My Strange New Life


Dean drove the impala quickly into the driveway of the abandoned house, which held the monster. We all jumped out and headed for the trunk for supplies. Dean took out three tasers for all of us. This entire situation seemed familiar but I couldn’t remember anything about it.

“What do you got those amped up to?” Sam asked and I stared at the tasers a little unsure.

“A hundred thousand volts.” Dean answered.


“Yeah, I want this rawhead extra frickin' crispy. And remember, you only get one shot with these things. So make it count.” Dean mentioned as he closed the trunk and then handed us each one. The boys ran ahead into the house and I hesitated by the trunk for a second, to look at the house. Something was going to happen, something not too good. I ran after them.

We already searched the the top half of the house and now we had to check the basement for the kids. We all took a corner to the basement. I slowly went to search mine, but heard a noise coming from a cupboard. Sam and I moved in front of the cupboard as Dean went to open it.

“ On three. One. Two. Three.” Dean whispers and then yanks the door open. The children sat inside, absolutely terrified. I crouch by the kids and check on them.

“ Is it still here?” I asked them quietly. They nodded and I stood one of them up.

“Ok. Grab your sister's hand, come on, we gotta get you out of here. Let's go, let's go.” Dean said and I move them towards the stairs. As I lead the kids up the stairs, something grabs my ankle and I fall back down the stairs. Dean went around the stairs in an attempt to shoot it.

“Kat!” Sam yelled about to lean down towards me, but I held a hand up.

“Sam get them out of here.” I ordered him and I tried to move my ankle, the excruciating pain made me whimper a bit. Then it looked like he wanted to carry me, but I held my hand up again. “I’ll slow you down Sam get them out of here. Now!” Sam grudgingly walked up the stairs with the kids. “Dean!” I called, he looked towards me and I gave him my laser, since he already shot his. When he took it, I dragged myself to a corner, so I could hide. I was right by a big puddle. Dean started to look around and all I could do was watch him.

“Come on!” Dean yelled pissed as he searched the corner. Suddenly he was thrown back by the creature, against the wall. His gun went flying, right next to me in the puddle. Dean looked to be unconscious and I wasn’t going to make any assumptions. But suddenly I was reminded of the dream I had a while back, it was this same situation. There is no way in hell it is going to end the way it did.

“Hey you ugly son of a bitch! Over here!” I yelled and the creature went away from Dean and started to towards me. I quickly went over to grab the gun, which essentially put me in the puddle and shot him. I thought I heard someone yell at me but I wasn’t sure because the next thing I know, it’s dark and I can’t breathe.

3rd person POV

Dean started to get up as he saw the creature approach him. but heard someone yell beside him.

“Hey you ugly son of a bitch! Over here!” Kat yelled. The creature started to move towards her and Dean tried to get up again. She dragged herself into the puddle and held the gun. Dean noticed the creature went into the same puddle as her, his eyes widened.

“Kat, no!” Dean yelled as she shot the gun. He watched in horror as she shook violently along with the creature from the 100,000 amps of electricity. It died down and she laid still. He quickly stood up and went to her side.

“Kat, hey wake up.” Dean called to her a little quiet. He laid her against him as he held her face, trying to wake her. Sam came running down the stairs.

“Kat!” Sam exclaimed, he kneeled next to them and took Kat from Dean’s arms. He put two fingers against her neck to check for a pulse. “She’s alive but barely breathing. We have to get her out of here.” Sam said to Dean, but all Dean did was stare at Kat with a deadpan expression. “Dean!” He looked at Sam and nodded. Sam lifted Kat and carried her out of the basement, Dean stayed behind a little. No one saw the one tear roll from his eye.

Kat’s POV

I opened my eyes and looked around a bit. Looks like I was in the hospital, great. There was a doctor at the foot of my bed, so I tried to sit up but was hit with this tremendous amount of pain from my chest, so I winced and settled back down.

“Hey there, take it easy.” The doctor said as he pushed me back into bed. I looked around the room for Sam and Dean.

“Where-” I tried to ask with a rough voice.

“They are in the waiting room, but before I allow them in.” he paused and took a breath. “We have to talk about your condition.” he finished ominously and I swallowed pretty freaking hard. Well that can’t be good.

I just looked at him a little sad, he just told me that I had a couple weeks to live because of the massive heart attack I had from the electrocution. My heart was damaged and I had a broken ankle, anything else.

“Thanks doc.” I told him with a weary smile. He nodded and left the room. I just sat there a little numb, well mostly because of the morphine. I’m not dying, I thought stubbornly. I could just call Balthazar or Gabriel. This isn’t the end for me… it can’t be.

“What?!” I heard a familiar voice yell from the hallway. I gave a painful chuckle. Looks like Dean was taking the news a little worse than I did. Laying my head back down on the pillow, I close my eyes and realize this was the best sleep I have had in weeks. There was a small knock at the door, I opened my eyes to see Sam there.

“Hey there Sammy.” I said weakly with a smile.

“I talked to your doctor.” Sam mentioned and I groaned.

“Yeah well so did I, wasn’t he such a Debby downer.” I joked, but Sam didn’t smile.

“Kat.” He reprimanded.

“What do you want me to say Sam? I’m dying, oh freaking well. Too much drama for my poor heart.” I said sarcastically. He just shook his head and sat in the chair next to my bed. “I don’t want to concentrate on the bad okay. I’d rather be smiling the whole time.” Sam looked down and when he looked back at me his eyes were watery.

“Kat, you’re dying, there is nothing to be smiling about.” He said. Sighing, I sat up and held my arms out for him.

“Come here.” I told him mock annoyed. Sam went into my arms and hugged me. I rubbed his back a little. “Aren’t you the one who is supposed to be consoling me? This is bull shit.” I chuckled and he sat back down in his chair. “Listen, I want you to leave me here and go on with your brother, to find your dad.” He started to shake his head and was about to say something.

“That’s not happening, Kat.” Dean said from the doorway. He walked over to my bed and stood next to Sam. “We’re going to fix you.”. I snorted.

“You make me sound like a broken toy.” I mentioned with a smile, but he didn’t change his determined expression. “Listen you two need to go on. I’m going to make a couple calls. I don’t want the two of you to see me-”

“Die.” Sam finished then he stood up. “Kat you are always taking care of us, let us return the favor. I’m not letting you die.” Sam finished and left the room. I looked to Dean and nodded my head towards the door.

“Follow your brother and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid.” I told him and he nodded. Before he left though, he gave me the hotel and room number they were staying at. The room was empty again and the only thing to be heard was my rough breathing. I did the right thing, going into that puddle. Dean would have been sitting here right now, if it wasn’t for me. I don’t think I could have handle that.

A days passed and I started to get a bit bored, so I called in a nurse and asked her to give me the discharge papers. She suggested highly against it but I don’t care. After signing the papers, they gave me my things. I pulled on my clothes and sat back on the bed for a moment with my cell phone in my hand. Looking through the contacts I find the roadhouse and press call. The phone rung a couple times.

“Hello.” I heard a familiar voice call and I smiled a bit.

“Hey Ellen.” I called weakly, tears started to form in my eyes. “It’s Kat.”

“Kat? You okay sweetie? You don’t sound too good.” She mentioned getting serious.

“I messed up big time, Ellen.” a tear fell from my eye, I quickly wiped it away.

“What happened?” She asked very concerned.

“I did something incredibly stupid in order to stop someone from doing the same mistake.” I told her simply. “I wanted to call you, just in case something happened and I didn’t get to say something to you.” My lip started to tremble. “Um- is Jo or Ash there?”

“They’re out right. Kat how bad are you?” She asked, sadness in the tone of her voice.

“I’ll be fine.” My voiced cracked. “Just tell Jo and Ash, I miss them. I’ll probably drop by soon if I can, when I feel better. I’ll talk to you later” I said.

“Feel better Kat, be strong.” She finished and I hung up the phone. Tears were streamed from my eyes but I quickly wiped the then away from my face. Be strong. I put down the phone and rubbed my face with my hands.

“Balthazar, if you are listening, I need you to get your feathery ass down here and help me. Not urgent or anything, just dying of a damaged heart here.” I prayed to him, hopefully he will come.

I leaned against the hotel room door frame with my crutches. At the hospital, I took a cab and walked up the two story building stairs, that was hell. I knocked at the door and the door opened slowly, it was Sam.

“Kat, what the hell are you doing here?” Sam asked me surprised that I was probably standing here.

“Well, the hospital was boring, so I thought, why not hang around my two best friends? So I don’t get bored to death.” Sam looked at me disapprovingly. “What? Too early?” He just shook and guided me to a chair.

“You know, this whole I-laugh-in-the-face-of-death thing? It's crap. I can see right through it.” Sam told me as he sat me down. I winced a little and tossed my crutches aside.

“You know, I don’t really care.” I mocked him with a sigh. “So what are you up to?”

“I've been scouring the Internet for the last three days. Calling every contact in Dad's journal.” Sam mentioned and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“For what?” I asked.

“For a way to help you. One of Dad's friends, Joshua, he called me back. Told me about a guy in Nebraska. A specialist.” Sam said and I chuckled a bit. He looked at me curiously.

“What kind of friend from your Dad’s journal is going to suggest a specialist in damaged hearts?” I asked. “I’m fine Sam, why can’t you just let me…” I trailed off, reality was hitting pretty hard now. He put a hand on my shoulder.

“I'm not gonna let you die. We're going.” Sam told me and I gave him a weary smile, then looked around the room.

“Where’s Dean?” I questioned and Sam sighed as he sat on his bed.

“Out to get some food. He has been doing research too, surprisingly.” Sam said and I nodded.

“Is he…” I trailed again.

“Fine, not really, he looks worse than you.” he finished and I chuckled.

“Wow, Sam should I take that as a compliment?” I asked with a smile and he chuckled too. The door suddenly opened and Dean came in carrying bags of what seemed like chinese. Dean saw me and then turned to Sam angrily.

“What is she doing here?” Dean questioned him and Sam raised his hands in defense.

“She came here herself. You know how stubborn she is.” Sam told him and Dean just put the food on the table then came next to me.

“Are you insane?” Dean asked me and I shrugged while holding my fingers a little close together.

“Please, like you wouldn’t have done the same thing. You would complain about dying in a hospital with no hot nurses. I just came here because the hospital was boring, don’t get me wrong there wasn’t any good looking doctors either. Unless of course you’re talking about the Doctor, because he is hot, both 10th and 11th regeneration.” I rambled with one breath, but then I felt a huge pain in my chest with an intake of breath. I held my hand by my heart and winced. Looking back at the boys, I saw them looking at me with guilt and pity. Never really liked that, it always makes me feel irritated.

“So this specialist?” I asked and the boys looked at each other. Narrowing my eyes at them, I clearly know that there is something they aren’t telling me.

“Um- this is a church?” I asked as Dean parked the impala. Looking out the window, I saw many people gathering by the entrance to this church. “You know people like these are con men. I’ve seen healers first hand, they would never exploit their ability.” I mentioned as the boys got out of the car. Dean opened my door and basically lifted me out. “You know I can do this myself.” He settled me on the ground and I took my crutches from the backseat then placed them underneath my arms.

“I’m just trying to help.” Dean put in and I gave him a small smile. Then very slowly, I raised myself and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks Batman.” I told him, still a little close to his face. He looked at me with a mix of surprise and confusion. My face started to feel a little hot so I lowered myself and started to hobble away. Going next to Sam, I saw him smirking at me a little, so I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You’re blushing.” Sam mentioned. My eyes widened and I went to raise my hand to my cheeks momentarily forgetting I was on crutches, almost falling flat on my face. Sam was quick enough to catch me though. Then I tried to get away from him but I was slow so he caught up.

“Shut up.” I muttered as he laughed. “Now can we quickly get this over with, so you know that this man ain’t no healer, but a con man.” I said getting irritated.

“Do you have no faith?” A voice asked from behind me. Turning around, I see a young woman, probably not much older than me.

“No believe me I have plenty of faith, but come on this guy. It’s not relatively possible.” I answer her and she gave me a small smile.

“Maybe God works in mysterious ways.” She finished and an older woman took her away, mumbling something to her. Dean then stood next to us, looking at where that woman was.

“Now, who was that?” Dean asked with a smirk as he watched her go away.

“ Just some girl looking for faith in a con man.” I explained to him and then walked inside, with the boys trailing beside me. I found three chairs in the back row and went to sit down, but a hand stopped me.

“No, we are sitting in the front.” Sam addressed and I sighed. He guided me to a row of chairs, the second row from the front.

“You know I haven’t been to church since I was 16 and I always sat in the back. This is way too uncomfortable for me.” I mention and Sam just rolled his eyes at me.

“You sit aisle.” Sam ordered and I huffed, my least favorite spot too. Sam went in first followed by Dean then me.

Music started to play and I saw a man who appeared to blind, go on the stage.

“Each morning, my wife, Sue Ann, reads me the news. Never seems good, does it?” He asked and the crowd agreed with him. “Seems like there's always someone committing some immoral, unspeakable act.” As the guy was talking, apparently Roy, I noticed the many different crosses on the table behind him and there was one I didn’t recognize. “But, I say to you, God is watching.” Roy continued and it gained my attention back. I never really liked lectures and this guys was using his disability to his advantage. Is even really blind? “God rewards the good, and He punishes the corrupt. It is the Lord who does the healing here friends. The Lord who guides me in choosing who to heal by helping me see into people's hearts.”

“ Yeah, and into their wallets.” I murmured mindlessly. What the hell, I don’t usually say this stuff… out loud.

“You think so, young lady?” Roy asked me and my eyes widened.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized and shrunk down in my chair.

“No, no. Don't be. Just watch what you say around a blind man, we've got real sharp ears.” Roy joked and the crowd laughed. “What's your name?”

“ Katherine.” I answered hesitantly.

“Katherine.” Roy tested out and then nodded to himself. “I want-I want you to come up here with me.” As he said that my eyes widened.

“No, it's ok.” I told him, shaking my head.

“What are you doing?!” Dean asked me and I glanced at him then at the back of Layla, who sat in front of me.

“You've come here to be healed, haven't cha?” Roy questioned.

“Um yeah, but there are other people here more deserving for this. Choose someone else.” I told him and they boys looked at me like I was crazy. The crowd just clapped loudly.

“Oh, no. I didn't pick you, Katherine, the Lord did.” Roy mentioned and I continued to shake my head.

“ Get up there!” Sam ordered. Dean stood up and helped me from my seat. I took my crutches and slowly went up to the stage, with Dean helping me. He helped me up the steps and stayed right beside me.

“You can go.” I said quietly to Dean and he chuckled.

“I kind of can’t.” He said and I looked down at his hand to see mine holding it tightly. Dean was basically the only thing supporting me to stand up.

“You ready?” Roy asked. I glanced at Sam and saw him smiling at me. Sighing, I knew I had to try, I have to be here for the boys. They need me here.

“Kind of.” I confirmed and he chuckled.

“ Pray with me, friends.” Roy told everyone. The crowd lifts their arms up and joins hands with each other. Roy then lifts his hands to the air, then places it on my head. Nothing happened immediately, but then I started to feel really light headed. Everything began to get blurry and I started to fall back.

“Kat!” Dean called as he caught a hold of me before I hit the ground. Sam ran up to the stage too. I glance at them and then at Roy. Only to see a very pale man in a black suit disappear. A reaper, great.

Well Sam wanted to make sure that everything was fine with me, so he took me to get a check up. The doctor said I was great and there seemed to be no evidence that I even had a heart attack or a broken ankle. Then she mentioned that a guy around my age died of a heart attack and had gotten a broken ankle... by swimming. I couldn’t help but feel somehow responsible for his death and it hurt a little. Either way, something wasn’t right, so then we tried to dig a little deeper. Sam went to investigate the death of the dude. Dean and I went to Roy and talked to him. Dean has literally refused to leave my side since the hospital. I think he believes I’m just going to drop dead or something.

Also, we met Layla officially there and let me tell you her mom isn’t a ray of sunshine. She apparently had a brain tumor and he mom basically told me that her daughter deserved to get healed more than I did. For a while I kind of believed her. Afterwards, we went back to the motel room and Sam was sitting there, waiting for us.

“What'd you find out?” I asked Sam and he didn’t look at me.

“ I'm sorry.” He said quietly and I understood.

“ Sorry about what?” Dean questioned, not understanding.

“Marshall Hall died at 4:17.” Sam announced and I took a deep breath.

“ The exact time I was healed.” I clarified and sat on one of the beds.

“Yeah. So, I put together a list of everyone Roy's healed, six people over the past year, and I cross-checked them with the local obits. Every time someone was healed, someone else died. And each time, the victim died of the same symptom LeGrange was healing at the time.” Sam explained and I didn’t say anything. “Kat the guy probably would've died anyway. And someone else would've been healed.” He was trying to make me feel better and it really wasn’t working.

“I understand that Sam, but my job is to save lives, not take them away.” I said to him and then took a deep breath. “I should have never came here Sam.” I said quietly then stood up and went into my bag for my dad’s journal. “Either way I have an idea of how Roy is doing this.” I turned to the page where a picture of Death was.

“Reaper, right?” Dean asked and I looked up from my journal to give him a look of surprise. “Don’t be surprised, I read too. It isn’t Roy, it’s a reaper. It’s the only thing I know to take and give life like that.”

We did a little research after that. The boys were scouring the internet while I was reading my dad’s journal. He knew a thing or two about them. I wasn’t really concentrated though, the guilt from the Marshal dude was hanging on me a bit. I could have easily called Balthazar to let him heal me but he isn’t answering and I don’t want to owe the Trickster another favor.

The boys determined that there was black magic controlling the reaper. Magic like that is always held by an alter or talisman, but we have to look for the correct spell first. We had to find the spell book, so we made a plan to have Dean keep an eye on things inside the tent while me and Sam break in the house and find the book.

Sam and I found an unlocked window and climbed inside, then went our separate ways throughout the house. He started on an opposite corner from me and we started to search all the rooms. I found this one door that looks like it isn’t opened that often, so I picked the lock and went inside. It looked like an office and there was a shelf filled with books. Scanning the books for what I was looking for, I found the whole thing was dusty except for this one part on the bookshelf. I pulled out the book but there wasn’t what I was looking for, so about to put it back, something in the back of the shelf catches my eye. The door creaks open behind me and I turned around quickly to see Sam.

“Did you find anything?” He whispered. I turned back to the shelf and took out the book that was hiding in the back.

“I think so.” I answered him as I flipped the pages of the tiny book. There was clippings of newspaper in there so I took them out. They were articles of all the victims, but one was still alive, the guy in the parking lot handing out leaflets. We both hurry out of there and Sam called Dean to tell him what we found. “Come on Sam we have to look for the poor bastard.” I told him and then a yell sounded.

“Help me.” It said. I ran towards the voice and eventually I saw the leaflet guy by a car. Standing in front of the dude I steadied him.

“Where is he?” I questioned and he pointed beside me. Looking in the direction, I see the reaper, but he was a bit blurry. How the hell can I see him? Roy probably isn’t controlling it right. Sam caught up to us and stood in front of us trying to protect us from the seemingly invisible force.

“Where is he?” Sam repeated.

“Right there.” I answered him but not taking my eyes off the reaper. Grabbing the leaflet man’s hand, we ran away. But I was suddenly hit with a image of Roy’s wife in a corner holding a cross similar to the binding spell. “Sam keep running, I have to do something.” I let go of his hand and started towards the tent. When I got there there was people getting out of it unorderly. Pushing through, I saw someone in the corner, Sue Ann. I ran to her and saw Dean following closely behind me. When I reached her, I forcefully turned her around and caught her red handed. She looked at me in surprise while still clutching the cross.

“Help! Help me!” Sue Ann yelled as she tucked the cross in her shirt and I backed up a little, but I was suddenly grabbed from either side of me. Realizing it was no use to fight them, I just let them carry me out. Dean was about to jump one of cops, but I gave him a look to silently tell him no. I was taken out of the tent and they held me still, Dean was beside them, looking like he wanted to tear the cops’ heads off. Sue Ann walked in front of me and looked at me disappointedly.

“I just don't understand. After everything we've done for you. After Roy healed you. I'm just very very disappointed Katherine.” Sue Ann told me and I just looked at her saying nothing. There was nothing I could say. Unless it would be publically okay for me to strangle her in front of cops. “You can let her go. I'm not gonna press charges. The Lord will deal with her as he sees fit.” She finished ominously then walked away towards her husband.

“We catch you round here again girl, we'll put the fear of God in you, understand? You too boy.” One of the cops told us and I just gave him a dirty glare. He tried to look unaffected but failed, so in retaliation he pushed me. They walked away and Dean was about to go after him, but with an arm I held him back. Layla caught me eye and I saw her looking at us disappointedly.

“Dean was Layla-” I started

“Yeah.” He cut me off and I saddened a little bit. This was probably was one of her only chances and we took it away from her. She seemed like one of the nicest people ever, it always happens to people like her.

“She should have gotten healed, not me.” I muttered very lowly, but Dean still heard me.

“Kat.” He grabbed my shoulder but I shrugged it off and walked away. I was suppose to save people, and I am not doing a very good job at it.

We went back to the motel and gave Dean a quick debriefing of what we found. We figured that there had to be altar and talisman in order to do the spell Sue Ann was doing. Just to be safe we made a plan to destroy both the altar and the talisman around Sue Ann’s neck. So now we were back at the church and we got out of the car. I stood still looking at the church, Layla was probably already in there.

“What's happening to her is horrible. But what are you gunna do? Let somebody else die to save her? It’s not right for anyone to play God, Kat.” Sam spoke up and I gave him a weary smile. We approached the tent and looked in. There was Roy, but no sign of Sue Ann.

“Where's Sue Ann?” Dean questioned and I looked around the property.

“Mostly likely in the house, not wanting to give herself away again.” I told them and we went towards the house.

“Go find Sue Ann, I'll catch up.” Dean told us and I looked at him a bit confused but then saw the cops. Oh...

“ What are you gunna...?” Sam trailed also seeing the cops. I pulled him up the stairs so Dean could get the cops attention. We rounded the house and heard Dean yelling at the cops. “I’ll check the house. Try to see if you can find her on the property somewhere.” Sam suggested. I nodded and jumped off the porch. At first I checked the property around the house then I started to expand from there.

“You there!” I heard someone yell. Turning around, I saw the cops running towards me, but I didn’t move. Instead I just smirked as they ran to me and got ready. They both went to grab me at the same time, but I dodged and hit them both in the stomach. They bended down slightly clutching their stomachs. I quickly rammed their heads together and they were knocked out instantly. Falling to the ground, I just kicked them off each other.

“I swear, I’m surrounded by idiots.” I muttered, brushing off my hands. In the distance I saw someone get off the top of a trailer and start to approach me. Dean stopped in front of me and glanced at the cops at my feet.

“Was that really necessary?” Dean asked.

“Absolutely. Damn assholes don’t get away with manhandling me.” I replied. Behind Dean, a figure caught my eye, it was the reaper. “Dean quickly look behind you.” He complied. “Do you see the reaper?” I asked probably already knowing the answer.

“No.” Dean answered. “Do you see it?” he quickly asked panicked. I just gave him a worried look and the reaper got closer to me. “Where is it?” I turned myself so I could start running away, but it was there. It put his hand on the side of me head and I could feel the life start to drain out of me. “Kat!” He went to my side as I started to collapse to my knees. My skin started to feel like ice and my breaths were getting more shallow. Just when I thought I was done for, it let go and the heat returned. He walked away and disappeared. I started falling back but Dean caught me and held me against him. This has been happening often lately hasn’t it? We were both on the ground, my breaths were deep and shaky. “Stop dying Kat.” Dean was still holding me.

“Trust me I’m not trying to make a habit.” I assured him, my breathing still heavy. Trying to move, I’m halted by Dean’s arms which are still holding me to his chest. “You can let go now Dean.” Reluctantly he let me go and helped me up. I leaned against him for support, as we walked back to the impala. Sam arrived there the same time as us.

“You okay?” Sam asked.

“I’ll be fine.” I answered him.

I woke up and turned to the side. Sam was sleeping in the bed next to me and Dean was in the chair also sleeping. Looking at Dean, I slowly gaze at his features. He looked peaceful and relaxed, something that doesn’t happen often. I slowly get up and walk over to the window. Out the window I see a diner and a small park. Sitting on one of the benches was a blonde man, it was Balthazar.

“No…” I breathed lowly. Quickly I turn around and walk quietly to the door. Taking shoes and a coat on my way out. As I got out of the building, I rounded it and found the park, Balthazar was still there. I walk over to the bench and sit next to him.

“I was called.” Balthazar spoke up, still looking forward.

“Yeah like a week ago, when I was dying of a damaged heart. I’m good now no thanks to you.” I told him and he looked at me.

“Yeah the reaper situation, so I heard. Are we done here, I’m busy.” Balthazar said annoyed.

“Yeah busy, last time you were busy, it was because you were watching Titanic.” I reminded him. “But there is something I want you to do for me. Just a tiny little thing.”

“Yes.” Balthazar said impatient. It was always fun messing with him.

“There is this girl named Layla Rourke. She has an inoperable tumor. I want you to heal her.” I said as I crossed my legs.

“Why should I?” Balthazar asked as if it was ridiculous. I looked at him and smirked.

“‘Cause you owe me one.” I replied and he frowned. “In fact you owe me a couple, not even including the bet.” I reminded him.

“I trained you. I taught you everything you know.” He reasoned and I gave a chuckle.

“Not out of the kindness of your own heart Balth. You were made to by a deal you made with my parents and the crossroads demon.” I corrected and he sighed.

“Fine. You were always so needy and manipulative, you know that?” He asked and I gave him a sweet smile.

“Just do it.” I ordered him and he gave me a glare before he disappeared. Balthazar and I weren’t on bad terms, but he was relieved when he finished my training. He always made it look like he despised me but we both knew it was quite the opposite. I got up and started back to the motel room, but I made a quick pit stop in the diner for some coffee.

I opened the motel room door, Sam was moving around the room but Dean was still asleep.

“Kat, why were you outside with your pj’s?” He asked smiling a bit. I raised the tray of coffee’s in my hands.

“I was in a bad need of a coffee run.” I lied and he just shook his head. Walking over to the table I set the tray beside Dean. He still hasn’t moved once from his position. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought him dead. My face dropped a little. I saved Dean when I shoot that gun and when the reaper came after me. He didn’t have to go through that and somehow I was glad it was I to take the shoot. I don’t know how I would react if I saw Dean laying in that hospital bed instead.

“Kat?” Sam asked, interrupting my thoughts. I turned around to see him smiling at me but it had a little smirk to it. “Why are you just staring at Dean?” Then he looked at me a little closer and frowned. “Are you okay?” Suddenly something wet run down my check. I held my hand to my face and then looked at it, it was a tear. Quickly, I turn away from Sam and walk over to the window so I could clear up the tears. I heard Sam approach me from behind and gently turn me around. I looked down to hide my face, but he brought a hand to my chin and lifted it so I could look at him. “Kat what’s a matter?” I took a step back and a deep breath, then looked back up at him.

“You have to promise me not to say anything to Dean. Not a word, ever.” I told him. He frowned and was about to say something, but quickly spoke before him. “Sam if you told Dean this it would destroy. You know he hangs heavy with guilt.” He slowly nodded. “Down in the basement, when Dean was down and I shot that monster. Remember when I told you that, the tv show didn’t include my family.” I paused then he nodded. “Well this particular moment played on it and like I told you I didn’t exist in that time.” His eyes widened slowly.

“He was the one to shoot it and got the damaged heart.” Sam concluded.

“I had to stop it Sam, I couldn’t let him do that. I didn’t think I would be able to handle that. So I dragged myself into the puddle and did it myself.” I explained.

“If you knew-” Sam raised his voice a little but was cut off when I put my hand over his mouth.

“I didn’t know at first, but I told you, I have to be reminded of it and right there I was.” I told him, then took my hand off his mouth.

“That was not a smart decision, even for you Kat.” Sam commented and I chuckled a little. “Did you even know that we would find a way to heal you?”

“No, but at the time that wasn’t on my mind. The only thing was saving Dean and that’s what I did. I would have done the same for you in a heartbeat.” I confided and he just lowly scoffed.

“What did we ever do to deserve someone like you?” Sam semi joked and I shrugged with a smile.

“I like to think I’m your two’s guardian angel.” I joked back, then I looked at Dean. “I would also like to think that this should stay in between us.” Sam stood beside me and looked at Dean too.

“It would kill him.” Sam agreed.

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