My Strange New Life

Hell House

I tiredly walked into the roadhouse after an exhausting hunt that Ellen had suggested for me. It was a simple salt and burn, but the ghost was quite a bitch. During that time I had actually had a run in with Gabriel. I was cornered by a bunch of demons, which I could've handled myself, when he busted in and just smoked them with a touch. After that he took me unwillingly to a bar and we had a couple rounds. Since I was up against an angel/trickster, I actually had fun and got drunk for the first time in a long while. The hangover the next day was horrible.

After the whole heart thing with the boys, I hitched a ride to Pennsylvania and got my car back. Then drove all the way back to Nebraska and visited Ellen, just like I promised. I told Ellen what happened and she scolded me for almost dying, like it was my fault… Okay maybe I played a tiny part in it.

Spending a time with Jo and Ellen was refreshing because I’m surrounded by testosterone most of the time. Jo was so glad to see me too, but she isn’t the 15 year old girl, I remember her to be. She is all grown up and is constantly asking to go on a hunt with me. This life is not something you want willingly to go into, especially if you have a choice. Plus. Ellen would skin me alive if I did.

I walked into the roadhouse and saw Ellen cleaning the bar counter. No one was here, although it was like 1 in the afternoon so it was normal. Ellen looked up and smiled at me.

“So how did it go?” She questioned, still wiping the counter. I took off my green canvas jacket and tossed it onto the back of the bar stool then sat down right in front of her.

“Fine, but it took me forever to find a freakin’ unmarked grave of a native american.” I told her as she placed an open beer in front of me. Looking around, I didn’t see Jo or Ash. “Hey where is-” I was cut off by a loud crash.

“ASH!” I heard a familiar voice scream. Out the back Ash came running into the bar area. He had a scared yet amused expression. He saw me and his expression immediately went relieved and ran behind my chair. Before I could ask him what happened, a very pissed and white Jo stormed into the room. She was covered in what seemed like flour, but most of it was in her hair. He didn’t... She spotted Ash behind my chair and her expression went dark. “You’re dead.” She ominously walked towards him, I stood up and stopped her with my hand.

“What happened?” I asked with a slight smile, I was not trying to but come on this whole thing was hilarious. She saw that and started to glare at me.

“He put flour in my hair dryer.” She explained angrily, looking at Ash.

“That’s it. You’re angry over that. I would have laughed my ass off.” I told her and she didn’t seem to get any less calm. “Hey, at least it wasn’t nair in the shampoo. That is horrible prank.” I chuckled remembering what Dean did to Sam a very long while back. I looked at Ellen for help, but she was cleaning the counter, seemingly used to this. Rolling my eyes, I grab my coat from the chair. “I’ll see you guys later, I got to catch up with the boys. Last I heard they were on their way to Texas.” I backed up away from them and back towards the door.

“Bye Kat.” Ellen said and Ash looked at me.

“Seriously, wrong time to go McFly.” Ash told me and I shrugged then gave them a salute. Out the door, I was met with the sight of my beautiful 1971 Torino. Jumping into the car, I start it up and ram the engine a little. I don’t know how I ever did leave this sexy thing. Oh I should call it sexy, after the TARDIS. I pull out of the parking lot and start my drive towards Texas.

I texted Dean asking where he was heading to and he gave me the address to this diner in Richardson, Texas. Sitting back on the hood of my car waiting for the boys, I was reading an article in the local newspaper about some prank that happened like two months ago. These three kids went into an old farm house and saw a hung girl. What’s with all the pranks lately with everyone. Suddenly, someone from in front of me cleared their throat, when I glanced up there were these two very geeky men attempting badly at looking flirty .

“Leave now, and keep your cheesy ass pick up lines for the girls on your computer screens.” I ordered them, not even giving eye contact.

“But we’re-” One of them spoke up.

“I don’t care.” I flipped to the next page in my newspaper, very interested in the crossword puzzle.

“Come on Ed, she’s missing out.” One of them said to apparently Ed. Wait Ed and Harry. I cautiously glanced up again and saw them walk away rejected. I sort of remember them, they own that website right and Ghostfacers? I heard the rumble of an familiar engine that I haven’t heard in like three weeks. I put the newspaper beside me and sat up. Smiling, I see an irritated Sam and a happy Dean get out of the car.

“Looks like you got your ride back.” Dean commented, eying me on the hood of my car with a slight smirk. Rolling my eyes, I jump off the hood of my car and walk up to them.

“Yeah, felt good to be driving my own car again. My life is now complete. So what happened while I was gone? Anything interesting?” I asked them. The boys looked at each other and I gave them a curious look.

“We found our Dad.” Sam spoke up and my eyes widened.

“Really?And why are you not with him now?” I thought the boys wanted a to join John on his hunt.

“Well turns out we were suppose to lead this witch to our dad.”

“It was a trap.” Dean spoke up. “So we decided maybe it was better if he went on his own.” I nodded.

“Who was the witch?” I questioned and Dean smirked a little.

“Some crazy chick he met at a bus station a while back.” Dean put in. I looked to Sam for a name.

“Meg Masters.” Sam announced and my eyes widened immediately in surprise. Meg, Meg the demon. “You’ve met her?”

“No. Did you-”

“Kill her?” Dean finished. “Well she did fly out of the top floor of a very high building. She’s as dead as a nail.” I laughed at that. Falling out of a very high building isn’t going to kill a demon. “How is that funny?”

“It’s funny that you think that she’s dead.” I chuckled. “Trust me if demons were that easy to kill, it would have saved me so much time.” The boys widened their eyes.

“She was a demon.” Sam clarified still a little wide eyed. “How do you know?” I gave him a look. “You know that whole show thing is starting to get a little creepy, we’re are going to have a talk about it one day. How much did it actually show?”

“Enough.” I winked at them then started to walk towards the diner. “ So this house situation.” I yelled back to the boys.

We started by interviewing the witnesses. None of them had any relating information to each other but the only fact was that this guy Craig told them about the house. So we visited an awesome vinyl shop and talked to Craig. Apparently Murdoch killed his daughters and then himself, he heard this from his cousin, Dana. Craig also believes that whatever happened that night with the kids was absolutely real. So now we were at the ‘haunted house’ and were about to go in.

“Can't say I blame the kid.” Sam spoke up as we walked the muddy trail to the house

“Yeah, so much for curb appeal.” Dean commented as we looked at the apparent hell house.

“Are you kidding? This is awesome. When I was 15 I used to go into all kinds of creepy places like this.” I said proudly. Sam just looked at me weirdly.

“Didn’t you know that ghosts and monsters were real though?” Sam asked as we neared the house.

“Well there were ghosts and other things, but they weren’t really active there.” I answered him and suddenly a beeping noise sounded from the EMF meter. Looking around I saw nothing but I did see some power lines.

“You got something?” Sam asked Dean, he tapped the meter.

“ Ye-ah. The EMFs no good.” Dean answered.


“Um well there is electrical current still probably in those power lines over.” I informed Sam as I pointed to the lines. “It’s bound to screw up the readings.”

“Yeah that'd do it.” Sam agreed.

“Yeah. Come on, let's go.” Dean said. We went up the stairs to the front door and entered the house. Inside there was symbols all over the walls from different practices. Witch craft, tibetan, you name it but there was couple I didn’t recognize. I went by the Tibetan symbol. Something about it was really familiar about it.

“Looks like old man Murdock was a bit of a tagger here in his time.” Dean commented.

“And after his time too. That reverse cross has been used by Satanists for centuries but this sigil of sulfur didn't show up in San Francisco until the '60s.” Sam informed us and I nodded. Sometimes his random facts of geekiness were great for this stuff.

“ That is exactly why you never get laid.” Dean said and I chuckled.

“Well brainy is the new sexy.” I quoted from Sherlock. Sam smiled a bit but Dean turned to face me with a curious look.

“So I’m…” Dean trailed with a smirk.

“Desperate.” I finished and he lost the smirk. I walked past him and saw a symbol above the fireplace. It looked sort of familiar but I don’t think it has a supernatural meaning to it.

“Sam you recognize this one?” I asked him. He walked up beside me and shook his head.

“No.” He answered and took a picture of it.

“I have. Somewhere.” Dean spoke up from behind us. Sam rubbed his finger against the symbol.

“ It's paint. Seems pretty fresh too.” He commented

“I don't know guys. You know I hate to agree with authority figures of any kind, but ... the cops may be right about this one.” Dean concluded.

“Yeah, maybe.” Sam agreed.

“Yeah but some of these symbols have power to conjure up something nasty.” I spoke up. A sudden noise caught our attention. We all looked in its direction and advanced towards the door. Sam leaned against it on one side of the door, Dean and I on the other side. The boys bust the door and I follow their lead but they stopped, blinded, by a bright light. Since I was hidden behind them, I couldn’t see what it was.

“Oh, cut. It's just a coupla humans.” An annoyingly familiar voice said. “What are you guys doing here?”. I pushed through the boys and gave the geeks a look.

“What are you doing here?” I retorted and their faces held a look of recognition. Ed hit Harry, both of them still looking at me.

“Harry it’s the girl.” Ed said, still looking at me in surprise.

“Play it cool.” Harry whispered to Ed. “Well we belong here, we're professionals.” I glanced at the boys then sighed.

“Professional what?” Dean asked stepping up beside me.

“Paranormal Investigators.” Harry hands Dean and Sam a business card. Then he took out another one for me with a wink. I internally rolled my eyes. “There you go, take a look at that, boys and pretty lady.” Looking at the card, it had all the information on it.

“Oh you gotta be kidding me.” Dean muttered.

“Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spangler? You guys run that website.” Sam concluded.

“Yeah.” Harry said proudly.

“Oh yeah, yeah, we're huge fans.” Dean obviously lied as he walked over to the cabinets and looked through them.

“And ahh, we know who you guys are too.” Harry said still hung own his own pride. The boys looked at him sharply, but I kept my composure. There was no way that these air heads knew us.

“Oh yeah?” I pushed.

“Amateurs.” He finished and this time I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “ Looking for ghosts and cheap thrills.” I bet they haven’t even seen a ghost in their lives.

“Yep. So if you guys don't mind, we're trying to conduct a serious scientific investigation here.” Harry spoke up. I shifted my weight onto my right leg and crossed my arms.

“I like to think myself a skeptic. Seeing is believing right?” I asked them and I saw Sam beside me trying to hide a smile. “So, what have you got so far?”

“Harry, why doncha tell 'em about EMF?” Ed said and I looked to Harry with a mock curious expression.

“Well…” Harry started, but Sam interrupted.

“ EMF?” Sam questioned dumbly.

“Electromagnetic field.” Harry answered him then he walked over to his bag and took out a meter. “Spectral entities can cause energy fluctuations that can be read with an EMF detector. Like this bad boy right here.” He showed us the meter then turned it on. Immediately it started to get reading from the power lines outside.

“2.8. It's hot in here.” Ed commented and I heard Dean whistle.

“Wow. Thats like a lot, right?” I asked them playing dumb.

“Huh. So you guys ever really seen a ghost before, or…” Dean trailed.

“Once. We were, uh...we were investigating this old house and we saw a vase fall right off the table…” Ed paused. “By itself.” I gave them a look of fake interest. “Well, we, we we we didn't actually see it, we heard it. And something like changes you.” As he said those last words, he looked me in the eye, trying to be serious. I had to look down in order to hide my smile.

“Yeah. I think I get the picture. We should go, let them get back to work.” Dean told us and I nodded. Dean started to walk towards us.

“Yeah, you should. But…” Ed looked at me probably for a name, as Sam and Dean went out the doorway. .

“Kat.” I gave him.

“If you’re looking for real thrill.” He pointed between him and Harry. “Call us, we’ll show you a good time.”

“Yeah… no.” I told them then walked out of the room to the boys. We walked out of the house and were silent until we reached the impala. There I burst out laughing. “Oh my gosh, one of the most hilarious things ever. Them professionals? Ha!” I paused for a second. “I mean if it was Zak Bagans, then I might have been impressed.”

After that we headed to do some research. Sam and I went to the library and Dean went off to wherever he does. After finding all we could about Murdoch we left the library and met Dean outside of it.

“Hey. What you got?” Dean asked us as we all walked to the impala, myself in between the boys.

“Well we couldn't find a Mordechai but we did find a Martin Murdock who lived in that house in the '30s. He did have children but only two of them, both boys, and there's no evidence he ever killed anyone.” Sam answered him.

“Basically nothing interesting ever happened.” I commented. “What about you?” We reached the Impala and all stood by the door. Dean was across from Sam and I.

“Well those kids didn't really give us a clear description of that dead girl but I did hit up the police station. No matching missing persons. It's like she never existed. Dude, come on, we did our digging, man, this one's a bust all right. For all we know those hellHound boys made up the whole thing.” Dean concluded.

“Yeah all right.” Sam agreed but I couldn’t help but have my doubts. This hunt was on the show, something was bound to be weird.

“I say we find ourself a bar and some beers and leave the legend to the locals.” Dean finished and got into the driver's seat. I was about to get into my seat but Sam stopped me. When I looked up to him, he just winked. Dear lord, what did he do? Dean turns on the car, Latin pop-dance music blasts from the speakers; when Dean tries to turn it off, the wipers turn on. I smiled very wide.

“WHOA! What the…” Dean yelled over the music. He quickly reaches to turn everything off. Sam and I, laughing, get into the car. He licks his finger and marks an imaginary '1' in the air then points to himself. Dean gave him a dirty look and I chuckled.

“That's all you got? Weak. That is bush league.” Dean said as he drove off, in the direction of a bar. Maybe I should join in this little war.

“So it was a bunch of crazy ass people?” I asked Sam, who was sitting across from me, Dean was sitting beside me.

“Yeah they kept me in a cage, but of course I got myself and Kathleen free.” Sam included and I laughed.

“No need to sound so egotistic there Sammy.” I told him and he laughed too.

“So what happened to you, you were gone for three weeks.” Sam said and I smiled.

“Nothing much actually, I just visited some old friends and found a hunt that took most of the time. Finding the unmarked grave of a native american is very hard okay. Plus she was a bitch, so when I found it she was throwing me all over the place.” I told them. He just shook his head as Dean chuckled beside me.

“So these friends?” Sam pushed, I smiled.

“They are like extended family. A home away from home.” I answered.

“Speaking of homes, why didn’t you stay in your Dad’s place in Pennsylvania?” He asked me.

“What the one you found me in?” He nodded. “Well it got boring, so I decided to just sort of drift place from place. I hate being in the same place for a long time.”

“Did it get boring because I wasn’t there anymore?” Dean asked from beside me.

“Well you certainly made it interesting, plus I didn’t have anyone to mow my lawn anymore.” I answered and we both chuckled. Sam looked between us with a small smile.

“Dean stayed with you.” He guessed. I nodded as I took a sip of my beer.

“Yeah, he literally stayed with me for like over a month. He surprisingly wasn’t bad to live with, just the two of us.” I put in.

“Yeah, that because you liked my cooking.” Dean included with a slight smirk.

“Yes you can make great scrambled eggs.” I joked, then I turned to Sam. “He would do all the food shopping so I could make apple pie, almost everyday. I’m just glad I didn’t see anything I didn’t want to.”

“I remember this one time when I came from some store and I could hear music just blasting from the house. When I walked in she was playing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.”

“Hey I might be a Jersey Girl, but I sure as hell did not grow up in the city..” I interrupted him with a smile. Dean gave me a look. I huffed out a breath and leaned back in my chair. “It’s a guilty pleasure.” He chuckled and put his arm over my shoulders pulling me to his chest.

“Well she dancing all over the house and when she saw me, she almost dragged me into it.” Dean finished.

“Please, don’t act like you didn’t want to. My ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ .” I pointed out with a smirk.

“You would have never been able to handle my moves.” Dean argued with a smirk matching mine.

“Believe me, you’re no Magic Mike.” I countered as I looked up to him. “But if your cooking is a good as your ‘moves’ then I might have the tiniest bit of competition.” Dean kept his gaze on me and I did the same to him. This went on for like a minute but we stopped when we heard laughing. Looking I saw Sam practically tearing.

“I would say kiss already, but you already have. I guess the next best thing is, get a room.” Sam laughed.

“Shut up Sam.” Dean and I spoke in unison. We both jumped away from each other, so I was no longer in his arms.

The next morning we went back to the house, the police scanner picked up that there was a dead body at the scene. When we got there a body was being taken out and we walked over to a man.

“What happened?” I asked him, he turned towards us.

“A coupla cops say a girl hung herself in the house.” The man explained.

“Suicide?” Sam confirmed and the man nodded sadly.

“Yeah. She was a straight A student, with a full ride to UT too. It just don't make sense.” He commented then walked away.

“Whaddaya think?” Sam asked as he turned to Dean.

“I think maybe we missed something.” Dean affirmed. Yeah, no kidding...

Later that night we went back to the house and hid in the bushes. There were cops here now and we were trying to figure a way in.

“I guess the cops don't want anyone else screwing around in there.” Sam commented as the cops searched the area. Very badly, might I add.

“Yeah but we still gotta get in there.” Dean mentioned.

“Guys it two cops I could easily…” I trailed off as I heard whispering from behind me, I turned to see what it was. It was freakin’ Ed and Harry with their whole ghost hunting getup.. “They are really starting to get on my nerves.” Dean turned to see what I was looking at.

“I don't believe it.” Dean said and that made Sam turn around. “I got an idea.” I turned back to Dean to see him cup his mouth towards the nerds. “Who ya gonna call!” I looked at him incredulously as the cops took the bait and started to chase after the nerds.

“Ghostbusters, nice touch.” I commented as the boys got up and ran towards the house. I followed shortly behind. In the house Sam already has a shotgun out, then he hands one to Dean and I. Turning my flashlight on, I give the place a once over.

“Where have I seen that symbol before? It's killing me!” Dean told us and I looked too.

“Come on, we don't have much time.” Sam said. I cocked my gun and started towards the basement. When we reached the bottom of the step, I started to looked around.

“Hey Sam. I dare you to take a swig of this.” Dean told Sam and he looked at Dean incredulously.

“What the hell would I do that for?” Sam asked and I look to Dean for an answer too.

“.....I double dare you.” He said, obviously not finding a reason for him to drink it. I shake my head and start to look again, but a noise alerted us all. We all moved towards a cabinet. Sam and I took both side of the cabinet while Dean pointed the gun at it. I grabbed one door and Sam the other the we ripped it open, only to find rats.

“ Arghh! I hate rats.” Dean commented, as one ran over my foot.

“You'd rather it was a ghost?” I asked him sarcastically. Dean gave me a look obviously not in the mood.

“Yes.” He agreed. I looked towards Sam and saw a figure with an axe behind him.

“Sam duck!” I exclaimed, he moved away and I shot the figure but it didn’t dissipate. The boys shot from beside me. They both hit him but it still didn’t dissipate. Then I shot it one more time and it did. “Impossible.” I breathed.

“What the hell kind of spirit is immune to rock salt?” Sam exclaimed.

“None!” I replied. “Come on!” We all started to run for the stairs. Mordechai swung his axe by my head. About to get out of the way, Dean pummeled me to the ground as his axe swung into the shelves. He got up from on top of me and I heard Sam struggle.

“Go! Get outta here!!” He ordered Dean and I as he fought Mordechai. Dean pulled me up and dragged me up the stairs with Sam following shortly behind. As we reached the front door Mordechai appeared again, Sam bust the door open and we all fell onto the front porch. I immediately got up and we all started running away, leaving behind the nerds.

It was the morning, Sam and I were doing research, so to get a good start I went out for a coffee run. I just bought the two cups for Sam and I. Going into the car, I set the cups aside and accidently push a bunch of CDs over.

“Shit.” I curse. Reaching down I pick start to pick up all the CDs and see a familiar symbol on the back of one of them. It was same symbol above the fireplace in the hell house. Turning over the CD I see that it belonged to Blue Oyster Cult. Picking up the CD, I realize I have to go to Craig. Where apparently, this all started. Putting my car into drive, I take off and it only takes only a few minutes to get back to that album shop. I walk in the shop to see Craig sitting by his desk, very depressed like. I fix a smile on my face and walk up to him.

“Hey Craig, remember me?” I ask him with a smile. He looked up to me and sighed.

“Look I’m not in the mood to answer anymore questions.” He told me rudely then started to walk away.

“Oh no I just wanted to buy an album. I am a very big fan of classic rock. I was wondering if you could find me a Blue Oyster Cult album?” I asked him he sighed again then turned to find the album. “You know I actually went to the house and saw all these weird symbols on the walls.” I paused as he started flipped through the albums. “And I saw this one symbol above the fireplace. I had so much trouble trying to figure out what it meant because it looked so familiar.” He handed me the album with a weary look. “But then I realized that it didn’t mean anything. It was just the logo for Blue Oyster Cult.” Craig looked at the floor. “So you want to tell me what’s actually going on here, Craig? Try not to lie this time because I am also not in the mood for it.” He sighed.

He went into a long explanation that him and his cousin just wanted to prank people into thinking it was actually a haunted house. They didn’t mean for anything bad to happen to anyone. They had made the story up, but now it seemed to be real. He had also mentioned that this had caught the attention of those nerds and they had posted it on their website. For many other people to see.

“I mean I, I thought it was funny at first but... now that girl's dead! It was just a joke, you know. I mean, none of it was real, we made the whole thing up. I swear!” He finished as he looked to be on the verge of tears. Poor dude.

“It’s okay.” I said to him softly as I put a hand on his shoulder. I turned to leave and saw Sam and Dean enter the shop. They looked surprised to see me there. “Hello boys. Also have an interest in Blue Oyster Cult?”

“Yeah I finally figured it out. So what’s up with Craig?” Dean asked.

“So just put the quarter at an angle.” I told Sam as I tapped the quarter on the faucet of the bathroom sink of their room. “Make sure you can’t see the tape and wait for the unsuspecting victim.” I wiped my hands and looked up to Sam, he had a smile on his face.

“How do you even know how to do all this stuff?” Sam asked and I shrugged as I walked out the bathroom.

“Youtube. I was the oldest sibling against two younger ones, I had to be prepared. Prank wars didn’t happen often though.” I responded.

“Well better for me I guess.” Sam said with a slight smile. He knew I didn’t really talk about my family anymore. I may have moved on but that is something can never forget.

“Now go take a shower and be all innocent like while I sit on a bed reading a book.” I told him. He closed the door to the bathroom and I heard the shower start. A couple minutes later Dean came back and threw his keys on the table.

“Hey Kat.” Dean greeted. I looked up from my book and saw Dean with a packet of itching powder. Looks like someone is playing dirty now. He started to sprinkle the powder in Sam’s underwear. “Hey I’m back.” He called to Sam. Dean saw me looking at him doing it but I just shook my head and continued to read my book.

“Where were you?” Sam asked from the bathroom.

“Oh, I went out.” Dean explained and I just chuckled softly. Yeah that doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

“So Kat and I think we might have a theory about what's going on.” Sam announced and Dean continued to shake the powder into Sam’s underwear.

“Oh yeah?” Dean said as he looked at me.

“What if Mordechai is a Tulpa?” I suggested as I stood up and went towards the front door.

“Tulpa?” Dean asked. Sam emerged from the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. How did I become so blessed to be best friends with the two most gorgeous men here?

“Yeah, a Tibetan thought form.” Sam confirmed as Dean turned from Sam’s clothing, hiding the powder..

“ Ahh, yeah, I know what a Tulpa is. Hey why don't you get dressed, I wanna go grab something to eat.” Dean said then he went into the bathroom. Sam looked at me and smirked. Dean just used itching powder to put it in Sam’s underwear, he had to wash his hands.

“Son of a bitch! Sam!” Dean yelled from the bathroom. I laughed quietly as I left the room and went for a diner since I never did get to drink that coffee.

I was sitting in a diner at a high table with my coffee and laptop, waiting for the boys. The whole time I had mainly been researching tulpas and such. Looking to the side I saw the boys walking in my direction with coffee. Dean was smirking as he saw Sam shift uncomfortably.

“So, ahhh, alright keep going. What about these Tulpas?” Dean asked as they sat beside me. I noticed Dean had a different clothes on, internally I smirked. Then I shut my laptop.

“Ok, so there was this incident in Tibet in 1915. Group of monks visualised a golem in their head. The meditated on it so hard they bought the thing to life. Outta thin air.” Sam explained.

“So?” Dean said.

“That was 20 monks. Imagine what 10,000 web surfers could do. I mean Craig starts the story about Mordechai, then it spreads, goes online. Now there are countless people all believing in the bastard.” Sam mentioned and he started to type on his laptop.

“Now wait a second. Are you trying to tell me that just because people believe in Mordechai, he's real?” Dean asked as Sam shifted uncomfortably. Poor Sammy...

“I dunno, maybe.” Sam said

“People believe in Santa Claus -- how come I'm not getting hooked up every Christmas?” Dean questioned.

“Do we really need to answer that question? And because of this.” I pulled out a photo of a sigil, the same one from the house. “It’s a Tibetan spirit sigil. It was one of the symbols drawn there from a theology textbook. It’s also on the HellHounds website so when people there read the story then look at this thinking about Mordechai, poof he is suddenly real.”

“It would explain why he keeps changing.” Dean mentioned and I nodded. Sam shifted again beside me.

“ Right, as the legend changes, people think different things, so Mordechai himself changes. Like a game of telephone. That would also explain why the rock salt didn't work.” Sam included

Ok. So how about we get those idiots to get this off their website.” Dean offered but Sam shook his head.

Dean it isn’t that simple. Once a tulpa is created, it takes a life of it’s own.” I informed him and he sighed.

“Great. So if he really is a thought form how the hell are we supposed to kill an idea?” Dean asked and I shrugged. Sam shifted again uneasy.

“ Well it's not gonna be easy with these guys helping us. Check out their homepage.” Sam showed the footage of what happened last night. Honestly I didn’t like going on the website, it always made me uneasy. I think it has something to do with Hell Hounds because whenever I hear howling it kind of makes me freeze up. I never encountered a hellhound and hope I never do. But they only come after people who made cross road deals and I know for sure that Sam or Dean would never make a deal… never. Well I hope they aren’t stupid enough at least. I have lost enough people to cross road deals...

“Since they've posted the video their number of hits have quadrupled in the last day alone” Sam said.

“Hmph. I got an idea. Come on.” Dean told us and I got up ready to go.

“Where we going?” Sam asked trying to put away his laptop.

“To a copy place.” Dean answered getting up.

“Hopefully to threaten some nerds who need to know their place.” I add hopefully. Sam looked at me disapprovingly.

“Man, I think I'm allergic to our soap or something.” Sam mentioned and Dean started to laugh as I shook my head. “You did this?” He asked Dean, but he just continues to laugh. “You're a friggin jerk!”

“Oh Dean what’s with the change of clothes?” I asked him, smirking a little. He turned to look at me and when he saw my smirk he stopped walking. But I continued to walk past him to my car.

The boys had made a fake death certificate and gave a bogus story to the two nerds, while I stayed in the motel. When they came back we all went to a diner. We all had our food and Sam was updating the HellHounds website. Dean kept pulling the string to this annoying thing on the wall. I was getting a little irritated since I sat right next to it and Sam was too.

“ If you pull that string one more time I'm gonna kill you.” Sam threatened as he stopped the cord. Dean just stared at Sam and pulled the cord again.

“Come on man, you need more laughter in your life. You know you're way too tense.” Dean told Sam but he just ignored him. “They post it yet?” Sam moved his laptop to show Dean but I glanced over

“We've learned from reputable sources that Mordechai Murdock has a fatal fear of firearms. All right. How long do we wait?” Dean read then asked.

“Long enough for the new story to spread, and the legend to change. I figure by nightfall iron rounds will work on the sucker.” Sam told us then lifted up his beer. Unlike the boys I had gotten an ice tea, but I lifted my glass and Dean lifted his beer. But I couldn’t help but smirk as Dean picked his up. Sam had put superglue on it while he was in the bathroom.

“Sweet.” Dean commented then took a swig of it. Sam starts to crack up when Dean tried to put down the bottle. He deadpanned at Sam as he started to laugh and so did I. “You didn't.”

“oh, I did!” Sam confirmed as he held the glue up. He and I fist pounded, then he pulled the string of the freakin’ fishman thing.

“You two always gang up on me.” Dean complained while Sam and I continued to laugh.

Later, that night we run inside the house as soon as the cops took the bait. I held my flashlight and pistol close. We were all back to back.

“I barely have any skin left on my palm.” Dean complained again. Yeah I had watched he pry that bottle off his hand, not a pretty sight.

“I'm not touching that line with a ten foot pole.” Sam mentioned, they stopped and Dean shined the light in his eyes. I had continued to the basement door.

“So you think old McDonald is home?” I asked the boys, they were slightly behind me.

“I don't know.” Sam answered. We all were pointing our guns at the door.

“Me either.” I familiar voice says from behind. I spin around only to see the sight of Ed and Harry. “WHOA!! WHOA!!” The nerds jumped back in surprise.

“What are you trying to do, get yourself killed?” Sam yelled at them. I lowered my gun slightly.

“We're just trying to get a book and movie deal, ok? Certainly not trying to get shot by Laura Croft.” He said as he glanced at me. Rolling my eyes, I hear the sounds of knives sharpening. Well that certainly doesn’t fit the MO for the bogus story we told the nerds. It didn’t take… shit.

“Guys I don’t think the story took.” I told them as we once more pointed our guns at the door.

“What makes you say that?” Dean asked from beside me.

“Let’s just say I have a pretty good feeling.” I told him. A second later Mordechai bursts through the door holding an axe and screaming. We all started to shoot at him and it wasn’t working. I freakin’ hate being right… well not really but whatever. Eventually he disappeared, then I went out of the room trying to find where Mordechai could be. Then after a like a minute I heard the nerds screaming again. So I run back to see Sam and Dean back there as well.

“So it didn't take?” Dean asked them. They just mumbled some incoherent answer. “So these, these guns don't work.” They shrugged.

“Great. Sam, Kat, any ideas?” Dean asked us, as the nerds ran from the room.

“I saw we take out elements of the story, if there’s no house no Mordechai.” I suggested just as I heard the nerds start to scream. I muttered a curse before I ran out and tried to find them. Eventually I found them cornered by Mordechai.

“THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!” Ed screamed at the spirit.

“Leave it to the professionals, will ya.” I yelled. It caught the attention of Mordechai so he swung his axe at me. I ducked but when I got back up he threw me against the wall with the handle of his axe. Before he could put the handle against my throat I looked at the cowering nerds.

“Get out of here, now!” I yelled at them and they ran past Mordechai. I struggled to take the axe off my throat as Mordechai pushed harder and harder. He is freaking harder to take out than a demon… and that’s saying something. My feet were no longer touching the floor. I tried to yell for someone but no sound would come out.

“Hey!” I looked to the side it was Sam and Dean. Dean sprayed something with a lighter and flames flew. Mordechai let go of me and I fell to the ground coughing. “Go go go!” I get up and run out of the room. Once out of there I try to catch my breath. “Come on.” Sam pulls me up again. “Get her out here Sam!” Sam hurried me out of there while Dean lit the place up. We run outside and into the bushes.

“Well what if the legend changes again and Mordechai is allowed to leave the house?” Sam asked as we watched the house burn.

“Well -- well then we'll just have to come back.” Dean answered.

“Kinda makes you wonder. Of all the thing we hunted, how many existed just cuz people believed in them.” Sam pointed out and I looked at him. He had a freakin’ good point.

I waited by my car as Dean and Sam confronted Ed and Harry. Well I figured out that this was an episode, Hell House it was called. In the background my radio was playing while I was thinking about the episode and suddenly ‘Bad Moon Rising’ came on. My eyes widened a little bit and my breaths got a little shaky. Something was off about this song, something was totally wrong, something was coming. I turned to the impala and for a second I thought I saw it totally crashed. Then I turned to the boys and saw them walking back over here. They were smiling and laughing a bit, it made me smile faintly. The song was still playing so I leaned inside my car and shut it off.

“So you boys ready to hit the road?” I asked them as they approached the impala. I may or may not have pulled a little something on Dean.

“Yep.” Dean said as they both got into the car. I got into my car and waited for a moment. The impala started and only went about a foot after a loud pop was heard. “Son of a bitch.” Sam looked to me and I winked. Dean got out of the car and ran around the car to look for a popped tire. He kept going around until he went to one tire and picked up a popped balloon. When he got up he gave Sam a bitch face.

“That wasn’t me.” Sam told him, then Dean turned to face me, I couldn’t help but smirk.

“So truce for the next hundred miles, yeah?” I asked him.

“Yeah, but you’re in for it Lawrence.” Dean told me.

“Well I look forward to it Winchester.” I told him as I drove off.

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