My Strange New Life

Not My Best Day

I was barreling down the empty highway, on my way to Caleb’s hide out. He was usually the one I got my supplies on and I was running low. The sign up ahead read Lincoln, Nebraska in 50 miles. So to pass some time I put on the radio, immediately ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ started to play.

“That would always play on the season finales, right?” I thought. Then I looked at the radio and froze. Well that couldn’t be good. After a while I blinked, getting out of a trance like state. When I looked back to the road though, it was no longer day and there was a semi truck coming right for me. I twisted the wheel onto the dirt road and skid to a stop. Looking back, the day returned and there was no other car or truck in sight. That seriously can’t be good.

I had just left the Winchesters this morning, but ever since I left, I has been getting a bad feeling. I looked at my hands, they were shaking, so I put them back onto the steady steering wheel.

“Don’t you cry no more.” The song finished on the radio. I shut the it off then drove back on the road.

I knocked on the big metal door of Caleb’s hideout. After a minute or two, a little peep hole opened and scanned me.

“Caleb, I’m here for the pick up.” I told him, then closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable. Water splashed on my face, then the door opened. I opened my eyes and saw Caleb at the door. “These are the days where I’m glad I don’t wear makeup.” Then walked inside. He took me to the basement, where he kept all the supplies, and I watched him. Something was off.

“Hey you alright? I mean I know you’re usually a grumpy man but not this grumpy.” I told him and he sighed.

“Pastor Jim died.” He told me getting my supplies. My eyes widened a bit.

“Oh… I’m sorry. Never met him, but heard he was a good man.” I said to him, he just mumbled some response.

After a minute a loud crash sounded, we both looked at the door at the top of the stairs. “So I’m guessing that they’re be here, judging by your reaction.” He looked at me and nodded. I checked my boot for my blade, but it wasn’t there. Dammit. I took a knife from the table and Caleb took a gun. The door suddenly slammed open and I was thrown into the wall, then all I saw was darkness.

When I woke up sitting in a chair, my head hurt like hell. I lifted my head and saw I was still in Caleb’s basement, but then I glanced at my wrists, they were tied to a chair. I tried to move my legs but they were also tied. To my side I saw Caleb tied up too, and he was awake too. The room was a mess and there was weapons everywhere, even on the ground. Semi awake now I start to struggle in the ropes, trying to look for a weak point.

“Well well, looks who’s awake now.” I heard a woman saw from behind me and I knew that voice.

“You know I don’t think we had the pleasure of meeting.” I told the woman behind me, looking ahead. Her heels walk toward me then finally in front of me. “Oh Meg… well can’t say it’s a pleasure meeting you.”

“The boys told you about me.” She guesses with a smirk.

“Yeah something like that. Must I say you’re a lot shorter in person.” I said to her with a slight smirk of my own. She ignored my comment.

“It’s a pleasure to tie someone up from the notorious Lawrence family. Especially the one who travelled so far away.” She said and my smirk dropped. Great...

“You know I think it’s time to make a certain phone call.” She announced. Then she grabbed a cloth and tied it so it muffling my mouth. Bitch, I thought. She took her phone from her pocket and dialed a number.

“Sam?” she said and I started to struggle in my ropes again. “Think real hard it will come to you.” I heard Sam’s muffled voice on the phone. “Yeah, no thanks to you. That really hurt my feelings by the way.” I rolled my eyes, like she has feelings. “Lemme speak to your Dad.” She started to get serious. “It's time for the grown ups to talk Sam, let me speak to him now.” She ordered.

“Howdy John. I'm Meg. I'm a friend of your boys. I'm also the one who watched Jim Murphy choke on his own blood....still there John-boy?” She smiled and I wanted to freakin’ punch her so badly. “Well that was yesterday. Today I'm in Lincoln. Visiting another old friend of yours. He wants to say hi....” She put the phone to Caleb’s ear.

“John, whatever you do don't give....” He started but was hushed by Meg. She put the phone back to her ear.

“But you know I was surprised to see another one of your friends here too.” She came over to me and ripped the rag from my mouth. Then put the phone to my ear. “Say hello sweetheart.” I looked at her and said nothing. “Some persuasion then.” She walked over the the table and got the knife that I had been holding previously. Then came back and dug it into my thigh. She put the phone right in front of me and I gave a short yell.

“You’re dead, you freakin bitch.” I warning her with a dangerous glint in my eye, breathing heavily.

“Kat?” I heard John’s voice on the phone.

“Oh that isn’t nice.” She told me mock hurt then twisted the knife in my thigh. I screamed a bit again and she laughed.

“We know you have the colt John.” She spoke into the phone “Oh, okay. Well listen to this.” She then took the knife from my leg, I winced, and she ran it across Caleb’s throat. I watched as he choked on his blood then died.

“ Now let's try this again. We know you have the gun John, word travels fast. So as far as we're concerned you just declared war. And this is what war looks like. It has casualties.” Meg stated to him and right now I wanted to freakin kill her badly. “Oh John please, mind your blood pressure. So this is the thing. We're going to keep doing what we're doing. And your friends, anyone who has ever helped you, gave you shelter, anyone you ever loved. They'll all die unless you give us that gun.”

“I'm waiting Johnny, better answer before the buzzer and I start having fun with Kitty Kat here.” I glared at her for the use of that nickname. Only Jo can call me that. “Sorry? I didn't quite get that.”

“John don’t give it to her!” I yelled hoping he could hear me. Meg went over to me and dug the knife back in my leg. “Bitch!”

“There's a warehouse in Lincoln, on the corner of Wabash and Lake. You're gonna meet me there. Meet me there at midnight tonight.” I was breathing heavily as my leg started to bleed out from my previous stab wound. I had to slow my breathing, get my blood to pump a little slower. “Oh. Well I guess your friends die don't they. If you do decide to make it, come alone.” She hung up and I was glaring at her. “What are you looking at?” She asked me.

“Nothing pretty.” I replied and she twisted the knife in my leg again before pulling it out. I gave another short yell.

“It looks like you’re bleeding quite a lot. Hope John comes before you bleed out all over the floor.” She said then she nicked my neck. “Something to speed up the process.” She put the knife down on the table. “Now I have to go make some preparations. I’ll be back sweetheart, then we can have some real fun.” With that she slowly went up the stairs, locking the door, and once she left the building, I started to struggle in my ropes again.

I was left in my jeans and tank top, so there was no way I could get the knife that was in my jacket pocket. My eyes scanned the ground and I found a knife about 6 feet away. Rocking the chair back and forth, I got my chair closer to the knife and when I got close enough, I tipped the chair over, landing my side. Ow. I inched the chair closer to the knife and finally grabbed it, then started to saw through the ropes on my hands.

When I finally got out of the ropes, I stood up putting most of the pressure into left leg, the one that wasn’t stabbed. I went over to my jacket and checked my pocket, and sighed in relief. My keys were still there. Taking the first aid kit, I dressed the cut on my leg and tied a tourniquet around my left. Then I put on my jacket and smashed the basement window.

First I threw out the supplies Caleb had put in the bag earlier then carefully I dragged myself out. It seemed like night was approaching. I limped to my car and threw the bag into my backseat. When I got into my car, I knew I had to go somewhere safe for a while. Bobby’s. I put the car into drive and started to drive off to the Salvage Yard. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw blood trailing from my nose and wiped it away. This was quite the day.

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