh…” Dean trailed off.

“Flying.” I finish for him and Sam looked at him incredulously.

“It's never really been an issue until now.” Dean explained

“You're joking, right?” Sam asked and I stifle a giggle.

“Do I look like I'm joking? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?” Dean conveyed. I stepped forward.

“Alright. I'll go with Sam.” I offered and Dean looked at me like I was crazy.


“We’ll do this one on our own.” I told Dean and Sam nodded.

“What are you, nuts? You said it yourself, the plane's gonna crash.” Dean exclaimed and I rolled my eyes.

“Dean, we can do it together, or we can do this one by ourselves. I'm not seeing a third option, here.” Sam disclosed and I crossed my arms.

“Come on! Really?” Dean fidgeted anxiously. “Man…” .

We were on the plane and I was sitting between the brothers. Dean was looking through the safety pamphlet. I couldn’t help but smile a little, despite the situation

“Just try to relax.” Sam suggested to Dean with a small smile. We were both enjoying this.

“Just try to shut up.” Dean retorted and I smirked.

“You can hold my hand Dean if you get real scared.” I offered and Sam silently laughed beside me. Dean glared at me. The plane takes off, and there was a big jump. Dean grabbed my hand tightly and I looked at him surprised. Okay I wasn’t actually thinking he would. His expression was priceless, he looked a bit constipated, and I couldn’t help but silently laugh.

We are now flying and Dean was still holding my hand with a death grip, I lean towards Dean.

“You know Dean, you can let go of my hand now.” I whisper to him. He looks at our hands and slowly lets go. I start to rub my hand when I hear him humming something. Sam looks over.

“You're humming Metallica?” Sam questioned him.

“Calms me down.” Dean asserted and I couldn’t help but frown. His emotional distress was rolling off him in waves and it was giving me a headache. Especially sitting this close by him. Stupid psychic abilities.

“Look, man, I get you're nervous, all right? But you gotta stay focused.” Sam told Dean and he nodded.

“I mean, we got thirty-two minutes and counting to track this thing down, or whoever it's possessing, anyway, and perform a full-on exorcism.”

“Yeah, on a crowded plane. That's gonna be easy.” Dean replied sarcastically.

“Just take it one step at a time, all right? Now, who is it possessing?” I asked with a calm voice, trying to ignore the headache.

“It's usually gonna be somebody with some sort of weakness, you know, a chink in the armor that the demon can worm through. Somebody with an addiction or some sort of emotional distress.” Dean answered and I sighed. He was a possible victim of possession. But I don’t necessarily agree that you had to emotionally distressed or have some weakness. I’ve seen the most random people being possessed.

“Well, this is Amanda's first flight after the crash. If I were her, I'd be pretty messed up.” Sam suggested and I nodded. Dean turns to a flight attendant and asked if she was Amanda. She said no and I looked in the back of the plane to see the other attendant, Amanda.

“All right, well, that's got to be Amanda back there, so I'll go talk to her, and, uh, I'll get a read on her mental state.” Dean offered.

“What if she's already possessed?” Sam asked and I stopped Dean from getting to the bad to get the holy water. He looked at me confused.

“Dean you are not going to spray holy water at her. There are easier ways. Demons flinch at the name of God.” I told him and Sam nodded.

“Oh. Nice.” Dean complimented and got up.

“Hey.” Sam called Dean back.


“Say it in Latin.”

“I know.” Dean leaves again, but I called him back. “What!?”

“In Latin, it's "Christo".” I inform him.

“Kat, I know! I'm not an idiot!” He goes off again and I rub my head.

“Could have fooled me.” I mumble to myself.

“Kat you okay?” Sam asks me and I wave him off.

“I’m fine. Flying gives me a headache sometimes.” I lie smoothly and Sam nodded. Dean came back five minutes later. He told us Amanda wasn’t possessed.

“So, if it's on the plane, it can be anyone. Anywhere.” I tell them and the plane shakes. Dean grabs my hand again.

“Come on! That can't be normal!” He exclaimed, and the headache is back.

“Hey, hey, it's just a little turbulence.” I calmly tell him.

“Kat, this plane is going to crash, okay? So quit treating me like I'm friggin' four.” I raise my eyebrow at him.

“Well then let go of my hand Winchester.” I say irritated and he did reluctantly.

“You both need to calm down.” Sam told us and I take a deep breath.

“Well, I'm sorry I can't.” Dean told him lowly. Suddenly I get an idea.

“I am so going to regret this.” Dean looks at me confused. I lean up and kiss him quickly. Sitting back down, they both stare at me surprised. “That will give you something to think about other than flying.” I explain. Dean visibly relaxed and I sighed in relief. “Good. Now, Sam found an exorcism in John’s journal that he thinks is gonna work. The Rituale Romanum.” Sam nodded.

“What do we have to do?” Dean asked. Sam took out the journal and showed Dean the page.

“It's two parts. The first part expels the demon from the victim's body. It makes it manifest, which actually makes it more powerful.” Sam explained.

“More powerful?” Sam nodded. “How?”

“Well, it doesn't need to possess someone anymore. It can just wreak havoc on its own.”

“Oh. And why is that a good thing?”

“Well, because the second part sends the bastard back to hell once and for all.” I inform him with a small smile.

“First things first, we got to find it.” Dean told us.

Dean walks slowly up the aisle with his EMF meter, getting odd looks but no readings. I was trying to see for the energy but my headache was still there. I was in the back of the plane trying to get it to go away.

“You alright miss?” I hear a voice from behind me ask. I turn around to see Amanda. I smile slightly.

“Yeah just got a bit of a headache, happens all the time.” I say to her and she nods. Sam and Dean come through the curtains. Sam looked at my pained expression and gave me a look of concern. I shake my head at him.

“Oh, hi. Flight's not too bumpy for you, I hope.” Amanda said kindly.

“Actually, that's kind of what we need to talk to you about.” Dean informed her and Sam closes the curtain.

“Um, okay. What can I do for you?” she asked. Dean and Sam talk to Amanda about the flight. After hearing what they had to say, she reluctantly agreed to get the copilot.

Amanda leaves and goes to the cockpit. She knocks on the door and says something inaudible to the copilot, who follows her back. Sam pulls out the holy water. Dean pulls out John's journal and hands it to Sam, who opens it.

“Yeah, what's the problem?” the copilot asked. Dean punches him in the face, knocking him down. He pins him down and puts duct tape over his mouth.

“Wait. What are you doing? You said you were just gonna talk to him.” Amanda exclaimed and I held her back.

“We are gonna talk to him.” Dean said then splashes holy water on his skin, which sizzles.

“Look. We need you calm. We need you outside the curtain.” I tell Amanda

“Well, I don't underst—I don't know—” I interrupted her.

“Don't let anybody in, okay? Can you do that? Can you do that? Amanda?” I ask her and she nods her head. She leaves.

“Hurry up, Sam. I don't know how much longer I can hold him.” Dean struggled and I helped him out.

“Regna terrae, cantate Deo, psallite Domino—” Sam started but the demon breaks free briefly and hits Dean and I. I get back up quickly and punch him then continue to hold it down with Dean’s help.. Sam picks up where he left off, but the demon knocks us off again.

“I know what happened to your girlfriend! She must have died screaming! Even now, she's burning!” The demon turned towards me. “Look at you all grown up, the boys back home are going to love this. Wait until Azazel and Lilith know.” The demon mocked and Dean punched it in the face. Great when this demon goes back to hell, it brings my existence up to the top demons. I look at Sam and he just sits there, stunned.

“Sam!” I exclaim. Sam recovers and begins reading again. He puts the book down once he finished and helps us pin down the demon. Black smoke exits the copilot’s body and disappears into a vent. Great.

“Where'd it go?” Sam asked.

“It's in the plane. Hurry up. We got to finish it.” Dean told us.The plane suddenly dips and heaves violently. I fall back with Dean and land on top of him. I hear Sam yell the rest of the exorcism. A bright electrical charge runs through the entire plane, which then levels out. Dean and I fall forward. I was laying on my back while Dean landed on top of me this time. I couldn’t breath, he was freaking huge. Dean raised himself with his arms and smiled down suggestively at me.

“I might need another kiss. You know I just survived an almost plane crash, I’m pretty stressed.” He told me and I raise an eyebrow at him. He starts to lean down but I flipped us over before he managed to do so. He looks up at me and frowns. I get up and walk out of the back to see Sam safe.

We were in the airport and we are walking towards the exit. Seeing Sam, he looked like he was in deep thought.

“You okay?” I ask him concerned. Sam stops and turns to me.

“Kat, it knew about Jessica.” Sam said sadly and I shake my head.

“Sam, these things, they, they read minds. They lie. All right? It was trying to get to you, don’t let it. Just know that it is burning in hell now.” I tell him.

“Yeah.” Sam agrees with me lowly. Then he looked at me with his head tilted a bit. “Kat the demon seemed to know you.” I nod at him. “How is that?”

“Sam my past is bit more colorful than you think. I have met and fought things not known by many hunters because of my family. They thought I was dead and now with that demon back in hell, he’ll just tell everything else about how I am alive.” I explain and Sam gave a reassuring smile. “But it is fine, it was going to happen anyway… Let’s get out of here.” I walk ahead of Sam but I could hear him follow me shortly after.

Later we went to say bye to Jerry and he thanked us. Dean asked how he knew his number and Jerry said that John’s voicemail had it. We went back to the motel and got our stuff, then drove outside the airport. I was leaning on my car while the brothers were leaning against the impala.

“This doesn't make any sense, man. I've called Dad's number like fifty times. It's been out of service.” Sam explained confused and Dean dials a number. As the voice message begins, he turns it so Sam can hear too. Looks like it was John’s voicemail. Sam looked furious when it finished and went into the impala.

“Dean we are going to find him.” I tell him. He just looked at me then went into the car too and drove off. “John what are you doing?” I whisper to myself then get into my car and follow them.

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