My Strange New Life


I woke up to a knock at my door. It was nine and I was still in bed since I started getting nightmares again for some reason. The case about the bugs was a couple weeks ago. I got up and opened my door, Sam and Dean were there with grim looks.

“What’s with the broody faces?” I ask and Sam showed me a drawing of a tree. My mind flashed to the Winchester’s house. “Oh, okay.” I let them in.

“You know what this is?” Dean asked me surprised. I nod and search through my suitcase for clothing. “How?”

“I went to Lawrence a couple years back.” I responded and looked at Sam. “You told him didn’t you?” Sam nodded and Dean looked even more confused.

“Wait Kat, Sam told you about his nightmares?” Dean questioned me and I shake my head.

“He didn’t need to Dean. I already knew. That is why Bloody Mary didn’t come after him, I knew his secret so it wasn’t really a secret. She came after me.” I explained and Dean looked at me questioningly. “Sam knows already though, so while he explains that I’m going to get dressed.” I walk to the bathroom.

“Dean she comes from a family of psychics.” Sam said as I closed the door and then I hear Dean shout what.

We drove to their old home and stayed in the car for a while looking at the house. I could remember the flashback on the show of that night.

“You gonna be alright, man?” Sam asked Dean but he just continued to look at the house.

“ Let me get back to you on that.” Dean replied and we got out of the car. At the door we were introduced to Jenny and her kids. While taking a look inside she mentioned that there were things happening like flickering lights, scratches, and her daughter claimed to see a person on fire. Also in the house I felt a heaviness in the air caused by malevolent spirits. We said our goodbyes and walked out of the house. Sam and Dean were tense on our drive to the gas station.

“Guys you need to calm down. We need to treat this like any other job. It is the only way you two will get through this.” I tell both of them as Dean was filling up the impala. We were all standing around. “So what do we do first on a job.”

“ We’d try to figure out what we were dealin’ with. We’d dig into the history of the house.” Sam answered and Dean nods.

“ Exactly, except this time, we already know what happened.” Dean input and Sam sighed.

“ Yeah, but how much do we know? I mean, how much do you actually remember?” Sam asked Dean.

“ Not much. I remember the fire…the heat.” Dean paused for a second. “ And then I carried you out the front door.” I saw all that. God I feel like shit for actually enjoying that show. Now that I think about it, it is the worst thing ever.

“ You did?”

“ Yeah, what, you never knew that?” Dean questioned and Sam shook his head. “ And, well, you know Dad’s story as well as I do. Mom was….was on the ceiling. And whatever put her there was long gone by the time Dad found her.”

“ And he never had a theory about what did it?” Sam asked and Dean shrugged. I could feel the growing tension.

“ If he did, he kept it to himself. God knows we asked him enough times.” Dean said and I couldn’t but feel a little bad for them.

“ Okay. So, if we’re gonna figure out what’s goin’ on now…we have to figure out what happened back then. And see if it’s the same thing.” Sam noted and I looked away. “Kat?” I looked at him.

“Sam.” I paused and looked away for a second before starting again. “Whatever we are dealing with it isn’t the thing that killed your mother.” I disclosed. I felt my heart basically tear in two when Dean said he had to go to the bathroom. He was devastated, but trying to be strong. He had to come back home and learn that his brother has been having dreams that come true. He has had better days. Plus the fact I was keeping things from him, yeah he is going to be a bit overwhelmed.

“Kat do you know what happened that night?” Sam asked me as I went to sit in the back seat.

“Sammy I watched it happen.” I uttered and sat inside the car.

Later we went to John old shop and talked to a few of his old buddies. They said that John started to see a palm reader, so now we were trying to find out which one. Sam was looking through the phone book and I was leaning against the impala while Dean was standing some distance away from me.

“I only know of one legit psychic in this town.” I spoke up and the brothers looked at me expectantly. “Missouri Moseley.” I smiled a little, she was awesome. I visited her every so often when I could.

“Missouri?” Dean questioned and I nodded. He went into the car and took out John’s journal. “I always thought he was talking about the state.”. I told them the address and we drove over to her house.

We were sitting in a waiting room when she came out with a man saying that his wife loved him. When she closed the door behind the man she looked at us.

“Whew. Poor bastard. His woman is cold-bangin’ the gardener.” Missouri admitted and I laughed.

“ Why didn’t you tell him?” Dean asked and I rolled my eyes. He apparently doesn’t know how this business is run.

“ People don’t come here for the truth. They come for good news.” She says and the boys just stare at her. “Well? Sam, Kat and Dean, come on already, I ain’t got all day.” She leaves into her reading room and I follow leaving behind a very confused Sam and Dean. “ Well, lemme look at ya. Oh, you boys grew up handsome. You Kat are beautiful as always.” She pointed at Dean. “ And you were one goofy-lookin’ kid, too.” I laughed and Dean glared at me. “ Sam. Oh, honey…I’m sorry about your girlfriend. And your father –- he’s missin’?” The boys looked shocked but I just gave her a hug.

“ How’d you know all that?” Sam asked.

“ Well, you were just thinkin’ it just now.” Missouri informed him.

“Well, where is he? Is he okay?” Dean questioned and Missouri shrugged.

“ I don’t know.” She answered.

“ Don’t know? Well, you’re supposed to be a psychic, right?” Missouri gave him a look. Oh this was going to be fun.

“ Boy, you see me sawin’ some bony tramp in half? You think I’m a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can’t just pull facts out of thin air. Sit, please.” She ranted. Sam and I looked at each other and smirked. I sat in between Dean and Sam on the couch. Dean moved away from me, to the the other end of the couch. What’s Dean’s problem now with me. “Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m ‘a whack you with a spoon!” She snapped at Dean and he looked taken back.

“ I didn’t do anything.” Dean claimed.

“ But you were thinkin’ about it.” She retorted and I snorted. “Kat learned her lesson from last time.” They looked at me and I shrunk into the couch rubbing my arm where she hit me.

“ Okay. So, our dad –- when did you first meet him?” Sam asked.

“ He came for a reading. A few days after the fire. I just told him what was really out there in the dark. I guess you could say…I drew back the curtains for him. Then I directed him towards Kat’s parents so they could help him ways I couldn’t.” The brother looked at me and I nodded my head.

“ What about the fire? Do you know about what killed our mom?” Dean questioned and Missouri shook her head.

“ A little. Your daddy took me to your house. He was hopin’ I could sense the echoes, the fingerprints of this thing.” Missouri explained.

“ What was it?”

“I don’t know. Oh, but it was evil.” She informed us.

All of us went to the old house. At the door we were meet with a distressed Jenny.

“ Hey, Jenny. This is our friend, Missouri.” I said to her, clearly seeing that she was upset about something.

“ If it’s not too much trouble, we were hoping to show her the old house. You know, for old time’s sake.” Dean spoke up and Jenny shook her head.

“ You know, this isn’t a good time. I’m kind of busy.” She declined and was about to close the door.

“ Listen, Jenny, it’s important-” Dean was cut off my Missouri smacking the back of his head. “Ow!” I just shook my head.

“ Give the poor girl a break, can’t you see she’s upset?” Missouri says to Dean then turns to Jenny. “ Forgive this boy, he means well, he’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed, but hear me out.” Dean looked a little peeved but hey Missouri knows what she is doing.

“ About what?” Jenny asked and Missouri smiled kindly.

“ About this house.” Missouri confided and Jenny’s eye widened a bit. She was about to say something else. “ I think you know what I’m talking about. You think there’s something in this house, something that wants to hurt your family. Am I mistaken?” .Jenny looks between all of us.

“ Who are you?” Jenny questioned and I gave her a reassuring smile.

“ We’re people who can help, who can stop this thing. But you’re gonna have to trust us, just a little.” Missouri revealed and Jenny looked a bit unsure but she let us in. Immediately I was drawn up the stairs, down the hallway, the last doorway to the left.

“ If there’s a dark energy around here, this room should be the center of it.” Missouri said to Sam and Dean, I nodded. Sam looked at me confused.

“ Why?” He questioned and I looked at Missouri to answer but she just continued to look around the room. I sigh.

“Sam this used to be your nursery. This is where everything happened, everything began.” I spoke to him with a quiet tone. Sam glanced at the ceiling and I couldn’t help but feel horrible. Dean took out an EMF meter and I shook my head a little. Missouri turned around, sensing my thought.

“Is that an EMF?” Missouri questioned and I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what she was going to say. Dean nodded his head narrowing his eyes at my amused look. “Amateur.” She said and then turned to me as Dean glared at her. “At least she knows how to do it right.” The boys looked at me questioningly and I sighed. Oh my gosh I was so in trouble after this. Missouri said that this thing wasn’t the one that killed their mother and that there were more than one in here. The evil one was not leaving until Jenny and her family are dead. So later we returned to her house and made some purifying bags then came back to get Jenny out of the house for a while.

Once Jenny left with the kids Sam took the upstairs, Dean the main floor, then the basement was left for Missouri and I. We all started to put the bags into place, but while putting mine into the wall something in the air changed. As I saw Missouri place the bag into the wall, I pushed her out of the way of the flying desk and got trapped instead.

“Dammit Missouri it knows.” I grunted as I tried to push the desk away. Then suddenly I saw a bright white light come from the upstairs and I was able to push the desk away. Quickly I ran upstairs, the kitchen was a mess and no Dean. “Sam! Dean!” I ran upstairs towards Sam’s area and found them on the floor. Dean was trying to unwrap a cord from around his neck. Kneeling down by the boys I held Sam up as Dean unwrapped the rest of the cord and then when he finished Dean held Sam tight in a hug, but he just looked at me.

Jenny came home to see her kitchen a mess but we cleaned up and promised to pay for any damages. I felt that it was gone but Sam kept having a weary feeling about it,so we stayed for a bit watching outside.

“Alright, so, tell me again, what are we still doin’ here?” Dean asked and I looked at the house. Maybe Sam was right something is still wrong with it.

“ I don’t know. I just…I still have a bad feeling.” Sam responded as he stared at the house too.

“ Why? Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing, the house should be clean, it should be over.” Dean mentioned and I shook my head.

“Dean this all isn’t a perfect science.” I told him and he just ignored me. I furrowed my brows, Dean has barely spoke a word to me all day. I thought it was because of the whole house situation but now I know he is just ignoring me.

“ Yeah, well, probably. But I just wanna make sure, that’s all.” Sam reassured Dean, while looking between Dean and I concerned.

“ Yeah, well, problem is I could be sleeping in a bed right now.” Dean said tiredly as he slid down in his seat. I looked out the window and back at the house. Jenny was in the upstairs window screaming for help.

“ Dean. Look, Dean!” Sam exclaimed and we all quickly got out of the car.

“ You two grab the kids, I’ll get Jenny.” Dean ordered and we all ran in. I go into Ritchie’s room and grab him. Then meet up with Sam in the hallway and run out with him. Sam slows down behind me and gives Sari to me.

“Kat get them out if here.” Sam ordered as he looked behind him and I was about to protest but then Sam was dragged away.

“Sam!” I exclaimed, about to run after him but I still had the kids. So first I ran out to Jenny and Dean outside. I give Jenny back her kids and run back inside, hearing Dean shout my name behind me. The door slam shut and I looked for Sam. He was in the kitchen pinned to the wall. Running to him I was suddenly thrown against the wall as well and pinned there. Then a figure in flames appeared and I couldn’t help but be in a state in awe. That was Mary Winchester, I looked to Sam to see that he recognized her too. Dean came into the room with a shotgun about to shoot his mother without knowing it.

“ No, don’t! Don’t!” Sam yelled and Dean looked at him confused.

“What, why?!” Dean asked.

“ Because I know who it is. I can see her now.” Sam answered and then the fire vanishes and Mary’s image appears. Dean dropped his arm to the side and she walked towards Dean. Both the boys were both in shock. I was a bit but I kind of saw it coming.

“ Dean.” Mary said softly and I could see the tears form in Dean’s eyes. Then she walks past Dean towards… me? “Thank you.” she said to me and looks back at the boys. I nod and with a slight smile. Then she walks to Sam. “Sam.” she smiled a little then dropped it. “ I’m sorry.”

“ For what?” Sam asked and she didn’t answer. Mary walked into the middle of the room and looked at the ceiling.

“ You get out of my house. And let go of my son.” She ordered. Thanks for leaving me hanging Mary. Then she burst into flames towards the ceiling. I was dropped to the ground and so was Sam. Both the boys were in tears and stare at the spot their mother had disappeared.

“ Now it’s over.” Sam spoke up still tearful. He was right, there was nothing left. I walked out of the house to give the brothers sometime. Out there I called Missouri and told her about the whole thing. This time when I saw Missouri I couldn’t help but she like she was keeping something from us.

Morning came and I was sitting on the hood of the impala as Dean talked to Jenny and Sam talked to Missouri. Another case done, but somehow this just left more questions for the boys. Dean still wasn’t really talking to me and not that I blame him but it sucks being in the silent treatment. I saw Dean close the trunk to the car and I saw that as the signal to leave.

“ Sam, you ready?” Dean asked and Sam nodded. He got into the passenger seat and Dean got into the drivers.

“ Don’t you boys be strangers.” Missouri called out and the boys nodded while I waved to her. I knew that this was going to be a pretty awkward ride to the motel and it was. Sam tried to start a conversation but Dean would just put the music louder. Obviously Dean was just a little angry.

We stopped at the first motel out of Kansas and we got two rooms. When I got into my room I took a long shower and put on my pj’s. Then I dropped myself onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. Well crap… This is not how I planned this to happen. Hell I wouldn’t have ever told him either. I put on some music to try and silence my racing thoughts but it didn’t really help. Sam and Dean had a lot to talk about. All I could really do was wait for Dean to cool down and try to make him understand why I had to keep it a secret.

“Well this isn’t helping.” I mutter to myself getting up. Walking over to the chair, where my jacket was, I heard a knock on the door and I stop. Already, he wants to talk already. Slowly I approach the door and open it. It was Dean. I step back to allow him in and he marches inside the room. Closing the door behind me I see Dean in the middle of my room waiting for me to say something.

“You want a drink?” I ask him as I go into my bag and find a bottle of whiskey. In my opinion it tasted horrible but it was great with company. He just stared at me and said nothing. “Okay….” I pour myself a little amount in a plastic cup then sit down on my bed and take a sip. “So are you going to stand there all day Winchester? You had something on your mind judging by the way you walked in, so spit it out.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dean questioned. I took another sip and swirled the liquid in my cup.

“You are going to have to be less vague with that question.” I spoke to him nonchalantly. He walked over to me and took the cup out of my hand then downed the whole thing.

“You know what, Kat.” Dean said seriously. I have him an innocent look.

“Oh you mean the whole psychic fiasco. Well Dean what do you what to know?” I got up to pour myself another cup.

“Just why you didn’t tell me?” Dean clarified. I sighed and sat back down on my bed.

“Well don’t be offended or anything Dean because I was planning on telling no one. I only told Sam because I didn’t want him to think that he was going crazy. It was either for the sake of mine or Sam’s sanity and I chose his.” I explained simply.

“Why didn’t you tell me something was up with Sam then?” Dean raised his voice a little. I stood up and furrowed my brows at him.

“Do you actually think I wouldn’t tell you if Sam was in trouble or hurt?” I scoffed and he said nothing. “This is unbelieveable. If there was anything wrong with Sam I would have told you. But psychic abilities aren’t a problem Dean so I didn’t tell you and it wasn’t my choice to tell you either.”

“There could have been something wrong with him Kat. What if he was hallucinating or under an influence of some kind of spell?” Dean questioned as he stepped closer to me. He is seriously doing this again.

“I knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with him.” I said calmly trying to get him to cool down.

“How could have you possibly have known that?” Dean raised his voice again.

“Cause I did.” I told him simply and he scoffed.

“He isn’t your brother, you don’t have the right to think what is right for him.” He spit out and I just gave him a deadpan expression. Then just raised my hands up in defeat and scoffed.

“You know what, I going outside for some air. When I come back I don’t want to find you in here.” I stated then walked out the door without my coat. Then I stopped outside the door and had a confused expression. There was no way he was going to make me stay out of my room without getting a little something. So I turned around to walk back in my room, I found Dean still standing where he was when I left. I walked up to him and punched him in the face. He fell onto the ground and looked up to me in surprise.

“I know that and I would never try to make him my brother but Dean sometimes he needs someone to talk to who isn’t going to look down at him.” I spoke seriously to him, glaring down at him. I was about to walk away but I heard Dean walk quickly behind me and he pushed me. Glaring I turn around and find him about to push me again, so I kicked him down. He fell again. “What the hell are you doing?” Dean got up again and started to charge towards me, so I jumped out of the way. He raised his fist about to hit me and I caught it then stared at him incredulously. “What the hell dude? I’m a girl.” I exclaim.

“Well then defend yourself.” Dean countered and I raised my brow at him again. What the freaking hell was he thinking. I twisted his arm behind his back but he kicked me back. Steadying myself I study Dean for a second to determine my plan of attack, then wait for him to attack me again without hurting him too seriously.

Dean approaches me again then throws another punch, I deflect it and threw one of my own. He caught it then spun me around so my back was pushed against the front of his body, his arm wrapped around my chest, holding my fist in place. His other arm was around my stomach holding my other arm. We stayed there for a moment until I kicked him back and I pushed myself away from him. I turned towards him breathing heavily then I throw the next punch and yet he catches my fist again and pulls me against him. Our faces were so close, both of us breathing heavy….Too close, I use my other fist to punch him in the gut to get away from him. While my back was towards him he quickly recovered and kicked the back of my leg so I fell down face first. I quickly turned onto my back to see him above me and I kicked him so he fell backwards onto my bed. Getting up I was suddenly thrown back against the wall and my arms were quickly pinned beside me, right by my head. Once again we were in each other’s faces, glaring. Then suddenly there was a knocking at the door to distract Dean because he looked away. I kicked him back onto the bed and adjusted my shirt then went to answer the door. Opening it I find Sam.

“Sam.” I greet and he looked concerned at my disheveled look.

“Kat I’m looking for Dean.” I open the door wider so he could see Dean behind me… on my bed. Sam looked between Dean and I and smirked a little. “Should I leave or-” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Sam obviously nothing happened like you think. We were... settling our difference of opinions.” I explain to Sam and he looked back at Dean then studied him a bit more.

“Dude did you fight someone? Are you okay?” Sam questioned him coming in my room and walking towards Dean.

“He is fine. I barely hurt him.” I said nonchalantly and Sam looked at me incredulously.

“He looks like a wreck.” Sam noted and I nodded.

“Well I wasn’t going to stand there and be disrespected. I was going to leave but of course I wasn’t going to let him talk to me like that. So I came back in here and taught him what happens when you anger a woman like me.” I informed him and he just gave me a disapproving look. “Don’t look at me like that. I was good with one punch but then his idiot-” I pointed to Dean who was still on my bed. “decided to push me further. It wasn’t entirely my fault.”

“I let you down easy.” Dean spoke up from behind me getting up. I turned around, crossing my arms at him.

“No Dean I let you down easy. I have taken down a demon in under a minute, you’ve seen me do it. Do you really think you could win against me without letting you? I was sixteen then, how good do you think I am now?” I ask him and he just stared at me, silent.

“When the hell did you gank a demon?” Sam questioned from behind me and I looked back at him.

“A long time ago, the first day Deano and I became friends.” I told Sam and he tilted his head in curiosity.

“Were you… you know…” Sam trailed off.

“Psychic then?” I finished for him and he nodded. I look back at Dean. “Yes, I have been my whole life.” Turning away from Dean I walked towards a chair and sat down. “You know for at least half my life I thought I was crazy. Seeing things, feeling things I wasn’t suppose to. I felt like there was something wrong, so one random day I went on the google to diagnose my “symptoms”. Long story, short, I did a lot of research and found out that I was really psychic. I didn’t want you to feel crazy Sam, not like I did.” I finished looking at the floor. “That’s why I don’t tell anyone anything, I don’t want them to look at me like I’m crazy.”

“You definitely are crazy.” Dean said breaking the silence.I look up at him with a hurt expression. “But not that kind of crazy.” The hurt feeling go away and I chuckle a bit. “Listen I get it. But these kind of things have to be shared. No hiding things anymore.” Dean looked at me seriously.

“Got it.” I got up and smiled a bit. “Now who wants some pie because I feel like we should have some.” Dean smiled and I look at Sam, he nodded his head. “Well then, as a good man once said “Allons-y!”” I said as I walked towards the front door.

“What does that mean?” Dean asked and I laughed.

“It means ‘let’s go’ in french.” Sam says as he and Dean walked to the door.

“Gold star for Sammy.” I award him and he rolls his eyes as I walk in between the boys. Then I stop all of a sudden at a realization “Oh my gosh I completely forgot.” Sam and Dean looked at me concerned.

“What?” Dean asked. I looked at him and beamed.

“Doctor Who is back on.” I squealed, they just raised their brows at me. “Oh my gosh! This is Christmas!” I jump a little. “I know so many spoilers. I’m worse than River Song. And it is 2006 which means David Tennant is the Doctor now!” I say with a coy smirk. Dean just stared at me when I said that.

“Doctor Who? Seriously Kat?” Sam asked me incredulously. I gave him a mock hurt expression.

“It is one of the best shows ever Sam. You are so watching it with me and you have no choice but to.” I started to walk towards the diner again with the boys trailing not too far behind. Then I saw Sam give me a once over and smile a bit.

“Kat you are aware that you are still in your pj’s, right?” Sam questioned. I stopped dead and looked down, I was wearing an old shirt and basically booty shorts. Looking back at them I shrug.

“Well we are only going to a diner. It isn’t like I’m meeting the president…” I furrowed my brows. “Again.” I smile and continue to walk beside the boys. Sam just shook his head.

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