My Strange New Life


I was standing in the middle of the two beds while on the phone.

“ Where the hell are you? Are you hurt?” I asked him while nudging Sam to get up. Sam groaned a little but opened his eyes. Poor kid tries to get sleep and when he finally does this happens.

“I’m fine and I can’t tell you where I am. They’ll try to find me.” John spoke and I raised my eyebrows.

“Really because they haven’t been trying to do that for the past six months.” I told him sarcastically.

“Kat is that my Dad?” I heard Sam ask, but I was paying attention to what John was about to say.

“Kat do you know what it is?” John questioned and I stood there a little frozen. “Obviously you know a lot, so do you know what it is? Bobby told me about the show.” I sighed a little. I basically told him I knew what he was hunting the other day on the phone too.

“Yeah.” I breathed lowly. “Which is why you shouldn’t be doing this alone. John we can help you. I know what how to deal with that because I’ve been dealing for the past 7 years.” I told him, then I turned towards the bed once more to see the boys fully awake, watching me. “John I said it once and I’ll say it again. You can’t do everything yourself. You aren’t some invincible superhero, you’re only human. Let us help you.” the other side of the line was silent and I got a little frustrated. “Well if you aren’t going to listen to me to one of your kids who are just so eager to find you.” I held out the phone and Sam snatched it from my hand before Dean could even lift a finger.

“Dad?” Sam answered into the receiver. I walked to the door and went outside. Leaning against the railing that was outside the room I was just looking at the cars passing by. Why couldn’t John get his head out of his ass and admit that maybe he does need help? Especially a demon like this, a high level demon. That man is an idiot. Looking at my watch I saw it was about 5 in the afternoon and I haven’t a any sleep since before the asylum, I was just reaching the 50 hour mark. A little while later I saw Sam march out of the room, looks like it went well. So I went back inside the room and saw Dean packing, already dressed.

“What did John want?” I asked and Dean just sighed.

“He wants us to check out something. There are couples going missing during this time of year in a little town.” Dean answered and I nodded my head. I went over to my laptop and closed it slowly.

“So obviously that isn’t want Sam wanted to hear.” I put in and Dean sat on the bed, momentarily stopped packing. I walked in front of him so I could sit on the other bed from across from him. “You know I do get that Sam would be pissed. He is trying hard to find John but he doesn’t want to be found. Especially that John is the key to find whatever killed Jess and your mom.” I ran my hand through my hair. “But I am scared that Sam’s obsession with killing this thing is going to turn him into John. That would be a nightmare.”

“It was a demon.” Dean revealed while studying my demeanor but my expression didn’t change. “You knew it was a demon didn’t you?” He stood and walk to the side to get something. I stood too but didn’t move towards him.

“Something that powerful, isn’t going to be some high class monster Dean. It only makes sense if it were a demon, a very powerful one. One with an agenda that is bigger than any of us.” I answered him.

“You’ve known this the whole time?” He questioned looking disgusted at me while walking back to his bag to stuff something inside. I’m not going to lie it hurt a little for him to look at me like that. I didn’t answer him and I guess he made his own conclusion. “Goddammit Katherine!” I jumped at his sudden loud tone as he turned to face me. “I’m sick and tired of you not telling me anything. Something like this is important.” I stood there unaffected by his sudden anger.

“If I did tell you, what would you do? Go after it with holy water and a book of exorcisms.” I guessed sarcastically. “ You barely took care of the last one and that wasn’t even a middle class demon. This demon is extremely powerful, and will be a bitch to kill.” I told him honestly with a tired tone. I gave him a serious look before but looked set in his anger for now. Then I walked to my bag to put my laptop in it and walked out the door to the car. I think everyone is just a bit cranky.

In the car it was pretty silent and tense. Everyone was pissed at something and it was giving me a freaking headache, so I was trying to sleep. I just couldn’t though, I felt like there was something major coming soon and it made my heart hurt, yes my heart not my head, just thinking about it. Since I couldn’t fall asleep I was just dozing in and out in the backseat of the impala. The faint sounds of the boys talking could be heard as I was dozing. Suddenly I felt the car stop and the door slam shut. I opened my eyes to see Dean getting out of the car apparently following Sam since he wasn’t driving anymore.

“You’re a selfish bastard, you know that? You just do whatever you want. Don’t care what anybody thinks.” Dean accused and my eyes widened. What the hell did I miss? They were both standing by the open trunk so I couldn’t see them.

“ That’s what you really think?” Sam questioned. I must have missed a lot, because they haven’t fought like this for a while. Like since we were younger.

“Yes, it is.” Dean agreed and I winced internally. Like hell you do Dean.

“ Well, then this selfish bastard is going to California.” Sam announced and I heard his footsteps walking away.

“ Come on, you’re not serious.” Dean said in disbelief and I almost scoffed. Sam and him are one of the most stubborn people I know beside myself and Bobby, of course he is serious.

“ I am serious.” Sam affirmed. I knew it.

“ It’s the middle of the night! Hey, I’m taking off, I will leave your ass, you hear me?” Dean yelled out towards Sam. I guess he stopped and looked at Dean since the footsteps stopped.

“ That’s what I want you to do.” Sam told him and then there was a pause.

“ Goodbye, Sam.” Dean finished and the trunk closed. I could see both the boys now. Sam had his bag and was standing in the middle of the road. Dean was walking to the driver's door and got inside. I looked out towards Sam as Dean started to drive off and I gave the ‘call me’ gesture with my hand near my ear. He faintly nodded then started to walk in the opposite direction of us. Turning towards the front of the car I saw Dean drive with an pissed expression. I just leaned back and crossed my arms while looking out the window fully awake now, dammit.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Dean asked irritated and I turned to look at him.

“Nah I think I’m good.” I declined and the car continued down the road. The sun was starting to show beyond the horizon and for the first time in a long time I was reminded of the time I first came back here. The moment I said goodbye to my sister. “But if you are looking for criticism, I think that both of you are idiots and too stubborn for your own good.” I spoke up. “I bet that right now that you are regretting leaving your brother behind. Knowing that the both of you were just stressed from your Dad just calling, after not hearing from him in half a year.”

“He wanted to go. Well I let him go. Isn’t that what you wanted me to do?” Dean asked referring to when I told him to let go of Sam for college.

“I didn’t want you to do anything. In fact I wasn’t even fully awake for the whole argument.” I pointed out and the car was silent for a while.

“Dean.” I called and he looked at me from the rearview mirror. “What would have you have done if I told you it was a demon?” I asked, his disappointment in me was a little hard. I never did like when the boys were mad at me, it always felt wrong. Although I try so hard to not let it show.

“There isn’t much I can do.” He sighed. “Kat I get it, you have secrets, but this was involving my family and that has to be shared.” This was like the third time he told me this since the beginning of this whole road trip.

“What if I was trying to protect you?” I asked and he glanced at me again.

“It would be better if we could protect each other.” He pointed out and I looked at him a little surprised.

“Since when were you all wise?” I questioned with a slight smile.

“I’ve always been this wise.” He scoffed and I snorted. “It’s the perks of being older.” I rolled my eyes.

I got out of the car, finally able to stretch. We drove into a small town and it was raining a little. Looking over to see Dean, I saw him looking at him phone, probably wanting to call Sam. I smirked and leaned on the door beside him, waiting for him to get out. He snapped his phone shut and got out. He looked down at me and saw I was still wearing my smirk.

“Shut up.” He said and I raised my hands in defense, still smirking. He started to walk towards a little restaurant.

“I didn’t say anything.” I replied, walking alongside him.

“Your face says it all.” he told me and I chuckled a little. We walked up to this dude sitting on the porch of this restaurant called Scotty’s.

“ Let me guess. Scotty.” Dean said and the man looked up to the sign then back at us. He nodded in reply. “ Hi, my name’s John Bonham.”

“ Isn’t that the drummer for Led Zeppelin?” Scotty asked and Dean looked at him in surprise.

“His parents were always Zeppelin fans.” I put in casually with a kind smile. “Melody Pond.” I greeted and Scotty nodded.

“ What can I do for you, John, Melody?” Scotty asked and Dean took the missing person papers from his pocket.

“ I was wondering if, uh, you’d seen these people by chance.” Dean showed him the papers.

“ Nope. Who are they?” Scotty questioned.

“ Friends of ours. They went missing about a year ago. They passed through somewhere around here, and I’ve already asked around Scottsburg and Salem—” Dean was interrupted.

“ Sorry. We don’t get many strangers around here.” Scotty informed us and I snorted very quietly. Yeah, I wonder why many people don’t come to a creepily quiet town? Totally not a scary movie setting at all.

“ Scotty, you’ve got a smile that lights up a room, anybody ever tell you that?” Dean asked and I elbowed his side. Scotty was not obviously amused and just looked at us strangely.

“Thanks for your time Scotty.” I said then walked off and Dean followed behind me. “Gotta love small town courtesy.” I said as we walked into the next establishment.

Dean and I had walked into a couple places. No one seemed to remember them except for this one family, the niece seemed to recall them being at the gas station. Then oddly Harley, he owned the shop, remembered them too. He then led us in the same direction as the couple took a year ago, to the interstate. Now we’re on that same road, trying to put the pieces together of what happened a year ago.

“Don’t you think that it was weird for them to only remember the couple coming into town because of the niece. I mean Scotty said that they get many new people around here. Don’t you think they would remember someone new coming.” I reasoned as we drove down the road.

“They were old Kat. Sorry all people can’t have memory like you do.” He said sarcastically. I just rolled my eyes and the car was once again quiet. I knew he was still thinking about Sam and I just wish that one of them would just call. After a while though, my eyes started to droop and my head would fall a little. Dammit I still hadn’t gotten sleep yet, I should probably work on that. It’s just that I couldn’t shake this shocking feeling off and it keeps me awake when I try to sleep.

All of the sudden the radio blasted playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’, I jumped up in surprise with widened eyes. I look to Dean to see him laughing at me.

“You want to give me a freaking heart attack Dean!” I shouted above the music a little peeved. He lowered it down a little and continued to laugh.

“Just trying to keep you awake. When is the last time you slept?” he asked as he lowered the music.

“Don’t worry about it.” I replied and he just shook his head. While looking at him I see him scratch his arm. Scratching, Eye of the tiger, impala, Dean… Jensen Ackles dancing to Eye of the Tiger on the impala. I start to laugh a bit at the sudden memory. Dean looked at me curiously and I just laughed harder. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I couldn’t remember that. The first time I saw that I probably rewinded that about 15 times and was the laughing through the entire thing.

“What are laughing at?” He asked. I had to keep looking out the window because if I looked at him I would burst out laughing.

“Ah something a really hot actor did, he was dancing to Eye of the Tiger on top of a car. Although it does take place in the future” I replied still laughing a bit.

“Which one?” He asked and I smirked a little.

“Jensen Ackles.” I answered him. There was no way for him to know that Jensen plays him...right?

“What has he played in?” he asked further.

“I don’t think he is an actor here, trust me I would know this. But he was on ‘Days of Our Lives’, ‘Dawson’s Creek’, ‘Dark Angel’, ‘Smallville’, and he actually offered the role of Captain America, but didn’t take it. ” I say.

“So obviously you liked this guy.” He guesses and I smirk again.

“He was pretty cool, but his co-star ,Jared, was awesome. Oh and Misha too.” I smiled remembering the men, who now were fictional according to this universe.

“Misha?” He says strangely and I nod. Suddenly the EMF goes off and I reach into the back seat. “What the hell?” Dean parks on the side of the road. I hold onto the EMF and stare at Dean, looking for an explanation, but he just shrugged. So I shut the EMF off and get out of the car. We were surrounded my apples trees, fantastic. Dean gets out and comes to my side, we start walking forward into the orchard. We split up and I could say that it was a stupid plan but it helped us cover more ground. Eventually, I saw this scarecrow and couldn’t help but be reminded of Jeepers Creepers, that freaky demon that comes over 23 springs over something like that. I walked right in front of it and just stared at it.

“Someone beat you with the ugly stick.” I commented with a slight smile, but then something on the scarecrow's arm catches my eyes. Looking to my right I see a ladder, I grab it and place it right next to the scarecrow. Climbing up I notice the scythe in the hand of it and I’m starting to get a little worried now. I move the cloth to the side and see that there was a tattoo on what seemed to be human skin. Moving my eyes to the face of the scarecrow, I give it a weary smile then hear someone walking towards me. Turning around, I see Dean and relax a bit . “Dean I think you might want to check this out.”

“What? A scarecrow?” Dean asked sarcastically as I climb down the ladder..

“No. The awesome ink it is currently wearing on it’s arm.” I reply causally. Dean furrowed his brow then went up to the scarecrow using the ladder. He took out the photo of the missing guy and compared it to the scarecrow.

“Nice tat.” He commented and he looked down at me. I just gave him a weary smile.

Dean and I had drove into town and went to fill up the impala, but while there we learn that we weren’t the only new people in town. There was a couple there who apparently had ended up with a broken brake line. Everyone was treating them kindly, well more than to us. We knew something was wrong. I’m guessing why that’s why the sheriff ran us out of town. So then it was night and were at the orchard once again. We were walking side by side, determining earlier that it was best to stick together this time. After a while, we started to hear trouble and ran towards it knowing that it would be the couple, who had unknowingly walked straight into their demise. We caught up with them and basically dragged them to the car, but not before shooting a couple rounds at the creepy scarecrow. It hadn’t even faltered, which meant it was being possessed and was not a monster. Then we drove the couple to the nearest safest place and dropped them off. Now Dean and I were in a motel room, settling for the night. I came out of the bathroom drying my hair.

“So basically this a some kind of pagan sacrificial ritual.” I spoke up as I tossed the towel to the side. “They basically fattened them up and gave them directions to the nearest hungry pagan god.” Dean was on my laptop.

“That's about it. I set up with a meeting with a local professor tomorrow, so we could get more information.” He told me and I sat on one of the beds

“What? You doubt my researching skills?” I ask with a tired smirk.

“No, it’s just I thought it would be quicker if we went to an expert who already has all the information. It’ll get us out of here a hell lot quicker.” Dean explained and I just shrugged. It made things a lot easier for me, since I would be the one researching and he would just be moping around. Plus you could tell he really wanted to catch up with Sam. The argument was laying heavy on his shoulders. It really hurt me to see the brothers divided. To see Sam on his path of revenge and Dean trying to bring back their brotherly bond. I guess this is what happens when two worlds collide.

“You know what I think?” I ask him and he didn’t even look up from my laptop. “I think I should have my laptop back before I find my history erased and…” I joked as I walked over to him and took it. Then closed it and put it aside. “ ...that you should call Sam.” Dean gave me a stubborn expression. “Don’t give that look. I’ve seen you all day with your finger on the call button but never pressing it and I bet you that Sam is doing the same exact thing.” He just kept staring at me with that stubborn look. “You don’t have to do it now, but you have to do it sometime, okay. Do you have any idea how much better you will feel? Sam too.” He looked away and I sighed a little. Standing up I walk over to Dean and grab his chin so he was facing me again. “Do you understand?” I asked still holding on to his chin.

“Yeah.” He mumbled.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” I told him and he narrowed his eyes at me.

“Yes.” He answered louder this time and I gave him a smile then let go of his chin.

“Fantastic.” I say and then walk over to my bed but taking my laptop with me so I could go internet surfing. Mostly on youtube though and maybe I should check my stock on Google. I bought one a little while back along with a Apple one. Dean walked into the bathroom a little grudgingly and I just shook my head. I swear, sometimes I think I work with children.

“You know what I think?” Dean spoke up about 20 minutes later, coming out of the bathroom.

“Well that’s a first.” I joked. I couldn’t help it, he set himself up for that, but he ignored me.

“I think you should sleep. You keep it up like this and you’ll be just as bad as Sam.” Dean said and I gave him a look.

“I’m not tired.” I lied. I was so freaking tired right now but I can’t go to sleep.

“Bull shit.” Dean called and I shrugged, not really caring whether he believed me or not. Next thing I know my laptop is being taken away from me and I gave Dean a pout.

“No this is bull shit. Do you know how long I waited for youtube?” I whined and then he shrugged. Dick, I internally huffed. Grudgingly, I went underneath my blankets and I heard Dean get under his from the bed beside me. My eyes were open and I just stared into the darkness. I was tired but my eyes refused to stay closed. About ten minutes later, I started to hear Dean snore very softly, so I quietly ripped the blanket off me and got off the bed to get my laptop. Then very quietly I started to walk soundlessly over to my laptop which was across the room, but I was met with with a facefull of carpet with a loud thump. Dammit. The lights turned on and I saw Dean looking at me on the floor a little disappointed. I look to what I tripped on to see it was Dean’s boots.

“You know Dean it is pretty dangerous keeping your boot’s around the place, someone could trip especially when it is dark.” I told him innocently as I turned to my side, leaning my head into my hand.

“Really you just couldn’t stay in bed, for at least a couple hours?” Dean asked as he sat up in his bed.

“I was going to spend a couple hours in bed and also be on my laptop, multitasking is always awesome.” I explained and Dean just sighed with a shake of his head.

“You know I thought it wouldn’t have to come to this, but I was wrong.” Dean said and I furrowed my eyebrows confused. Then he gave me a small smirk and I started to lean back from him, a little scared now.

“You know I haven’t been this uncomfortable for a while, like since I was sixteen.” I muttered to Dean, knowing he could hear me, since he was directly behind me.

“Just sleep.” Dean complained into my neck, as he tightened his grip around my waist with his arm. Dean had somehow gotten me into bed with him and now my back was against his chest. “Or we could do something else to tire you out.” Dean joked and I elbowed him. “Or we could just sleep, you know that works too.” Dean said, his voice a little strained.

“I agree.” I said with a smirk. “This is completely unnecessary. There are other effective ways to do this, like tying me to the bed or at least using handcuffs.” I huffed.

“Kinky, I like it.” He laughed in my neck again and I tried not to shudder. My neck was a very sensitive spot okay, I blame my genetics. So to hide it, I elbowed him again. “You would have gotten out of it anyway.”

“Very true but…” I was cut off.

“Just freaking relax and sleep Kat.” He ordered and I huffed. Shifting a bit, I try to get comfortable and find a spot that had me leaning on Dean a bit. I let out a breath and relaxed. Surprisingly, I was met with the darkness of sleep, the one which I haven’t seen for a while.

3rd person POV

Dean opened his eyes to see the light of morning seeping through the curtains. He felt some pressure on his chest and looked down to see that Kat was still there surprisingly still sleeping. She was snuggled into his chest, as he laid flat against the bed. Very gently, he got up and placed a pillow there to replace him, so she could sleep more. She shifted into the pillow and her hair fell across her face.

“Freakin’ angels.” she muttered softly and Dean laughed silently. Wondering what kind of crazy dream she was having. Then went to her side and placed a note saying he was leaving to see the local professor. Placing it by the bedside table he also brushed her hair out of her face. He then silently left the room.

Driving towards the local college, Dean’s hand kept twitching for the phone. He really did want to talk to Sam, to say something but what is he going to say. Kat’s words from yesterday kept tempting him to call him, till eventually he finally did press the call button.

“Dean.” Sam greeted on the other line. Here goes nothing, Dean thought.

“ Do you know which god you’re dealing with?” Sam asked, after a whole awkward introduction.

“ No, not yet.” Dean answered, still driving on the empty road.

“ Well, you and Kat figure out what it is, you can figure out a way to kill it.” Sam offered.

“ I know. I’m actually on my way to a local community college. I’ve got an appointment with a professor. You know, since I don’t have my trusty sidekick geek boy to do all the research.” Dean mentioned and Sam laughed.

“ You know, if you’re hinting you need my help, just ask. Plus you have Kat there, she is pretty good at research too.” Sam said.

“ I’m not hinting anything. Actually, uh—I want you to know….I mean, don’t think….” Dean tried to say.

“Yeah. I’m sorry, too.” Sam offered knowing that is what Dean was trying to say.

“ Sam. You were right. You gotta do your own thing. You gotta live your own life.” Dean said and Sam was a little surprised.

“ Are you serious?” Sam asked.

“ You’ve always known what you want. And you go after it. You stand up to Dad. And you always have. Hell, I wish I—anyway….I admire that about you. I’m proud of you, Sammy.” Dean explained and Sam was just speechless.

“ I don’t even know what to say.” Sam told Dean.

“ Say you’ll take care of yourself. Also if Kat calls you, tell her I called you, so she will get off my ass.” Dean ordered him.

“ I will. Glad I wasn’t there to face Kat.” Sam attempted to joke but Dean was just emotionless right now, having to let go of his little brother again. “Is she in the car?”

“No, she is still at the motel sleeping. You know she hasn’t slept in days. I basically had to tie her to the bed.” Dean said and Sam chuckled a little.

“Little too much info Dean.” Sam told him, knowing nothing like that happened. “She worries about us too much.” He admitted softly.

“I know. Call me when you find Dad.” Dean finished and Sam got a little sad.

“ OK. Bye, Dean.” Sam hung up the phone and sat there in silence. Meg sat next to Sam.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“My brother.” Sam answered shortly still looking at his phone.

“What did he say?” She questioned again and Sam looked up at her, his face still holding the sad expression.

“Goodbye.” he said then chuckled a bit. “Probably because Kat was raging on him or something. This has happened before believe or not, she always fixes our messes. She even took me on a trip to cheer me up and even gave me a birthday party.”

“Kat?” Meg questioned curiously.

“Yeah, a childhood friend, my best friend really. She was the first one to ever understand me and always encouraged me to do what I thought was right, not what everyone else thought.” Sam explained.

“How did you two meet?” She questioned further.

“Well according to my Dad it was a couple weeks after I turned six months, she is a year older than me though. My brother and I travelled with Kat’s family for a while, until my dad knew how to handle the business. Occasionally, we see her and her sister at my uncle Bobby’s house, a long time ago though. Then about seven years ago we finally met up after a long time at a diner and didn’t even know who she was. Then a month or two later we met up again and here we are, still friends.” Sam told her and she gave Sam a small smile.

“What about her sister?” She asked... interested.

“Kat doesn’t really like talking about her because there was one conversation that ever involved her. But to put it in simplest terms she’s lost. Kat lost a lot in two days, I admire her for her strength.” Sam finished and they sat in silence for a while.

Kat’s POV

I woke up to a loud knocking on the door. Grudgingly, I got up but picked up a note that was by me bed. Dean was out to see the local professor, but that was in the morning, it was about five in the afternoon now. Something’s wrong with Dean.

“I’ll be there in a moment.” I yelled at the door as I jumped into my jeans and put on a flannel shirt. The knocking continued and I huffed as I walked to the door. Damn someone wasn’t patient. I opened the door about to tell off whoever was there but was suddenly met with darkness again.

I opened my eyes again to see that I saw in a small place which was dark, preferably a trunk since I could hear an engine and the road. Trying to move around, I feel that I have duck tape around my mouth and my hand were bound behind my back. I could feel the car slow to a stop and someone get out of the car. Light entered the trunk and I squinted my eyes from the suddenly brightness. As my eyes adjusted, I saw the sheriff, Harley and his wife, along with Scotty. Should have known, really.

“Harley it is either her or Emily.” His wife said and he looked at me apologetically.

“I’m sorry, but at least your boyfriend is down there.” Harley said to me and I furrowed my brows. Dean?

“Not my boyfriend.” I muttered into the tape. The sheriff picked me up from the trunk and stood me up. I wasn’t going to struggle or anything, I had to see where Dean was and then start fighting back. We were back at the orchard, big surprise there. The sheriff then pushed me forwards into the orchard and held my arms as he guided me to my doom. Trust me I’m not dying to a pagan god and I don’t plan to anytime because quite honestly it sounds like a boring death. Eventually, I saw doors to a cellar and they opened it up. Dean was at the bottom of the steps. Harley took the tape off my mouth.

“Does your niece know about any of this?” I asked as he guided me down the stairs.

“No, she doesn’t.” He answered as he stood me next to Dean.

“Then I’m glad it me not her.” I told him honestly and he looked at me apologetically again before ascending the stairs. The doors closed and I let out a breath. “So fancy meeting you here Dean. How did they get you?” I asked and he just stared at me.

“I was on my way out of the college and they knocked me out.” Dean said and I nodded while looking around the cellar to cut the tape around my wrists with. “You?”

“Kept annoyingly knocking at the door and I opened it a distracted, then darkness.” I told him and he nodded. I found what seemed to be a rough side to some metal and started to cut the tape off. “I guess now we wait, until then tell me about this god we are being sacrificed to.” Dean told me about how it was a Norse god called Vanir and how it gave people good crops if it was worshiped properly. After a while he finished and I started to see the sun begin to go down through the holes of the cellar. The gang came back to put us into place but had someone extra with them.

“Uncle Harley, you can’t do this. They are nice people.” Emily pleaded with her uncle as we were tied to the trees by the scarecrow.

“We have to Emily it is for the common good.” Her aunt explained because Harley wasn’t able to answer her niece. Her aunt then dragged her away with the rest and they left.

“I hope you apple pies are freaking worth it.” Dean yelled at them as they left. I struggled in the ropes, but they were tied pretty tight so there was no way I was getting out of these before sun down.

“So we have a plan, right?” I asked Dean as I leaned against the tree.

“I’m working on it.” Dean told me and I sighed. This is going to be a very long night.

“You know there is an upside to this situation.” I spoke up as night finally fell.

“What’s that?” Dean asked incredulously as he looked at me.

“It wasn’t the other Norse God, Loki. Don’t get me wrong he knows how to party, but piss him off and he’ll give you some ironic death.” I said and he looked a bit surprised.

“You met Loki.” Dean said astonished.

“Trust me the bloke isn’t Tom Hiddleston. Plus it is pretty hard to plan against the Trickster, when he keeps changing his appearance. But man he was awesome.” I told him and I started to hear footsteps behind me. “Heads up someone’s coming.” Dean struggled in the ropes a little more.

“Dean, Kat!” The voice said and I let out the breath I was holding. Sam.

“Oh! Oh, I take everything back I said. I’m so happy to see you. Come on.” Dean said revealed and Sam began to untie his ropes. “How’d you get here?”

“I, uh—I stole a car.” Sam muttered, but I still heard it and chuckled.

“Wow Sam such a rebel.” I told him

“ Haha! That’s my boy! And keep an eye on that scarecrow. He could come alive any minute.” Dean warned him.

“ What scarecrow?” Sam asked and I groaned. Dean got up quickly and checked for the scarecrow which apparently wasn’t there anymore.

We were running in the woods trying to get up. I was lagging behind a bit since I didn’t have shoes. Suddenly a light was running up behind me and I turned to see what it was, because no Norse god would have a flashlight. I saw Emily and stopped.

“Emily! What the hell are you doing here?” I asked her a little angry that she was currently here.

“I was going to let you two go but I see someone beat me to it. This is murder.” She explained a little out of breath.

“Come on let’s get out of here.” I grabbed a hold of her hand and started to run again. As we got closer to where the boys were, I realized they were surrounded by the crazy pagans. So I hid Emily and I behind one of the trees.

“Where’s the girl?!” The aunt asked holding a shotgun to the boys, along with everyone else. I gave Emily a sign to stay here and she nodded. Then I grabbed a branch and went towards the closest one hold a shotgun.

“I don’t know but I would tell you.” Dean said. As he did I swung the branch at the Sheriff’s head. Payback's a bitch. I quickly dropped the branch and picked up the gun.

“Right here.” I said as I cocked the gun. Emily ran beside me “ I suggest you let us leave and there will be no trouble. Trust me when I say that dying crops will be the least of your worries.”

“Emily, come over here.” Harley begged, but she shook her head.

“This is wrong. Just let them go.” Emily reasoned and Harley had a pained expression.

“They have to-” he was cut of by the sudden knife protruding from his chest. His wife screamed and so did Emily. She then hid her face in my shoulder as Harley was taken back by the scarecrow along with her aunt. Then I took Emily by the hand and started to run away, the boys following shortly behind. Eventually we reached the edge of the orchard, when we did all we did was stare into the menacing fog, which hid the horrors of the orchard.

The next morning we took Emily took us into the orchard again and showed us the first tree which apparently held the god’s power and burned it. Then we took her to the bus station and watched as she got onto the bus.

“Think she’s gonna be alright?” Sam asked as the bus drove off.

“ Oh she’ll be fine. Has a strong head on those shoulders.” I reassured Sam.

“ And the rest of the townspeople, they’ll just get away with it?” He questioned further.

“ Well, what’ll happen to the town will have to be punishment enough.” Dean mentioned and we started walking to the car. “ So, can I drop you off somewhere?”

“ No, I think you’re stuck with me.” Sam said and they stopped at the car, but I stopped at my door. Sadly, I was no longer sitting shotgun.

“ What made you change your mind?” Dean asked, curious.

“ I didn’t. I still wanna find Dad. And you’re still a pain in the ass.” Dean nodded and I chuckled. “But, Jess and Mom—they’re both gone. Dad is God knows where. You, me. and Kat We’re all that’s left. So, if we’re gonna see this through, we’re gonna do it together.”

“ Hold me, Sam. That was beautiful.” Dean said as he put a hand on his shoulder but Sam hits it away.

“You should be kissing my ass, you both were dead meat, dude.” Sam mentioned and I scoffed.

“ Yeah, right. I had a plan, we’d have gotten out.” Dean said and I nodded but fully knowing he didn’t have a clue of how to get out of there.

“Actually I had the plan, and this is why I am the brains of the operation when you are away Sam.” I joked and we all laughed. Then we got into the car and drove off. Looks like we are off to a good start.

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