My Strange New Life

Finding My Way

After what seemed like hours, I finally stopped crying when I saw the sun peak from the horizon. I sat there numb, what had just happened? Looking at my surrounding I realized I had no clue where I was, there was an endless field in every direction, but there was a road. Walking towards the road I trip on something and fall down, my bag. Balthazar had brought my bag, but why did he leave me here alone?

With shaky finger I open my plain black bookbag. Everything was in there my phone, keys, and books of course. Shifting through it I found my water bottle and drank it feeling dehydrated from all the crying. While putting it back into my bag I found something shiny. I grabbed it and my jaw dropped. He had put an angel blade into my bag. I barely know how to fight, why the hell would he put this into my bag?

While putting it back into the bag, I realize that there was something in the distance. There was a little building that seemed like ten miles away. Sighing I put my bag onto my shoulder and start walking towards it.

Many footsteps later I finally reached my destination. I stopped in front of it and it looked like a small town gas station, a closed one. Great. It looked like it was still being used which probably means food and water. Slowly I look around the building, there was nothing but an old gas pump and a car. Should I wait for the person to come? Screw it. I found a rock and walked towards the front door. Taking the rock I break the window pane above the knob and unlock the door.

I walk into the little shop slowly and look around. There were shelves of junk food and soda. No one was here. Just my luck. I walked towards an aisle with food and look at the choices. There were many unknown brands and some old looking bags of chips from 1999. Dang, this place needs an update. I walk over to the counter where there were an assortment of magazines and newspapers, and I grabbed a newspaper to see where I was. The first thing that caught my eye though was the date. According to this it was February 20, 1999. What!? So not only did Balthazar take me to another dimension but another time. Yep this is a fantastic day so far. I sigh and look at my location, Winside, Nebraska. Great who am I going to know in Nebraska in 1999.

I jump behind the counter and look for stuff I might need. My eyes find the register, I’m alone and helpless, I really need to. Opening the register I find like two hundred bucks, and take it, promising myself I would come back a pay it back somehow. I empty my bag of all school things into a nearby garbage can and walk back towards the food aisle, then start stuffing it with as much stuff as I possibly can. I look back at the counter and realize there were keys, my mind drifted towards the car outside. I smile slightly, walk towards them and grab them from the hook on the wall. Then I stood there and looked at the keys in my hand. Where am I going to go? Who can I go to?

Suddenly my eyes drift over to a trucker hat, and I was suddenly reminded of someone. Bobby Singer. Bobby Singer can help me figure out all this crap. I smiled a little brighter and walked towards the door, I had a plan. Hell yea. On my way ou,t in the corner of my eye I see canisters of salt. I walked to the salt and grabbed a few, just in case, and stuffed it into my already full bag.

Outside, I see the car and try to open the door and it did. Climbing inside I threw my bag into the passenger seat and adjusted the mirrors then used the key to start the car and it did. I had only driven a few times before and I was pretty good. The tank was already full, now where do I go from here? I opened the glove compartment, inside found some stuff and a map. Opening the map I figured out my location to be near Omaha and I seemed to be at least 130 miles from Sioux Falls. I needed to go north east, so I will just go to the direction the sun had risen until I can reach the main road.

Great now music selection, there were a few tapes in the glove compartment. I picked up some of them. Journey, Kansas, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Aerosmith. I loved eighties music so I popped in Journey, put the car in drive and drove east with “Don’t Stop Believing” blaring from the speakers. Oh the irony.

Once I reached the border of Nebraska I realized I needed gas, so I pulled into the next town Vermillion, SD. I stopped at a small gas station and started to fill up my tank. No one was looking at me weirdly, I guess people driving as young as me was normal. I went inside to pay for my gas, when all of a sudden I get this huge headache. I clench my eyes shut and bended down slightly. When I opened my eyes back up I saw fire everywhere, I standing right in the middle of it but I felt no heat.The store was on fire, but when the hell did this happen? Did it spontaneously combust within a couple seconds? I blink a couple times and everything was normal, but now there were a couple of people were staring at me with slight concern. I smile slightly at them and got out of the store.

What the hell was that?! Is this what Balthazar meant when he said my sister and I had abilities. Why the hell did he leave me with so many questions? My mind buzzed with so many questions on my way to the car. I climbed back into the car and decided to change my tape to a new one to get my mind off what happened. Kansas. I smiled slightly as “Dust in the Wind” floated from the speakers and I drove off.

“Welcome to Sioux Falls” read the sign, Finally. Almost three hours of driving from my original location and I was exhausted. Then as I past the sign “Carry On my Wayward Son” came on the radio, I laughed. I loved this song so much, but not because of Supernatural, but I could relate to this song so much. I even wrote something similar to it in my journal, before I have ever heard it.

After driving a bit around town, I found a small diner and pulled into it. I walked inside, grabbed a newspaper, walked to a booth and looked at the menu. There was a meal for 2 dollars and gas was like a dollar, I officially love 1999.

“Hey what can I get you?” a young blonde waitress asked me with a smile. I smile back and asked for a coke. She nodded and walked off. Suddenly, I heard the loud roar of a familiar engine. No! Can it be? I look out the window and saw a 1967 Black Chevy Impala pull up next to my car. Three people stepped out and my jaw dropped. It was young Sam and Dean with John Winchester. Short Sammy looked so cute and Dean was just… Dear lord help my hormones. John looked intimidating, he always kind of scared me.

They walked in and they sat in the booth behind me. Dean and Sam sat directly behind me across from their dad. Really must they? I jumped when the waitress came back with my drink and put it on the table.

“Now what would you like to order?” she asked politely.

“A cheeseburger with all the fixing, fries and a side of mayonnaise please.” I replied with a smile. She wrote it down and walk behind me to take the Winchester’s order. I tried to keep calm, so in order to do that I took a deep breath and picked up my newspaper and began to read. After a few minutes my heart rate had calmed down and I started to hum “Dust in the Wind” mindlessly. My food came and I thanked my waitress.

“Nice choice.” a voice with a slight southern drawl said. I jumped and the same voice chuckled along with another new voice. I turned around and I saw Sam and Dean looking at me with amused expressions.

“Um… Thanks gotta love Kansas.” I said with a smile my voice not giving away how nervous I was. I turned back to my food and took the ketchup and mixed it with the mayonnaise, then I took a fry, smothered it with my new concoction and eat it. Suddenly, I saw someone side into the seat in front of me. I looked up and saw that Dean was sitting in front of me.

“Got to say I love your taste in music and your taste in food.” He said with smile and I looked down at my burger and looked back up at him. “There might be something else I’ll love about you.” he finished with a cocky smirk. I furrowed my brows, what was he talking about? Then I realized and blush a bit, he was flirting with me. Oh no, no please someone help me.

“You got to ignore my brother, he can be annoying basically all the time.” Sam explained behind me exasperatedly.

“Come on Sammy, I was trying to make conversation with this girl.” Dean said irritated. I chuckled a bit and turned towards Sam.

“No worries, I’ll babysit him for a while, looks like you’ve had enough of him for a while.” I told Sam with a smile. He chuckled. We turned towards Dean and his face held a pout. He was leaning back with his arms crossed. Sam and I laughed.

“Dean.” a gruff voice said and I turned towards its owner. John. Dean said bye quickly and went back to his booth. I smile a bit, I just had a small conversation with the Winchester brothers. Quickly I finished my food and asked for the check. After paying the check I stood up to leave, before I left my table I turned towards the Winchesters.

“Goodbye…?” i asked pretending I didn’t know.

“Sam and this is Dean.” Sam answered with a smile. I smiled.

“Well then goodbye Sam, Dean” I turned towards John. “Sir”. With that I walked out. I walked to my car and saw the Impala next to it. I stopped in front of it, to just appreciate it a bit. I took a deep breath and walked to my door. I looked at the diner once more and saw that the Winchester brothers were looking at me, I waved and winked. Then I climbed inside my car and drove off to the nearest gas station, to find directions to the Singer’s Salvage.

I was on my way to the Salvage and I was really starting to feel nervous. Would he believe me? I drove into his complex and put the car into park, it was the evening. Taking a deep breath I took my bag and got out. I look at the house and take another deep breath and start for the porch. Shaking slightly I knock on the front door. After a minute I see Bobby appear at the front door, but he had this weird feeling to him, I was slightly suspicious. So just to be safe I would use that word they used like once...

“Hello my name is Katherine... Cristo” suddenly Bobby’s eyes turned black. Oh crap! I turned to run but the demon grabbed me by my bag and threw me side the house. I landed in front of his living room and wince as I try to stand. Slowly, the demon walks towards me and I remember I’m in freaking Bobby Singer’s house and there is a demon’s tap on the ceiling in the living room. I glance up and make sure it is there and it is. I limp into the living room and stand in front of his desk, which was far enough from the trap.

“Well, well, what do we have here. Looks like we got a smart one here.” he said mockingly as he walked into the living room and into the trap without noticing. Yes! With that I gathered a bit of courage and walked towards the demon and stopped right where the trap was. I smirked.

“I might be the only smart one here right now” I told it still wearing my smirk. The demon walked closer till there was only about a foot of space between us and didn’t move from my spot.

“Whys that?” he asked in amusement, thinking he had the upper hand.

“You are in freaking Bobby Singer’s house and was outsmarted by me!” I told it with satisfaction. The demon suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly looked up. He chuckled and I raised my eyebrow.

“What are you going to do now? Keep me here forever?” it asked sarcastically.

“ I did think about calling a certain someone, but then i realized I can take care of you myself. “ I told it with a sickeningly sweet smile. He walked just a bit closer.

“Really, I’m shaking in my meat suit” he told me in mock fright.

“I’m sending you back to hell.” I told it simply. I had actually memorized an exorcism, you know just in case of an emergency. This seemed like an emergency.

“How are you going to do that? I see you have no book so you could read that funny little latin.” he told me with a patronizing tone. I stepped a bit closer.

“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,” the demons flinched and stepped back a bit, I smile. “omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.” the demon looked to be struggling to take a hold of Bobby.”Ergo, draco maledicte. Ecclesiam tuam securi tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus,” the demon was about to break and I looked at it dead in the eye” audi nos.” Black smoke then flew from Bobby’s mouth and he collapsed on the ground. I ran to and help him up, then I backed up little from him, he looked around and his gaze fell on me and and his brows furrowed with confusion.

“Who the hell are you?” he exclaimed, and I let out a breath. That was him alright.

“My name is Katherine Samantha Lawrence and I need your help, Mr Singer” I told him quickly feeling faint. I swayed a bit and before I collapsed. But I could have sworn I heard him ask “Kat?” right before everything went black.

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